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60 GHz Frequencies Absorbed by Oxygen

The military-industrial complex, have got permission to use a wide range of frequencies. 

A specific frequency though, the 60GHz has a special interest for them. 

The reason is that at this frequency, oxygen in the air absorbs the frequency and allows in the same area to have multiple channels emitting at the same frequency (60Ghz), without overlapping and having interference from each other.  Read more about it here

Following is the study.  You can read it in your screen and also download it here



When oxygen absorbs the 60GHz, it can not easily bond with the hemoglobin, therefore people and animals in that area will suffer from Hypoxia which can lead to permanent health damages or even deaths.  

A wide range of Electromagnetic frequencies are harmful to our body.

There are though electromagnetic frequencies which can actually beneficial, heal the body, relax muscles, restore broken bones etc.

Also pulsating electromagnetic fields, in low frequencies, even disengage the nano program and burns the nano, which results to easier extraction from the body. 

You can get your EMF protection products, Health Restore and Antinano products from my eshop here

Watch the Video explanation

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