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“The Remedy” 2019-03-12 by Tony Pantalleresco

The Remedy - Chemtrails - Nanotechnology - Vaccines - C60 - Be Drug Free Remedy

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-12):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 12th, 2019, click the video above.

Bryan 396


More info in the podcast. Following are only some notes of what is mentioned in the podcast.

Being overloaded with so many different approaches
Deceptions are going to be more difficult to see what is going on
The marketing game is going to increase and the manuevering of people to be lied to
Being challenged is going to be inevitable by the lunatics and loons
Distinguishing from past and present and the real and surreal
Airplane supposed pilot–mocking the person with ancient airplanes that needed a manual crank to get started

Investigate don’t follow the trends
Vegan follow trends not reality and none investigate the anti nutrient aspect of the diet
I even heard from some one that Jesus is already here haha stupidity is in abundance

Nanotube genetic engineering

With nanotubes, genetic engineering in plants is easy-peasy
With nanotubes, genetic engineering in plants is easy-peasy.png

Cheri at 3 church carbon c 60

They Ramp up the game
Korea working on a 6:1 vaccine combo–Trump pro vaccine showing who is running the top
Bill Gate endorcing 6:1 vaccine cocktail
LG Chem Lands Bill Gates Grant for 6-in-1 Vaccine Development
LG Chem Lands Bill Gates Grant for 6-in-1 Vaccine Development.png

Views on NANO coming out of the body
Nano Extraction Sample Folder
Nano Extraction Sample Folder.png


What the elite are eating

Nano Dust part 2 *It’s inside all of us

Wolfman of Montreal and his discoveries on nano

How to brain wash a nation and you can see how the destruction of north america happened and you can see how they did are now they are doing now as well in marketing to sell nonsense.

The game
Kids hooked on cell phone down loading programs from the phones
Do not just blindly take a script from a doctor with out first asking for an ingredient list and the safety

Esoteric agenda

Worth your time! Esoteric Agenda – FULL LENGTH MOVIE –

Exosomes: The next generation of endogenous nanomaterials for advanced drug delivery and therapy

Catalysts from synthetic genetic polymers
Catalysts from synthetic genetic polymers.png


How to become Drug FREE Remedy

How to detox using Sodium Thoisulphate (STS)

TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,
More links in the chat.


[2019-03-12 23:00:01] Jude: Hey everyone!!
[2019-03-12 23:00:21] sheila brown: Hi all, has Tony said anything about invisaline braces?
[2019-03-12 23:00:26] SantaClaws: Hey all!
[2019-03-12 23:00:54] Jude: Not sure about Invisalign
[2019-03-12 23:01:08] independz: Cheri at 3 church carbon c 60

[2019-03-12 23:01:12] Shannon: Hi everyone

[2019-03-12 23:01:40] Jude: Hey Shannon[2019-03-12 23:01:51] Billy29: Hi everybody[2019-03-12 23:02:11] Jude: Does anyone add Tony’s copper solution to laundry?[2019-03-12 23:02:30] Monkey_Breath: Hello![2019-03-12 23:02:38] Jude: I was thinking about using it on my gym clothes since it’s an anti fungal[2019-03-12 23:03:03] Shannon: Hi Jude! Hi MB! Hi Tony![2019-03-12 23:03:19] independz:… Bill Gate endorcing 6:1 vaccine cocktail… views on NANO coming out of the body w[2019-03-12 23:03:27] Rick Bonner: I’m an angree psy-en-tisk, tisk tisk….

[2019-03-12 23:03:41] independz: wolfman of Montreal and his discoveries on nano how to brain wash a nation
[2019-03-12 23:03:43] Jude: How about the nasa 5 g plane?
[2019-03-12 23:03:52] Rick Bonner: 😅
[2019-03-12 23:04:03] independz: multi layer data
 esoteric agenda
[2019-03-12 23:04:27]
[2019-03-12 23:05:51] joy: troll pilot?
[2019-03-12 23:06:27] Rick Bonner: We only have TWO ‘troubles’: beLIeving things that aren’t so…, and NOT believing things that ARE so.
[2019-03-12 23:06:46] joy: haha!
[2019-03-12 23:07:53] gia: hi 💕 its our 2 year ANNIVERSARY since i found you Tony,
[2019-03-12 23:08:20] SantaClaws: LOL
[2019-03-12 23:08:20] Rick Bonner: Ooooh…., I’m onna miss the Starman if he doesn’t show up.
[2019-03-12 23:09:01] gia: 😍😍😍😍
[2019-03-12 23:09:14] joy: yeaaay Gia!
[2019-03-12 23:09:48] gia: hi miss joy love
[2019-03-12 23:10:24] joy: hi there darlin, so nice to see you!
[2019-03-12 23:10:35] Monkey_Breath: Trump ran on not being pro vaccine
[2019-03-12 23:11:29] Rick Bonner: It just goes to show ya, Gia; Tony’s not one o’ those fly-by-nighters. He’s not only jes’ a fell what knows a (whole) lotta stuff; he’s faithfull, too. (You picked a good one to celebrate an anniversery with.)
[2019-03-12 23:12:36] Peter: you tube yuri bezmenov
[2019-03-12 23:12:53] Cecil: 0 side effects
[2019-03-12 23:13:25] SantaClaws: Ask the doctor to explain every ingredient in a vaccine. They can’t
[2019-03-12 23:14:08] Monkey_Breath: This is why I don’t go to any Drs.
[2019-03-12 23:14:17] gia: yes rick¡ i am so grateful
[2019-03-12 23:14:30] Rick Bonner: Government IS slavery, Monk, so I’m not surprised that that rascal flippity-flopped. The MENDACITY, Burl Ives! Lie like lucy-fairy-ans, they do, Big Daddy; like cats on a hot tin roof….
[2019-03-12 23:15:17] Rick Bonner: Petey! How to dis-assemble a country, KGB style….
[2019-03-12 23:17:00] StarFire: im late
[2019-03-12 23:17:21] Cecil: why should we take in any negative thing, it should be illegal
[2019-03-12 23:17:29] StarFire: haha hey ricki
[2019-03-12 23:17:32] Cecil: i just got here. hi star
[2019-03-12 23:17:53] Peter: 1983 interview ,uses phrases like social justice and gay and gender rights ,36 years ago . very telling
[2019-03-12 23:17:57] StarFire: hi cecil
[2019-03-12 23:17:58] Rick Bonner: Imagine what would happen to the snakes, liars and thieves if we ALL stood up and said NO to ANY o’ their horseshit!
[2019-03-12 23:18:19] nancy: SEARCH
[2019-03-12 23:18:40] Rick Bonner: Starman! I were wurried there fer a minute! Welcome, Brother!
[2019-03-12 23:18:46] Cecil: their skins would fly off
[2019-03-12 23:18:58] StarFire: thanki Rick
[2019-03-12 23:19:09] Monkey_Breath: Rick, people think the brain washing gov is looking out for their well being
[2019-03-12 23:19:48] Rick Bonner: Like…. by legalising pot in Canada…..
[2019-03-12 23:20:25] StarFire: yep, i was wondering about the shungite
[2019-03-12 23:20:30] Cecil: having enternet provider remove 5g. idc if i lose beamwidth
[2019-03-12 23:20:52] gia: TONY what do u think of P’deArco
[2019-03-12 23:21:49] StarFire: Isnt Padearco turn into hydrogen peroxide in the body.. like taking hydrogen peroxide.. i thought it was a good thing?
[2019-03-12 23:22:04] Peter: you are the resource
[2019-03-12 23:22:09] Monkey_Breath: how did you go about removing 5G through your internet provider Ceil?
[2019-03-12 23:22:16] sqirl: Gia, i took padarco with my hep A liver damage ( I drank the water in mexico) Milk thistle and burdock are very good too
[2019-03-12 23:22:23] SantaClaws: Tony, is shilajit any good?
[2019-03-12 23:22:27] Rick Bonner: I know another way to get ’em to shed their skins, Cecil; thump them like they was baby seals! (Don’ get me wrong; I love baby seals and would NEVER to anything to one except give him a can o’ Fukishima-free sardines.) Seals never lied, stole from, or tr
[2019-03-12 23:22:37] Cecil: i have cats claw
[2019-03-12 23:22:40] Rick Bonner: Tried to poison me.
[2019-03-12 23:22:41] Cecil: echinacea?
[2019-03-12 23:23:21] Cecil: i love animals too
[2019-03-12 23:23:33] gia: tea is good
[2019-03-12 23:23:42] Cecil: pau d’arco, cats claw and echinacea maybe
[2019-03-12 23:23:55] Cecil: or selenium
[2019-03-12 23:23:59] StarFire: cool cecil
[2019-03-12 23:24:02] Cecil: o well
[2019-03-12 23:24:22] Cecil: sounds great star
[2019-03-12 23:24:23] StarFire: But i want a magic pill lol
[2019-03-12 23:24:37] Cecil: honestly as long as its not too highh
[2019-03-12 23:24:42] Rick Bonner: Pau de Arco tea’s been reccomendec for skin problems. As well as the lotion, I’ve been told.
[2019-03-12 23:25:29] Cecil: dont push yourself too hard. thanks for telling me of the epic browser
[2019-03-12 23:25:46] Cecil: i want to buy a 8oz bottle
[2019-03-12 23:26:07] Rick Bonner: Oooooh! You want the majik pill!?! Turn around, go left passed those two doors, open the front door…, and GET THE HELL OUT o’ here!
[2019-03-12 23:26:23] StarFire: haha
[2019-03-12 23:26:55] Cecil: cats claw and royal jelly or gnseng was compatible
[2019-03-12 23:27:21] Rick Bonner: Good sense o’ humor here, Starman; does a body good, like a medicine.
[2019-03-12 23:27:41] Cecil: i had raw milk for the first time
[2019-03-12 23:27:58] StarFire: Is aloe Vera juice any good now?
[2019-03-12 23:28:33] Rick Bonner: My….. how the time do fly!
[2019-03-12 23:33:02] nancy: hi
[2019-03-12 23:33:15] Cecil: hi nancy.
[2019-03-12 23:33:36] nancy: hi
[2019-03-12 23:34:05] nancy: great sunshine today
[2019-03-12 23:34:25] nancy: here philly
[2019-03-12 23:34:28] Cecil: im listening. it makes me angry
[2019-03-12 23:34:42] StarFire: Wonder what we would be like if we didnt have all these vaccines in us ever!!
[2019-03-12 23:35:23] Cecil: trying to unalter
[2019-03-12 23:36:24] Peter: and social experiments
[2019-03-12 23:36:28] joy: SF methinks we’d have our inner tech developed: psychic abilities, etc
[2019-03-12 23:36:47] StarFire: yep joy
[2019-03-12 23:36:54] Cecil: ‘thinks of the option of obtaining a conservatory’
[2019-03-12 23:37:16] Cecil: sugar did it
[2019-03-12 23:38:41] Cecil: i havent grown my own food yet. im not prepared. i only have materials
[2019-03-12 23:39:39] nancy: me too Cecil
[2019-03-12 23:39:53] Peter: they love us
[2019-03-12 23:40:01] nancy: its been cold
[2019-03-12 23:40:41] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-12 23:40:43] independz: exosome
[2019-03-12 23:41:39] StarFire: wow
[2019-03-12 23:41:52] Cecil: how is this not illegal
[2019-03-12 23:41:55] nancy: drug free
[2019-03-12 23:42:02] StarFire: Do you take GABA on empty stomach?
[2019-03-12 23:42:02] Rick Bonner: Hey Nancy! You’re another Pennsyltuckian like me, but you’re on the RIGHT side of the key-stone state.
[2019-03-12 23:42:31] Cecil: oh we cant do anything about it. yet
[2019-03-12 23:42:31] gia: WILL THAT WORK FOR NICOTINE TOO
[2019-03-12 23:43:05] Rick Bonner: Cecil. Are you gonna do some gardening this springtime? Even lil’ wee potted plants, on your covered balcony?
[2019-03-12 23:43:09] StarFire: good to know
[2019-03-12 23:43:16] nancy: ohh i dwell in the city lol
[2019-03-12 23:43:27] Cecil: so i think: h202 edta on empty stomach
[2019-03-12 23:43:36] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-12 23:44:02] Cecil: definitely rick. yes tony
[2019-03-12 23:44:12] Rick Bonner: Those hanging basket type planters…, with a lot of lil’ ‘pockets’ for plants to poke outta …..
[2019-03-12 23:44:26] Cecil: foothills california here
[2019-03-12 23:45:07] StarFire: i like my drugs clean aahahahaha
[2019-03-12 23:45:16] nancy: 400 for that aquatic planter
[2019-03-12 23:45:34] Cecil: yes like spider pllants out in the front yard maybe and some inside to conserve space.
[2019-03-12 23:45:39] nancy: with all the pockets
[2019-03-12 23:46:05] StarFire: i have some spider plants inside, cause i heard they clean the air
[2019-03-12 23:46:42] nancy: and aloe in the bathroom
[2019-03-12 23:47:12] sheila brown: can you wash your hair in the bath solution?
[2019-03-12 23:47:28] Cecil: tony should i use a h202 and baking soda bath too? or just stick to the salt bath? should i use a copper along with oil? f the hell ok
[2019-03-12 23:48:22] Cecil: salt to get oils out
[2019-03-12 23:48:32] Cecil: protection from themselves
[2019-03-12 23:49:36] Rick Bonner: Now you’re talking Tony…. I’d LOVE to transplant some o’ those mary-do-ya-wanna seeds from out Cecil’s way in Calleefernia out here to The Burgh.
[2019-03-12 23:50:11] Cecil: yes tony
[2019-03-12 23:50:16] knapstersky: lol
[2019-03-12 23:50:43] knapstersky: ha ha Rick
[2019-03-12 23:50:51] Cecil: rosemary essential oil. ok too much skin aging. will use caution not to oxidize myself. ok just salts
[2019-03-12 23:51:09] Cecil: thank you very much
[2019-03-12 23:52:46] Cecil: i will grow indoors
[2019-03-12 23:53:05] independz:
 [2019-03-12 23:53:18] robberts: is a ct scann a direct assult
[2019-03-12 23:55:33] Cecil: let them be them
[2019-03-12 23:56:22] nancy: husband sick gotta go
[2019-03-12 23:56:44] StarFire: fix em nancy
[2019-03-12 23:57:02] Cecil: courage and faith has served thee well
[2019-03-12 23:57:06] nancy: 990000 vitamins
[2019-03-12 23:57:30] StarFire: thanks tony and everyone
[2019-03-12 23:57:36] joy: Thank you so much Tony and everyone!
[2019-03-12 23:57:43] knapstersky: very large aquaponics facility about 35 minutes from me. they use salman for the fish.
[2019-03-12 23:57:51] knapstersky: thanks Tony.
[2019-03-12 23:57:54] Shannon: Thank you Tony and all!
[2019-03-12 23:58:05] Monkey_Breath: Thank you so much Tony and everyone.
[2019-03-12 23:58:07] sheila brown: ty tony
[2019-03-12 23:58:14] nancy: by by guys and dolls
[2019-03-12 23:58:15] StarFire: cool knap
[2019-03-12 23:58:22] Rick Bonner: Take CARE, Everybody!
[2019-03-12 23:58:30] Billy29: Thank tony everybody
[2019-03-12 23:58:42] sqirl: Thank you Tony!!!
[2019-03-12 23:59:20] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-03-12 23:59:53] joy: wow knap, thanks!
[2019-03-13 00:00:26] sqirl: oh boy i just identifieda mycelium mound in some woods around an old growth stump. Coral mushroom – I want to try to catch it in a box and grow em indoors
[2019-03-13 00:01:01] sqirl: food for thought – take care all
[2019-03-13 00:01:04] StarFire: yes, cool sqirl
[2019-03-13 00:02:04] Cecil: i appreciate you friends. bless our sincere efforts.
[2019-03-13 00:02:37] sheila brown: Joy – do you soak your hair in the bath solution?
[2019-03-13 00:05:17] StarFire: same to ya cecil
[2019-03-13 00:05:56] Cecil: bye for now everyone. sqirl that is so awesome. i’d love to see.
[2019-03-13 00:07:59] joy: hi Sheila, it must be someone else in the chat treating their hair. I just use borax for shampoo. long ago hulda Clark recommended using a rinse of citric acid water after bathing and shampooing with borax. I no longer bother with it.
[2019-03-13 00:08:21] Cecil: try not to fry more than twice a year
[2019-03-13 00:08:44] Cecil: trisodium phosphate ?
[2019-03-13 00:09:30] Cecil: vinegar and coconut oil natural detangler. dont know if its safe
[2019-03-13 00:10:11] Cecil: the trisalt triphosph may be way too strong though idk if its safe
[2019-03-13 00:10:11] joy: wow swirl, how exciting, hope you’ll keep us updated!
[2019-03-13 00:11:34] joy: oops, sqirl, so sorry! weird, my computer keeps changing the spelling.
[2019-03-13 00:15:43] Cecil: but i use the detangler
[2019-03-13 00:19:09] Cecil: hope he gets better soon nancy
[2019-03-13 00:21:16] Cecil: ok. saved the links. tobacco patience maintains focus




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