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Making Copper Citrate by Aroy Mak

2019/06/02 - How I make my Copper Citrate with Electrolysis and Dosage Calculator


An easy, low-cost way to make a copper solution for daily consumption. Don’t forget to take zinc as well when you take copper. It will boost your immune system and you will be further protected as well from frequencies (EMF) and even will offer partial protection from DEW. One Point of Attention: Do not touch together the two wires while the electric current is passing. It will create a short circuit, and you DO NOT want this happened!! Videos with more solutions for copper intake Power of Copper: How To Make (Copper) Chloride: Additional videos from Tony Pantalleresco related to copper:… Tony’s Pantalleresco website: Videos from smo luv tru channel with copper:… Find us in the FB:


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