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“The Remedy” 2019/10/26 by Tony Pantalleresco

"The Remedy" 2019/10/26 - Deceptions - Vaccines - NASA - Super Soldiers - TI

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Oct-26):
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Tony's Notes

Get as much data on nano or  and learn as much a you can on nano biotech and synthetic tech because once it assaults you it is going to b a major chore.

The most important concern about the utility of pristine carbon nanotubes in biomedical and biological applications is their extreme inherent hydrophobicity and molecular dispersibility in aqueous environment. They have affinity to form large agglomerates (bundles of individual nanotubes formed due to vander Waalinteraction) which can block blood vessels, therefore could be disastrous [28].However, different functionalisation mechanisms have been employed to modify the surface of CNTs to overcome their hydrophobicity and molecular dispersibility. Functionalisation with different molecules is achieved by adsorption, electrostatic interaction or covalent bonding of different functional group to render them hydrophilic. Even though surface modifications improve their solubility and changes their biocompatibility, it is still difficult at the moment to overcome all the negatives of CNTs like continuous production of structurally and chemically reproducible CNTs with consistently similar 21characteristics with minimal amount of contamination (impurities in the form of minerals).These are the areas where complete details about their limitations need to be addressed to find out a feasible solution to remove them for safe and secure applications of CNTs.

3.1 Toxic effects of CNTs

The toxic effects of CNTs arise mainly because of their extremely small size,larger surface area and intrinsic toxicity of the surface. Nanoparticles up to 100nm in dimensions are potentially toxic and main target of their toxicity are lungs.The main concern about the toxicity of CNT is that they can escape from their site of deposition; hence they can redistribute [29]. They can even escape from the normal phagocytic defences and can modify/alter the structure of proteins,carbohydrates, lipids and even nucleic acids. Therefore CNTs can trigger inflammatory and immunological responses, besides affecting normal tissue function. CNTs due to their nanoscale dimensions can be dreadful under extreme exposure. The toxic effects on biological systems can be difficult to locate and to control them would be a big challenge in the long run. Extremely large surface area of CNTs makes them susceptible to bundling and aggregation in aqueous solution, consequently leading to a disorder. However in vitro studies have shown covalent modification of SWCNT with phenyl sulphonic acid or phenylcarboxylic acid produced less toxicity as compared to pristine SWCNT stabilisedwith a surfactant (1% aqueous solution of pluronic acid).[29] Experiments have shown that cytotoxicity of CNT can be considerably reduced by covalent modification ( functionalize side walls of pristine SWCNT). Intrinsic toxicity of the CNT does not depend only on the surface functionalisation and nature of functional groups. Sometimes pristine CNTs during their manufacture also contain some metallic particles like Fe, Cu, Ni, S, and Mo as impurities, besides

22amorphous carbon which can be the additional source of toxicity in pristine CNTs[30].Donaldson et al.

 has shown that the structural properties like fibre shape, length and level of aggregation can also contribute to their local deposition in respiratory and the immunogenic response after CNTs enter the body [31]. Vast experimental studies are required to clearly understand the mechanism of metabolism,degradation, clearance and bioaccumulation of CNTs to draw a clear picture with comprehensive details about their limitations.The most well-known of these studies, conducted by investigators at the NASA Johnson Space Centre, Wyle Laboratories in Houston, and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, showed that inhaled carbon nanotubes could induce tumour-like growths in the lungs of mice, and found that carbon nanotubes could damage cells by triggering proteins involved in responding to oxidativestress [32


Starting off with interaction of people and research and the whereabouts where everyone is at  different time intervals and a theme of some kind of evolution of not just waking up  but catching up and the sharing of these and the networking  and what everyone is looking at from nano genetic damage the freq the war on mankind–and now are asking question why have we been violated who’s responsible—-the military industrial complex who has the access and resource–why do we believe NASA? — because we have been programmed to think NASA was special—moon launch  with a tin can  and documentation on how they went to the moon and then lost the documents-who would believe this–showing sci fi cgi

is about all they are going to do to convince people the fairy tales —outside of the portal  would there not be an invasion–of alien or demonic forces–distractions of distractions—elections are another distractions—getting past the distractions and really look at a reality check and see what is really there is an illusion—vaccine hoax–and the illusion of the vaccines-looking at the contaminants and the contents —no one looks at these ingredients and willingly follow this without questioning the content–and then the children–the lie of the 40 year past vaccines–Vaccines are pure BS–now we are being inducted with the lifi 5g and 5g bluebeam —still buy the toys  that make deadly noise—AI activated toys they sell

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