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“The Remedy” 2019-02-28 by Tony Pantalleresco

The Remedy - Biomolecular Computation - Carbon C60 - Nano poisoning - AI - Solutions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Feb-28th):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of Feb 28th, 2019, click the video above.

Nano bio and biomolecular computational and access the host or person–the rate of the evolution of the advancements in integration of nano–not worrying about

Snoting when you are breathing–
sex with or without protection with protection can insert the nano through the protection and and without the protection then the insertion of exchanging DNA then the people themselves with the nano in the seed and egg

i you already have been involved with people then you would have already had either a download or up load of nano –cosmetics and hygienics

Biomolecular computation means you can insert a program—example an STD may be an actual program—and activated with a program- integration with a AI system meaning you are a peripheral

Music and other things that pop in your head or thoughts that pop out of no where
–can be a activation of molecular computation-
“best is yet to come” –’50-’60 babies –exposed to the biotech —

A incident where a parent spoke and said No to vaccines and the medical against his orders and they vaccinated the child anyway.

The distraction they had done to the ’50 – ’60 generation blast us with sex drugs music and frequencies we were totally distracted
But that generation made more connections and contacts
We never seen it coming
Unless the termination of this current system and a restoration with out the things causing the corruption

Vitamin E – d-alpha tocopheryl acetate
d-alpha tocopheryl acetate is a dry form and usually is cleaned out without issues
A good source for Vitamin E at horse dot com

We are heading into a brand new paradigm

It has to do with NanobiologyNanotechnologyArtificial Intelligence and frequencies.
This is going to be the biggest assault we as mankind. It has started and will continue going on until everything will be wrapped up and saturated in this technology on regards how we are living, what we are doing, what choices you allowed to have and what is taken away from you.

We need to start thinking in ways we never thought before.
Locking frequencies entering your domain.
Shutting down access to the tiny computers in your body.
Extracting this technology out from your body – turn it off and then taking it out.

These metals in the body are highly toxic.
All the late issues in the brain are caused due to the saturation of these metals.

How to remove these stuff out of the brain and the body?

  • Sodium Thiosulphate
  • Cesium Chloride
  • Any kind of salt will help to flush these out from the brain
  • Combine any kind of salt with a chelating agent

Keep in mind that we are dealing with something so small, that when it enters in the cell, it can cluster so heavily and causing major mutations & damage on all levels.

Many of the current chronic diseases can be tight to this tech, which has a computer program that can create another problem in the body.

When you start looking at nano information and read this stuff, you will begin to see more and more how it is played in a global scale in the environment:

  • the oceans
  • the river beds
  • the source of the water
  • the weather
  • the sky
  • blocking the sun and then will try to get you to take high dosages of Vitamin D which cause heart failures…
  • It is just insane what they are doing

Everything is been programmed or choreographed so it can trigger a cause, give you an effect & further compromised you.
This is the game it is going on since the ’60s.

Those coming from the ’50s & ’60s can see the difference when comparing some of the stuff we see today with back then.

The way they are using the bio computes is about access and the operating system.
How they upload and download the data.

Each nano particle can hold up to 1TB of data
And can be thousands of them in just one of our cells… !!
Imagine 1000s of them having a 1TB of data each.
They can have and hold in our body any kind of information they want to upload in our body.
That is why is recommended to pulse with the antinano bucket and/or the antinano trianglethe body, so these EMF pulses of 50/60 Hz will erase the program or otherwise their operating system.
This will result  in no access to them when they try to download or access the builded network in our bodies because the network will no longer be functioning.

Need to start considering consuming anything you can consume that can break down protein or biofilm and chelate it out of the body. Or make it a daily action.

Visit Tony’s site the Youtube Remedies and find the info for the antinano devices and find one solution
REmedy for YT.png

Brian 396 offers another solution

We are dealing with programs and operating systems. Biomolecular computers in a nano level that can be attached to your body anywhere.

The “Gurus” are not dealing with the nano. Maybe in 5-10 years.
Still, they are making money on the “health products” full of nano.
Supplements loaded with silica, with aluminum, with titanium, with aborted babies, with soy.
All these contributed to your meltdown.
Read the labels.

Don’t listen to doctors who tell you about health and then selling you wrong vitamins and supplements loaded with such nano or other excipients, neither listen to doctors who do not know what they are talking about.

Different nanoparticles are attaching to different parts of the brain!
Products that even mentioning nano delivery is like delivering a Trojan horse in the brain of the consumer.
This can pass the blood-brain barrier, it may have components that can copy the DNA and then the body will not reject it.

If you have family issue with stroke, be prepared with the solution mentioned at minutes: 34:02 – 36:00

Understand the nature of this stuff, do the research of these because when it will hit you you will have no idea what hit you!

Terahertz frequencies effect/control the nano.
Characterisation of the In-vivo Terahertz Communication Channel within the Human Body Tissues for Future Nano-Communication Networks
Dr.Yang_THz_Nanocommunication (1).jpg

They had not tested the nanotechnology for health issues when it was released. Only maybe 10 years later started the real test.
Brian 396 and Tony may have contributed to the tests.

News on the TV are not to be trusted.

5G is already up and running almost everywhere.

Answers and remedies on listeners questions. Listen to the podcast on the link above and read in the chat below.

Additional links from Tony shared in the chat:

Climate rewind: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal
Carbon Dioxide to Coal (1).jpg

Tobacco plants transformed into ‘green bioreactors’ to benefit human health
TabaccoPlants-m (1).jpg

TME Chatroom comments
There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,
More links in the chat.

[2019-03-01 00:00:02] StarFire: hi bily
[2019-03-01 00:00:18] Billy29: Hi star
[2019-03-01 00:00:20] StarFire: oh oh.. its bad speeling day for me todar
[2019-03-01 00:01:01] Jude: Hey everyone
[2019-03-01 00:01:08] independz: /C:/Users/independz1/Desk…
[2019-03-01 00:01:14] joy: hi all!
[2019-03-01 00:01:14] StarFire: hi jude
[2019-03-01 00:01:19] StarFire: hi joy
[2019-03-01 00:01:35] independz: /C:/Users/independz1/Desk…
[2019-03-01 00:01:42] joy: hey StarFire!
[2019-03-01 00:02:20] robberts: link not working
[2019-03-01 00:02:44] Jude: Been looking at vitamin e on amazon and evryoyhas crap in it
[2019-03-01 00:03:13] StarFire: Jude, what about Viamin E powder?
[2019-03-01 00:03:24] StarFire: i will need to get some vit e soon too
[2019-03-01 00:03:41] independz:…
[2019-03-01 00:04:37] Jude: I had a some years ago that had a gelatin cap and olive oil
[2019-03-01 00:04:45] StarFire: can we snort it?
[2019-03-01 00:05:24] Shannon: haha
[2019-03-01 00:05:26] StarFire: lol
[2019-03-01 00:05:39] StarFire: hahahah
[2019-03-01 00:06:12] Jude:…
[2019-03-01 00:06:22] Jude: Thst one looks decent
[2019-03-01 00:06:46] StarFire: i guess im going celibate
[2019-03-01 00:07:36] StarFire: HOHO
[2019-03-01 00:08:21] StarFire: ah man
[2019-03-01 00:09:02] Peter: your screwed
[2019-03-01 00:09:50] StarFire: hahaha peter
[2019-03-01 00:10:05] StarFire: were screwed
[2019-03-01 00:10:30] StarFire: ‹@Jude› do you have a sams club?
[2019-03-01 00:10:34] Rick Bonner: Peter. Starman. Once, people were able to say “The best is yet to come”. I guess, we’ve already enjoyed our best, we older ones.
[2019-03-01 00:10:50] Jude: Yes I do
[2019-03-01 00:11:16] StarFire: Sams club has almost same Vitamin E as you shown
[2019-03-01 00:11:31] StarFire: haha yeah Rick
[2019-03-01 00:11:38] Jude: I read reviews
[2019-03-01 00:11:43] Jude: They are bad
[2019-03-01 00:12:07] StarFire: is d-alpha tocopheryl acetate the form we should be taking for Vit E ?
[2019-03-01 00:12:25] Jude: Someone said there is a sticker on the bottle that says it contains chemicals that may cause cancer
[2019-03-01 00:12:27] Rick Bonner: Some of it was Very good, as I can still remember. It’s just that, I’d like more like that.
[2019-03-01 00:12:33] Peter: ass kicking
[2019-03-01 00:13:24] StarFire: looking at old bottle Jude.. dont see that
[2019-03-01 00:13:28] Monkey_Breath: I read immunizations are now being forced even on homeschooled children.
[2019-03-01 00:13:39] Rick Bonner: Knockin’ some sense into the knuckleheads Peter. It worked for me, frequently.
[2019-03-01 00:13:51] Jude: Reviews on amazon
[2019-03-01 00:14:19] Peter: men were men
[2019-03-01 00:14:56] Rick Bonner: And the women….. oooh la la! Such womenfolk!
[2019-03-01 00:15:30] StarFire: horse. com cool
[2019-03-01 00:18:03] Rick Bonner: Long time, no see, Saint Eighty Niner!
[2019-03-01 00:18:23] StarFire: Guy from work said he just had a pin stroke… he was talking on cell phone and it happened.. he could not move or talk… think it was the cell phone he was on??
[2019-03-01 00:19:04] Rick Bonner: Dang. I run another one off.
[2019-03-01 00:19:11] StarFire: his pin stroke was in his brain… dr said nothing they could do or treat it
[2019-03-01 00:20:38] Rick Bonner: Similar things like that, Star…, sorta epileptic like, coming to my attention, unfortunately, through people I know.
[2019-03-01 00:21:37] StarFire: yeah
[2019-03-01 00:22:13] Rick Bonner: A pin stroke. Never heard of it before. Cyclonic forest fires… never heard o’ them before.
[2019-03-01 00:22:35] robberts: where
[2019-03-01 00:22:38] Peter: its getting worst
[2019-03-01 00:23:21] Rick Bonner: A new term coined last year or the year before, Robberts…. out western USA.
[2019-03-01 00:24:16] Jude: Is sunflower oil in a vit e bad?
[2019-03-01 00:24:26] Rick Bonner: Sort of stacked on top of ‘dust devils’ and firestorms, which have been known before.
[2019-03-01 00:24:47] independz:…
[2019-03-01 00:24:55] StarFire: sunflower is ok jude… but not sure
[2019-03-01 00:24:55] knapstersky: sunflower is okay Jude.
[2019-03-01 00:25:00] Peter: the fires melted the rotors on cars
[2019-03-01 00:25:05] Rick Bonner: Just not as ‘focused’ Robberts.
[2019-03-01 00:25:09] StarFire: Jude.. did you look at horse . com for vit e yet?
[2019-03-01 00:25:31] Jude: Let me look
[2019-03-01 00:25:50] Highlander: might be a question from a tweener….not quite a man…not quite a woman…right betweener. sorry bad pun for a tranny.
[2019-03-01 00:26:18] StarFire: hahah highlander
[2019-03-01 00:27:02] Highlander: lol
[2019-03-01 00:27:27] Rick Bonner: There’s lots of that getting suggested, great ideas…, except for jus’ one thing; the ideas don’ work.
[2019-03-01 00:27:29] StarFire: Yep Cliff High
[2019-03-01 00:27:52] Peter: back in my day a tranny was a car part
[2019-03-01 00:28:01] StarFire: haha peter
[2019-03-01 00:29:09] Highlander: i hear you peter. my time frame too…i never heard of a transgender when i was young…and gay meant ”happy”
[2019-03-01 00:29:31] StarFire: I see other so called good people on youtube trying to share good knowledge and they are pushing C60 unknowingly
[2019-03-01 00:29:37] Jude: I wonder if they have a retail store. I live 10 min away from
[2019-03-01 00:30:31] StarFire: Jude, tony said what kind we should get from horse com need to listen to that again.. im looking but not found right one yet
[2019-03-01 00:31:14] Rick Bonner: Even now, as then I suppose, the terrible condition called hermaphroditism was rare. But I suppose more of those are being artificially ‘constructed’ now.
[2019-03-01 00:31:29] Jude: Did Tony say it in tonight’s show?
[2019-03-01 00:31:38] Jude: If he did I missed it
[2019-03-01 00:31:49] Jude: I had a call come through
[2019-03-01 00:31:57] knapstersky:…
[2019-03-01 00:32:18] Peter: transgender next transhumanism
[2019-03-01 00:32:20] StarFire: yes jude
[2019-03-01 00:32:41] Jude: Which one knapstersky?
[2019-03-01 00:32:47] StarFire: Knapster yes, but which one>
[2019-03-01 00:33:21] StarFire: is there a vitamin E for goats, cause im feeling Baaaaaaaaad
[2019-03-01 00:33:25] knapstersky: heck if i know ah boy.
[2019-03-01 00:33:34] Highlander: was it an oil that is needed and might be available on i am curious cause i wouldn’t mind buying some
[2019-03-01 00:33:39] knapstersky: haha
[2019-03-01 00:34:29] Rick Bonner: Sometimes, Star, I jes’ wanna sm-aaaaaaaa-ck somethin’!
[2019-03-01 00:35:49] StarFire: Highlander.. i think its a straight powder vit E
[2019-03-01 00:35:50] Rick Bonner: OldGoatdotcom. I like the joint, Star…. you may find ’em handy, too.
[2019-03-01 00:36:10] Highlander:…
[2019-03-01 00:36:28] Jude: I know wheat germ oil has vit E
[2019-03-01 00:36:28] Highlander: that is a pure vitamin e…they have others as well.
[2019-03-01 00:37:00] Rick Bonner: Hey Antiquity! Awesome name, antiquity today!
[2019-03-01 00:37:26] Rick Bonner: Sorta like ‘The Ancient o’ Days’.
[2019-03-01 00:38:16] StarFire: Selma Blair, Actress says it took DRs years to figure out she has MS .. Can you get MS later in life???
[2019-03-01 00:40:17] robberts: yes it happend to a friend and died quik
[2019-03-01 00:42:00] StarFire: i was thinking MS was nano
[2019-03-01 00:42:18] independz:…
[2019-03-01 00:42:32] robberts: probably
[2019-03-01 00:43:45] robberts: shouldnt coroners have to report any discoveries to public
[2019-03-01 00:44:43] StarFire: im sure coroners cant talk about things… there was a few years back , some coroners suppressed some info
[2019-03-01 00:45:21] Rick Bonner: No doubt, Tony. The nano works With 5G etc, to do ALL kinds of nasty things… The lucy-fairy-ans just adjust the dials, and get what ever kind of wicked results they’re looking for. And there are other components to their skullduggery, too, I’m sure.
[2019-03-01 00:45:44] joy: Tony would the DMSO / water / sea salt recipe be a good ocassional detox?
[2019-03-01 00:45:45] Peter: the us is just one big lavitory
[2019-03-01 00:46:05] StarFire: hahah yep peter
[2019-03-01 00:46:39] StarFire: Joy, have you found a good tasting dmso? hahah i have old bottle.. i better update new dmso
[2019-03-01 00:46:39] robberts: i know, but isnt worth a demanding answers by civil force ,i dont know
[2019-03-01 00:46:55] Rick Bonner: Speaking on de-toxing Tony, what do you think about eating a spoon of turpentine with some sugar?
[2019-03-01 00:47:21] Peter: corruption is the norm
[2019-03-01 00:47:52] robberts: turp works i did it
[2019-03-01 00:47:52] sqirl: Tony, I know I have stuff in my head around my brain. swelling moves around. washing hair with borax and soap letting it dry. dusting it out seem like a stradegy? I will try dmso with salts.
[2019-03-01 00:47:59] joy: haha StarFire, yep, tastes pretty disgusting probably worse with salt!
[2019-03-01 00:48:03] Rick Bonner: True enough, Tony… but I suppose ay-aye is just one of the ‘components’ wicked people have put on the merry go round.
[2019-03-01 00:48:10] joy: Thanks Tony!
[2019-03-01 00:49:11] Rick Bonner: The idea is Joy, the little nemetoadys go for the sugar… and die.
[2019-03-01 00:50:46] knapstersky: a couple comments on my turpentine video say they mix with maple syrup and butter.
[2019-03-01 00:51:16] StarFire: how does turpentine taste?
[2019-03-01 00:51:18] Highlander: it is indeed up and running tony. there are black cables all over the cities that run under the power lines. they lead to the boxes. those in turn run up the side of the towers. thick as your wrist those black cables are
[2019-03-01 00:51:48] Highlander: where ever they are hooking it up they are turning it on at the same time
[2019-03-01 00:51:58] Highlander: one section at a time
[2019-03-01 00:52:26] Peter: i can send my selfies to mars
[2019-03-01 00:52:53] Highlander: i can actually feel it…it is like a tingling or burning. i try and stay out of the city
[2019-03-01 00:53:17] Shannon: i wonder how fried Tesla drivers get if the 5G is built in.
[2019-03-01 00:53:22] Highlander: maybe because i live out in the boon docks. not used to the things
[2019-03-01 00:53:22] StarFire: Time went too fast Tony
[2019-03-01 00:54:10] joy: sqirl please ask Tony again if he thinks it’s ok for you to use the DMSO / Salt recipe … or please repost your question, thanks!
[2019-03-01 00:54:51] Rick Bonner: You’re fortunate, Highlander. We city boys gotta dis-connect the harmful tech in our hoods.
[2019-03-01 00:54:57] sqirl: Jim Lee had a great expose on agenda 21, the green new deal and geoengineering this week…
[2019-03-01 00:55:27] Highlander: i hear you rick
[2019-03-01 00:55:30] robberts: does that speaker system works well
[2019-03-01 00:55:31] Highlander: i am grateful
[2019-03-01 00:55:31] StarFire: Tony, ive see some say use Shulganite powder to add to paint?
[2019-03-01 00:55:40] sqirl: Different tones in the ears tell me its multiple frequency
[2019-03-01 00:55:58] Highlander: i am alreadying thinking of how i can manage without going into town. do without the supplies i buy. find a different source.
[2019-03-01 00:56:32] Rick Bonner: Nice thing is, old tech – like an axe – works on those wrist-thick cables…. I suggest they’re not chopped in the rain, though!
[2019-03-01 00:56:35] Highlander: i get those sqirl. ringing in my head. it sometimes makes my hearing go away and then a loud whine before it fades and my hearing returns.
[2019-03-01 00:56:59] Highlander: i would hope so rick. or a shotgun
[2019-03-01 00:57:12] Highlander: with slugs perhaps?
[2019-03-01 00:57:30] Rick Bonner: Shaped charges?
[2019-03-01 00:57:42] Highlander: they are cutting down trees that get in the way of those. claim green things block it.
[2019-03-01 00:57:47] StarFire: Thanks tony
[2019-03-01 00:57:53] sqirl: Tony, I love brandy
[2019-03-01 00:57:56] Peter: yee haa super cities
[2019-03-01 00:58:10] Billy29: Thank tony great show
[2019-03-01 00:58:10] sqirl: I get this swelling that moves around
[2019-03-01 00:58:25] Shannon: Thanks tony and all.
[2019-03-01 00:58:37] Rick Bonner: The chlorophyl molecules have zinc in the middle… gets in the way of radio frequency transmitting.
[2019-03-01 00:58:48] Highlander: leaves and trees block 5g they say…those boys putting those cables up are doing it super fast….and they don’t talk..running in little run down towns too where no one lives so how come?
[2019-03-01 00:58:48] Monkey_Breath: TY Tony!
[2019-03-01 00:59:00] sqirl: I function all right It just feels like I get hit in the head and it hurts to touch for a day or two
[2019-03-01 00:59:09] sheila brown: sad – passed a small town we live near being swallowed up by a city and whole section of old beautiful trees being bulldozed and burned – making way for progress 🙁
[2019-03-01 00:59:38] Highlander: life has to end to make way for progress? not much of a progress
[2019-03-01 00:59:40] independz: Thanks for tuning in
[2019-03-01 00:59:56] knapstersky: thanks Tony!
[2019-03-01 01:00:08] independz: life ends
[2019-03-01 01:00:13] independz: and ew leave
[2019-03-01 01:00:16] independz: earth
[2019-03-01 01:00:26] independz: is on it’s way too beassimilated
[2019-03-01 01:00:27] Rick Bonner: It is so very sad, Sheila. Me and the Lorax and you, too speak for The Trees!
[2019-03-01 01:00:37] sqirl: Thanks Tony I’ve improved so much listening to you
[2019-03-01 01:00:40] Highlander: not me…not without a fight
[2019-03-01 01:00:47] independz: glad to hear
[2019-03-01 01:00:53] Highlander: though i may have some in me i won’t give in willingly
[2019-03-01 01:00:59] independz: I did not say roll over
[2019-03-01 01:01:13] Highlander: truly
[2019-03-01 01:01:21] joy: Thanks so much Tony!!!
[2019-03-01 01:01:25] independz: an if you are going to gihght then make sure you understand how to fight
[2019-03-01 01:01:30] independz: what we are delaing with
[2019-03-01 01:01:36] Highlander: thanks for your info it is what helps us not be consumed
[2019-03-01 01:01:49] Rick Bonner: It is NOT futile to resist, and, we will NOT be assimilated. You go Highlander!
[2019-03-01 01:02:21] independz: I try eh
[2019-03-01 01:02:57] joy: Thanks sqirl, it made me nervous as Tony said it was not a good occassional detox.
[2019-03-01 01:03:10] Rick Bonner: Will, with a capital ‘W’, is the key thing: I WIIL not!
[2019-03-01 01:03:39] Monkey_Breath: You are doing a great service to humanity…at least to the ones who are willing to open their minds and eyes to what is happening to us.
[2019-03-01 01:04:12] sqirl: Joy, i heard 1 tsp dmso in 3 ounces of h20-
[2019-03-01 01:04:22] sqirl: with sea salt
[2019-03-01 01:04:40] Rick Bonner: Thank you Tony. Sincerely, you’ll be surprised one day, to see what a vast difference you’ve made with your life and ‘Great Work’.
[2019-03-01 01:04:49] sqirl: I like brandy with essential oil of rosemary or thyme
[2019-03-01 01:05:38] StarFire: i like brandy with wintergreen
[2019-03-01 01:05:57] StarFire: thyme is really strong i think
[2019-03-01 01:06:05] joy: sqirl, that’s what i wrote down too. brandy with EO’s sounds great.
[2019-03-01 01:06:09] sqirl: wintergreen, clove lemon- tried them all. Ran out of brandy my skull started hurting again. not a headache – it’s like swelling and hurts to touch skull
[2019-03-01 01:06:22] Rick Bonner: What a soothing savory vomno: rosemary and thyme. And chemically and nutritionally speaking, so good for us too. Without the poisons dropped on them o’ course.
[2019-03-01 01:06:31] Rick Bonner: Combo
[2019-03-01 01:06:45] StarFire: Squirl, have you done EDTA yet?
[2019-03-01 01:07:05] sqirl: my bottle of dmso is old too- I use it topically no on the edta
[2019-03-01 01:07:20] sqirl: I forget to try it
[2019-03-01 01:07:31] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› tony has a formula for edta to try, im doing it
[2019-03-01 01:07:35] sqirl: What’s it again edta
[2019-03-01 01:07:46] Rick Bonner: Take CARE everyone! Remember Who’s you are!
[2019-03-01 01:08:18] sqirl: thanks rb- I forgot where i was driving with the backhoe this morning
[2019-03-01 01:11:05] StarFire: edta helps take out metals
[2019-03-01 01:11:14] StarFire: edta is chelator
[2019-03-01 01:13:03] StarFire: ‹@sqirl›…
[2019-03-01 01:14:54] joy: years ago i rescued a tiny dog suffering swelling of the brain. after researching read pregnant womens urine was best, followed by the dogs own urine if possible, if not human urine. i was able to get urine from a pregnant friend and it seemed to heal
[2019-03-01 01:15:33] joy: it seemed to heal well. however, Tony says urine therapy is no longer safe.
[2019-03-01 01:22:50] StarFire: nite yall
[2019-03-01 01:23:06] joy: nigh
[2019-03-01 01:23:10] joy: t
[2019-03-01 01:23:16] sheila brown: night
[2019-03-01 01:34:23] sqirl: got it starfire- thank you
[2019-03-01 01:34:41] sqirl: gotta go – be weller everyone

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