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“The Remedy” 2019-04-02 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - What You Don't See, Kills You

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-2):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 2nd, 2019, click the video above.

Deanna’s show with Tony Pantalleresco

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Brian396 Site

Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenases in Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology
Screenshot 2019-04-08 17.03.49.png

Nano-antennas, Nano-transceivers, and Nano-networks / Communications
Screenshot 2019-04-08 17.37.39.png

New Artificial Protein Makes it Possible to Manipulate Matter
Screenshot 2019-04-08 17.40.38.png

DNA and RNA Copying made easy
Screenshot 2019-04-08 17.41.27.png


Research and people contributing-and people not realizing things and the reason of the non conformity
What kills you is not what you see
Venezuela – Manipulation – The front about boosting the economics of other countries
WW3 and the distraction

Being ticked off at what was happening to a child as a result of the mums altering the identity of a boy int a girl

Transgender disorientating young people with the perversion and distortion–

Scientist today are nothing more then wizards

Definition of what a scientist really is, not what we are seeing today – defiling creation or obstruction or working against it’s design then we are dealing with the corruption of science –these people are looking to be a “god” we are not dealing with the real aspect of what we need to understand to be able to restore the balance.

–Getting wizards out there telling you there alchemic effect of there enchantments
–then they put a spell on you or program you to concede to there whims
–seduction is the way they start seduction enchantments and then be under there spell
–taking away your moral ethical compass and your spirit
–defining man and a male and defining a woman and a female as by the genetic decision
–being of the species of mankind
–ask the question why is they are pushing the agenda so fervently
–and why the assault of the males-men
–biblical prophecy as to the diminishing the males
–means males are in short

TME Chatroom Comments

TME Chatroom comments
Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-02):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 2nd, 2019, click the video above.

2019-04-02 23:57:38] nancy: lol
[2019-04-03 00:01:20] robberts: right on time; hi everyone
[2019-04-03 00:02:00] sqirl: howdy today
[2019-04-03 00:02:15] robberts: where is everyone
[2019-04-03 00:02:32] independz: Deanna’s show…@N03/… r
[2019-04-03 00:03:00] independz:
[2019-04-03 00:03:42] Fiona: Hello folks
[2019-04-03 00:04:01] Cecil: i am here
[2019-04-03 00:04:04] StarFire: hi all.. my internet is not stable fyi
[2019-04-03 00:04:31] Billy29: Hi Everybody
[2019-04-03 00:04:40] Cecil: hi everyone
[2019-04-03 00:05:09] sqirl: It’s drain the uS. The government hucksters and international bankers will gain by venisuala
[2019-04-03 00:05:14] sqirl: howdy
[2019-04-03 00:06:07] Cecil: drug out in the streets, and shoot.
[2019-04-03 00:06:13] Cecil: shot’
[2019-04-03 00:06:38] Cecil: seeks the truth
[2019-04-03 00:06:50] robberts: yes
[2019-04-03 00:06:53] Cecil: thank you tony
[2019-04-03 00:07:03] Cecil: why are we here
[2019-04-03 00:07:26] StarFire: past couple days i heard a couple different peeps on net say that we are Carbon based
[2019-04-03 00:07:33] Cecil: a disgrace to science
[2019-04-03 00:08:38] robberts: over here the teachers dont have to tell parents if kid is homo, then they push the kids along to homo
[2019-04-03 00:09:59] sqirl: the climate illusion
[2019-04-03 00:10:08] Rick Bonner: We ARE carbon-based life forms, but…, we’re ‘God-breathed’ with Life, with a capital La’chaim, Starman!
[2019-04-03 00:11:00] robberts: only canada is heating 2x faster then anywhere else; did you guys hear this
[2019-04-03 00:11:07] sqirl: I went to legistation last thursday. the Senate was proposing a farm bill backing biochar
[2019-04-03 00:11:50] Fiona: Haven’t heard that, Robberts. Where did that info come from?
[2019-04-03 00:11:58] knapstersky: good stuff sqirl.
[2019-04-03 00:12:36] Rick Bonner: So…. the people can NOT be fruitful and multiply.
[2019-04-03 00:12:55] robberts: our local news main stream; how the hell can only canada heating up
[2019-04-03 00:13:03] Fiona: I guess that could explain so much estrogen in the environment, right? Trying to change men to women
[2019-04-03 00:13:05] sqirl: Robberts look at the you tube -The cloud mystery information
[2019-04-03 00:13:30] Fiona: haha, Canadian news (eye roll)
[2019-04-03 00:14:12] sqirl: The solar minum effect with the sun is part of the story. Solar geoengineering is trying to play god
[2019-04-03 00:14:56] robberts: thats right ,,, its all manipulation just like tony says wizzards
[2019-04-03 00:16:15] Rick Bonner: Like the lady in the Good Book, who’d been bowed down for 30 years… she went to the local (witch) doctors, gave them all o’ her money, but was WORSE than when she first went to ‘consult’ them.
[2019-04-03 00:16:25] sqirl: KnAP my testimonial is in the first 15 minutes -i’ll find out if it passes today I think
[2019-04-03 00:17:11] sqirl: yep
[2019-04-03 00:17:38] Fiona: total BULLSH
[2019-04-03 00:17:39] knapstersky: fingers crossed.
[2019-04-03 00:17:55] nancy: ‹@Fiona› lol
[2019-04-03 00:18:10] Rick Bonner: Will that be you on the tell-lie-vision, Squirrel? I’m sure you gave them….. Heaven!
[2019-04-03 00:18:38] Fiona: hey, I like that breakdown, Rick
[2019-04-03 00:19:16] Cecil: welcome back Rick
[2019-04-03 00:19:35] Rick Bonner: I LOVE repeatin’ ‘good stuff’, Fiona 🙂
[2019-04-03 00:20:44] Cecil: I had crystals in my feet from beer a long time ago. when i still drank it often
[2019-04-03 00:20:51] Rick Bonner: Hey, Cecil!
[2019-04-03 00:21:13] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-03 00:21:28] Rick Bonner: Here’s that outlaw – healing whiddout a licensce – Jesus:

[2019-04-03 00:21:57] Cecil: same
[2019-04-03 00:22:12] Cecil: im active listening
[2019-04-03 00:22:39] Cecil: i aint gonna die
[2019-04-03 00:22:45] Cecil: then
[2019-04-03 00:23:12] Cecil: things work out one way or another. just not always my way.
[2019-04-03 00:23:46] Billy29: The cure is right around the corner
[2019-04-03 00:24:04] sqirl: rb- You can hear my voice. its wa state leg tv. the camera is on the senate chair committee
[2019-04-03 00:25:10] Cecil: digest with fat huh
[2019-04-03 00:25:18] Rick Bonner: Near me old stompin’ grounds, Fairchild AFB, Spokane, Washington?
[2019-04-03 00:25:28] sqirl: The interesting info i heard was the conservation lobbyist and farm beaurou were funnded to break the momentum of the bill by petro chemical interest….
[2019-04-03 00:26:31] knapstersky: hope it goes through sqirl, any word yet?
[2019-04-03 00:26:49] sqirl: RBit The dome is in OLYmpia WA- smartphone every square foot on the capital campus
[2019-04-03 00:26:52] Cecil: avoid soy, silica and um nitrates?
[2019-04-03 00:27:22] sqirl: I’ll check after Tony
[2019-04-03 00:28:25] Rick Bonner: Hoping for the best. Thanks for putting your shoulder and voice and Power to the wheel there, Squirel.
[2019-04-03 00:29:32] sqirl: RB- It’s the Lord’s work. and….i shookk gov jay inslee’s hand and told him i was a biochar farmer.
[2019-04-03 00:29:39] sqirl: Glazed smile
[2019-04-03 00:30:23] independz:

[2019-04-03 00:31:19] Rick Bonner: Some o’ you crazy Christians are Jesus’ feet and hands and voice around here! And greater things than these things that I do, will you do, He said.

[2019-04-03 00:31:39] Cecil: most successful formulas are used in 3 to 5 time daily dosages. it took a while to load us, it’ll take a while to recover. protein supplements are nice. there isnt enough nutrition in most food.
[2019-04-03 00:31:44] independz:
[2019-04-03 00:32:04] Cecil: i’ll stop in case im drivin tiny nuts. iim on your side lol
[2019-04-03 00:32:09] Cecil: tony’
[2019-04-03 00:32:15] Cecil: ><
[2019-04-03 00:32:19] sqirl: Tony, as far as the occulted truth..666 on the periodic table is Carbon. The christ within is whats being turned into the global warming and taxed
[2019-04-03 00:32:26] Cecil: sorry omg
[2019-04-03 00:33:49] Rick Bonner:
[2019-04-03 00:33:54] independz:
[2019-04-03 00:34:04] sqirl: my miracle superfood is nettles. Anywhere the soil is disturbed they grow to heal it. I make a raw nettle dip in the quizenart with sour creme garlic oil and lemon-yum. no sting after blending it
[2019-04-03 00:34:39] Cecil: hell yeah rick
[2019-04-03 00:34:46] sqirl: a dopple in duck soup is divine
[2019-04-03 00:34:49] Rick Bonner: That blog, Cecil and everyone, MAY begin to explain WHY glyphosate poisoned food isn’t nutritious.
[2019-04-03 00:35:03] Rick Bonner: The Vountry Days blog.
[2019-04-03 00:35:32] Cecil: now i can finally show my dad why
[2019-04-03 00:35:52] joy: thanks sqirl, sounds delish!
[2019-04-03 00:35:52] Cecil: ty bro
[2019-04-03 00:36:19] Cecil: they do this from a dark room tony
[2019-04-03 00:37:09] Rick Bonner: Well, Cecil, it’s something to consider, any way. I’d love to hear what you think of it, Tony, if you take a chance to look into it.
[2019-04-03 00:37:25] Cecil: theres nano on me, but its not mine. it dont belong to me. i accept to not accept the nano
[2019-04-03 00:38:00] Cecil: he counterfeits it
[2019-04-03 00:38:29] sqirl: and buy an electric car for the planet!
[2019-04-03 00:39:41] Rick Bonner: Any body that likes a ‘dopple’ or a ‘dollup’ of the good stuff on their food, is all right with me!
[2019-04-03 00:39:51] Cecil: i will gladly share my thoughts of it
[2019-04-03 00:40:19] Cecil: even perfect plans can use reinforcement
[2019-04-03 00:40:27] Cecil: wher eyou at
[2019-04-03 00:40:44] Cecil: f the hell
[2019-04-03 00:40:47] Cecil: : )
[2019-04-03 00:41:07] independz:
[2019-04-03 00:41:22] Rick Bonner: Yeah, Cecil….” get together, discuss the whorl’s problems, and SOLVE some o’ them.” That’s one of Tony’s ‘remedies’.
[2019-04-03 00:41:27] Cecil: i have a opinion, just dont matter to them lol
[2019-04-03 00:41:31] Monkey_Breath: It is best to home school children.
[2019-04-03 00:42:05] Cecil: yeah i will look at yours first rick. and i save tonys on my bookmarks . gives plenty of fun stuff to research.
[2019-04-03 00:42:31] Cecil: curfew. back to your owners hand
[2019-04-03 00:42:52] Cecil: especially home schoolers monkey
[2019-04-03 00:42:58] Cecil: very impressionable
[2019-04-03 00:43:11] Rick Bonner: The Country Days blog lady has much to say on vaxes, and healthy living, too. I reccomend folk here, check her out.
[2019-04-03 00:43:15] Fiona: I agree, Tony, schools just brainwash kids the way the system wants
[2019-04-03 00:43:30] Cecil: i agree
[2019-04-03 00:43:46] Cecil: but interacting with kids their age periodically at least
[2019-04-03 00:43:55] sheila brown: people are scared of unvaccinated kids lol
[2019-04-03 00:44:06] Monkey_Breath: I wonder if that boy who went against his parents who did not vaccinate him took all of the shots he never received.
[2019-04-03 00:44:17] Cecil: i know math physics and yes powertools
[2019-04-03 00:44:39] Cecil: word processors, presentations and spreadsheets
[2019-04-03 00:44:51] Fiona: kids in my area aren’t learning spelling in school anymore
[2019-04-03 00:44:58] Cecil: im hardheaded kid at heart.
[2019-04-03 00:45:19] Monkey_Breath: they don’t even teach cursive anymore
[2019-04-03 00:45:42] Cecil: pencils and pens will be obsolete
[2019-04-03 00:45:44] Rick Bonner:
[2019-04-03 00:45:45] Cecil: are
[2019-04-03 00:45:58] sheila brown: they already do not know how to think
[2019-04-03 00:46:04] Cecil: thank you rick. bye everyone
[2019-04-03 00:46:20] Cecil: they are too vulnerable mentally to
[2019-04-03 00:46:47] Cecil: remember when you were young? remember the guv probing ? no oh no not that
[2019-04-03 00:46:49] Cecil: lol
[2019-04-03 00:46:49] Rick Bonner: Take Care, Cecil!
[2019-04-03 00:46:52] Monkey_Breath: common core is a joke!
[2019-04-03 00:47:04] Cecil: thank you tony
[2019-04-03 00:47:20] nancy: lol wash yo hands and or antenna
[2019-04-03 00:47:24] Cecil: always watch after them
[2019-04-03 00:51:01] sqirl: Hey, I tried egg yolk on a sore on my sweeties neck- it doubled
[2019-04-03 00:51:01] Rick Bonner: It’s a ‘piece o’ cake p’ fer duh illuminatti to hoodwink the ignoratti.
[2019-04-03 00:51:16] sqirl: I tried charcoal and cocunut its better
[2019-04-03 00:51:29] Fiona: you crack me up Rick
[2019-04-03 00:51:38] sqirl: i’m trying frankinsense now cuz I think it’s melanoma now
[2019-04-03 00:51:47] Rick Bonner: The ‘illuminatti’ AIN’T, but the ignoratti ARE.
[2019-04-03 00:52:06] sqirl: Tony- topical frankinsense for a skin melanoma?
[2019-04-03 00:52:31] Rick Bonner: Yeah, me too, Fiona; I’m laughin’ it up here, like a funny boy ! 🤣
[2019-04-03 00:53:33] Fiona: <img src=” />
[2019-04-03 00:54:02] nancy: ic cold
[2019-04-03 00:54:21] sheila brown: TX was 38 early this morning – way too cold for this time of year
[2019-04-03 00:54:44] Monkey_Breath: I live in the north east. I don’t eat the snow and told the kids not to make snowballs to eat!
[2019-04-03 00:54:52] sqirl: two nexrads here in washington send the atmospheric river eastway- we usually get rain now
[2019-04-03 00:55:28] Fiona: lots of chemtrails here today. Would have been a cloudless sky otherwise
[2019-04-03 00:55:32] sqirl: Honest truth
[2019-04-03 00:56:32] Monkey_Breath: i am noticing they are spraying very early in the mornings when it is still dark to hide what they are doing.
[2019-04-03 00:56:51] sqirl: There’s potential to crisp us with all the trees
[2019-04-03 00:57:10] Fiona: I’ve noticed that here too, Monkey
[2019-04-03 00:57:10] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-04-03 00:57:14] joy: Thank you so much Tony!!!
[2019-04-03 00:57:21] Billy29: Tank tony
[2019-04-03 00:57:23] Fiona: Thanks Tony! Bye everyone
[2019-04-03 00:57:28] Rick Bonner: Yep; those lil’ pig-tailed lights are killing us, how do you suppose they affect our Chinese brothers and sisters, making them in the slave pens?
[2019-04-03 00:57:30] sqirl: Thank you Tony- Frankinsens for skin melanoma on an irish guy?
[2019-04-03 00:57:36] Monkey_Breath: thank you Tony
[2019-04-03 00:58:32] Cecil: go home
[2019-04-03 00:58:32] Fiona: yeah, China has terrible air pollution. So much of that is probably experimental stuff just like what they throw on us here
[2019-04-03 00:58:40] Cecil: thank you tony
[2019-04-03 00:58:48] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r easy everyone.
[2019-04-03 00:58:50] Cecil: not in a mean way
[2019-04-03 00:58:57] sheila brown: Tony – was watching one of your shows that said you should use gelatin and mix it with powdered milk for help in healing = can you substitute colostrum istead and how much of each?
[2019-04-03 00:59:18] Rick Bonner: We fair skinned, freckled Irishmen are sensitive; we got thin, sensitive skin. Don’ piss one o’ us – or, an Irish Colleen, either – off.
[2019-04-03 00:59:32] Cecil: im watching youtube from the link rick
[2019-04-03 00:59:44] independz: well it will make the milk lik mothers milk so it reduces the protein molecule so that a child can digest
[2019-04-03 00:59:51] independz: you also add MCT oil
[2019-04-03 01:00:05] independz: you can use colustrum with yogurt or kewfir may be better
[2019-04-03 01:00:06] sqirl: and be warned of the red headed colleens
[2019-04-03 01:00:14] independz: uunless the milk is pasteurized
[2019-04-03 01:00:35] sqirl: Does hemp oil have to have thc to be useful?
[2019-04-03 01:01:01] sheila brown: nope my cow’s milk is unpasturized 🙂 – will try it with yogurt
[2019-04-03 01:01:17] independz: yes
[2019-04-03 01:01:28] Rick Bonner: ‘Tis so, ’tis so, Squirrel, but Irishmen LOVE powerful women…, especially Irish Gals! Erin go Braugh!
[2019-04-03 01:01:29] independz: without thc it is as useless as 3 tits ona bull
[2019-04-03 01:01:30] sqirl: sheila what are you healing?
[2019-04-03 01:01:35] Cecil: im drinking kefir. never heard of it before up until you mentioned it in your videos. i have colostrum too i ordered to make his icecream
[2019-04-03 01:01:47] independz: the only thing the cbd oil is useful for is to get one of methodone and benzos
[2019-04-03 01:01:49] sqirl: got it
[2019-04-03 01:01:53] independz: for cancer thc has to be ther
[2019-04-03 01:02:12] independz: or it is pissin in the winnd with out it
[2019-04-03 01:02:25] Cecil: my dad had it and smokes everyday at age 72
[2019-04-03 01:02:25] sqirl: what about frankinsins
[2019-04-03 01:02:38] Cecil: survivor from stage 4
[2019-04-03 01:02:42] independz: not needed
[2019-04-03 01:02:45] Cecil: thats great sqirl
[2019-04-03 01:02:48] independz: and it does not always work either
[2019-04-03 01:02:57] independz: alot of the cancers ont eh skin is nano
[2019-04-03 01:03:03] independz: build up and circuitry
[2019-04-03 01:03:08] sqirl: lemon juice for high blood pressure?
[2019-04-03 01:03:11] Rick Bonner: What about this ‘new’ (horseshit sounding) stuff, ‘kratom’, Tony? Anything on that?
[2019-04-03 01:04:07] Monkey_Breath: KRATOM is good to use for pain. Be careful how much you use.
[2019-04-03 01:04:09] sheila brown: sqirl – think I have the start of leaky gut
[2019-04-03 01:04:13] Cecil: used for joints and all the trhitius’s including ulceruhtive colitus
[2019-04-03 01:04:58] sqirl: sheila-your off grains?
[2019-04-03 01:05:14] Cecil: stomach pain , sore throat, pain, pimples and yes sqrl helps cancer die itself off
[2019-04-03 01:05:43] sheila brown: I was for about 4 months – feel off wagon – so try until something happens to knock me off
[2019-04-03 01:05:46] Cecil: frankenscens god like it too i think
[2019-04-03 01:05:51] Rick Bonner: I fear, Monk (I know; I oughta be ashamed o’ meself) that it’s been laced with poison, like the lucy-fairy-ans spike the non-home-grown weed. Paraquat like symptoms…
[2019-04-03 01:06:20] Cecil: whats that monkey
[2019-04-03 01:06:31] sqirl: Sheila whenever you crave it make creamy buttery mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary
[2019-04-03 01:06:44] sheila brown: my oldest graduated college with 4 year degree after 6 years – got nice job and took us to a very nice mexican resturant
[2019-04-03 01:06:58] Cecil: ?kratom idk
[2019-04-03 01:07:00] Monkey_Breath: rick, Tony said to use KRATOM and get as much as you cAn before you can’t get it anymore.
[2019-04-03 01:07:17] Cecil: almond flour coconut flour
[2019-04-03 01:07:25] sqirl: oh- peer pressure to celbrate
[2019-04-03 01:07:43] sqirl: I’ll look up kratom
[2019-04-03 01:07:45] Cecil: or nah. forget that. thats cheating yourself tho.
[2019-04-03 01:07:50] sqirl: thanks
[2019-04-03 01:08:08] Rick Bonner: Comfort food! Comfort ye, My people, with the sa me Comfort you’ve beebpn comforted with. There I go again; repeatin’ the good stuff from The Good Book.
[2019-04-03 01:08:14] sheila brown: no kidlet considered a treat to take us out for a change
[2019-04-03 01:08:52] Cecil: ‘rick tries to calm things down’ : )
[2019-04-03 01:09:11] Cecil: you guys are the best
[2019-04-03 01:09:55] Rick Bonner: Workin’ at it here, boss! Shakin’ dee bush, boss!
[2019-04-03 01:10:26] sheila brown: finally ordered the citric acid from bulk – but it said be careful dealing with it ( a little unsettling) and got colostrum from “Get the Tea” so going to work on that for awhile
[2019-04-03 01:12:29] Monkey_Breath: I took too much citric acid and it made me vomit at both ends…if you know what I mean🙀
[2019-04-03 01:12:44] sheila brown: I really like the knowledge and helpfulness going through this group
[2019-04-03 01:13:27] Monkey_Breath: It would be nice to meet everyone one day.
[2019-04-03 01:13:34] sheila brown: the citric acid was Tony’s suggestion for gallbladder cleanse a few shows ago
[2019-04-03 01:13:51] sqirl: Sheil, everbodies differnt. I really find chia seeds soothing- and there is protein in it. soak- em drink
[2019-04-03 01:14:25] sqirl: nettles are really nurishing too- the tea
[2019-04-03 01:14:45] Rick Bonner: Timothy Leary said “yez cain’t takes too much acid”, Monk…, tied his necktie around his head like a hippy’s headband, and ended up whit an hour-glass shaped skull.
[2019-04-03 01:14:58] sqirl: good day all -thank you Tony
[2019-04-03 01:15:25] sheila brown: Tony’s suggestion was 1 tsp in 6 oz distilled water every few hours – MB how many days would you guess to do this
[2019-04-03 01:16:43] Monkey_Breath: i would try it to see how it affects you. It is very strong.
[2019-04-03 01:17:19] Monkey_Breath: you can get it in a capsule or powdered form.
[2019-04-03 01:17:27] sheila brown: any precations that you take handling the citric acid
[2019-04-03 01:17:31] Monkey_Breath: i have the powder
[2019-04-03 01:17:39] sheila brown: cannot take capsules
[2019-04-03 01:17:47] Monkey_Breath: you can get it from a smoke shop
[2019-04-03 01:18:15] sheila brown: I have it coming from pure bulk plus getting a scale
[2019-04-03 01:18:18] Monkey_Breath: i don’t invest the capsules myself
[2019-04-03 01:18:26] Monkey_Breath: ingest
[2019-04-03 01:19:26] sheila brown: has to be better than all the apple juice the nutritionist wants me to drink over the 4 days and really do not feel symptoms yet
[2019-04-03 01:19:52] Rick Bonner: Open them, Sheila, and pour them on your old fashioned jello. Knox is good for the nails and hair and joints, too, I’ve heard. Just, by all means nescessary EAT the good stuff!
[2019-04-03 01:20:41] Monkey_Breath: it does help with pain. I learned about it from the 60 Minutes program about a year ago. Athletes were speaking highly about it.
[2019-04-03 01:21:01] sheila brown: yep I go doing stuff on the less side and then increase when I see what is going to happen
[2019-04-03 01:21:58] Monkey_Breath: yes, you are right to do it that way Sheila.
[2019-04-03 01:22:06] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› me too
[2019-04-03 01:22:58] Monkey_Breath: take care everyone. Hope to be back on Thursday. Goodnight!
[2019-04-03 01:23:11] sheila brown: I have listened to Tony’s programs over many times – I just hit on the one with gelatin and milk powder to help with the GI track
[2019-04-03 01:23:27] sheila brown: yep night all and thanks
[2019-04-03 01:23:41] Rick Bonner: Night, Monk. Take CARE !
[2019-04-03 01:24:59] Rick Bonner: Me too; makin’ like the Tree o’ Life…, leavin’!
[2019-04-03 01:28:05] nancy: WALL
[2019-04-03 01:28:23] nancy: bye all


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