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“The Remedy” 2019-04-09 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - We Are In A War - Protect Kids Identity - Protect & Restore Your DNA - Biological Value (BV)

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-09):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 9th, 2019, click the video above.

Making a point of mailing to me get tracking numbers–for validation and access–have a realistic expectation on mails–

Email stunning about getting through this life and avoidance of the schemes and games of life

You are going to have to be in some sort of compromise to get through this system but there will be a time when there will be a separation
System getting more demonic by the day

there is a jump ahead with the current system and will take this out will be difficult

The leadership will determine the fate of the country — Believing in a living God or a demonic one? We have had leaders who believe in the demonic and see where it has got us

The health of people back in the 50’s and what is today are different due to the (food) pyramid of the day was dairy and meat at the top and the grains at the bottom and with the inversion can see the results of then and now.

The main dishes are breads and cereals and as a result everyone is compromise and the Anti milk and eggs are ridiculous when these 2 foods are the highest and most effective support then the other junk being perpetrated

BV (biological value) on proteins–the determination on the uptake of proteins egg is 93 /100 milk 92/100 and egg+ gelatin then you are 99/100-when people make the ludicrous comments on anti milk unless fermented or cheeses yogurt or kefir or other fermented dairy should be use the non fermented should not be used—and the fermented dairy should not have filles
Comments on the lower BV rated proteins –and the actually uptake.

Sites on Nano assault on the body Chemtrails

Bryan396’s site Nano detox – nano-tech-documents:


Bryan396 page on


Brian396’s Photos @ flickr
 Brian396's Photons atflick.png Levitating objects with light
Evitating-objects-with-light.png A light-based carrier system for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing
A light-based carrier system for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing.png

DNA nanotechnology
DNA Nanotechnology.png

Info on Nano Transformation

Info on Nano Mark Assimilation

Info on C60 nanoscale impact

Info on DNA AI Integration

Info on XNA
info on XNA.png

Info on Nano modifications

Info on Carbon Nano

Info on DNA Edit Malware

Info on Nano Aerosols & DNA

Suzanne Maher and bye bye blue sky

Info on susanne-maher-of-bye-bye-blue-sky-on-chemtrails-and-nanotechnology


TME Chatroom Comments

TME Chatroom comments
Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-09):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 4th, 2019, click the video above.

[23:59:32] independz:
[23:59:46] independz:
[00:00:02] Jude: Hey everyone!
[00:00:24] Billy29: Hi everybody
[00:00:46] Monkey_Breath: Hello
[00:01:58] sheila brown: hi all
[00:02:17] sqirl: Hi team- this is a great article
[00:03:14] sqirl: the author wrote a book called climatechange, land use, and monetary policy -trifacto bet
[00:04:12] sqirl: The big scam of agenda 21 via un agenda 21- international communitarian policy.
[00:05:01] Monkey_Breath: Thanks for sharing sqirl!
[00:05:12] Peter: the ultimate revolution club of rome
[00:07:07] sqirl: I called the author- Geraldine perry. She’ brought attention towar American monetary institute. there are folks working out what a should have been done before the fereral reserve jacked us with fractional reserve.
[00:07:28] Jude: Selfie
[00:07:41] sqirl: Faulty currency and price parity of goods
[00:08:17] sqirl: everything is messed up economically because of the false mamon we use
[00:08:39] Jude: People back in the day were very fertile
[00:08:57] Jude: My great grandparents came from Italy and had 16 kids
[00:09:19] Jude: This was in the late 1800’s early 1900’s
[00:09:22] Peter: then friggin vegans
[00:09:41] sqirl: I found this on farming parity
[00:09:51] nancy: yeah
[00:10:04] Jude: My great grandfather lived to be 94 and my grandfather 93
[00:10:23] sqirl: Jude was he a farmer?
[00:10:41] sheila brown: I have a friend who had her children tested by the muscle testing – one cannot have any eggs period and the other no milk period – I personally question these things
[00:10:44] Jude: My grandfather was
[00:10:55] Jude: My great grandfather wasn’t
[00:11:07] Jude: My great grandfather had black lung too
[00:15:36] sheila brown: how much gelatin can you take in a day?
[00:16:18] robberts: 5 teaspoons
[00:16:56] sheila brown: ty
[00:17:19] Monkey_Breath: Tony, do you recommend fish gelatin?
[00:19:30] Monkey_Breath: ty
[00:20:28] sheila brown: do any of you mix it and drink the gelatin?
[00:21:33] robberts: water or you could get plugged up
[00:22:21] Yannis: Casein is lately demonized in my circles as to be avoided. I have not done any research on it yet, but with the opportunity is any one here has done some research on Casein protein? Shall indeed be avoided?
[00:23:41] Yannis: In my understanding Casein protein is from cheese
[00:25:04] Monkey_Breath: Tony, Can knee cartilage regrow using gelatin? I was told once the cartilage is gone, it will not regenerate.
[00:26:22] Yannis: Thank you Tony. So it better for rebuild after exercise for example and at the end of the day too. Thank you
[00:26:42] sqirl: connective tissue
[00:27:18] sqirl: i’ve been trying chicken feet and Dr bergman knee ecersizes
[00:27:40] sqirl: He regrew two shattered knees
[00:28:00] sqirl: Dr. john Bergman Monkey Breath
[00:28:17] robberts: bergman the utube guy
[00:28:53] sqirl: Yep- I have some knee stuff from way back and two animal attacks
[00:29:01] Monkey_Breath: TY sqirl…I will check dr. John Bergman out.
[00:29:29] joy: Sheila, I mix gelatin (for horses, equine hydrolyzed collegian) into homemade kefir along with powdered supplements & herbs, and leave out on counter overnight. I actually do 5 mixes and leave out over the night for the next day.
00:29:47] Monkey_Breath: I have bone on bone on both knees and I refuse to get double knee replacements
[00:30:11] robberts: he promotes vegy and soy products
[00:30:14] sqirl: Pretty simple therapy.. sit and dangle feet from a bench with weights- stretch and strengthen the ligaments and cartiledge. moist heat excelerates- 15 minutes a day
[00:30:57] sqirl: Robberts I ignore that stuff- the excersizes are good
[00:31:06] Monkey_Breath: i will try anything at this point. TY
[00:31:45] sheila brown: I had MSG issues so the hydrolyzed collegian is out – was feeling bad taking it and muscle testing agreed – but doing gelatin and seems not to affect me at least yet
[00:32:09] sqirl: I also do castor oil with a hot water bottle some days
[00:32:09] robberts: i know i watch him he rips into medical buss
[00:32:27] Rick Bonner: You were talking un-agenda 21 earlier, Squirrel. Rosa Koire, the Lady that wrlte ‘Behind tne Green Mask was a guest on The Micro Effect this morning.
[00:32:46] sqirl: Really?
[00:33:50] sheila brown: I saw a recipe for cheese cake and thinking going to try the gelatin with creamcheese and thin layer of almond crust
[00:34:21] Rick Bonner: Yep. She’s still doing it. (Speaking o’ which, I’d STILL like to try change her mind on biology. 😊)
[00:34:23] sqirl: Rick read this-its a book on topic with agenda 21- Nikki Rapaana
[00:34:59] joy: sounds delish Sheila!
[00:35:29] sqirl: She is questionable – Nikki Rapaana gave her a lot of info- she just knows how to promote herself. Either way it’s important info
[00:36:51] Rick Bonner: She’s a pistol. When the protesting got down to their delphi techniques meetings for ‘ con-ce-e-e-ensus’, they made the commie pinkos (sorry Rosa) open with The Pledge o’ Alliegience.
[00:41:16] sqirl: valuing fake money over self improvement and wellbeing
[00:42:06] Rick Bonner: I’ll TRADE you! (And thanks!) Here’s Gary Allen, including a pdf of his book ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’.
[00:43:08] Rick Bonner: Value artificer conjured artificial stuff, over Reality.
[00:43:16] Peter: biology is biology
[00:43:35] joy: many many years ago I heard a Stanford doc advise NEVER agree to any medicine testing, & experimental breakthru testing, no matter how much they think it works and offer to pay.
[00:44:32] Rick Bonner: I calls it lucy-fairy-an-ism, ummm hmmm. Some folk calls it come-here-ism, mmm, I calls it lucy-fairy-an-ism. Ah’ite, denn.
[00:45:30] sqirl: Thank you Rick
[00:46:21] Rick Bonner: Rose don’ think there’s anything a feller kin hepp her whit, Petie. I’d like to show her; you know, hepp ‘er out a lil’ wee bit.
[00:47:44] robberts: its an un regulated industry
[00:48:22] sqirl: Tony- I fermented b3 in some raw milk Keiger the other day -so strong i had flush then my face broke out like a teenager-i don’t understand how that works how does B# work?
[00:48:23] Billy29: Doesn’t Bill Gates want to put vaccines in mosquitoes
[00:48:53] sheila brown: did anyone
[00:49:23] sqirl: Keifer and B3
[00:49:30] Peter: gates wont vaccinate his kids
[00:49:32] robberts: sqirl use the none flush… niacinimiad
[00:49:32] Rick Bonner: lucy-fairy-an-is PRETEND to be communists, doctors, scientists and OTHER professions and various ethnicities, even. But it’s all lucy’s doctrine.
[00:49:50] Monkey_Breath: Bill Gates is behind depopulation with his vaccines!
[00:50:17] Peter: in africa big time
[00:50:17] sheila brown: did anyone see the nurse talking about a patient in tx sweating a mosquito and getting cut – rushed to hospital and died the next day – it was a nano mosquito
[00:51:26] joy: wow Sheila
[00:51:29] Rick Bonner: lucy has his dupes wearing tattered sheep’s clothing and pretending to be eugenicists. They’re cysts all right.
[00:51:33] sqirl: no sheila- tha’t scary
[00:54:50] Monkey_Breath: just wish others would wake up and listen
[00:55:44] independz:
[00:56:00] robberts: if the weather change doest wake them maybe nothing will
[00:56:55] Rick Bonner: Here’s a good strip o’ litmus paper to hang before someone, Monk: does what you’re thinking and saying – and therefore – what you’re Doing serve …. Truth?
[00:57:48] Rick Bonner: Or, serve to fertilize ‘shrooms? (Bullsh.)
[00:57:57] sheila brown:

— picture of the mosquito shown here and the nurses news if anyone is interested
[00:58:10] sqirl: Thanks Sheila
[00:58:23] robberts: the wind here has bcome scary…. home insurance up 20% 2019
[00:58:23] Peter: chemtrail,the road to hell
[00:59:40] joy: Thank you so much Tony!!! Yannis, sleep well, sweet dreams!
[00:59:45] Rick Bonner: Just think, Shiela; what could a mad scientist do with a swamp full o’ real skeeters!
[00:59:46] Billy29: Thank tony good night everybody
[00:59:49] Yannis: Thank you Tony! Great info
[01:00:19] sqirl: Yes, thank you tony good stuff. i post your links to RBN chatroom
[01:00:38] independz: thanks for tuning in
[01:01:05] sqirl: Sheila, I’m glad you posted that link. i’ve listened to him before
[01:01:20] sheila brown: think on this lol — people say they feel something big is coming – maybe a war — they flip the switch on stuff we have inside from chemtrail, injections, food and sending in an army would be an easy win
[01:01:25] Rick Bonner: Thanks for ‘sticking with it’ Tony. God bless(es) you fer it!
[01:01:30] sheila brown: ty Tony
[01:01:34] Yannis: Thanks Joy
[01:01:58] independz: thaks fr tuning in
[01:02:47] Monkey_Breath: Another fast hour. tY tony!
[01:02:49] Rick Bonner: Some of us won’t go along peaceable like, Sheila, but we do move slower after swimming in this toxic stew for so long.
[01:03:09] Peter: good night AI
[01:03:24] independz: peter hows the stuff working
[01:03:36] sheila brown: think Tony is on the right path – get healthy and prepare with items that help protect 🙂
[01:03:39] independz: am noting more thickness in the muscles
[01:04:26] Peter: good
[01:04:29] Rick Bonner: Dave. I’m … loosin’ it Dave. Ize kin feels it…. Dave. Ay-aye looses it…, in the end, Dave.
[01:05:13] sqirl: See you next time all –
[01:05:13] Yannis: @sqirl, what is the link for RBN?
[01:05:38] Peter: brewing the goat weed tomorrow ,to an oil
[01:05:54] Rick Bonner: But it’ll be difficult whiddout our helmets on Dave. Put a helmet on ‘at soldier!
[01:06:08] Peter: how many drops
[01:06:24] Peter: how many drops
[2019-04-10 01:11:15] Rick Bonner: Here ya go, Yannis:
[2019-04-10 01:12:16] Rick Bonner: I’m cutting loose at minute (M) 1911
[2019-04-10 01:26:04] Monkey_Breath: Take care everyone!
[2019-04-10 01:27:59] independz: peter you will be doing push ups iwith no hands

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