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“The Remedy” 2019-03-21 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - Frequencies & Protection - NASA Lies - Sexual Vampirism

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-21):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 21st, 2019, click the video above.

Interruptions in a activist life Australia, already up and running on 5G and it penetrating through the wiring

Ozzies and Kiwis no one pays attention due to isolation just like the reserves in N. America

Shit happens and no one is aware.

Getting to N. America and having the heads up to get prepared

Being aware that a lot of the rural areas are not all they are cracked up to be the tech being utilized with voice to skull and other places with different tech testing the common wealth countries are the common wealth test subjects — and need to get up on this.

As well understanding shielding and impact of these frequencies.

Pay attention to foods you are consuming, especially the health food stores.

Be careful of what you buy, and look at how your environment effects you, and especially with the foods or any intake can impact you as well when consuming things that can impact your access with the nano of the foods and in the foods.

Consuming of saturate fats–use things to assist in the uptake of the fats that do not cause you issues.

Vitamins to assist in assimilating the fats
— Vitamin B5
— Lipase or
— Saponin materials (–Benefits%20and%20Uses.htm#Saponins%20–Benefits%20and%20Uses)
— L Carnitine
— Sunflower lecithin
— Bile salts
— Link to Enzymes info
— Do not fall for any hype of things sold when you are exposed to multiple freq that can be activation with the nano

Dealing with a programmable nano materials and metals accessing specific ares in the brain and the rest is accessed and network with frequencies

Nanoparticles in foods? A multiscale physiopathological investigation of iron oxide nanoparticle effects on rats after an acute oral exposure: Trace element biodistribution and cognitive capacities.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 14.46.01.png

Sexual Vampirism





Hackers AI Cyber Attacks
AI Hakkers.png


Screenshot 2019-03-20 11.48.29.png


Silica Mutogenicity Articles
Silica mutugenicity.png


Vaccines Research 2019
Vacinnes Research 2019.png

Talking with Tony Pantalleresco about silica, frequencies, artificial intelligence & many more...!

TME Chatroom Comments

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-21):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 21st, 2019, click the video above.
2019-03-21 22:52:36] Cecil: hi joy joe dd2
[2019-03-21 22:53:07] joy: hey Cecil! do you have a casing recipe for tobacco?
[2019-03-21 22:57:17] joy: hi all! anyone have a tobacco casing recipe?
[2019-03-21 22:57:42] StarFire: hi, explain what casing means?
[2019-03-21 22:58:37] Rick Bonner: The ‘sugary’ juicey stuff that goes on the wrapper leaves?
[2019-03-21 22:58:46] joy: whole leaf tobacco usually gets a “casing” to make it less harsh
[2019-03-21 22:59:15] StarFire: ok, got it.
[2019-03-21 22:59:32] joy: usually a liquid to soak or spray on
[2019-03-21 22:59:44] StarFire: I was looking at tobacci seeds.. but do you think i can grow indoors? they seem like big leaves? just one plant
[2019-03-21 23:00:02] joy: i’ve used sugar water but is not great
[2019-03-21 23:00:27] joy: yes, beautiful big leaves
[2019-03-21 23:01:09] joy: don’t know about growing indoors but can’t imagine why not?
[2019-03-21 23:01:16] StarFire: do you think i can grow one plant inside? i want to get cig tobacci and not cigar if there is a diff
[2019-03-21 23:02:36] joy: i would give it a try. anyone selling seeds hopefully could give you info
[2019-03-21 23:02:50] StarFire: ok
[2019-03-21 23:03:11] StarFire: Hi all
[2019-03-21 23:03:16] joy: i only smoke a few times a year to help calm stress
[2019-03-21 23:03:32] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-03-21 23:03:44] StarFire: hi
[2019-03-21 23:03:55] Shannon: Hi team
[2019-03-21 23:04:01] StarFire: hihihi
[2019-03-21 23:04:06] Rick Bonner: Some species variants are better for sdome tobacco apps than others, but…. I get a kick out of seeing little tobacco sprouts say ” when I grow up, I’m gonna be a cuban cigar”. When I grow up, plug tobacco. Me? Snuff. Me, I’m onna be pipe tobacco.
[2019-03-21 23:04:16] Monkey_Breath: Hello everybody
[2019-03-21 23:04:32] Cecil: yes joy
[2019-03-21 23:04:38] Cecil: hi
[2019-03-21 23:04:42] StarFire: ohhh yeah.. pipe tobacci
[2019-03-21 23:04:50] Rick Bonner: Hey Monk. Hey everbody.
[2019-03-21 23:05:10] Cecil: hi rick
[2019-03-21 23:05:15] independz:
[2019-03-21 23:05:19] Monkey_Breath: Hello Rick.
[2019-03-21 23:05:32] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-03-21 23:06:04] Cecil: it’d be way better to grow indoors, problem is they take deep root.
[2019-03-21 23:06:05] joy: haha Rick!
[2019-03-21 23:06:43] StarFire: cecil. you think they could grow in a 5 gallon bucket?
[2019-03-21 23:06:51] Rick Bonner: Hey Cecil! Joy, I wish I knew where the great tobaccanist in your neighborhood was, you deserve a couple of those good 20 dollar smokes, couple o’ times a year.
[2019-03-21 23:07:43] StarFire: ‹@independz› There is a school in USA that a few kids are getting cancer from the 5 g right on school property, parents want it down, school says no
[2019-03-21 23:07:45] joy: aaawww, thanks Rick!
[2019-03-21 23:07:49] Fiona T: hello folks
[2019-03-21 23:07:56] Cecil: a private shop in stockton called the tobacco leaf. their house blend is great. best stuff i ever had.
[2019-03-21 23:07:59] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-03-21 23:08:02] Yannis: Hi everybody
[2019-03-21 23:08:07] Fiona T: hey Cecil
[2019-03-21 23:08:14] Fiona T: hi Yannis
[2019-03-21 23:08:22] StarFire: Hi Fiona
[2019-03-21 23:08:31] StarFire: Hiya Yannis
[2019-03-21 23:08:35] Monkey_Breath: 60 minutes had a story about EMFs affecting government workers in other countries being hit and getting sick
[2019-03-21 23:09:22] Billy29: It a school in California that the kids are getting cancer across from the 5G tower
[2019-03-21 23:09:24] Cecil: you need a function generator and a oscilloscope tony.
[2019-03-21 23:09:35] Rick Bonner: I LOVE that ol’ Clairol commercial: suuuuure…, it’s a lil’ wee bit more expensive (than peroxide)…, but you’re WORTH it!
[2019-03-21 23:09:47] StarFire: Yes Billy
[2019-03-21 23:10:50] joy: Cecil nice to know, thanks!
[2019-03-21 23:11:10] independz:
[2019-03-21 23:11:34] Cecil: they act like being connected to the ai is a good thing.
[2019-03-21 23:12:02] Cecil: haha
[2019-03-21 23:12:12] Monkey_Breath: please check out Dr. BArrie Trower, he is a Microwave expert and has a lot of information on YouTube
[2019-03-21 23:13:07] Rick Bonner: Lemme see…? I AM brain-dead…. Mebbe…, maybe if I connect whit a live wire, ay-aye…., me pineal brand might sprout?!?
[2019-03-21 23:13:16] StarFire: i got an herb that says it has 95% sapponins
[2019-03-21 23:14:04] Cecil: b5, L carnitine, sunflower lechtn, to break down fats
[2019-03-21 23:14:42] Shannon: Definitely enjoyed his latest interview MB
[2019-03-21 23:14:43] Cecil: it gets stuck
[2019-03-21 23:14:49] StarFire: Al Carnitine
[2019-03-21 23:14:50] nancy: hello all
[2019-03-21 23:15:12] Cecil: hi nancy
[2019-03-21 23:15:12] Jude: Curcumin starfire?
[2019-03-21 23:15:15] StarFire: hiya nancy
[2019-03-21 23:15:27] Monkey_Breath: glad you found him too Shannon.
[2019-03-21 23:16:00] Fiona T: I read a box of Tylenol in the store today. Just some of the ingredients were aluminium lake, cascarmellose, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, a few kinds of colours, and a few other awesome looking ingredients. Your all in one pill killer!
[2019-03-21 23:16:01] StarFire: Jude, Tribulus Terrestris 95% saponins
[2019-03-21 23:16:24] Yannis: At least in Switzerland the last two years they have banned the deodorants and some other products with aluminum
[2019-03-21 23:16:30] nancy: ‹@Cecil› hi
[2019-03-21 23:16:37] Jude: Oh ok
[2019-03-21 23:16:49] Cecil: thats crazy fiona
[2019-03-21 23:17:00] Cecil: 🙂
[2019-03-21 23:17:13] StarFire: Fiona, i have an old bottle i found sitting here.. just to be amazed by all the ingredients in it… unbelievable
[2019-03-21 23:17:21] Jude: Does anyone know of you need to add anything to curcumin to make it more absorbable?
[2019-03-21 23:17:36] Monkey_Breath: Yeap, Fiona, Tony mentioned this about Tylenol and he was right about the harmful ingredients
[2019-03-21 23:17:45] Fiona T: yeah, scary when you know what it all means
[2019-03-21 23:17:50] Jude: I was looking at the one advertised on pure bulk
[2019-03-21 23:17:54] robberts: black pepper
[2019-03-21 23:18:03] Cecil: not sure jude
[2019-03-21 23:18:32] Jude: Thanks Tony!!
[2019-03-21 23:18:48] Cecil: rest,nutrition,and exercise?
[2019-03-21 23:18:59] Monkey_Breath: i was shocked to see how many harmful ingredients were in hard candies for children..the candy bracelets.
[2019-03-21 23:19:12] Cecil: especially skittles
[2019-03-21 23:19:13] Rick Bonner: Robbie! You’re on it, Baby! Looks like you’re getting this good info into your head and into your heart!
[2019-03-21 23:19:34] Fiona T: yuk I used to eat those
[2019-03-21 23:19:34] StarFire: i use to love skittles … waaaaaaaaa makes me cry i cant have skittles or starburst hahaha
[2019-03-21 23:20:00] sqirl: tony – did you ever mess with egg yolks and skin sores?
[2019-03-21 23:20:08] StarFire: I wake up screaming sometimes hahahaha
[2019-03-21 23:20:12] Fiona T: laughing born baby, there’s a creepy picture!
[2019-03-21 23:20:14] sqirl: Topical liposome
[2019-03-21 23:20:16] Cecil: yeah, they spank the baby and then he starts checking stuff out. nah jk
[2019-03-21 23:21:04] Cecil: scary huh tony
[2019-03-21 23:21:47] StarFire: We have god Dam things
[2019-03-21 23:22:09] StarFire: Enki Ell
[2019-03-21 23:22:29] Antiquitytoday: Desensitized to technological sorcery, in short.
[2019-03-21 23:22:40] Fiona T: shithole?
[2019-03-21 23:22:46] Cecil: electronics is the devils thing
[2019-03-21 23:22:49] sheila brown: our radio tower that I listed to will reach 1.7 million more people on friday
[2019-03-21 23:23:01] Rick Bonner: How about this, Tony?: Periodic Table, barium, Ba. Alooo, alyoumin…. aluminum, Al. Put ’em tagedder in a chemtrail, whaddya git? Ba Al, ba al, baal!
[2019-03-21 23:23:11] StarFire: NASA is pure demonic in origin… Crowley and his buddies involved in nasa
[2019-03-21 23:23:30] Fiona T: I’ll do it for you
[2019-03-21 23:23:46] StarFire: ahhhhh yeah Rick
[2019-03-21 23:23:52] Cecil: f them f’n f’s?
[2019-03-21 23:24:03] Cecil: sorry
[2019-03-21 23:24:05] Fiona T: haha
[2019-03-21 23:24:20] Monkey_Breath: LOL!
[2019-03-21 23:25:03] joy: smoke & mirrors dog & pony show
[2019-03-21 23:25:06] Cecil: they took pizza away from me
[2019-03-21 23:25:07] Yannis: Yes the medical snack is (i think in Aramaic) the Asculape which means the snake that saves. THen the ancient Greek god of medicine as well was called Asklipios which has same root
[2019-03-21 23:25:13] StarFire: dont we pay NASA 53 million a day?
[2019-03-21 23:25:18] Rick Bonner: Jet propulsion labs, JPL. The guy there with those initials, was a Crowley devotee…., before he got fired for pedophilia.
[2019-03-21 23:25:48] sqirl: Yahoo news feed is letting it out electromagetic weaponry
[2019-03-21 23:25:52] StarFire: Nice Yannis
[2019-03-21 23:26:12] Fiona T: yes Yannis
[2019-03-21 23:26:18] sqirl: The comments reveal people know it’s been going on for a long time
[2019-03-21 23:26:26] Rick Bonner: Cadusceus, or’dourve’s any one? They be tasty!
[2019-03-21 23:26:48] StarFire: haha rick
[2019-03-21 23:27:26] StarFire: Karen Hudes says we were taken over 12 thousand years ago
[2019-03-21 23:27:35] Cecil: you know when you download a new app, and it gives you the ters and conditions and you have to click on that i agree command box?
[2019-03-21 23:27:45] Cecil: ‘terms’
[2019-03-21 23:27:50] Fiona T: I think there is a lot of guilt among people now, people have bought into people being the blame for things like climate change & pollution
[2019-03-21 23:28:02] sqirl: TONY – what do you think of Egg Yolk topical for sores with lemon
[2019-03-21 23:28:22] Cecil: i understand fiona. yep
[2019-03-21 23:28:25] StarFire: They are destroying food and everything so we have no choice to take their bunk
[2019-03-21 23:28:34] independz:
[2019-03-21 23:29:03] Rick Bonner: I was thinking of the lucy-fairy-an, Jack Parsons, Crowley devotee. Sacked.
[2019-03-21 23:29:39] StarFire: Yep rick
[2019-03-21 23:30:07] StarFire: So if we have sex and dont create kids we still create something?
[2019-03-21 23:30:31] Rick Bonner: These scum DO ‘sex majik’…. I’m fond of God’s original recipe!
[2019-03-21 23:30:54] StarFire: There is a new scare on EGGS now… causing Cholesterol
[2019-03-21 23:30:57] nancy: ‹@Cecil› ‹@StarFire› I AM TECKNO peasent
[2019-03-21 23:31:19] knapstersky: @Rick, those peoples sure were losy fary’s for sure.
[2019-03-21 23:31:50] joy: did Tony say to apply AROUND wound, not on top of wound?
[2019-03-21 23:32:12] knapstersky: that scientology dude was involved with Parsons can’t remember.
[2019-03-21 23:32:27] Monkey_Breath: The Nuenberg Law was created to stop experimentation on people but they are doing it anyway on us without our consent.
[2019-03-21 23:32:43] joy: THANK YOU Tony!!!
[2019-03-21 23:32:47] StarFire: L Ron hubbard knap
[2019-03-21 23:33:05] knapstersky: thats it thanks Star
[2019-03-21 23:33:07] StarFire: yep monkey
[2019-03-21 23:33:44] Rick Bonner: HL Mencken’s Pappy.
[2019-03-21 23:34:20] knapstersky: i got to look that one up Rick thanks alot ha ha
[2019-03-21 23:35:00] StarFire: Yes, Menchens talks about things
[2019-03-21 23:35:32] knapstersky: that Menchens looks like a scary dude.
[2019-03-21 23:35:56] joy: at least gives hope for future frequency healing
[2019-03-21 23:37:10] Cecil: what do you use for a shaving cream tony?
[2019-03-21 23:37:50] nancy: ‹@independz› you are so right
[2019-03-21 23:37:57] Cecil: btw, everything i ever tried on tonys youtube videos (which was a lot) has been effective. just wanted to say that.
[2019-03-21 23:38:02] Rick Bonner: Here’s one whit all of those mentioned here.
[2019-03-21 23:38:19] knapstersky: mederitanians don’t have facial i thought ha ha.
[2019-03-21 23:38:38] Cecil: thanks rick 😉
[2019-03-21 23:38:50] Cecil: oh is that it? lol
[2019-03-21 23:39:02] Cecil: yes sry jk
[2019-03-21 23:39:26] StarFire: Cecil: what do you use for a shaving cream tony?
[2019-03-21 23:39:52] Cecil: thnx
[2019-03-21 23:41:42] Fiona T: crazy
[2019-03-21 23:41:47] StarFire: killing me softly
[2019-03-21 23:41:49] Jude: Did you ever try the tooth regeneration mouthwash Cecil?
[2019-03-21 23:42:00] Cecil: yes
[2019-03-21 23:42:23] Cecil: alright thanks. no aftershave necessary?
[2019-03-21 23:42:24] StarFire: Bonners soap
[2019-03-21 23:42:37] StarFire: or bronners soap? spelling
[2019-03-21 23:42:43] Jude: What is the shelf life on the mouthwash?
[2019-03-21 23:42:51] Cecil: trisodium phosfate, baking soda, water.
[2019-03-21 23:42:57] StarFire: what about coconut oil for shave cream?
[2019-03-21 23:43:05] Cecil: long time
[2019-03-21 23:43:20] Cecil: the mouthwash i made today with vodka and essential oil
[2019-03-21 23:43:24] Fiona T: Peter Parker getting bit by a spider… they have a DNA helix being manipulated
[2019-03-21 23:43:32] Cecil: sounds smooth star 😉
[2019-03-21 23:43:47] nancy: elvis the pelvis
[2019-03-21 23:43:51] Shannon: StarFire, do you think the tocopherol in the Bronner’s soup is soy-based? Never really investigated that
[2019-03-21 23:43:52] Jude: I have some sitting around 6 months ago
[2019-03-21 23:44:10] Jude: I should make some new stuff. I’m worried it’s bad
[2019-03-21 23:44:10] Cecil: and give your phone/pc/laptop several viruses
[2019-03-21 23:44:37] Cecil: thats a long time. i would just to keep it fresh jude
[2019-03-21 23:45:04] StarFire: Im not sure about that Shannon? I thought tony used it
[2019-03-21 23:45:11] Cecil: @jude: so it stays potent
[2019-03-21 23:45:27] Jude: Yeah I should
[2019-03-21 23:45:47] Cecil: i’d ask the company. its good to check
[2019-03-21 23:45:59] Jude: Do you think vinegar is a good bottle disinfect?
[2019-03-21 23:46:14] knapstersky: Tony you’re talking about my x-wifes holy cow.
[2019-03-21 23:46:19] Cecil: my mom loves elvis
[2019-03-21 23:46:37] Cecil: spray bottle of vinegar is handy
[2019-03-21 23:46:50] Shannon: Will have to look into it just to make sure to subdue the paranoia lol
[2019-03-21 23:46:51] nancy: today elvis would blush
[2019-03-21 23:46:51] StarFire: jude, alcohol or peroxide maybe? for disinfect
[2019-03-21 23:47:31] knapstersky: they were all about posesion too.
[2019-03-21 23:47:40] Cecil: spray bottle of h202 (hydrogen peroxide) is just as useful as a spray bottle of water. for different things of course.
[2019-03-21 23:47:50] StarFire: im addicted to addiction
[2019-03-21 23:47:59] Cecil: haha
[2019-03-21 23:48:27] independz:
[2019-03-21 23:48:27] nancy: ‹@StarFire› we are
[2019-03-21 23:50:06] nancy: ‹@StarFire› i used your handle 20 years ago for my great niece
[2019-03-21 23:50:30] Cecil: but when theories pile up..
[2019-03-21 23:51:28] nancy: oh my that lilli wave
[2019-03-21 23:51:50] StarFire: ahhhhh nancy cool
[2019-03-21 23:51:59] Cecil: next thing i know, we all got helmets
[2019-03-21 23:52:15] nancy: ‹@Cecil› lol
[2019-03-21 23:52:29] Monkey_Breath: Tony, have you heard of bodEtune..a tuning disc?
[2019-03-21 23:53:42] coronagal: Can a person consume a little dmso 99% pure?
[2019-03-21 23:53:52] nancy: ‹@independz› can i use pico magnizium Remag
[2019-03-21 23:54:56] sheila brown: do you think ki·ne·si·ol·o·gy really helps find out what is wrong with a person?
[2019-03-21 23:55:04] StarFire: nancy, get some magnesium citrate powder
[2019-03-21 23:55:33] Martin: ‹@nancy› Pico is even smaller than nano. I understand it’s more toxic than nano.
[2019-03-21 23:55:35] nancy: ‹@StarFire› ok its lotion
[2019-03-21 23:56:09] StarFire: Nancy, you can get good lotion of magnisum
[2019-03-21 23:56:11] sheila brown: ty
[2019-03-21 23:57:23] StarFire: Nancy, i think Health and wisdom Magnesium oil is good stuff….
[2019-03-21 23:57:30] Fiona T: Rice University what?
[2019-03-21 23:57:45] nancy: ‹@StarFire› ok thank you
[2019-03-21 23:57:46] Cecil: thats why not much has been done. each nanoparticle would have to be analyzed.
[2019-03-21 23:58:23] sheila brown: ty Tony!
[2019-03-21 23:58:23] Fiona T: thanks Tony
[2019-03-21 23:58:26] Cecil: thanks tony
[2019-03-21 23:58:31] StarFire: Thank you Tony and Everyone.. Thanks for input Yannis
[2019-03-21 23:58:45] Fiona T: What did you say to look up, Rice University… I missed the rest
[2019-03-21 23:58:56] sheila brown: cecil – have you noticed anything from the tsp, baking soda, water mix
[2019-03-21 23:59:09] Cecil: it works
[2019-03-21 23:59:10] sqirl: Excellent self control Tony so glad you speak american too-
[2019-03-21 23:59:14] Yannis: thanks Tony and everyone too. Very informative comments
[2019-03-21 23:59:16] Billy29: Thanks Tony Goodbye everybody
[2019-03-21 23:59:27] Cecil: it pulls out healthy minerals as well
[2019-03-21 23:59:28] Monkey_Breath: Tony, did you get a chance to ask your friend which 5G and 6G meter he or she recommends?
[2019-03-21 23:59:33] joy: Thanks so much Tony and everyone! Sweet dreams Yannis! 1 or 2 AM?
[2019-03-21 23:59:39] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r easy.
[2019-03-21 23:59:43] Cecil: yep sqirl
[2019-03-21 23:59:52] independz: I am bi lingual cecil hahaha
[2019-03-22 00:00:07] Cecil: oh , wait no. my teeth feel tighter
[2019-03-22 00:00:09] independz: rice univesity
[2019-03-22 00:00:14] Cecil: i was thinking sts sorry
[2019-03-22 00:00:19] independz: nano or tepephoreisis
[2019-03-22 00:00:36] independz: you will see them shoot a freq and see the nano literally grwo and assemble
[2019-03-22 00:00:38] Shannon: thanks Tony and all!
[2019-03-22 00:00:46] Fiona T: db
[2019-03-22 00:00:53] Fiona T: thnx
[2019-03-22 00:01:03] Fiona T: bye folks
[2019-03-22 00:01:24] Cecil: tepephoeisis? ok i will check it out
[2019-03-22 00:01:28] sheila brown: cecil sorry one more question – did you notice anything with caps or fillings (mine are composites)
[2019-03-22 00:12:32] nancy: Shalom
[2019-03-22 00:16:43] joy: nite all!
[2019-03-22 00:20:54] Rick Bonner: Good night, every body! His Peace, Nancy, on you and on all of us, everyone! Take Care
[2019-03-22 00:30:36] Monkey_Breath: Take care everyone!


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