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“The Remedy” 2019-03-14 by Tony Pantalleresco

The Remedy - Vaccinations - C60 - Shungite - No Freedom of Choice - Food Supply -Frequences

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-14):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 14th, 2019, click the video above.

Bryan 396

Removing vaccination information off a FB and they do not want anyone to know any info on anything in regard to vaccines

And there is a doctor lobby to take your right to information on this matter

Key doctors group presses tech to crack down on anti-vaccine misinformation
Key doctors group presses tech to crack down on anti-vaccine misinformation (1).jpg

as well they want you to remove any all info on cancer to a pharma drug from israel–supposed a solution and so you are going to be limited to information

No democracy you have what ever is allowed access

So that it can be utilized to be sabotaging everyone

War on mankind

Giving misinformation from unreliable sources
Choice are already limited and regulated and already made for you
So what you are getting is a limited access
Doctors lobbying against you and your choices taking away options for you to decide and they are making the decisions for you
Enchanting people with media and enthralling and casting a spell with the drugs and there pharmacopia
So manipulation with enchantments and sorcery turning your mind into there collective
New age movement is all about this

Looking at the drugs poor spells and see what is in there and looking at the impact of what you are taking – See the excipients

C-60 be aware the deceptions and enchantments on this and what it actually does
Going back to times where people believed in there authorities and were lead to slaughter
Health food industry is a con and is taken over by pharma
Cancer causing by nano poisoning and secondary effects
Primary effect disengage DNA mitochondria and genetic code making you more susceptible to being enchanted with death

Nano Extraction Sample Folder
Nano Extraction Sample Folder.png

Fullerene C60


Nanotube genetic engineering

With nanotubes, genetic engineering in plants is easy-peasy
With nanotubes, genetic engineering in plants is easy-peasy.png

Copper at the Fungal PAthogen-Host Axis
Copper at the Fungal PAthogen-Host Axis.png

Analytical characterisation of the terahertz in-vivo nano-network in the presence of interference based on TS-OOK communication scheme
Analytical Characterisation of the THz in-vivo nano-network.jpg

Gene-edited food quietly arrives in restaurant cooking oil
Gene-edited food quietly arrives in restaurant cooking oil.jpg


Nanofutures News

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves & Microwaves)
Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves & Microwaves).jpg

TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-03-14 23:00:46] StarFire: hi
[2019-03-14 23:01:03] Yannis: Hi everyone
[2019-03-14 23:01:56] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-03-14 23:02:24] StarFire: hihihi tony is invisible
[2019-03-14 23:02:42] StarFire: there he is
[2019-03-14 23:02:54] sqirl: Hi team, mushroom of the weekis…
[2019-03-14 23:03:02] StarFire: my phone is ringing now too
[2019-03-14 23:03:05] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone
[2019-03-14 23:03:33] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:03:56] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:04:28] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:04:52] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:05:26] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:05:47] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:06:02] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:06:21] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:06:40] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:07:03] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:07:43] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:08:43] Jude: Hey everyone!
[2019-03-14 23:08:48] StarFire: We have no rights, just wrongs
[2019-03-14 23:08:53] StarFire: hi jude
[2019-03-14 23:09:00] Peter: pay the taxes in court
[2019-03-14 23:10:04] joy: judges get kick backs
[2019-03-14 23:10:54] sqirl: Jim Lee’s “playing god with geoengineering”

[2019-03-14 23:11:20] Jude: Does anyone cap their own supplements?
[2019-03-14 23:12:34] StarFire: AAAhhh thanks tony.. i been wondering about the Shulgite stiff
[2019-03-14 23:12:38] Peter: i do
[2019-03-14 23:12:56] StarFire: I cap all the time jude yes
[2019-03-14 23:13:09] StarFire: stiff = stuff
[2019-03-14 23:13:31] Jude: I just bought a machine on amazon
[2019-03-14 23:13:45] Jude: How long do they last once capped?
[2019-03-14 23:13:59] StarFire: cool jude… you buy the 100 caps at a time
[2019-03-14 23:14:17] Jude: And are the Tyvek silica packets safe to us to keep moisture out?
[2019-03-14 23:14:23] StarFire: I would imagine just like when you buy cap pills.. a year or more i think
[2019-03-14 23:14:29] sqirl: they believed the earth was flat too- check out some history of Ireland -20 minutes in -it’s the dumb down agenda
[2019-03-14 23:14:31] Jude: Yeah I bout the 100 cap
[2019-03-14 23:15:54] StarFire: Sqirl. there is evidence long ago they knew the world was round…. Someone did a history look up on flat or round earth idea
[2019-03-14 23:16:44] StarFire: Jude, im not sure about the silica.. But i was thinking on other ways to do the moisture control…
[2019-03-14 23:16:52] Jude: Isn’t there a map from the 1500’s that shows Antarctica without ice on it?
[2019-03-14 23:17:02] Peter: my nano is fortified by pico
[2019-03-14 23:17:13] StarFire: yes jude about the 1500 map
[2019-03-14 23:17:13] Jude: What other ways are there star?
[2019-03-14 23:17:22] StarFire: hahahaha peter
[2019-03-14 23:17:57] StarFire: Jude… i know that calcium chloride will absorb moisture… but have not tried it yet
[2019-03-14 23:18:20] StarFire: Jude, ive not had any problems with moisture on my caps…
[2019-03-14 23:19:22] nancy: *biker1*
[2019-03-14 23:19:27] Jude: I just purchased horse chestnut extract and read a review that it absorbs moisture
[2019-03-14 23:20:20] StarFire: Jude, now we need somehow to put the moisture absorb in something to hold it
[2019-03-14 23:20:51] StarFire: They use to put rice in salt to absorb the moisture too
[2019-03-14 23:21:01] Jude: The silica is in tyvek packets
[2019-03-14 23:21:26] Jude: I know silica is bad, but figured it’s not too bad if it’s not in direct contact
[2019-03-14 23:21:35] Jude: I’m probably won’t in that though lol
[2019-03-14 23:21:59] Jude: Wrong not won’t
[2019-03-14 23:22:21] Rick Bonner: Mebbe the ol’ rice kernels in the salt shaker trick…. the humidity would rather git whit the rice than gumm up the caps.
[2019-03-14 23:23:01] Jude: Good idea Rick!
[2019-03-14 23:23:32] Rick Bonner: Oh! Sorry, Star; I wadn’t payin’ no ‘tension.
[2019-03-14 23:24:28] StarFire: hi Rick
[2019-03-14 23:24:54] Rick Bonner: Hey-aaaaay! 😅
[2019-03-14 23:26:22] Rick Bonner: Like Mikey Jackson used to say: “It ain’ nobuddy’s bidness; jes’ mine an’ me Babies!”
[2019-03-14 23:26:57] StarFire: Remember when Tony told us Humans is a bad word… i found this….. Yahoos are legendary beings in the 1726 satirical novel Gulliver’s Travels written by Jonathan Swift. So he called man Yahoos… So think of the website yahoo…..
[2019-03-14 23:28:09] Rick Bonner: I’m in the habit of telling people – who want my address when I buy something for example – “That’s PRIVATE. I like to keep private stuff private. (They can tell right away, I’m some kinda nut.)
[2019-03-14 23:28:22] nancy: GOD is LARGE and IN-CHARGE !!!
[2019-03-14 23:29:26] StarFire: So yahoo is a slang for man
[2019-03-14 23:29:42] Rick Bonner: Verrrrrry inte-vesting, Star, but gargantuan!
[2019-03-14 23:30:02] nancy: anu prepper camps up b you Rick Bonner
[2019-03-14 23:30:30] Peter: freedom- free to liberate ,to rid of something verb, dom statute or judgment figure it out
[2019-03-14 23:30:32] nancy: star thats right hes a yahoo
[2019-03-14 23:30:38] StarFire: Radio shack would always ask everyone for their number and address… i would never tell them
[2019-03-14 23:30:50] Rick Bonner: Ain’ no Joy Camp kin hol’ me Nance!
[2019-03-14 23:31:08] Rick Bonner: Slither right outta there, I will!
[2019-03-14 23:31:17] StarFire: Harbor freight here always as for phone and address i wont tell them either
[2019-03-14 23:31:25] nancy: lol
[2019-03-14 23:33:00] nancy: Mr Toni so candid
[2019-03-14 23:34:03] nancy: lol
[2019-03-14 23:34:09] Rick Bonner: Or you can ‘pull’ this, if you’ve got something against lying like a dog: “The address? The address is blah blah blah….” ( that IS the adreess, it’s just not YOURS.)
[2019-03-14 23:34:11] StarFire: i want to be a herbalist
[2019-03-14 23:34:37] StarFire: haha yeah Rick
[2019-03-14 23:34:37] robberts: all the ones i deal
[2019-03-14 23:35:13] StarFire: Im seeing lots of X-Vegans now on youtube telling you how they messed up for being a Vegan
[2019-03-14 23:35:29] Monkey_Breath: So, going for regular blood tests means we are giving up our DNa
[2019-03-14 23:35:29] sqirl: and not an emotional wreck
[2019-03-14 23:35:45] nancy: an y body shop at
[2019-03-14 23:35:51] sqirl: Is when I’m alright
[2019-03-14 23:36:23] sheila brown: in the US they take a blood sample at birth
[2019-03-14 23:36:29] nancy: lol
[2019-03-14 23:36:31] Yannis: Right Tony, well said: To be healthy now days, you need to be informed!
[2019-03-14 23:36:46] sqirl: Pure bulk retinol palmitate has starch and dextrose in it
[2019-03-14 23:36:54] StarFire: thanks for link nancy i will check it out
[2019-03-14 23:37:15] Monkey_Breath: True Sheila
[2019-03-14 23:37:20] nancy: welcome
[2019-03-14 23:37:29] StarFire: Sqirl, i found pure retinol palmitate on ebay… from some aussie guy
[2019-03-14 23:38:03] StarFire: The Bannana diet
[2019-03-14 23:38:12] Rick Bonner: Ever since I were a lil’ chai’l…, I wanted to be a (hill-billy) Acvountant, Star. (Dig this movie about skullduggery and scumbaggery, and no, it’s Not the Ben Afflek movie)
[2019-03-14 23:39:02] StarFire: The bannana girl is now almost dead looking
[2019-03-14 23:39:36] StarFire: Is that the whole movie Rick?
[2019-03-14 23:40:07] Rick Bonner: They sock away your placenta, too, Sheila.
[2019-03-14 23:40:43] sheila brown: one website said any surgery you have they keep what is removed such as tonsils
[2019-03-14 23:41:06] StarFire: They have my tonsils sheila
[2019-03-14 23:41:34] sheila brown: hummm I still have mine
[2019-03-14 23:41:42] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:41:46] Rick Bonner: Only 38 minutes, plus er minus four an’ an arf’ percent….. how they steal the farm, from the mutilated farmers…. it’s both a comedy AND a ‘tragedy’.
[2019-03-14 23:42:09] joy: good luck trying to keep what they removed, don’t think they will release it
[2019-03-14 23:42:28] sheila brown: my son came home from college and said he learned all bananas are clones
[2019-03-14 23:43:54] Monkey_Breath: There is a law stating the patient can not keep anything taken surgically from the body…
[2019-03-14 23:43:58] Rick Bonner: I heard an interesting medical theory, Methusala, where our appendixes used to draw something from our livers, and re’inserted that ‘stuff’ into our digestive system so we lived longer, once upon a time. Sounds kind fishy, but I do NOT know…
[2019-03-14 23:44:18] robberts: bucket allseeds ?
[2019-03-14 23:44:43] nancy: send me some
[2019-03-14 23:45:00] Rick Bonner: Heirloom mary-do-ya-wannna… good stuff.
[2019-03-14 23:45:34] StarFire: how do you store seeds to keep for 40 years?
[2019-03-14 23:45:42] nancy: i cant do this it is dinner time for us :angry:
[2019-03-14 23:46:01] StarFire: ok nancy
[2019-03-14 23:46:16] nancy: panama red plz
[2019-03-14 23:46:33] Rick Bonner: True, Sheila, all hybrids. (Ever try any o’ them lil’ wee nannas? Or plantains? Thick, tough skins to keep the grunchers out, too.)
[2019-03-14 23:47:22] Rick Bonner: Very cool, and very dry, Star, like at the bottom of a pyramid, Cheops.
[2019-03-14 23:47:36] sqirl: venesuela power out were cyber attacks-hysteria for charging cell phones
[2019-03-14 23:48:00] StarFire: yeah Rick
[2019-03-14 23:48:10] sqirl: Chicago and minnesota go big time live 5g april 11
[2019-03-14 23:48:13] Rick Bonner: Maui woww-ee, and Meztelmichuan, even,
[2019-03-14 23:49:13] Rick Bonner: I can NEVER say that right, after having smoked a lid of it.
[2019-03-14 23:49:15] nancy: poor venesuela so sad such confusion
[2019-03-14 23:49:24] StarFire: i like to cap baking soda pills
[2019-03-14 23:49:49] sheila brown: if the frequencies dehydrate us – can this process be what is making people heavier?
[2019-03-14 23:49:50] StarFire: i call baking soda pills, burp pills hahaha
[2019-03-14 23:50:01] robberts: lead sheets 2’x4′ 1/64 thick costs 65.00 cad expensive.. try alum foil
[2019-03-14 23:50:03] nancy: lol haha
[2019-03-14 23:51:01] Rick Bonner: And it will get worse down there, way worse, I’m afraid. Sad, because Venezuela, like America, was once fabulously rich in land, people and resources.
[2019-03-14 23:51:52] StarFire: Tony, how do you level your blood sugar.. i know you told us… A1C is high in some people
[2019-03-14 23:51:56] joy: thanks robberts!
[2019-03-14 23:52:43] StarFire: Thanks Tony
[2019-03-14 23:53:15] Rick Bonner: The Romans liked their lead cups, it sorta ‘sweetened’ their wine. You really DO have to be careful with raw lead….
[2019-03-14 23:53:46] independz:
[2019-03-14 23:54:28] StarFire: Rick, lead glass , lots of lead glass to hold wine
[2019-03-14 23:54:28] robberts: joy that means its very expesive to wrap a whole room app= thousands
[2019-03-14 23:55:10] sqirl: rv junkyards for aluminum
[2019-03-14 23:55:41] StarFire: Tony, the Thunderbolt project talks about healing with electricity…… is that worth looking at?
[2019-03-14 23:56:03] robberts: liquid lead sold in auzzi costs 400.00 @ 5 gal how to apply not sure
[2019-03-14 23:56:34] Rick Bonner: Godly sorrow worketh repentance, Tony.
[2019-03-14 23:57:02] StarFire: hahah
[2019-03-14 23:57:04] Monkey_Breath: Tony mentioned getting lead powder from a golfing center
[2019-03-14 23:57:18] joy: robberts, yes all crazy expensive
[2019-03-14 23:57:56] Monkey_Breath: better with lead than dead
[2019-03-14 23:58:38] StarFire: Thanks Tony and everyone.. great show
[2019-03-14 23:58:41] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-03-14 23:58:41] Monkey_Breath: thanks again Tony!
[2019-03-14 23:58:51] Billy29: Thanks Tony another great show
[2019-03-14 23:58:59] Yannis: thank you Tony!
[2019-03-14 23:59:11] robberts: lead is better for sure
[2019-03-14 23:59:31] Rick Bonner: The best crystal for whiskey decanters for example, are not lead-crystal.
[2019-03-14 23:59:35] independz: Thanks for tuning in
[2019-03-15 00:00:05] joy: Thank you so much Tony!
[2019-03-15 00:00:57] StarFire: my brandy i buy is in nice glass bottles.. i dont think they are lead.. i like em and re-use them
[2019-03-15 00:01:59] independz: so does pain Rick
[2019-03-15 00:02:10] independz: Pain will get anyone to repent hahaa
[2019-03-15 00:02:24] Rick Bonner: Mine comes in a Mason jar! They’re STILL cheaper by the dozen! Git it?! Still cheaper! 😅
[2019-03-15 00:02:39] Bill_Palmer:
[2019-03-15 00:02:59] StarFire: haha rick
[2019-03-15 00:03:55] Rick Bonner: I’m sure, Tony, that’s why and how The Lord configured my vagus nerve as he did: it causes tremendous pain when squoze, but no lasting damage!
[2019-03-15 00:04:46] Rick Bonner: A great ‘attitude adjuster’ me Mumm found it to be!
[2019-03-15 00:06:41] StarFire: tony, is Berberine as good for sugar as Alcar and Alpha lipoic? just read some studys on berberine
[2019-03-15 00:06:59] Rick Bonner: My wives were partial to ten inch cast iron skillets, and they’ve left their ‘mark’. There’s nobudy like me Mummy!
[2019-03-15 00:09:00] independz: elder flower
[2019-03-15 00:09:03] independz: works
[2019-03-15 00:09:10] independz: not sure about the berbeine
[2019-03-15 00:09:30] nancy: thank you everone thank you Mr TONI
[2019-03-15 00:10:42] StarFire: The studys said Berberine was like doing Met Forman
[2019-03-15 00:10:50] independz: thanks or tuning in
[2019-03-15 00:11:14] Rick Bonner: Tony, you’re The Godfather of healthy living in a messed up, shook up, jumbled up whorl”!
[2019-03-15 00:12:20] Rick Bonner: Many o’ us, God-Fadduh, comes to you FIRST when we gots a ‘problem’.
[2019-03-15 00:13:20] nancy: *battle2*
[2019-03-15 00:14:03] nancy: LOL LOVE THESE EMOJ
[2019-03-15 00:14:24] Rick Bonner: Sometimes, Nancy, a lead injection is THE remedy… never fails to deliver.
[2019-03-15 00:15:09] nancy: THATS right way rick God Faddah
[2019-03-15 00:15:49] nancy: hymachromatosis got it
[2019-03-15 00:16:21] Rick Bonner: As in ‘the scientific method’, it can be successfully repeated over and over again, with the same theoretical results.
[2019-03-15 00:17:09] nancy: lol
[2019-03-15 00:18:05] nancy: so let it be written
[2019-03-15 00:18:59] Rick Bonner: That’s right, Tony; you make offers to improve health, that even knuckleheads canna refuse! *ACUTE*
[2019-03-15 00:19:39] Rick Bonner: Take Care, everybody!
[2019-03-15 00:22:08] nancy: watch out for those iron pans rick lol
[2019-03-15 00:41:52] StarFire: nite
[2019-03-15 01:14:09] nancy: ‹@Bill_Palmer› so so many big words on that shepherds heart
[2019-03-15 01:24:16] nancy: *WALL*
[2019-03-15 01:24:39] nancy: bye
[2019-03-15 12:01:00] Rick Bonner: The dawn is dawning… night’s broke.
[2019-03-15 12:01:28] Rick Bonner: Good day!


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