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“The Remedy” 2019-03-28 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - Nano Extracted Pics - Mom Ignores Dr - 5G Dangers - Chemtrails

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-28):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 28th, 2019, click the video above.

Multi topics

Links on new developments on 396 doing upgrades and showing more on nano pics from spain and the wix sites–so to give clarity on morg and nanopoisoning

Brian396’s Photos @ flickr
  Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Brian396 Site


Extracted Nano tech and Synthetic Biology
Extracted Nano Tech & Synthetic Biology.png


Independz wixsite: “Carbon Nano Particle Invaders”
Carbon Nano Particle Invaders.png


Indipendz wixsite: “Nano Modifications”
Nano Modifications.png


DNA and RNA Copying made easy
DNA&RNA Copying.png


Nano-bot can probe inside human cells
Nano-bot can probe inside human cells.png


The american dream is a nightmare, no more rights for parents –swat team invades a parents home because a disagreement with a doctor and they send a swat team????
Mom ignore dr.png

Incompetence on the nth degree in regard to the medical

The agenda is to see where and how far they can go by violation

Medical implementing sorcery through pharmacopia and about possession people and there offspring

Marches should be on there way to the authorities

Taking the access to your own family feds and states think they own the people but it is the other way around

Anyway you support the system you own the govt not the other way around –when you purchase anything you are now the owner
The USA is in violation of violating peoples rights in the regard to vaccinations
Vaccines don’t work, they do nothing–pharma making money of the goverments.
It is about possession of your DNA total violation

Child is normal and they send a swat team—american gov’t is afraid of the people if they have to send a swat team to deal with a parent —they must be terrified of the people–sending a swat team —are you that afraid of the people—people should be armed to the hilt–unreasonable force—
See how far the frequencies have affected the people
Free vaccines adding silica to make people more conducive to whatever is being down–apathy in the highest end

How To Make A Bifilar Coils to shut down nano program and locally extract nanos & how to make a Fan to distort frequencies

Other links from Tony given during the broadcast in the chat room

U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering
US Blocks UN for Geoengineering.png

TME Chatroom Comments

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Mar-28):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of March 28th, 2019, click the video above.

[2019-03-28 22:57:09] independz: , ,
[2019-03-28 22:57:59] independz: ,,,
[2019-03-28 22:58:16] independz:,
[2019-03-28 22:58:24] Joe McNeil: Almost live, brought to you by bad foods are us, the world renouned tony panteelerescoo, from canada , from his momma,
[2019-03-28 22:58:29] independz: ,
[2019-03-28 22:58:40] independz: AHAHHA
[2019-03-28 23:00:42] Monkey_Breath: Hello Tony and everyone.
[2019-03-28 23:00:58] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-03-28 23:01:29] Yannis: hi
[2019-03-28 23:02:39] joy: hi everyone!
[2019-03-28 23:02:51] Monkey_Breath: Tony, can I used a 3 amp laptop power supply instead of a 5 amp,for the bucket?
[2019-03-28 23:03:00] StarFire: hi hi hi
[2019-03-28 23:03:41] SantaClaws: Hello everybody
[2019-03-28 23:03:54] StarFire: I heard just today someone is saying that morgellons is from the Black Goo …. haha
[2019-03-28 23:04:35] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-03-28 23:05:58] StarFire: statism
[2019-03-28 23:06:30] joy: another test
[2019-03-28 23:10:53] Rick Bonner: Hi hi hi! Hi Starman! Santa!🌝
[2019-03-28 23:11:34] SantaClaws: Hey there Rick, how is it going?
[2019-03-28 23:13:09] Rick Bonner: (From me and Joe, Tony, next time you have the opportunity, please tell your Mumm: Thanks! You do great work; we Love that boy of yours!)
[2019-03-28 23:14:57] Rick Bonner: I’m winning, Santa, but the good stuff – like Life and Love – don’ come cheap! I’m gettin’ what I pray…, er uhh.., pay for!
[2019-03-28 23:15:10] joy: soooooooo agree Rick!!! THANK YOU Tony’s Mom!!!
[2019-03-28 23:16:56] Rick Bonner: Government IS slavery.
[2019-03-28 23:17:35] Monkey_Breath: No free thinking in the schools,that is for sure.
[2019-03-28 23:17:58] StarFire: they want us to evolve into robots
[2019-03-28 23:18:53] StarFire: do they love us so much that they want us to live forever in robot bodies haha
[2019-03-28 23:19:09] SantaClaws: They don’t want to wake up. They’ll be afraid you’ll actually do something once you do wake.
[2019-03-28 23:19:58] StarFire: smart Arse
[2019-03-28 23:20:06] Rick Bonner: But…, we’re being compelled to (de)volve into…. censorship. No free thinking! We’ll think FOR you. We know better than you, anyway…, AND, We care about you. In fact we FEEL your pain (and are eating it up!)
[2019-03-28 23:20:09] SantaClaws: They don’t want you*
[2019-03-28 23:23:59] Rick Bonner: Knowledge, coupled with action, IS power. Can you imagine how powerfull it would be if, instead of burning draft cards or bras, we ALL dropped our ‘smart-assed phones’ into broken piles of plastic junk on the streets. (And swept up the toxic trash, neatly
[2019-03-28 23:24:10] Rick Bonner: afterward)
[2019-03-28 23:24:30] Arugula: The Gov’t, Banks,etc are the most corrupt
[2019-03-28 23:26:17] Rick Bonner: Thieves, stealing pretend money, health, attention and other critical stuff of OURS, Arugula. I’ve had enough o’ them. I’m sick up and fed whit duh fed.
[2019-03-28 23:27:28] Monkey_Breath: That is why Obama gave out free phones to the poor.
[2019-03-28 23:28:07] Rick Bonner: Nice, clean bank accounts, bail-INS, Greece style.
[2019-03-28 23:28:59] Arugula: The Post Office in Italy renegs on their 30 year CD, they act like actors.
[2019-03-28 23:29:09] SantaClaws: The CIA is the biggest drug supplier
[2019-03-28 23:29:44] joy: exactly Rick, another test to see what they can get away with
[2019-03-28 23:30:24] Peter: the whole world is a corporation
[2019-03-28 23:30:34] Rick Bonner: Who’s (mad) scientists invented lysergic acid diethylamide, and crack cocaine? The Cocaine Importin’ Agency.
[2019-03-28 23:30:43] joy: … Greece, Cypress …
[2019-03-28 23:30:43] SantaClaws: It sure is
[2019-03-28 23:31:44] Arugula: Rick and Joy, it’s not worth putting $$$$in the banks, they give you less money without you knowing it.
[2019-03-28 23:32:15] joy: exactly Arugula
[2019-03-28 23:32:46] Monkey_Breath: better to bury it in PVC pipes in the ground.
[2019-03-28 23:33:31] Arugula: They promise you a certain pct and in the middle of the CD life they find very convenient to change the rate of return.
[2019-03-28 23:33:45] independz:
[2019-03-28 23:35:19] Arugula: Monkey_Breath:You better put that $$$ in something that doesn’t melt, drown or burn.
[2019-03-28 23:35:38] Rick Bonner: Remember the jingle, “I’m stuck on bandaids, cause bandaids don’t stick on me” Let’s all get un-stuck from the wanna be slave masters. No hooks in me!
[2019-03-28 23:39:21] Rick Bonner: Poly vinyl chloride IS pretty impervious, Arugula, but it’s hard to beat a Mason jar. I LIKE old school, ideas, like cash is king, and money belongs with you, not in a bank that decides how much if any, of your money you can have.
[2019-03-28 23:40:45] SantaClaws: Normalizing illness instead of looking for the root cause
[2019-03-28 23:41:04] Peter: dont bogart that joint my friend
[2019-03-28 23:42:04] Arugula: Rick Bonner what if you need really big jars, where are you going to hide them?
[2019-03-28 23:42:30] SantaClaws: Tony, have you heard of Dr. Wallace? Youngevity?
[2019-03-28 23:42:58] Monkey_Breath: There was a cure for Muscular dystrophy which Jerry Lewis knew of but when he tried to put the word out, he was kicked out.
[2019-03-28 23:43:27] SantaClaws: Ok, got it 👍🏼
[2019-03-28 23:44:05] Rick Bonner: The (once) esteemed pertiodicals, like The Lancet, American Scientific, and The Economist, are like Campbell’s soup cans; they’ve kept the outside, tried and trusted labels, but inside, the ‘recipe’s’ been changed.
[2019-03-28 23:44:18] Arugula: TONY, there are always fillers in them.
[2019-03-28 23:46:13] sheila brown: have you heard of Ted of Health masters
[2019-03-28 23:46:50] Rick Bonner: PVC comes in lots of diameters, to accommodate even a set o’ golf clubs. If we’re talking money, I wish I could afford a glass water cooler sized bottle filled with silver, let alone gold. A 24 ounce Mason jar, mebbe two, is enough for me.
[2019-03-28 23:46:51] sheila brown: ty
[2019-03-28 23:49:10] Rick Bonner: Oh….! I get you now, Arugula. How about a foot and a half ‘deep’ false wall, from floor to ceiling? Like in an old castle, or creepy mansion? In a small room, like a closet.
[2019-03-28 23:49:14] Monkey_Breath: you speak the truth!
[2019-03-28 23:51:36] Arugula: I have a heavy safe but not big enough to hide evrything I got. I built my house with brick and block 12″ walls all concrete.
[2019-03-28 23:52:09] Monkey_Breath: tony, what do you think about thermography instead of mammograms?
[2019-03-28 23:53:04] Rick Bonner: Got a staircase to the basement? Who’s to say whether the ‘usable storage space’ under there, ‘ends’ at the place four foot from the floor? A lil’ hidey hole, baby.
[2019-03-28 23:54:33] Arugula: Tony I have heard lately that some people get 40lbs,90lbs or more tumors, what causes them to frow so big?
[2019-03-28 23:55:07] Rick Bonner: We had a ‘rule’ in the military, Arugula: a safe may not store both money, guns or secret stuff. Only one, not a combination, no pun intended.
[2019-03-28 23:55:46] Arugula: Rick I have 3 staircases, 1 outdoor and 2 indoors.
[2019-03-28 23:56:32] Rick Bonner: Use your ‘magination, and, don’ TELL nobody!
[2019-03-28 23:57:01] Arugula: Rick NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!
[2019-03-28 23:57:42] StarFire: Tony what causes gout? how to treat? i see many with gout now
[2019-03-28 23:58:38] StarFire: thanks
[2019-03-28 23:58:49] SantaClaws: Someone said
[2019-03-28 23:58:59] Rick Bonner: That info would be ‘the secret stuff” that belongs in a safe, or with some other trusted receptacle, like a Sister or a Husband.
[2019-03-28 23:59:20] SantaClaws: someone Said citric acid is black mold and to avoid?
[2019-03-28 23:59:41] SantaClaws: Interesting how they promote against it
[2019-03-29 00:00:01] Arugula: Rick . 😀 😀
[2019-03-29 00:00:35] Rick Bonner: Gout, the kings called it the illness of the rich life. The king’s dainties, the Good Book calls that kinda chow.
[2019-03-29 00:01:09] Rick Bonner: 😘
[2019-03-29 00:01:22] StarFire: thanks all
[2019-03-29 00:01:38] Shannon: Thanks Tony and all!
[2019-03-29 00:01:42] Billy29: Thanks Tony great you again good night everybody
[2019-03-29 00:01:44] knapstersky: thanks Tony.
[2019-03-29 00:01:49] Yannis: thanks Tony
[2019-03-29 00:01:59] Monkey_Breath: another great show. Thanks for answering our questions too!
[2019-03-29 00:02:15] Arugula: TONY good show. I will be back in a couple weeks.
[2019-03-29 00:02:29] joy: Thanks so much Tony, Joe, Yannis, and everyone!!!
[2019-03-29 00:02:58] joy: … and Tony’s Mom!
[2019-03-29 00:02:59] Arugula: BYE everybody.
[2019-03-29 00:03:00] SantaClaws: Thanks tony!
[2019-03-29 00:03:49] Rick Bonner: I’m GLAD your Mum’s still out and about, Tony. Would you kiss her? For me? Thank you sir! I’m certain that some of that lotta stuff you know about, came directly from her.
[2019-03-29 00:05:54] independz: thanks fr tuning in
[2019-03-29 00:07:10] Rick Bonner: Wouldnt miss it, Tony. Knowledge with activity IS power. (And government IS slavery.)
[2019-03-29 00:09:06] Rick Bonner: COMPLETELY different subject: today, I helped celebrate a 100th birthday, with the birthday Gal, and her family and friends. I’m. HAPPY!
[2019-03-29 00:10:55] Rick Bonner: (Got [extree] joy, even, Joy!)
[2019-03-29 00:13:25] joy: aaawww, so nice Rick! thanks for the inspiration!
[2019-03-29 00:13:50] Rick Bonner: Me an’ Cat Stevens, we cain’ keep it in; we gotta let it out!
[2019-03-29 00:16:11] Rick Bonner: 😙

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