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“The Remedy” 2019-03-07 by Tony Pantalleresco

The Remedy -Danger of NanoSilver for people and environment - XNA synthetic DNA - Nano Mafia - Frequencies - Silica - Aluminum - Solutions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-07):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 7th, 2019, click the video above.

Links in chatroom
The past revelations that bryan 396 said about the nanopoisoning and all the references verifying what we said in relations to how things worked and how it integrates
The process of affliction – deactivation of immune response – Saturation and the activation with frequencies

Nanosilver and it’s environmental exposure and damage — and how they sell this and then how it actually increases in agglomeration ( build up) with different salts and can increases the concentration in the environment up to as much as 800ppb in a cellular level

Foods supply having nano silver–canned box and bagged goods–as an example of a foods that would be mixed in foods with out the awareness and then this will mix with the salts and then this will exponentially increase the concentration ( agglomeration) of the nanosilver.
Which then causes the food store buy probiotics on the shelf are inert.

Buy from coolers and when you use— they do not work could be due to the nano silver embedded in the colon causing a imbalance with the bacterium in the colon thinking you have a yeast infection but what you may have is biofilm over load–mislabeling of the nano silver in the HFS

Can bind with components and make what ever that needs to be made–and can assemble like your dna —the sophistication of the sabotage and the well thought out plan to compromise you

Synthetic Genetic Polymers Capable of Heredity and Evolution

2- Synthetic Genetic Polymers Capable of Heredity and Evolution.png

Catalysts from synthetic genetic polymers
3- Catalysts from synthetic genetic polymers.png

Hydrogels water-absorbing polymers
Screenshot 2019-03-08 09.46.32.png

5G is already turned on

STS and enemas and re foresting
If using the sodium thiosulfate as a cleanse, no need for enemas
In any case both enemas or STS for cleanse, need to reload and reenforce the system with probiotics and minerals n order to protect your body from getting infections.

Understand the nature of the assault…
Understand the nature of the health food industry… It works in conjunction with the mad scientists , these NASA scientists and these universities scientists.
You are nothing but an experiment.
You are a test tubes –and a experiment with the food supply.

Be careful when Drs promote products, supplements, Vitamins etc


Men and Women shall not use nano silver.
Especially men, shall not use nano silver because destroy’s the testicular area of the body, causes severe damages and destroys the genetic code.

Do your own investigation. Do not ask the manufacture if a product is safe! Of course will say it is safe.
Do you own investigation!!!

Changes of nano silver diameter when mixed with salts:
In 50 mins, the diameter of nano silver was stabilized at 424 +/-69 nm. Almost 500 nm in the presence of NaCl (sodium chloride – the normal table salt)

in 100 mins, with the presence of MgCl2 (Magnesium Chloride), had the same effect as with CaCl2 (calcium chloride) that went over 500 nm +/- 280, so almost 800 nm
This is CRAZY! It is suicide and cell or tissue or organ in the body.

Some they put it with protein, others with hydrogel solutions which can make them aggregate even further.
The reason it is effective is because it kills the cell and wipe it off completely.

26′:21″ Break

The nanomafia: nanotechnology’s global network of organized crime
4- The nanomafia nanotechnology’s global network of organized crime.png

Vegans: The highest consumers of nano at this time, due to the amount and the food supply and the vegetation they consuming.

A lot of them start to dying very quickly due to deficiency and also due to the fact that are taken over the nano.

Bananas are fully loaded with nano.
Beside the skin, you need to remove at least 1/8 of an inch in order to remove what has been accumulated passing the thick skin.
Furthermore, the sugars (see carbon) is working very well with the nano as well…

Infrared especially from a pulsing device is very useful, as it penetrates deeper in the skin and helps to remove out the build up nano.

Read the ingredients labels for everything.

Frequencies are used to exploit you!

When these stuff (nano) reach a saturation point in your body, it will literally explode and will completely activated.
It does not happen all of the sudden, but were accumulated over the time.

Is one of those materials that you can not take out and it starts assembling by it self the moment it gets into you as it reacts with the chemistry of the body. Does not need frequency to be activated.
They did not tell you this. They forgot to tell you also that it attaches to your DNA, and mitochondria.
They did not tell you that it is accumulating in the body & it does not come out.
Lot of things they have told you that are not accurate.
Screenshot 2019-03-08 13.31.58.png

The cheapest product that you can buy to remove the aluminum from the body is Epsom Salt.

Women are in more in danger to the damages of aluminum than men.

Recipe for aluminum removal at 39:00

XNA can replicate your DNA so the immune system will not respond.
Mobile bedside bioprinter can heal wounds…
1- Mobile bedside bioprinter can heal wounds.png

This technology (nano technology) bits the hell out of you.
It will breaks you down, it will alter your thinking, it will make you more receptive to frequencies. These frequencies constantly pounding in your head. whatever (thought and ideas), they want you to put in your head.
And they have access due to this technology and your DNA.

If you do your research on nano, you will find out that what ever the combine it with and claiming the benefits, it is just a cover up. Because the nano enter in the cell, it is saturated there and kills everything, not only the malignant.

Tips for female’s hygienic.

Additional links from Tony shared in the chat:

TME Chatroom Comments
There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-03-08 00:01:01] StarFire: hi
[2019-03-08 00:01:25] Shannon: hi everyone
[2019-03-08 00:01:28] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone!
[2019-03-08 00:01:29] Cecil: hi
[2019-03-08 00:01:30] Jude: Are gel caps made from gelatin safe or a no go?
[2019-03-08 00:01:45] Billy29: Hi
[2019-03-08 00:02:39] Monkey_Breath: I dump the powder from those caps
[2019-03-08 00:02:39] Cecil: i just got back from the health food store. i never been to one before lol. i bought kefir or however its spelled and several ounces of fenugreek.
[2019-03-08 00:02:51] Cecil: i dont trust gelcaps
[2019-03-08 00:03:02] Cecil: hi sir tony
[2019-03-08 00:03:12] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-03-08 00:03:24] Fiona: Hi Tony, hi folks! I use gelatine caps, not veggie caps.
[2019-03-08 00:03:26] Jude: I’ll just squeeze the contents out of it
[2019-03-08 00:03:33] independz:…
[2019-03-08 00:03:34] Cecil: the thin ones
[2019-03-08 00:03:45] sqirl: One of Tony’s fans was interviewed by Jan Irvin the targeted nun Keri Burnon

one hour 10 minutes in
[2019-03-08 00:03:59] independz:……
[2019-03-08 00:04:33] independz:
[2019-03-08 00:04:34] Cecil: thanks. im bookmarking the links
[2019-03-08 00:04:58] StarFire: Yep, Ive heard tony many times to sqeeze out the gel caps.. i dont think you can digest the surrounding gel
[2019-03-08 00:05:26] Cecil: they dont digest or dissolve
[2019-03-08 00:05:36] Cecil: they swell ><
[2019-03-08 00:06:05] Cecil: like glyphosates
[2019-03-08 00:06:15] Cecil: they are ok with it
[2019-03-08 00:06:37] robberts: never dies
[2019-03-08 00:07:24] Jude: I’ll just Open them up to be safe
[2019-03-08 00:08:28] Cecil: thats what i do too jude. like monkey said
[2019-03-08 00:09:30] Cecil: but nano shits on whatever its in. how does it help preserve things?
[2019-03-08 00:09:50] Cecil: that icecream dont melt
[2019-03-08 00:09:54] Cecil: oh no!
[2019-03-08 00:10:14] Cecil: same
[2019-03-08 00:10:39] StarFire: msm as sulpher?
[2019-03-08 00:10:41] Cecil: we gotta stop the butchers from putting that shit on out meat
[2019-03-08 00:11:09] Cecil: smoked sea salt. yummy
[2019-03-08 00:11:35] StarFire: use calcium chloride as a salt for awhile?
[2019-03-08 00:12:14] Cecil: in pickles, calcium chloride makes them taste like deli pickles.
[2019-03-08 00:12:29] StarFire: lightly ok
[2019-03-08 00:13:53] sqirl: Why 5g is most important to military world wide article
[2019-03-08 00:14:22] Monkey_Breath: most pickles have titanium dioxide…check the labels
[2019-03-08 00:14:30] Fiona: interesting indeed
[2019-03-08 00:15:19] StarFire: we can make our own pickles
[2019-03-08 00:15:23] Fiona: there’s an ingredient in most pickled stuff, I forget what it is, but can trigger headaches/migraines. It’s not labelled. Watch out
[2019-03-08 00:15:39] Cecil: it assembled in my feet. i been taking baths with coppers and 7 salts. using the triangle too. and all it seems to do is clear it a little bit. barely stopping it.
[2019-03-08 00:15:57] Cecil: we have to then star
[2019-03-08 00:16:09] sqirl: cecil is it coming out the skin/
[2019-03-08 00:16:28] StarFire: grow your own cucumbers inside then also cecil
[2019-03-08 00:16:44] Cecil: i got dill lol
[2019-03-08 00:16:51] Monkey_Breath: tony, I tried using the sodium thiosulfate as a cleanse.what are your thoughts on coffee enemas?
[2019-03-08 00:17:02] Fiona: hijack after hijack after hijack, etc
[2019-03-08 00:17:21] Cecil: in uk, the pickles might say whats in it
[2019-03-08 00:17:49] Monkey_Breath: agree
[2019-03-08 00:17:58] Fiona: MB, how long did you do the STS?
[2019-03-08 00:18:04] Cecil: alkalizers
[2019-03-08 00:18:26] Cecil: sts tastes like sewer
[2019-03-08 00:18:37] Cecil: but its worth it
[2019-03-08 00:18:38] Monkey_Breath: once a week…Tony said it can be used everyday.
[2019-03-08 00:18:53] Monkey_Breath: yeah, me too
[2019-03-08 00:19:00] StarFire: has anyone used just a small amount for a time?
[2019-03-08 00:19:04] Fiona: after the enema, you can put a little bit of water in the enema bag with your probiotic (open a capsule), let the water go into your rectum, hold it there. Lie on your left for 15 mins, then on your back 15 mins, then on your right 15mins. Self-reflorestat
[2019-03-08 00:19:10] Fiona: reflorestation
[2019-03-08 00:19:25] Cecil: tony. if this nano gets to the point that artificial brothers spawn out of me, im going to kill them all.
[2019-03-08 00:19:34] Monkey_Breath: LOL
[2019-03-08 00:19:42] sqirl: NETTLES are up!!!!
[2019-03-08 00:20:09] Fiona: MB, yeah every day for a while will do it. I had a very blocked colon. Took almost 3 weeks to see some super splash results like Tony described
[2019-03-08 00:20:13] StarFire: hahaha
[2019-03-08 00:20:16] Fiona: haha
[2019-03-08 00:20:31] Rick Bonner: You Go, Cecil!
[2019-03-08 00:22:02] StarFire: a whole bunch involved with the gcmaf was killed
[2019-03-08 00:22:20] Cecil: yep
[2019-03-08 00:22:50] robberts: how do we find real seeds
[2019-03-08 00:22:58] StarFire: If you eat small amount of THC just for maintanence to prevent
[2019-03-08 00:23:11] Rick Bonner: We don’ want no nano on, or in us, and when we get them off us….. kill ’em. So they don’ get on sombody else.😊
[2019-03-08 00:23:22] Fiona: Tony, do you feel that cannabis infused oil on the skin is as effective as consuming it for treating something like cancer (or anything)?
[2019-03-08 00:23:52] StarFire: Rick simpson said he saw nothing in straight cbd
[2019-03-08 00:23:56] Monkey_Breath: The THC in the CBD oil makes my vertigo worse.
[2019-03-08 00:24:32] StarFire: Fiona, i seen some use THC oil on skin for cancer it will draw out the oil.. you can find vids showing this
[2019-03-08 00:24:42] Cecil: my dad is a cancer survivor from stage 4 in the throat and behind the tongue. he smokes herbs every day, and says it clears up mucus. there is only 1 disease in my opinion (imo). Mucus
[2019-03-08 00:24:52] StarFire: The oil will draw out the cancer i meant
[2019-03-08 00:24:59] Fiona: interesting, thanks StarFire
[2019-03-08 00:25:05] Cecil: awesome star
[2019-03-08 00:25:27] Cecil: hempseed oil is useful
[2019-03-08 00:25:35] StarFire: Ive heard also that it takes on average one Year or more to cure with just thc oil.. so its not fast , but safe tho
[2019-03-08 00:25:54] Cecil: it may slightly sterilize a male tho
[2019-03-08 00:26:22] Monkey_Breath: The THC in the CBD creams really takes the edge off pain on the body.
[2019-03-08 00:26:28] StarFire: im talking about one year swallowing the oil… not on the skin so one year average of taking oil to cure cancer and it even worked on breast cancer
[2019-03-08 00:26:40] Rick Bonner: Is that like being slightly pregnant, Cecil?
[2019-03-08 00:26:52] Cecil: haha
[2019-03-08 00:27:16] Cecil: ever had a seed in your weed. xD
[2019-03-08 00:27:37] Rick Bonner: I think I know what you’re saying; lowers the count.
[2019-03-08 00:27:43] StarFire: CBD is good for relaxation and calming down an intense high im told
[2019-03-08 00:28:00] Cecil: being oblivious to nano is truly a frightening thing
[2019-03-08 00:28:15] Jude: Are infrared saunas safe for detoxing? My gym has one that they offer for free with a membership
[2019-03-08 00:28:19] Cecil: intrigueing
[2019-03-08 00:28:27] Rick Bonner: Yep, what we don’ know can kill us!
[2019-03-08 00:28:35] independz: does zilch star fire
[2019-03-08 00:28:55] sqirl:
[2019-03-08 00:29:02] Cecil: but there are so many good things that im unaware of
[2019-03-08 00:29:09] Cecil: i want to know what all herbs do
[2019-03-08 00:29:21] StarFire: I mean CBD will chill out high thc freekout – paranoid.. CBD just to chill out
[2019-03-08 00:29:31] sqirl: That’s an article about wa state banning vaccien excemptions and lawmakers getting death threats
[2019-03-08 00:29:37] independz: you need to know what you are dealing with herbals are not enough today
[2019-03-08 00:29:58] independz: neither are vitamins you need a compilation and a understanding how your dna is being hooped
[2019-03-08 00:30:10] StarFire: If someone took high potency of thc.. they might get paranoid. add CBD oil to that and it can chill you out
[2019-03-08 00:30:19] Cecil: chemicals too then
[2019-03-08 00:30:44] Cecil: i got pure copper powder. should i eat it?
[2019-03-08 00:30:45] independz:
[2019-03-08 00:30:53] Rick Bonner: Yeah, learning new stuff every day, and increasing knowledge on stuff we’ve already been introduced to. In short, Living!
[2019-03-08 00:31:02] StarFire: Where and what kind of copper Cecil?
[2019-03-08 00:31:56] Cecil: the one consequence to knowledge is distress. i get distressed when i learn a lot at once. my head spins
[2019-03-08 00:32:00] independz:
[2019-03-08 00:32:03] Cecil: just straight copper
[2019-03-08 00:32:18] Cecil: um ebay
[2019-03-08 00:32:24] knapstersky: someone in england reduced a tumor in his lung with cbd.
[2019-03-08 00:32:25] Cecil: welcome back
[2019-03-08 00:32:26] sqirl: i recognize my DNA was damaged over the past 3 years from 3 too many xrays
[2019-03-08 00:32:49] Cecil: makes sense
[2019-03-08 00:33:03] Cecil: yeah. gamma ray exposure
[2019-03-08 00:33:09] sqirl: after listening to Janice burselo- every x ray takes 3 months off your life
[2019-03-08 00:33:23] StarFire: i lost sound?
[2019-03-08 00:33:23] sqirl: and the ultrasound
[2019-03-08 00:33:55] Cecil: ‘listening’
[2019-03-08 00:33:57] StarFire: im bak
[2019-03-08 00:34:11] Monkey_Breath: We have eight day until the mandate on vaccinations is voted on. Please voice your opinions and fight forced vaccinations!
[2019-03-08 00:34:54] Cecil: i got a whole bunch of stuff in my body that shouldnt be here. i have things inside of me that i want to kill. i need to get a bottle of brandy after the show.
[2019-03-08 00:35:05] Cecil: link please
[2019-03-08 00:35:17] Cecil: monkey. thats pretty serious
[2019-03-08 00:35:32] Jude: Me too Cecil
[2019-03-08 00:35:42] sqirl: I really liked listening to sister Keri burnon talk about the her recording all the nano targeting she suffered and getting a protected person statis
[2019-03-08 00:35:43] StarFire: what about those kids eating like 20 bananas a day
[2019-03-08 00:35:51] Monkey_Breath: checking now for a link
[2019-03-08 00:35:54] Jude: I’d like to do a heavy metal detox
[2019-03-08 00:36:05] Cecil: i appreciate it
[2019-03-08 00:36:15] Cecil: chelation
[2019-03-08 00:36:28] joy: thanks knap!
[2019-03-08 00:36:37] Fiona: Not Curious George!
[2019-03-08 00:36:46] Fiona: he’s a frutarian
[2019-03-08 00:36:47] Jude: Do you think an infrared sauna is beneficial?
[2019-03-08 00:36:51] StarFire: haha fiona
[2019-03-08 00:36:57] Fiona: fruitarian
[2019-03-08 00:37:02] sqirl: bad bannana
[2019-03-08 00:37:18] Shannon: the most delirious of them all.
[2019-03-08 00:37:25] joy: sqirl are you harvesting nettles?
[2019-03-08 00:37:45] Cecil: 80grams edta 30grams vitamin c and 30grams msm. mix together and make capsules. refer to tonys video for more instructions for the protocol or procedure.
[2019-03-08 00:37:50] sqirl: Yes, joy they are barely above ground and powerful
[2019-03-08 00:38:20] Cecil:

[2019-03-08 00:38:39] sqirl: i ate some raw- smash em in a cuisinart with pesto ingredients- good stuff
[2019-03-08 00:38:43] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› have you tried growing Mormons tea? or any ephedra type plant?
[2019-03-08 00:38:58] Monkey_Breath: To fight forced vaccinations…call 202-224-3121 tell them your state and zip and they will redirect your call and tell them you do not consent to mandatory vaccines.
[2019-03-08 00:39:11] sqirl: No sf
[2019-03-08 00:39:23] Cecil: the plane drivers that dump the stuff, er i mean that geoengineer the sky do these chelations every other week.
[2019-03-08 00:39:26] Cecil: for a week
[2019-03-08 00:39:32] StarFire: k
[2019-03-08 00:39:37] sqirl: I did give the black cumin a go
[2019-03-08 00:39:56] Cecil: black seed cumin is great
[2019-03-08 00:40:08] joy: wow, thanks squrl, i love nettles but have never had them raw
[2019-03-08 00:40:16] sqirl: beautiful flowers
[2019-03-08 00:40:18] Cecil: ah of course tony
[2019-03-08 00:40:35] Monkey_Breath: they want to force the vaccinations and if you don’t take them, they can stop you from renewing your license and a lot of other things.
[2019-03-08 00:40:47] sqirl: They don’t sting after they are blended- I think they repair gut
[2019-03-08 00:41:31] Rick Bonner: Seduction. An’ we don’ even git kissed!
[2019-03-08 00:42:13] Martin: Everything is becoming smart. In the UK they now build smart motorways.
[2019-03-08 00:42:30] joy: thanks sqirl, good to know, will try em raw sometime
[2019-03-08 00:42:48] Cecil: i know thats what th ehigher ups do and that the majority of the people are tony, but its about whats right still. the runs on money, but im not about that. if only the planets growth (plants trees animals etc) would be the only way for earnest profit
[2019-03-08 00:43:21] Cecil: thank you monkey
[2019-03-08 00:43:36] Cecil: we dont consent o/
[2019-03-08 00:43:39] Cecil: lol
[2019-03-08 00:43:59] sqirl: Sister Keri also says we are all planned to assemble. China plans to have it all run their way
[2019-03-08 00:44:22] Rick Bonner: This plane(t) was designed by The Creator to be a place of abundance, for everyone.
[2019-03-08 00:44:53] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-08 00:44:56] Rick Bonner: But, it’s been mangled pretty badly by lucy-fairy-ans.
[2019-03-08 00:44:58] knapstersky: nettle-root good for prostrate. 🙂
[2019-03-08 00:45:13] Cecil: i need mag chl
[2019-03-08 00:45:37] Cecil: im real cheap on my borax
[2019-03-08 00:46:15] Cecil: like mason jar lids too. gots a xenoestrogen in it
[2019-03-08 00:46:18] Shannon: transhuman integration
[2019-03-08 00:46:40] Monkey_Breath: Cecil, try this link to fight forced vaccinations: RHOB Washington, D.C.,DC 20515-2002
[2019-03-08 00:47:37] Cecil: thats wonderful knapstersky
[2019-03-08 00:48:02] Cecil: ok ty. i got 202 224 3121
[2019-03-08 00:48:16] joy: wow knap, that’s terrific, thanks!
[2019-03-08 00:48:29] Shannon: thanks MB!..will spread the word as well
[2019-03-08 00:49:22] Cecil: @monkey: i bookmarkede it. I got too much going at once lol
[2019-03-08 00:49:23] Monkey_Breath: tony, what about using the diva instead of using pads or tampons for menstrating girls/women
[2019-03-08 00:49:36] Cecil: bookmarked’
[2019-03-08 00:50:00] Cecil: divas need them too
[2019-03-08 00:50:14] Fiona: use cloth/cotton, washable pads
[2019-03-08 00:50:17] Monkey_Breath: it is rubber/silicon cup tomhold the blood
[2019-03-08 00:50:26] Shannon: plastic cup insert
[2019-03-08 00:50:31] Fiona: Diva cup
[2019-03-08 00:50:39] Monkey_Breath: yeah, that is it
[2019-03-08 00:50:42] joy: haha Cecil!
[2019-03-08 00:50:42] Shannon: good question MB haha
[2019-03-08 00:50:46] Fiona: I tried it, terrible experience
[2019-03-08 00:50:46] Monkey_Breath: oh no!
[2019-03-08 00:50:47] sqirl: a rubber messy cup- thumbs down
[2019-03-08 00:50:53] Cecil: a period is a self blood transfusion. you ladies are so amazing
[2019-03-08 00:51:13] sqirl: OG cotton pads -make and wash em
[2019-03-08 00:51:19] Fiona: haha, yes we are
[2019-03-08 00:51:34] Cecil: sh*t
[2019-03-08 00:52:18] Cecil: is lye out of the question tony? i use it on my olives
[2019-03-08 00:52:26] Fiona: I use washables. Just soak in water, rinse, soak again, then wash in washer by themselves in borax and baking soda
[2019-03-08 00:52:35] Cecil: well that might be going too far
[2019-03-08 00:52:49] Monkey_Breath: people on ESTY sell reusable fleese pad liners
[2019-03-08 00:52:49] Cecil: lol
[2019-03-08 00:53:17] Cecil: @_@
[2019-03-08 00:53:36] Cecil: so much stuff
[2019-03-08 00:53:47] Cecil: ‘mindblown’
[2019-03-08 00:54:35] Monkey_Breath: LOL Cecil
[2019-03-08 00:55:42] sqirl: Tony , The Nun whistleblower, and Janice Berselo both mention your protocols- You are so popular with the ladies
[2019-03-08 00:56:25] Cecil: the ladies are generally smart
[2019-03-08 00:56:28] knapstersky: ha ha.
[2019-03-08 00:56:50] Fiona: yup it works
[2019-03-08 00:56:55] StarFire: Thank you tony and everyone
[2019-03-08 00:56:55] Fiona: thanks Tony, bye folks
[2019-03-08 00:57:08] Shannon: Thanks Tony and all!
[2019-03-08 00:57:08] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r eazy.
[2019-03-08 00:57:11] Cecil: take care tony
[2019-03-08 00:57:12] StarFire: I made coconut powder pancakes
[2019-03-08 00:57:17] Cecil: bye everyone
[2019-03-08 00:57:18] Monkey_Breath: thanks Tony for another informative show
[2019-03-08 00:57:22] joy: Thanks so much Tony, thanks everyone!
[2019-03-08 00:57:25] Cecil: ‘drools’
[2019-03-08 00:57:39] Cecil: munchies kicked in
[2019-03-08 00:57:56] StarFire: with maple syrup
[2019-03-08 00:57:57] Billy29: Another great show Tony Thank
[2019-03-08 00:58:33] Cecil: he came through with more links to keep me busy for a while
[2019-03-08 00:58:36] sqirl: Thanks so much – Janice emphasized the rosemary oil on the back of the neck with oil for brain ease- i recommend it all and Chaga by fungi perfecti labs
[2019-03-08 00:58:37] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-03-08 00:58:56] Monkey_Breath: take care everyone.
[2019-03-08 00:59:38] Cecil: i used rosemary in the gym at the steamroom. the results was extraordinary
[2019-03-08 00:59:57] Cecil: on my neck and chest
[2019-03-08 01:00:07] Cecil: i cried
[2019-03-08 01:00:31] Cecil: from so much relief
[2019-03-08 01:00:57] sqirl: Thank you everyone see you next week-
[2019-03-08 01:01:51] Cecil: thank you
[2019-03-08 01:02:55] sqirl: E michael jones interview -who is destroying our nation?
[2019-03-08 01:03:37] Cecil: i cant get it to load
[2019-03-08 01:05:51] Cecil: oh the other night when i saw the moon. it had no aura or ring around it, so i thought it wasnt going to rain yet for a while. i liked it when i can use nature to know these things. not the meteorologist.
[2019-03-08 01:06:18] Cecil: because it rained the next day
[2019-03-08 01:08:14] Cecil: without any icicles in the sky (the ring around the moon is icicles reflection off the world), that naturally cant happen. yet it rained still. i knew then that they geoengineered it.
[2019-03-08 01:09:31] Cecil: if the rings are far, it wont rain for a while vs if they are close to the moon that it will rain soon.
[2019-03-08 01:10:17] Cecil: rainfall is uncommon in california
[2019-03-08 01:10:40] StarFire: Cecil, did you see the report that says the moon is in our atmosphere now?
[2019-03-08 01:10:52] Cecil: well save for the northern part.
[2019-03-08 01:13:57] Cecil: the supermoon was close this year
[2019-03-08 01:14:02] Cecil: i didnt see
[2019-03-08 01:14:09] Cecil: i am interested though
[2019-03-08 01:14:56] Cecil: whats the web address?

[2019-03-08 01:17:13] Cecil: the moon and sun are always in our sky and it may be that the sun isnt as big as they say it is. this is what i think anyways. and that the moon landing was faked. no way a spaceship got in space without a pebble or boulder hitting it.
[2019-03-08 01:17:44] Cecil: when a asteroid hits the moon, the whole thing starts vibrating like a bell.
[2019-03-08 01:18:32] Cecil: i think the moon is hollow
[2019-03-08 01:19:56] StarFire:


[2019-03-08 01:20:08] StarFire: do youtube search for moon in our atmosphere
[2019-03-08 01:20:58] Cecil: when i think about the flat earth society. i think to myself ‘ if they are correct, then why has that so called fact been hidden from us’? then i think if so, that there is a underworld on the other side of the world. then i think that that would be
[2019-03-08 01:21:00] Cecil: a secret
[2019-03-08 01:21:13] StarFire: you would think that if they did go to moon then they would of noticed the moon in our atmosphere
[2019-03-08 01:21:22] Cecil: awesome thank you
[2019-03-08 01:21:34] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-08 01:21:52] Cecil: and saw floodgates
[2019-03-08 01:21:59] StarFire: unless the earth has grown and not atmosphere is farther out
[2019-03-08 01:22:16] StarFire: and now atmosphere is farther out
[2019-03-08 01:22:28] Cecil: o.o i never considered that possibility
[2019-03-08 01:23:04] Cecil: i can trust nasa. i can trust that they will be dishonest
[2019-03-08 01:23:06] StarFire: flat earth pe0ple say the sun is way less then the 93 million or billion miles away from us, i dont know
[2019-03-08 01:23:14] Cecil: trust that
[2019-03-08 01:23:24] Cecil: they will lie again
[2019-03-08 01:23:30] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-08 01:23:35] Cecil: i wonder the same
[2019-03-08 01:23:48] StarFire: haha ok nite all
[2019-03-08 01:23:54] StarFire: have a good un
[2019-03-08 01:24:11] Cecil: look for illustrations from the book of enoch if god is ok with that.
[2019-03-08 01:24:14] Cecil: me too
[2019-03-08 01:24:23] Cecil: until next time
[2019-03-08 01:24:36] Cecil: pleasant dreams



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