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“The Remedy” 2019-03-05 by Tony Pantalleresco

The Remedy - Prenatal Ultrasound - AI - Mobile Possession -Chemtrails & NASA - Vegans - Synthetic Genetics - Healthy Treat

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-05):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 5th, 2019, click the video above.

Links to different themes on going globally and locally initially my interview and then from the AI -god bots for buddhist–cell phone conjuring up a demon over the phone–AI cyborg’d and chipped and the animals have health damaged


Tony Pantalleresco’s latest podcast uploads (links to subscribe and nan0mArk)

Do not chip pets.

We now know that chipped animals are getting neck cancers or other anomalies.
90% of the pets issues are tied to that chip.
Pets are like children to the owners so they never are out of site and as a result when you are near the pets then the frequencies are activating you and the operating systems you have ongoing
Sell you on a idea on the need for chipping your pets–and then the fillings or implants-or nanofillers–boom you are being targetted through what ever programming they are sending

The novelty of being implants an the idea of being complacent or seduced to this concept

Social media was different 40-0 years ago

global hidden player movement

today cell phone is the means of social media and it is a emitter


Ultrasound and the weapon warfare on breaking DNA strands in the womb and why the bonding did not take place with there mums and the sex was on bonding( binding)because it was not done there at that time–Ultra sound safety was BS

Jeanice Barcelo The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound

Demonic deception and everything here is designed to take you out

Snow on fire. Snow with hydrogel technology, it will not melt but will evaporate.
Screenshot 2019-03-06 10.41.46.png

Many of the health issues today are from synthetic biology & technology.
Screenshot 2019-03-06 15.27.42.png
The paradigm in our thinking has to change. They have move so far ahead that now involve AI
When we talking about AI today and the capacity it has and the speed it can think & formulate and run an algorithm, we can’t keep up with that.
We are not build like a machine
What we are dealing with today regarding AI, nanotechnology, nano-biology and synthetic biology b is a game changer on every front…!

They disarm you by destroying the digesting system by putting glyphosate & other chemicals and pesticides and nano technology like smart dust, smart sensor or smart bots, into the food supply. They put them into the core, into the genetics of the plant.
You consuming it by eating all these breads, rices, pastas.

If you stay at the paradigm of comfort and in the illusion that these do not and will not effect me and remain ignorance, you will not make it. You are done!

Get ready, even if you believe in salvation before the end.

We are dealing with demonic in so many levels.
Gif of demon
cell phone conjuring up a demon over the phone
Demon out of the Mobile?

Even if the above is not 100% as it appears, the similarity and the allegory is correct. The mobiles are possessing so many people. They can not put it down. Can not have a conversation but looking the phone all the time. We are possessed by the phone via the blue beam technology. With all the nano in your scalp, the blue beam and AI is accessing you.

Vitamin E – d-alpha tocopheryl acetate
d-alpha tocopheryl acetate is a dry form and usually is cleaned out without issues
A good source for Vitamin E at horse dot com



The weaponry that is available today, will change and effect everything on the planet
Russia’s New Hypersonic Missile 2019-03-06 11.29.09.png

Indian’s KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) weapon, a linear electron accelerator.

KALI is also the name of hindu godness which in sankrit means “She who is Death” or “She who is black”)
Screenshot 2019-03-06 11.34.29.png


They want to take away your right to eat meat.

Vegan insanity

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 3

Vegans it is not that they eat mainly sugars (carbohydrates) but there are nano loaded sugars!

If you investigate in the area of nano, artificial intelligence and areas that are out there today, we have to recognize that a lot of the health issues that are coming under the pipe are not longer from some overload of eating for example too much sugar, breads etc. We got crap in our food more than ever have seen.
They have violate the ocean, the air, the land! They have violate our own DNA!
Couples do not know what kind of baby will give birth because of the violation and the alternation of our DNA.
And then they want to load the babies with more nano.
While in the womb, they fire the baby with frequencies.
And then load them with vaccines.

Everything have been designed to alter man’s DNA. To create strands of DNA that were never here before. There have been synthetically altered by frequencies, or chemistry, or DNA altaring compositions or programs.

Can you imagine accessing your DNA and altaring it, as they did with so many corps, fruits and vegetables.
Imagine how this will effect you, your children and grandchildren and future generations.

Chemtrail NASA

NASA admits they chemtrail the sky

All smart devices can hit you with frequencies and take you out or take you over.
Screenshot 2019-03-06 09.49.57.png

AI ---Japan the new god


Synthetic Genetics

Synthetic Genetic Polymers Capable of Heredity and Evolution
Screenshot 2019-03-06 09.13.50.png

Their idea of evolution is to integrate us with a machine.

Health Treat. A healthy snack

Tony's Protein bar Recipe

Additional links from Tony shared in the chat:

TME Chatroom Comments
There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-03-05 23:55:52] independz:

[2019-03-05 23:56:08] independz:

[2019-03-05 23:56:40] independz:

[2019-03-05 23:56:55] Shannon: Hi MB!!…Hi Tony and all!
[2019-03-05 23:56:58] independz:…
[2019-03-05 23:57:06] independz: hi everyone
[2019-03-06 00:04:54] joy: would love to find someone to remove the chip out
[2019-03-06 00:05:34] Billy29: Hi Everybody
[2019-03-06 00:05:56] Cecil: hi
[2019-03-06 00:09:43] Cecil:
[2019-03-06 00:10:07] Cecil: apply that to the sunflower butter as well
[2019-03-06 00:10:30] Cecil: yikes tony
[2019-03-06 00:10:54] Cecil: intersession or something
[2019-03-06 00:11:34] Cecil: i call it probing
[2019-03-06 00:13:08] StarFire: im late
[2019-03-06 00:13:28] Cecil: there is so much information in my modern electronics communication book. i will try to find something to share.
[2019-03-06 00:13:32] Cecil: hi star
[2019-03-06 00:13:46] StarFire: hi
[2019-03-06 00:17:04] Shannon:
[2019-03-06 00:17:07] Jude: Hey everyone
[2019-03-06 00:17:35] Cecil: hi
[2019-03-06 00:17:47] StarFire: how to treat lab created?
[2019-03-06 00:18:24] Cecil: i am tired of being a lab rat
[2019-03-06 00:19:11] Cecil: i started chelation
[2019-03-06 00:19:37] StarFire: i alternate chelation every other week
[2019-03-06 00:20:09] Cecil: i made 80g of sodium edta with 30g msm and 30g of vit c
[2019-03-06 00:20:18] Cecil: made tablets
[2019-03-06 00:20:25] Cecil: yeah
[2019-03-06 00:20:35] Cecil: im on day 2 of 7
[2019-03-06 00:21:01] Cecil: was it 2 or 3 tablets a day?
[2019-03-06 00:21:12] StarFire: 3 to 5 aday i think
[2019-03-06 00:21:23] Cecil: ok thanks
[2019-03-06 00:21:30] StarFire: i only get about 2 in a day
[2019-03-06 00:21:31] Cecil: im trying tony
[2019-03-06 00:21:47] Cecil: i took 2 yesterday
[2019-03-06 00:22:20] StarFire: i take it on empty stomach
[2019-03-06 00:22:33] Cecil: thanks for the jesus the healer link on youtube
[2019-03-06 00:22:34] StarFire: lol
[2019-03-06 00:22:54] Cecil: same as with ozone therapy
[2019-03-06 00:23:12] joy: please tell Christ to hurry up!
[2019-03-06 00:23:14] Cecil: time machine
[2019-03-06 00:23:26] Cecil: sending emails to the past
[2019-03-06 00:23:48] Cecil: phone + microwave phonewave
[2019-03-06 00:24:01] joy: ok!
[2019-03-06 00:24:05] Jude: That vitamin E on was soy based. I found one on amazon A.c.grace that looks clean
[2019-03-06 00:24:10] Cecil: be patient
[2019-03-06 00:24:29] sqirl: Hi team, i listened to Dr graham Downing. Sounds like he ‘s looking at Tony’s work. He also mentioned DR Pall with the 5g effect
[2019-03-06 00:24:35] Cecil: to excrete a tbl spoon of soy takes a month. i heard
[2019-03-06 00:24:38] Cecil: hi’
[2019-03-06 00:25:01] Cecil: cool
[2019-03-06 00:25:05] Cecil: thats awesome
[2019-03-06 00:25:22] Fiona: hi folks
[2019-03-06 00:25:40] Cecil: hi fiona!
[2019-03-06 00:25:54] Fiona: HI Cecil!
[2019-03-06 00:26:11] sqirl: I do want to report positive effects of fungi perfecti lab grown chaga mushroom
[2019-03-06 00:26:17] StarFire: i this the Vitamin E link Joy
[2019-03-06 00:26:26] Cecil: for the phonewave (name subject to change) to work, you would need like a 42 inch crt tv. lol
[2019-03-06 00:26:26] StarFire: or jude
[2019-03-06 00:26:44] Cecil: for a lifter
[2019-03-06 00:26:45] StarFire: ‹@Jude› see link
[2019-03-06 00:27:13] Cecil: people are buying that
[2019-03-06 00:27:17] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› what is link please
[2019-03-06 00:27:41] Cecil: i buy chaga powder
[2019-03-06 00:27:51] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:27:56] sqirl: MIcrosoft computer software could all be compromised world wide. which one starfire?
[2019-03-06 00:27:56] StarFire: where from cecil?
[2019-03-06 00:28:23] Cecil: i crave a salad almost every day, but thats it. i caddle prod so much meat and eat every day. its crazy
[2019-03-06 00:28:27] Jude: I missed that one
[2019-03-06 00:28:30] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› fungi perfecti
[2019-03-06 00:28:44] Cecil: i eat a lot of fish too
[2019-03-06 00:29:20] Cecil: im trying to grow blue oyster
[2019-03-06 00:29:38] StarFire: cool cecil
[2019-03-06 00:29:41] Jude: Is the dicalcium phosphate an issue?
[2019-03-06 00:29:55] Cecil: nano in the bees pollenating and glyphosates too. accidentally
[2019-03-06 00:30:23] StarFire: Ingredients: DiCalcium Phosphate, D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate.
[2019-03-06 00:30:28] Cecil: hold on checking label
[2019-03-06 00:30:41] independz: if you pulse a bottle of honey within 3 days you will see nano and biofilm on the surface of honey’
[2019-03-06 00:30:59] independz: yes that one is good
[2019-03-06 00:31:11] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:31:25] Cecil:
[2019-03-06 00:32:08] Cecil:
[2019-03-06 00:32:36] Cecil:
[2019-03-06 00:33:32] Cecil: i got to get that stuff for that otropic video
[2019-03-06 00:34:19] StarFire: thanks
[2019-03-06 00:34:26] Cecil: if the nano feels like its being attacked, it freaks out and starts mutating.
[2019-03-06 00:35:04] Fiona: that gif is freaky indeed
[2019-03-06 00:35:09] Rick Bonner: Hey Cecil!
[2019-03-06 00:35:15] Cecil: its a parasite
[2019-03-06 00:35:18] Cecil: hi rick
[2019-03-06 00:35:28] Cecil: good afternoon/evening sir
[2019-03-06 00:35:34] Rick Bonner: 😃
[2019-03-06 00:36:09] joy: StarFire THANKS so much for the vit E link, hugely appreciated!!!
[2019-03-06 00:36:26] StarFire: hiya rick
[2019-03-06 00:36:34] Cecil: god doesnt appreciate that
[2019-03-06 00:36:40] StarFire: sure joy
[2019-03-06 00:36:50] Jude: They are now saying people will have to be revaccinated! What a bunch of bulsh
[2019-03-06 00:36:56] Cecil: it must had took him a llong time to design our dnas
[2019-03-06 00:37:37] joy: haha Jude, not surprising!
[2019-03-06 00:37:49] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:38:06] StarFire: cecil, they have shilajit in tablets.. pills and resin
[2019-03-06 00:38:51] Cecil: ou a hint of the truth. for chemtrail research note that you must use the term geoengineering. otherwise you get redirected to the conspiracy stuff.
[2019-03-06 00:38:52] robberts: our planet isnt fit for insects, how are the rest of us going to survive
[2019-03-06 00:38:58] Cecil: i have resin
[2019-03-06 00:39:12] Monkey_Breath: Yeah, I see those planes also where I live.
[2019-03-06 00:39:15] Cecil: change the future
[2019-03-06 00:39:23] Cecil: prevent a dystopia
[2019-03-06 00:39:31] StarFire: water crystals
[2019-03-06 00:39:52] sqirl: germany contrail plane tour -it’s your proof folks!!!
[2019-03-06 00:40:33] Jude: Doesn’t Harvard have a chemtrailing program as well?
[2019-03-06 00:41:17] sqirl: yep, one of the scientistist is from harvard in flight
[2019-03-06 00:41:17] StarFire: Never A Straight Answer
[2019-03-06 00:41:36] sqirl: this is Dr graham Downing
[2019-03-06 00:42:06] Cecil: dear heavenly father, please inject us willing your dna . amen thank you
[2019-03-06 00:42:13] Fiona: I find it interesting that people don’t think there’s something wrong with 10 or 20 planes streaking the sky in a matter of an hour, then you don’t see a plane in the sky for another day or two. They say, “They’re just headed to the airport!”
[2019-03-06 00:42:28] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:42:45] Cecil: right
[2019-03-06 00:43:12] Cecil: thats horrific
[2019-03-06 00:43:22] StarFire: that is crazy gif
[2019-03-06 00:43:26] Shannon: does black goo have to do anything w/ it. i hear it’s in the phones
[2019-03-06 00:43:29] Jude: When the phone had a cord we were free
[2019-03-06 00:43:43] Fiona: holy crap 58 million per day
[2019-03-06 00:43:46] StarFire: My phone is getting smarter and im getting dumber
[2019-03-06 00:44:07] Jude: Well still not free, but more free than we are now
[2019-03-06 00:44:08] Cecil: i unplugged my phone and removed the battery. it kept trying to update itself.
[2019-03-06 00:44:12] Shannon: whew
[2019-03-06 00:44:12] Cecil: >.>
[2019-03-06 00:44:31] Fiona: Jude, I don’t know about that. People would still be hit with audio frequencies, probably, but definitely freer than cell/smart phones
[2019-03-06 00:45:16] Shannon: gotcha thanks Tony!
[2019-03-06 00:45:18] Jude: Yeah that’s what I mean Fiona
[2019-03-06 00:45:30] StarFire: are the new cell phones what really called… black mirror?
[2019-03-06 00:45:34] Fiona: Gotcha 
[2019-03-06 00:45:38] Cecil: technology – any kind of technique applied to something
[2019-03-06 00:45:45] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:45:57] Cecil: the devils thing is electronics technology
[2019-03-06 00:46:16] Cecil: wireless etc
[2019-03-06 00:46:33] Jude: I see people come into my job and they can’t sit for 2 min before the bust the phone out. As if they are missing out on life if they don’t check their social media account
[2019-03-06 00:47:12] joy: Mike Morales does a great job of covering weather engineering nightly updates across the planet: Above Ground World News:
[2019-03-06 00:47:13] Cecil: hey they are bowing to that thing
[2019-03-06 00:47:31] robberts: astrologist have to update there thesis, for there are new stars in the skys and flash colors
[2019-03-06 00:47:34] Jude: I use Tony’s anti radiation case most of the time
[2019-03-06 00:47:43] StarFire: sounds of silence
[2019-03-06 00:47:49] Cecil: link please
[2019-03-06 00:47:49] sheila brown: sound of slie c
[2019-03-06 00:47:58] sheila brown: sclience
[2019-03-06 00:47:59] robberts: sounds of silence
[2019-03-06 00:48:17] StarFire: i win lol
[2019-03-06 00:48:22] Cecil: woah
[2019-03-06 00:48:29] robberts: your fast starfire
[2019-03-06 00:48:53] Cecil: science sounds like science
[2019-03-06 00:48:58] Cecil: silence
[2019-03-06 00:49:35] independz:… 
[2019-03-06 00:49:42] StarFire: a weak nation
[2019-03-06 00:50:25] Cecil: crap
[2019-03-06 00:50:54] Cecil: i like america. i believe in mycountry. just not the government
[2019-03-06 00:51:22] Cecil: deevolution
[2019-03-06 00:51:27] Cecil: devolution
[2019-03-06 00:51:28] Jude: My grandfather grew up on a farm, ate meat and drank raw milk and lived to 93
[2019-03-06 00:51:45] Jude: Vegan Ian is the NWO diet
[2019-03-06 00:51:53] Jude: Veganism
[2019-03-06 00:52:00] Cecil: mine was raised on one too
[2019-03-06 00:52:36] independz:
[2019-03-06 00:52:51] sqirl: fossil feuls didn’t come from dead dinosaurs
[2019-03-06 00:53:42] Cecil: what are they?
[2019-03-06 00:53:54] sqirl: Vicki davis did an interview on deevolution with lark in Texas- Cecil -I’ll get it
[2019-03-06 00:54:29] Monkey_Breath: Another lie they told us sqirl
[2019-03-06 00:54:45] independz:…
[2019-03-06 00:54:52] Cecil:
[2019-03-06 00:55:12] Cecil: its easy to make
[2019-03-06 00:55:32] Cecil: yeah. natural pb or sunflower is good
[2019-03-06 00:55:39] sqirl: De evolution and synarchy is the talk
[2019-03-06 00:55:45] Cecil: yummy . thank you tony
[2019-03-06 00:56:01] Fiona: sunflower seeds are pretty cheap too. soak, sprout, and dry them for easier digestion
[2019-03-06 00:56:15] Cecil: no hydrogenated vegetable oil in pb
[2019-03-06 00:56:30] Cecil: ok. sweet fiona
[2019-03-06 00:56:55] sheila brown: is palm oil ok?
[2019-03-06 00:57:38] StarFire: you can grind up your own peanuts and add your own oil to make your own peanut butter
[2019-03-06 00:57:45] Jude: Tony did you recommend adding lugols iodine to shampoo or was it another kind of iodine?
[2019-03-06 00:57:53] robberts: good idea fiona
[2019-03-06 00:58:03] Billy29: Why do they put all that crap in the food to day
[2019-03-06 00:58:16] Jude: Don’t peanuts have mold in them?
[2019-03-06 00:58:27] StarFire: you can bake your own potatoe chip bake them no frying them if u want
[2019-03-06 00:58:44] joy: THANKS so much Tony!!!
[2019-03-06 00:58:48] Monkey_Breath: I only found 80% dark coca chocolate decent without harmful ingredients inthe grocery stores
[2019-03-06 00:58:59] Fiona: It’s good to do that with most nuts and seeds. Soak for a day, then sprout and rinse every 12 hrs (for sunflower seeds), then dry them out in the oven, drying machine, or the sun. Nuts, just soak and dehydrate
[2019-03-06 00:59:17] Fiona: Thanks Tony!
[2019-03-06 00:59:40] Billy29: Thanks Tony great show
[2019-03-06 00:59:42] Monkey_Breath: Thanks again Tony!
[2019-03-06 00:59:45] Shannon: good idea Fiona. activated nuts are expensive
[2019-03-06 00:59:47] independz: lugols Jude or pvidone
[2019-03-06 00:59:48] StarFire: soak in what?
[2019-03-06 00:59:52] Shannon: Thanks Tony and all!
[2019-03-06 00:59:54] independz: povodone
[2019-03-06 01:00:03] Fiona: soak in water
[2019-03-06 01:00:08] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-03-06 01:00:10] Fiona: soak nuts and seeds in water
[2019-03-06 01:00:22] Jude: Pk
[2019-03-06 01:00:22] independz: palm is ok sheila
[2019-03-06 01:00:24] StarFire: ok, distilled water
[2019-03-06 01:00:28] Jude: Ok thank you
[2019-03-06 01:00:44] StarFire: is palm Kernal oil same or ok?
[2019-03-06 01:00:58] independz: ok
[2019-03-06 01:00:58] Jude: Should it be stored on glass or is the plastic miracle soap container ok to use?
[2019-03-06 01:01:01] sqirl: thank you Tony!!!! i found nettles yesturday
[2019-03-06 01:01:06] robberts: thats what the hospitals use pvodine
[2019-03-06 01:01:12] independz: cmes from the seed
[2019-03-06 01:01:13] Fiona: distilled is best probably yeah
[2019-03-06 01:01:14] StarFire: thank you
[2019-03-06 01:01:43] sqirl: Be well all
[2019-03-06 01:01:58] StarFire: thank you all and tony
[2019-03-06 01:02:51] robberts: new products today are pumping palm free ?
[2019-03-06 01:03:41] StarFire: there was a rumor awhile back they were pushing that the palm oil is bad..
[2019-03-06 01:04:17] sheila brown: ty for the answer and show 🙂
[2019-03-06 01:04:21] robberts: why
[2019-03-06 01:04:47] sheila brown: some peanut butters have switched to palm oil
[2019-03-06 01:04:50] knapstersky: thanks Tony.
[2019-03-06 01:06:13] independz: no worries
[2019-03-06 01:06:21] StarFire: i guess just dont do seeds all the time as they strip something from us?
[2019-03-06 01:07:00] independz: yes they do
[2019-03-06 01:07:06] Jude: As long as they are sprouted they should be good
[2019-03-06 01:07:14] independz: but an occasiona snack not th end of the world
[2019-03-06 01:07:30] Jude: Or do they still strip things from us?
[2019-03-06 01:07:30] independz: wehn you make hhem since then you control them
[2019-03-06 01:07:43] independz: not true
[2019-03-06 01:08:01] independz: they all have phytates and contrary to the BS out there can stil be an anti nutrint
[2019-03-06 01:08:14] independz: that was told to alleviate the dimbasses who are vegan
[2019-03-06 01:08:42] Jude: Oh ok figures
[2019-03-06 01:08:46] independz: and alot of yoour nuts and seeds are also irradiated makig the one of the poorest sourcees of niutrients and proteins
[2019-03-06 01:09:13] Jude: Is horse chestnut extract safe to take and if so should it be cycled?
[2019-03-06 01:09:31] Cecil: not sure
[2019-03-06 01:09:34] independz: high saponin
[2019-03-06 01:09:44] Cecil: dont neglet your nut food group
[2019-03-06 01:09:49] Monkey_Breath: Have you heard having wild measles can prevent lymphatic cancers in adulthood?
[2019-03-06 01:09:50] independz: good totake and yes needs to be cycled this to could b an anti nutrient
[2019-03-06 01:09:58] Jude: I’ve been developing spider veins and read this helps circulation
[2019-03-06 01:10:07] independz: it is what triggers the immune system
[2019-03-06 01:10:26] independz: if they did not vacinate us we probably would not need to be infected
[2019-03-06 01:10:43] independz: the vaccines may actually be cauysing this id effect
[2019-03-06 01:11:41] Jude: How should it be cycled? I was going to take 300mg dosage
[2019-03-06 01:15:28] Monkey_Breath: It makes me so mad that people are not seeing what is happening in the world. They are not connecting the dots.
[2019-03-06 01:17:17] sheila brown: they are avoiding the red pill
[2019-03-06 01:24:58] Monkey_Breath: Goodnight all!
[2019-03-06 01:25:15] StarFire: What is saponin and is it good or bad?
[2019-03-06 01:25:17] Jude: Goodnight
[2019-03-06 01:26:29] Jude: Maybe the horse chestnut extract?
[2019-03-06 01:26:50] Jude: I’ve been looking through google on how it should be cycled
[2019-03-06 02:13:16] joy: StarFire saphonin’s are good, Tony has info on his website, breaks down fat if i remember correctly
[2019-03-06 02:21:50] StarFire: thanks joy nite
[2019-03-06 05:57:04] Cecil: goodnight

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