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“The Remedy” 2019-02-12 by Tony Pandallersco

The Remedy - TI & Project Soul Catcher - AI - Nano- Anti Nano & 5G Frequency Protection

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Feb-12):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of Feb 12th, 2019, click the video above.

The minister in Three Hearts Church telling it like it is, how it is and what its
BALSY as can be.

The differences and the commonality of beliefs.

The assault with the VK2 check out a patent  search

Screenshot 2019-02-13 10.04.02.png

“It is a battle for your mind”
Why the nano is being utilized to be put into you.
Game plan is you convert to AI or be removed. (Singularity…)
Serve the Devil or the Living God
5G is designed for a direct access to you!
Not to the other things but it can
We are at war “the art of war” by Sun Tzu knowing your environment and your adversary.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 10.19.45.png

50 calibre’s useless it can be a programming and a directive that can be assaulted or turn you against your family and friends–the fields is going on now–AI operating without a MAN or Woman hierarchy– it acts on its own

The Dirty, Dark Secrets They Don’t Want YOU To Know & 5G Roll-out!

The war for your MIND and your DNA
DNA operating system
Operates at 50 million in a quinti-second and it upgrades itself

The following three links were not in the notes of the podcast, but I included as support materials. There are other links that are also closer to what Tony says. Do your own research too.

Researchers Store Full Computer Operating System on DNA

Screenshot 2019-02-13 10.55.52.png


What Is A DNA computer? How Can It Beat The World’s Fastest Supercomputers?

Screenshot 2019-02-13 10.57.26.png

An Operating System For DNA

Screenshot 2019-02-13 10.58.48.png

Prehistory had five AI systems in ancient Greece and the Greeks had dismantled them for unknown reasons

Elon Musk mentions the atlan bot needs a strobe light to be seen
Imagine a bot being sent to a neighborhood to wipe it out how would you stop this

Frequency Vs. frequency and fields Vs. fields.

Neutralizing the impact of an assault with tech study and explore

Information about a guy who grown citrus trees in Nebraska!

Fortify our minds and understand what is assaulting us

Voice to head and getting all kinds of duress that is where you have to stand firm and say these are not my thoughts.
Worst-case scenario will be played to disable you. That which I have feared has come upon me. This how are going to hit you, on your fears and anxieties.
Embrace death and stand before your maker death has no power over you.

1st. Be prepared and get ready.
You may be scared but its OK, this is a good sign that you are still alive and thinking. Have a conversation with the Almighty.

2nd, Study!

3rd. Start building
Get some ideas. Understand what magnetic fields are, what coil is and what it does, what capacitor is and what it does, how they operate. Understand what resistors do, understand what current does and how to amplify a current.
How to create electrical charges, like Jacobs lander and other things.
Understand the nature of the programing and what makes programs vulnerable, that is how to erase the program, therefore the program will not longer be functioning.

We are a composition of programs that God has build us.
Our immune system has a program, the white blood cells have a program, our enzymes have a program. Every function on our body has a program, controlled by our DNA, our genetic code.

Toxicity and Environmental Risks of Nanomaterials: Challenges and Future Needs

Screenshot 2019-02-13 12.07.49.png


If our DNA will be accessed, then the program can be altered.
That is said before, protect your mitochondria, protect your genetic code.
This means do not give your body for vaccinations.

Bill Gates comes up with a nano delivery method for the vaccine. The nano particles when will enter the body they can alter the DNA, can alter the genetic code, can alter mitochondria, can alter intercellular communication, they can kill you!

Bill Gates does not oppose 50% (billions) of people dying on this planet.

What do you do with the nano dust that collects in our houses?
Some install electrostatic filters on the ventilation system. This helps to minimize but does not eliminates the nano particles. At 50 nm, there are so small that are passing through everything.
At 100nm they can accumulate on the surface and cluster on liquids and on solids.
When you see it on the skin are clusters of more than 100 nm dimension.

How to Build Anti Nano Bucket.

How to Build Anti Nano Triangle.

In the above devices, an AC power supply is used to create a pulsing electromagnetic field. Because the pulse will create a surge and will wipe out the programing that it will be there. The pulse hits the nano, disengage the program, and now is basically a debris.

The triangle you put it in the bathtub with you, also its pulsing the body and will remove the nano by shutting them down, the solution in the water will flush out and remove them from the skin.

Following is the explanation of this:
Study: Focused electromagnetic doughnut pulses and their interaction with interfaces and nanostructures
Screenshot 2019-02-13 11.51.23.png


Imagine having several coils in the room while you are sleeping!
It will create a distractive field in the air and it may deflect incoming frequencies.
Consider also shielding the room with some kind of Faraday’s cage.

If you are sleeping on the 2nd floor, you HAVE to cover the room with some kind of shielding.
Even with small pieces or aluminum, connected all together with a wire and tape them together and connect this structure in the ground.
Then you may want to run some kind or toroidal field in the room while you are sleeping.

Use also the protection we have shown you how to build.

Use protection for the windows.
Consider using lead paint and paint the inside of the room and the rood.
You can buy transparent lead screens for the window. There are expensive though.

This is what we have to start thinking together with thinking what we eat.

In USA or Canada, you have no freedom! Only privileges, if you have money…!

There are discussion about opening the security of each country to other countries! This is very dangerous.

TME Chatroom comments.
There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,

Following are the comments in the chatroom during the show. Most of the provided links are included in the notes above. For all the links visit the micro effect dot com:

[2019-02-13 00:00:30] Shannon: Hi Tony and all! Found this map interesting!… (
[2019-02-13 00:00:38] independz: Piece
[2019-02-13 00:00:44] independz: hahah
[2019-02-13 00:01:29] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone!
[2019-02-13 00:02:08] StarFire: hi
[2019-02-13 00:02:12] sheila brown: hi
[2019-02-13 00:02:25] independz:
[2019-02-13 00:02:26] SantaClaws: Hello!
[2019-02-13 00:06:31] Shannon: remote neural monitoring.
[2019-02-13 00:09:28] sheila brown: does gold material work as well as Nichol for shielding?
[2019-02-13 00:10:50] sheila brown: ty
[2019-02-13 00:12:22] knapstersky: they use gold for shielding in space.
[2019-02-13 00:14:48] StarFire: Elon Reeve Musk (born June 28, 1971) is a South African-born American entrepreneur and businessman who founded in 1999 (which later became PayPal)
[2019-02-13 00:14:59] sheila brown: discovered a site with gold flex in the shielding – it is why I asked
[2019-02-13 00:15:24] knapstersky: richard lighthouse stuff… ( and… (
[2019-02-13 00:16:03] Shannon: @StarFire – also an illu-mina-ti puppet. not here for our best interest
[2019-02-13 00:16:37] StarFire: yep. but didnt know elon started paypal
[2019-02-13 00:17:09] Shannon: very interesting!
[2019-02-13 00:19:14] independz:
[2019-02-13 00:20:06] Shannon: it’s all about eugenics
[2019-02-13 00:20:23] Jude:
[2019-02-13 00:22:31] SantaClaws: There’s a book from 1949 called ProjectMars: A Technical Tale that describes going to Mars by a man named Elon… that’s no coincidence
[2019-02-13 00:23:05] SamGee: Tony i saw a youtube talking about the nano particles from sky is attached together with blood, have you heard or know anything about this?
[2019-02-13 00:23:21] StarFire: there is an old black n white tv show about us going to mars
[2019-02-13 00:23:48] SamGee: Or any1 here abt this?
[2019-02-13 00:24:28] StarFire: think it was called Alternative 3 about us going to mars,, some say it was real
[2019-02-13 00:25:09] robberts: i think elon musk, peter thiel and other paypal billionairs are offspring of paperclip nazies
[2019-02-13 00:25:09] SamGee: What do you do with the nano dust that collects in our houses?
[2019-02-13 00:25:49] StarFire: Got Got
[2019-02-13 00:25:58] SamGee: Lol
[2019-02-13 00:26:33] Shannon: @robberts, agreed. they are placeholders for the agenda.
[2019-02-13 00:27:42] StarFire: momma made me eat the little green trees
[2019-02-13 00:28:40] Peter: dont tellthe vegatarians
[2019-02-13 00:29:24] Monkey_Breath: Tony,your cracking me up!
[2019-02-13 00:30:04] robberts: behavior
[2019-02-13 00:31:24] Shannon: lmao
[2019-02-13 00:31:57] Monkey_Breath: i am always checking the skies for chemtrails, cell towers and 5G towers being put up
[2019-02-13 00:32:00] Martin: Dear Tony, I have an MRI Scan soon. To protect myself I will take iodine prior and after scan as well as a bath with baking soda and borax. Is there anything else I can do, please?
[2019-02-13 00:33:10] independz: use saturated fats ad omega 6 as well
[2019-02-13 00:33:14] independz: should be good
[2019-02-13 00:33:36] Martin: thank you Tony
[2019-02-13 00:33:45] Shannon: we were meant to live in a state of paranoia @MB
[2019-02-13 00:33:47] independz: /C:/Users/independz1/Desk…
[2019-02-13 00:34:28] Shannon: Hi Tony, will coconut oil pulling suffice for treating receding gums?
[2019-02-13 00:35:30] independz:…
[2019-02-13 00:36:37] StarFire: so take lots of vitamin C with bioflav
[2019-02-13 00:36:52] Shannon: thank you Tony!…and SF!
[2019-02-13 00:40:36] StarFire: I saw some guy talk about building a Pyramid shape to change energy, but just started watching so not sure about it yet… Is this Valid?
[2019-02-13 00:40:50] StarFire: Demonstrating the Energy Field of the Newly Redesigned Russian PVC Pyramid
[2019-02-13 00:43:58] Billy29: In Massachusetts you can grow 12 plants of cannabis in your backyard
[2019-02-13 00:43:59] StarFire: Cannabis needs to be turned back to food.. not regulated
[2019-02-13 00:46:30] StarFire: Give us some Herb formulas please haha
[2019-02-13 00:48:19] robberts: in ontario you can grow 4 indoors… good for massachusetts
[2019-02-13 00:49:18] Billy29: I need to get some grow lights
[2019-02-13 00:49:24] independz:…
[2019-02-13 00:51:35] Monkey_Breath: We cannot grow cannabis in MD😖
[2019-02-13 00:51:45] independz:
[2019-02-13 00:52:46] robberts: it says page dont exist ill try again
[2019-02-13 00:54:00] StarFire:
[2019-02-13 00:54:12] StarFire: copy entire link then past in go
[2019-02-13 00:56:12] StarFire: i deal with demons everyday it seems…
[2019-02-13 00:58:33] StarFire: Thank you Tony and everyone
[2019-02-13 00:58:55] knapstersky: take’r easy thanks Tony.
[2019-02-13 00:58:56] Billy29: Thanks Tony for all you do
[2019-02-13 00:59:22] joy: Thanks so much Tony & everyone!!!
[2019-02-13 00:59:22] SamGee: Thanks tony, takecare all
[2019-02-13 00:59:36] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-02-13 01:00:12] joy: Martin, hope all goes really well for you.
[2019-02-13 01:00:37] robberts: i stiil cant blank screen
[2019-02-13 01:00:57] Shannon: Thank you Tony! just wondering…will a window car aluminum sun protector work as shielding?
[2019-02-13 01:01:09] StarFire: Robbert… copy all the text and past in browser
[2019-02-13 01:01:18] StarFire: The whole line of text
[2019-02-13 01:01:23] robberts: now it says expired
[2019-02-13 01:01:26] sheila brown: ty worked
[2019-02-13 01:01:49] independz: which link robberts
[2019-02-13 01:01:51] joy: robberts, try this:
[2019-02-13 01:02:13] joy: copy and past the whole thing
[2019-02-13 01:03:13] joy: copy and past from steemit thru light
[2019-02-13 01:04:18] robberts: the smu luv tru link is not working like other links
[2019-02-13 01:08:47] independz: type thisin a search engine
[2019-02-13 01:08:55] independz: Solutions: Copper and iodine solution – Health Food Industry Is Not Healthy – Veganism – Frequency via light
[2019-02-13 01:09:01] robberts: i got it and bookmarked, and booted myself off the chatroom in the process…
[2019-02-13 01:09:29] robberts: thanks
[2019-02-13 01:11:27] StarFire: Tony, i make your applesauce, I have cinnamon powder.. but can i use clove EO instead of powder?
[2019-02-13 01:11:55] independz: yes but only 1 dro to abpout 3 oz
[2019-02-13 01:14:19] StarFire: ok, just dont have clove powder… will get some tho
[2019-02-13 01:15:44] independz: either will work
[2019-02-13 01:18:25] joy: Tony, do you think it might be helpful to drink a few drops of Lemongrass EO to help heal MRSA internally – maybe 5 times a day along with topically?
[2019-02-13 01:19:37] robberts: you still have mrsa
[2019-02-13 01:20:12] joy: yes
[2019-02-13 01:23:20] independz: you can add to twa 1 -2 drops at a time
[2019-02-13 01:25:09] joy: thank you Tony, what is a twa?
[2019-02-13 01:25:35] independz: typo tea
[2019-02-13 01:25:40] joy: is it tea?
[2019-02-13 01:26:18] joy: THANKS soooo much!!! would 5 times a day be good or is that too much?
[2019-02-13 01:26:26] robberts: the w is beside the e
[2019-02-13 01:28:11] robberts: thats funny if i had to keep up …. idd have all typos
[2019-02-13 01:28:47] StarFire: what about doing natural antibiotic formula for mrsa? like garlic ??
[2019-02-13 01:30:02] robberts: you have mrsa too
[2019-02-13 01:30:49] joy: thanks StarFire, sounds like a great idea, don’t remember the recipe … will watch that video again

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