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“The Remedy” 2019-03-19 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" Vaccines - Frequencies - Nano - AI - Solutions & Transgender Japanise law

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-19):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 19th, 2019, click the video above.


NZ showing on the map how they are being prototype and the common wealth is being peeled apart

American public is being screwed and the check and balance was removed from American people.

Yanni’s interview with me.
Two shows were released these last few day: one an interview and a YOUTUBE video we did on silica and people re examining this as a health and the interview and the multi subjects

"Talking About Silica" Video in Tony's youtube channel

Talking with Tony Pantalleresco about silica, frequencies, artificial intelligence & many more...!

An info that was not included in the notes of the podcast:
Detox Silica, either with disodium EDTA or with sodium benzoate. When using disodium EDTA, make sure to increase your Magnesium and Potassium intake.

An extensive link on vaccines and do that validates the dangers of vaccines download every link and share this information with everyone they know and stop sacrificing your kids to Baal.

Vaccines Research 2019
Screenshot 2019-03-20 11.09.39.png


Why things are not changing and keep pushing vaccines and products that does not really improve the health?

The reason why nothing gets cured gov’ts are prostitute they will sell you out while the officials get bribed you get screwed–30-40 years ago the pharma had to be on the up and up and if they did not they got litigated

FDA medical Advicer: ‘Congress is owned by pharma’
Screenshot 2019-03-20 10.50.26.png

The proposed solution today I thought of, would be pay out every victim 2 million–Bill Gates would be financially destituted under the that law if the vaccines actually

The attack on mankind

If vaccines were work and if I was afflicted then the vaccinated person would be protected but they (vaccines) don’t work!

  • So what are they actually putting into people??
    Are they putting AI programming?
  • Are they putting nano bot in the system?
  • Why they put these excipients & these metals in the vaccines?
  • Why are they using sheep’s blood, chicken’s blood, cow’s blood, monkey’s kidney material
  • Why are they putting aborted babies into the vaccines?

All these that are happening today, are assault to the mankind.

Australian calls, indicating the 5 g is already on–
there wiring would get so hot that the animals would also get burned


  • Turn the house into a fort
  • Painting your house with lead,
  • Grounding your house,
  • Make sure the insolation of the wires in the house are also isolated, and
  • Sealing your electrical wiring

This is global assault.

They start in AUZ and eventually will come to USA, Canada and through out Europe.

When blocking the frequencies, it must has the capacity to block the high & low frequencies. It (the protection method) shall include cooper and aluminum, in order to protect you from both high and low frequencies.
It has to be big enough to cover your body or your torso.

–OZ being hit and if you go out to a county or rural area make sure you test the environment you are panning to go to and do a walk about and check t make sure it is not worse where you are going

–find a house with a basement to offer many layers of shielding
–terrahertz and what it uses in you and what can increase the access in you

The minimum solution for discharging, put on the ground, step on an aluminum foil and step bare foot.


Screenshot 2019-03-20 10.46.47.png


Screenshot 2019-03-20 11.48.29.png


Handbook of Frequency Allocations and Spectrum Protection for
Scientific Uses: Second Edition
Screenshot 2019-03-20 11.34.38.png

Also, start thinking on what are you consuming as well, that makes these frequencies more potent.
That is why Tony says to leave the Carbon C-60 alone, the silicas alone, the hydrogen products alone.
Because when terahertz frequencies hit your cells, they separate the Hydrogen from the Oxygen in the cells and the Hydrogen then AMPLIFIES those frequencies further more, causing major damages to the Mitochondria.

That is why it is important to eat saturated fats and stop consuming Omega-3s.
Omega-3 breaks down the lipids. You need saturated fats which fortified the lipids and increase the isolation of the body.
You will need electrolytes regularly, because even when you are sleeping you have been hit with these frequencies and you dehydrated further more in your sleep.

You got to start thinking what is going on with our systems, how they have been assaulted, what they try to sell us in the health food industry & in the pharmaceutical industry, to make us take specific things, that these frequencies can actually amplified or actually have more distractive capacity in the cells, in the mitochondria, in the genetics, breaking down DNA, shutting down the immune system.

They can targeted with the frequencies and create tumors and different other things.

This is why it is imperative to understand how to shield and defend your self.

We must walking around with reflecting material, that can shield us from frequencies. At the same time, any of the solar heaters they firing down to us, they will be reflected right back.

When using the yellow glasses, and look the sun and the moon, their lights are green, not white. What this tells you?

TV showing & telling us about the artificial sun.

They are mocking us with the truth. They put it under your nose and you do not get it.

This is what they are doing today.
They are using technology to violate your DNA, they using technology to imprison you in your own body by putting a chip or implant inside you, so you can be connected to Artificial Intelligence. This is reality.

‘Google INSIDE your head’: Brain implants on way to revolutionise AI for humans

You will be able to follow the orders and instruction that are on the labels.

Older people who have been through the fires of life, will be able to connect and understand the difference of before and now.

The medical research is paid to do research, not find cures and solutions…

In health food industry as well, still there are products available that can be use and together with change of diet, solve problems.
So if a Herbalist can find the solutions, the allopathic medical system also can, but they do not want/ they are not allowed, to do it.

IF you know and can understand that the chemtrail will have to come down and will.
They will penetrate in your body, will accumulate until reaching saturation.
You can not wash them away.

If you understand that and you are not going to eat the foods that have the higher concentrations of this kind of invasion.

Peal everything, even the roots vegetables. The nutritional properties on the skin does not compensate the damage of the pollution and the nano pollution, (fallen from above, that exists on the skin and even further inside the fruit and veggies.

Tony recommends on fruits with high pectin content, like pear apple and citrus fruits, because they have pectin content below the surface allowing them to grab a lot of the nano particles that may permiate through. It will not stop everything but will reduce them.

Eat root vegetables. Consume more saturated fat.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 14.46.01.png



Screenshot 2019-03-20 11.46.59.png

Japan Says Transgender People Must Be Sterilized For Official Recognition

TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,
More links in the chat.

[22:57:15] Monkey_Breath: Hello Cecil and everyone
[22:58:06] Cecil: hi monkey
[22:58:16] StarFire: hi
[22:59:36] Shannon: hi all
[23:01:23] Fiona T: hi folks
[23:01:57] Billy29: Hi everybody
[23:03:00] sqirl: Hi team 73 and sunny hot in PNW- just tilled- usually can’t til May
[23:03:12] Cecil: hi
[23:04:53] StarFire: i mowed the lawn…….. and the lawn won
[23:06:07] independz: 

[23:06:27] independz:

[23:06:34] Cecil: lawn forcement lol. get it
[23:06:49] independz:
[23:07:05] independz:
[23:07:11] Yannis: hi Tony and everybody
[23:07:26] independz:
[23:08:06] Cecil: hi
[23:08:42] Yannis: Here is the link
[23:09:10] Yannis: a small correction based in Switzerland, not Sweden 🙂
[23:09:20] Yannis: the link of the video
[23:09:52] Yannis: the channel
[23:09:56] Cecil: i watched all the herbsand beads plusworks on youtube. thats how i found him
[23:10:06] independz:
[23:10:48] Cecil: sweet! thanks tony
[23:11:17] Cecil: alright then
[23:11:36] Yannis: Thanks Tony
[23:11:36] independz:
[23:12:50] sqirl: Throughout history , the number 1 cause of unnatural death is government.
[23:14:31] sqirl: I listened to dela B…..the guy that made vaxxxed- hashtag do the placebo test !!!! is the simple challenge
[23:15:11] sqirl: simple proof- hasn’t been done
[23:15:39] Cecil: someone told me that coconut oil was unhealthy. i said why? he, they said it has a lot of saturated fat. i said whats wrong with that? they said clogs arteries…
[23:16:32] Fiona T: lies Cecil
[23:16:59] joy: ‹@Cecil› ‹@independz
[23:17:11] Monkey_Breath: Wow! What a great link to these government documents on vaccinations.
[23:17:28] Cecil: yep
[23:17:34] sqirl: Cecil, it can goober up the liver- saponins help break down excess. Like sassafrass- I consume a lot of fats- I take the tea a couple times a week
[23:18:11] Fiona T: I agree, MB
[23:18:14] Cecil: i love sassafras
[23:19:09] Cecil: they think canola oil is healthy
[23:19:23] Cecil: we at least agreed on peanut oil
[23:19:42] joy: should be the same with forced smart meters & frequency emitters, and chemtrails, ect
[23:20:11] Cecil: i had mum use aluminum with a copper mesh last night as i had her watch grounding yourself video on youtube. she got rest last night with no trouble.
[23:20:32] Cecil: i got my smartmeter removed with the old analog one back
[23:21:04] Fiona T: good job!
[23:21:06] joy: how did you do that Cecil?
[23:22:09] Monkey_Breath: I opted out when the meters were being put on homes in my neighborhood. The electric company is still charging me extra because I kept the old meter.
[23:22:17] Cecil: called the power company
[23:22:23] Cecil: they charged us though
[23:22:47] Cecil: the high pitch humming frequency stopped
[23:22:51] sheila brown: there are fake analogs so be careful
[23:23:22] Cecil: how do i be careful
[23:23:43] joy: thanks Cecil!
[23:23:44] Cecil: tayon ring or whatever its called?
[23:24:04] Cecil: yw
[23:24:09] sheila brown: I listen to so much stuff do not remember where I hear it, people were reporting this
[23:24:22] Monkey_Breath: Tony, can you recommend a decent EMF reader that will measure 5 or 6G?
[23:26:42] sqirl: TONY , the FCC is auctioning off bandwidth to satellites for the race to %G- SAtellites in the stratosphere
[23:26:48] Cecil: yeah
[23:27:36] Cecil: a copper ring around your powerbox if analog will remove emf radiation from appliances like dryer
[23:27:47] StarFire: what electrolytes?
[23:27:48] sqirl: 5g millimeter waves are passed for unlicenced experimentation
[23:28:08] sheila brown: one of our radio stations I listen to was so excited – their tower area flooded and they got the paperwork through fast — and Bigger tower relocated
[23:28:30] sqirl: I read the 4 letters written by commissioner to the FCC this month
[23:29:38] Cecil: i gtg kifer milk rq
[23:29:45] robberts: mm wave goes thru mesh shielding, so shield solid sheets
[23:30:16] Cecil: guys.. we’re luminescent. im scared. saw it with an ocular
[23:30:58] sqirl: Hense , they brought up the flatearth stuff
[23:31:12] Fiona T: They’ve made us kind of stupid
[23:31:49] Fiona T: Like the Matrix… download the info instantly
[23:32:23] Monkey_Breath: Fluoride in the water dummies us down
[23:33:14] independz:

[23:33:30] StarFire: sqirl, what did they say about flat earth stuff?
[23:34:28] sqirl: Unbelievable pain in my neck.- I heard Blackstone intellince report the day of auctioning the bandwidth immediate reaction from DOJ, NASA, and some other agency it would wreck weather stations
[23:35:06] Monkey_Breath: flat earth people sure have convincing evidence.
[23:35:56] sqirl: Hmmmm….I wonder if the report actually would excuse the evidence of geoengineering
[23:36:45] joy: agree MB!
[23:37:04] sqirl: Starfire, I think it’s controlled opposition. – they have done it historically
[23:38:33] sqirl: I live on the water. I know sailors, They come back, they are gobstalked with the flat earth idea. The charts and maps used are PIE shaped. People sail around the world. I read several books
[23:38:38] StarFire: agree sqirl. and also agree with MB
[23:39:27] sqirl: YES MB- I know smart people who go there. I just don’t want to spend time there
[23:41:10] StarFire: thats our Govt
[23:44:05] sqirl: car insurance is always just going up – no tickets or accidents – they say the state needs more cuz cars accidents cost more for everybody to pay for
[23:44:52] sqirl: I’m sure that’ll be cause to give autonomous vehicles to everyone
[23:45:20] StarFire: i bet sqirl
[23:45:41] StarFire: Tony, do you still peel the pear?
[23:45:44] sqirl: Starfire do you listen to BB9?
[23:46:06] StarFire: Dont know what that is sqirl
[23:46:17] sqirl: There’s a Jimfire in the Chat
[23:46:54] StarFire: Thanks tony.. peel everything
[23:48:33] sqirl: Wed- 5PST pm-
[23:49:18] independz:
[23:49:35] StarFire: thanks Sqirl
[23:50:13] sqirl: Starfire- there is a chat there I visit for news
[23:51:00] sqirl:
[23:52:40] independz:
[23:53:07] StarFire: be boop beep
[23:56:14] sqirl: Something happened in our tiny town- Oly. So many messed up kids “coming out” counseling offered to parents at Planned parenthood
[23:57:27] Yannis: Thank you Tony for the broadcast and for the shoutout
[23:57:43] sheila brown: ty tony
[23:57:58] Fiona T: Thanks Tony, bye folks
[23:58:10] knapstersky: take’r easy thanks Tony.
[23:58:10] joy: Thank you so much Tony, Yannis, and everyone!!!
[23:58:14] StarFire: Thanks Tony, will watch Yannis vid soon
[23:58:17] sqirl: Tony Thank you som much – I sent all those vaccine links to a friend who’s fighting
[23:58:25] Fiona T: Cecil what’s that thing you sent at the beginning?
[23:58:59] Billy29: Thanks Tony great show. As always
[23:59:27] sqirl: See you thursday -take care
[23:59:47] Monkey_Breath: You are the best Tony! TY again!
[23:59:52] sheila brown: Tony – does the applejuice/lemonjuice/olive oil cleanse work to clear out the gallbladder – suggested by my nutritionist?
[00:00:46] independz: I just give people ciric acid
[00:01:07] independz: th apple juice may have high levels of nano and olive oil is usually counterfeited
[00:01:09] Cecil: ok
[00:01:13] sheila brown: how much – I am in no pain yet
[00:01:31] Shannon: Thanks Tony and all.!
[00:04:05] independz: tsp in 6 oz of distilled water done every few hours
[00:05:26] sheila brown: ty 🙂 – will probably hear about not following his directions – but like a better approach – ty so much!
[00:10:22] sheila brown: Cecil – you said “ok” are you going to try the citric acid too?
[00:11:19] StarFire: i love doing citric acid
[00:11:29] joy: Tony, does the citric acid dissolve the gallstones, or does it flush them out, or both?
[00:17:04] Rick Bonner: I was gonna ask Squirrel: what’s a ‘Jimfire’ in the chatroom she posted about earler. But she’s gone. I’m taking ‘a poll’. Is Jimfire a person who was on this chatroll earler? No one called that is here now. Anyone remember?
[00:17:06] independz: dissolvs to a point where the gall bladder can remove
[00:18:57] joy: Thank you so much Tony, really good to know!
[00:19:06] Rick Bonner: I know, I know… no ‘bad guys or gals’ would ever slither onto Tony’s program…. I just like to see the audience growing.
[00:19:07] sheila brown: yep ty too
[00:23:03] Rick Bonner: (This – Tony’s The Remedy) is the largest gatherer of chatroom people on The Micro Effect, and has been for around a year. Probably longer, but that’s when I started paying attention. [before that, I was too poor to…])
2019-03-20 00:30:58] Rick Bonner: Sheila, speaking of citric acid…
[2019-03-20 00:35:54] Rick Bonner: Well…, thanks for the feedback. Me smoke break’s about over. Take Care, everybody!

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