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“The Remedy” 2019-04-11 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - Fear & Anxiety - Nano Introduced Problems - Nano Expelled From Bodies - Christ Is The Ultimate Healer

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-11):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 11th, 2019, click the video above.

Got a call and made me do some thinking…talking about fear afraid anxiety –and get caught up on all of these things

We forget we are all going to die one day
What has this got to do with health everything or nothing
We all face different forms of insanity in life
What ever you have or don’t have it in this life it all comes to an end
Being immortal-christ gives us this in his kingdom
Going to reference a well as if everyone believes in christ
All of us have bee inflicted afflicted or infected with nano bio tech or synthetic bio-all of us have been exposed to some genetically engineered foods
All of us has been as well exposed to RF of some kind-these 3 dynamic things in this existence are not really alive but are slaves or experiments
Some are more activated
With the exposure to these 3 things the bio tech assault the DNA disruptors-
Some are feeling the wrath of the experiment–some not so don’t worry it will hit you—they did not leave you out
The culprits behind these experiments did not leave any stone unturned
Some of you have felt the voice o skull some bodily breakdown some health break down–skin assaults pain body on fire—mental overwhelming-emotionally over loaded mental dysfunctions
The nature of the experiment
The experiment of mankind– in this crap hole–in the moment we leave this crap hole and give an account while we are down here
Save us is Jesus – The mercy of the king of kings saved a thief who was dying with him
Space of time to be separated from the chaff
Getting the right perspective
Embracing death is when you come alive

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TME Chatroom Comments

TME Chatroom comments
Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-11):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 11th, 2019, click the video above.


[2019-04-12 00:01:51] Joe McNeil: where arth thou tony
[2019-04-12 00:04:57] Billy29: Hi Everyone
[2019-04-12 00:05:15] Monkey_Breath: Hello everybody!
[2019-04-12 00:05:16] sheila brown: Hi all
[2019-04-12 00:05:21] Fiona: hello
[2019-04-12 00:05:28] Cecil: hi
[2019-04-12 00:05:36] independz: Main nano Site Flicker Nano Pictures.… **ute Videos www. Twitter Feed:
[2019-04-12 00:05:49] coronagal: Hello.
[2019-04-12 00:05:52] joy: hi everyone!
[2019-04-12 00:06:38] independz: 294 papers mention Bryan 396 and My Key NanoTech Discoveries Chemtrails, Morgellons, Self Assembling Polymers and Nano Technology My earlier journey of discoveries during
[2019-04-12 00:06:54] SantaClaws: Hey all!
[2019-04-12 00:07:13] Cecil: i like that image of molecularized water molecule on bryans page
[2019-04-12 00:07:28] independz: Chemtrails, Morgellons, Self Assembling Polymers and Nano Technology My earlier journey of discoveries during the daily detox process. The details of treatments and what to expect. Bryan 396 and My Key NanoTech Dis
[2019-04-12 00:07:39] Cecil: yeah but i dont want it to be painful when i go.
[2019-04-12 00:07:44] Monkey_Breath: Hello SantaClaws….welcome back!
[2019-04-12 00:08:17] sqirl: hi team
[2019-04-12 00:08:22] SantaClaws: Hi Monk!
[2019-04-12 00:08:31] sqirl: the suburbs
[2019-04-12 00:08:35] Cecil: i have a bunch of unlisted geoengineering in the sky videos
[2019-04-12 00:09:07] independz: Frequencies Fractals And The Energy Body Will Power And Mind Power. Messages and Musings.’s Detox and Restoration Treatments Frequencies and MORGELLONS DISEASE/NANO POISON
[2019-04-12 00:09:46] sqirl: The pain is for the growth and compassion for others
[2019-04-12 00:09:52] Cecil: i do
[2019-04-12 00:10:44] Monkey_Breath: if you want to see a very good video about 5G, check out
[2019-04-12 00:11:28] SantaClaws: The link didn’t work, Monk
[2019-04-12 00:11:54] Cecil: thanks monkey. i copied pasted
[2019-04-12 00:12:10] Cecil: i got the 5g removed from my isp
[2019-04-12 00:12:20] Cecil: my internet is fine too
[2019-04-12 00:12:49] Monkey_Breath: How did you do that Cecil?
[2019-04-12 00:12:53] Cecil: not enough nutrition in food. i take daily protein supplements.
[2019-04-12 00:12:54] independz: i The Sources of all our Problems. The Perps. CIA NXIVM Cults-site Wix Bryan396 WebStarts CIA Cabal
[2019-04-12 00:13:13] Cecil: copied the words and pasted on browser
[2019-04-12 00:13:37] Cecil:

[2019-04-12 00:14:13] Cecil: ah there it is. i was looking for your podcasts tony
[2019-04-12 00:14:27] sheila brown: source Stop the Crime .com — testimony of a lady targeted since 2015 – detailed in front of a committee
[2019-04-12 00:14:32] Monkey_Breath: TY Cecil for making the link work
[2019-04-12 00:14:55] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-12 00:15:04] sheila brown: sorry not .com it is .net
[2019-04-12 00:15:13] SantaClaws: I learned an interesting fact. State representatives, city councils, etc do not respond to phone calls or read their emails but are required to read letters that get sent in
[2019-04-12 00:15:31] Cecil: ok
[2019-04-12 00:15:47] Monkey_Breath: good to know santaClaws
[2019-04-12 00:15:51] SantaClaws: Will be sending letters about 5G
[2019-04-12 00:16:18] Cecil: alright
[2019-04-12 00:17:59] Cecil: a master of counterfeit
[2019-04-12 00:18:46] Cecil: nothing so much as fear itself is to be feared.
[2019-04-12 00:18:49] Fiona: I can say that a brush with death began my journey on this, I can relate
[2019-04-12 00:19:10] Monkey_Breath: Amen to that!
[2019-04-12 00:19:18] Cecil: dont fear fear or death
[2019-04-12 00:21:01] sqirl: Santa claws great tip
[2019-04-12 00:21:52] SantaClaws: Thanks
[2019-04-12 00:21:55] Cecil: thanks again for this link

[2019-04-12 00:23:08] Cecil: drag em around and show them all the damage they done. lol
[2019-04-12 00:23:08] SantaClaws: Tony, this may sound like a silly question but do you think all the frequencies are opening “the gates of Hell” since we are on this topic
[2019-04-12 00:24:14] Cecil: we take the love with us
[2019-04-12 00:24:18] Monkey_Breath: sure sounds like it Santaclaws
[2019-04-12 00:24:44] knapstersky: @Claws, they’re distorting the holographic field i think.
[2019-04-12 00:25:20] Cecil: i had a network errror
[2019-04-12 00:25:54] sqirl: Don’t forget the solar effect- sun spots. i watched the cloud mystery and the magnetic pull of the sun does stuff
[2019-04-12 00:25:55] SantaClaws: Soul recycling realm
[2019-04-12 00:26:00] Cecil: i’ll die after my body wears out.
[2019-04-12 00:26:09] Monkey_Breath: i sure agree with that Tony!
[2019-04-12 00:26:14] SantaClaws: Interesting @knapstersky
[2019-04-12 00:26:14] Cecil: interesting sqirl
[2019-04-12 00:26:30] Cecil: right tony.
[2019-04-12 00:26:41] Cecil: we were created, then born later on.
[2019-04-12 00:26:45] sqirl: Cosmic rays come in with the solar minum mentioned in it
[2019-04-12 00:27:15] sqirl: Cecil you’ll learn stuff in The Cloud mystery documentary
[2019-04-12 00:27:39] Cecil: relink please
[2019-04-12 00:27:59] Cecil: i’ll look it up
[2019-04-12 00:28:21] SantaClaws: When we starting waking up, I think we are reconnecting with our higher self
[2019-04-12 00:29:05] Cecil:
[2019-04-12 00:29:12] sqirl: cecil this is it
[2019-04-12 00:29:19] Yannis: @SantaClaws, more than just the frequencies are need it. But CERN and their network of colliders around the word, are working on opening the gates to other realms.
[2019-04-12 00:29:23] Monkey_Breath: True SantaClaws
[2019-04-12 00:29:23] Cecil: thank you
[2019-04-12 00:29:41] Cecil: sern is responsible
[2019-04-12 00:29:58] knapstersky: yup sqirl, the sun and cosmic rays always seem to slip by the phd’s pounding human climate change junk. the sun don’t factor at all with them. but the geoengineering guys know.
[2019-04-12 00:30:08] Cecil: throwing people in kerrblack holes
[2019-04-12 00:31:09] Fiona: Yes, this is a good video that explains a bit of what Yannis just mentioned
[2019-04-12 00:31:11] robberts: vortex
[2019-04-12 00:32:30] Cecil: taste is the doorway to energy. our basic way for energy is in food. when we eat, we give thanks to god. when we are grateful for the food we eat, god allows us to ingest the enery from food. most food doesnt give out its full energy otherwise.
[2019-04-12 00:32:56] Cecil: this makes eating a holy thing.
[2019-04-12 00:33:21] robberts: tonnes
[2019-04-12 00:33:22] Cecil: its a special communion with our creator i guess.
[2019-04-12 00:34:17] robberts: and yet no one knows about this
[2019-04-12 00:34:20] SantaClaws: Thanks @Yannis and
[2019-04-12 00:34:26] SantaClaws: Gion
[2019-04-12 00:34:31] SantaClaws: Fiona
[2019-04-12 00:35:07] Fiona: 8)
[2019-04-12 00:35:41] Cecil: tony, i lost a bunch of weight from the nograins diet. now, im drinking raw milk (9$per half gallon), and all kinds of stuff right. i hope i get my weight back, im too thin. always have been.
[2019-04-12 00:36:14] sheila brown: add to the mix vaccines
[2019-04-12 00:36:35] Cecil: i eat all the time. its expensive. i get muchies and have midnight snacks even.
[2019-04-12 00:36:46] Fiona: yeah, more fat perhaps, Cecil, along with enzymes to digest them
[2019-04-12 00:36:51] robberts: cecil eat the 35% cream recipee tony shows… you gain it fast
[2019-04-12 00:37:05] Fiona: so that you absorb and not get hungry so quickly
[2019-04-12 00:37:30] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-12 00:37:36] Cecil: thnx
[2019-04-12 00:38:51] Cecil: fat is definitely my friend. salt is too. when i make iodine crystals, i have the saturated iodine water left over. do i reuse it or throw it away?
[2019-04-12 00:39:27] Cecil: i dont watch tv ehehe
[2019-04-12 00:40:08] Cecil: but a cheapie yellow lens glasses. they snapped so i got yellow safety glasses.
[2019-04-12 00:40:09] Fiona: I suppose the voice cadence and tone that news people have to use is part of the hypnosis/programming
[2019-04-12 00:40:37] Cecil: they make mowing the lawn etc nicer. things appear brighter.
[2019-04-12 00:40:44] knapstersky: news media is wepeonized.
[2019-04-12 00:40:58] Cecil: …!
[2019-04-12 00:41:42] Cecil: anything worth having isnt easy to come by. all im saying
[2019-04-12 00:42:11] Peter: the singularity
[2019-04-12 00:43:05] Cecil: atomitonless
[2019-04-12 00:44:32] sqirl: This is an interesting interview in Santa Cruz about agenda 21 . the host and mayor had no clue they were implementing the takeover of property rights. The callers in know what ‘s up. Good listen
[2019-04-12 00:44:37] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-12 00:44:50] Rick Bonner: Hey Cecil! The onlies’ thing that makes food taste better (and get up off of moe energy) is to pray over it, and Share it !
[2019-04-12 00:45:18] sqirl: WISDOM
[2019-04-12 00:45:32] sqirl: YOUR WISE TONY
[2019-04-12 00:45:41] Cecil: i always believed myself to be a time specialist.
[2019-04-12 00:46:10] robberts: thats we are listening here
[2019-04-12 00:46:10] Cecil: i know of 11 theories for time travel. though they are all impractical.
[2019-04-12 00:46:59] Cecil: and then they try to piss us off after they trap the mind tony. its horrible
[2019-04-12 00:47:14] sqirl: My boyfriend kept putting power tools in my hands
[2019-04-12 00:47:36] Rick Bonner: Fiona. The calls it televised sigil magic, to open your skull, and pour lucy-fairy-an junk into it.
[2019-04-12 00:47:56] sqirl: It helps with problem solving- so does a good ol backhoe
[2019-04-12 00:48:11] Cecil: he frees the mind and brings peace to the heart.
[2019-04-12 00:48:51] knapstersky: @sqirl, your power tools are bigger than mine ha ha.
[2019-04-12 00:48:53] Cecil: people curse god all the time. they say ah gah damn it
[2019-04-12 00:49:10] Fiona: interesting
[2019-04-12 00:49:22] Peter: GOD gave you brains -use em
[2019-04-12 00:49:23] sqirl: I see God in natural resource- his creation is pure .
[2019-04-12 00:50:02] sqirl: power tools and wood is heaven to me
[2019-04-12 00:50:10] Fiona: That should be on a t-shirt, Peter
[2019-04-12 00:50:35] Rick Bonner: Of course, all them spinning, whirling counter uppers and downers on ALL of the TV programs…., is simply coincidental.
[2019-04-12 00:50:50] knapstersky: i don’t blame you one bit sqirl.
[2019-04-12 00:50:53] Monkey_Breath: The less you have, the less you have to worry about.
[2019-04-12 00:51:07] Cecil: yes
[2019-04-12 00:51:37] robberts: complament
[2019-04-12 00:51:39] Peter: you mean theres no americian dream
[2019-04-12 00:52:01] Cecil: i have a small family
[2019-04-12 00:52:17] Rick Bonner: The heavens and earth declare the magnificence of The Creator. When we notice them. Is there anything good on tv?
[2019-04-12 00:52:28] SantaClaws: The American dream = enslavement
[2019-04-12 00:52:37] sheila brown: voice to skull tech. makes your think about when God said “take every thought captive “
[2019-04-12 00:52:42] robberts: only when your sleeping…. haha
[2019-04-12 00:52:49] Monkey_Breath: so true SantaClaws!
[2019-04-12 00:52:54] Cecil: the pursuit for happiness > the pursuit of relief
[2019-04-12 00:53:23] Monkey_Breath: so true also Cecil
[2019-04-12 00:53:27] Cecil: check them thoughts lol
[2019-04-12 00:53:28] SantaClaws: Haha roberts
[2019-04-12 00:53:29] independz:
[2019-04-12 00:53:40] knapstersky: the pursuit to pay more taxes ha ha.
[2019-04-12 00:54:16] Cecil: good thoughts lead to good feelings
[2019-04-12 00:54:24] Cecil: good feelings lead to good actions
[2019-04-12 00:54:36] robberts: george carlin
[2019-04-12 00:54:41] Rick Bonner: And while we’re at it, Sheila, Jesus said “Let NOT yer heart be troubled….” so we can know that our hearts and minds are subject to US. When and IF we ‘guard’ ’em.
[2019-04-12 00:54:53] Cecil: good decisions leads to good actions l
[2019-04-12 00:55:07] Cecil: good actions lead to good habits
[2019-04-12 00:55:16] Cecil: good habits lead to good character
[2019-04-12 00:55:28] Cecil: good character leads to a good destination
[2019-04-12 00:56:30] Peter: have a conversation with the almighty
[2019-04-12 00:56:48] Cecil: a good thought can lead to heaven. every journey begins with a single step.
[2019-04-12 00:57:05] Monkey_Breath: he was the true miracle worker
[2019-04-12 00:57:29] Cecil: nothing like old friends, old wine and old gold. : )
[2019-04-12 00:57:47] Cecil: thank you tony
[2019-04-12 00:58:17] SantaClaws: So long everyone, see you all next week
[2019-04-12 00:58:22] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-04-12 00:58:22] Fiona: thanks Tony, bye folks
[2019-04-12 00:58:23] Billy29: Thank tony great show
[2019-04-12 00:58:24] joy: Thank you so much Tony!
[2019-04-12 00:58:33] knapstersky: thanks Tony.
[2019-04-12 00:58:35] SantaClaws: Thank you Tony
[2019-04-12 00:59:01] Yannis: Thanks Tony. bye every one. 1 AM here…
[2019-04-12 00:59:08] Monkey_Breath: darn, that hour flew bye. TY again Tony!
[2019-04-12 00:59:19] sqirl: Thank you Tony good words
[2019-04-12 00:59:23] sheila brown: On a positive note I tried the colostrum in yogurt – and wow my left shoulder that has been hurting for last 3 weeks – pain is almost gone
[2019-04-12 00:59:30] Cecil: yep ehehe bye everyone
[2019-04-12 00:59:58] sqirl: Good news Sheila
[2019-04-12 01:00:34] joy: yeaaay Sheila, thanks for letting us know!
[2019-04-12 01:00:37] sheila brown: God is good = he gave us Tony lol
[2019-04-12 01:00:45] Fiona: sheila, what the recipe?
[2019-04-12 01:00:59] Monkey_Breath: he sure did a great job!
[2019-04-12 01:01:31] sheila brown: I put a tablespoon in the morning in about 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt
[2019-04-12 01:02:00] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-04-12 01:02:09] independz: hopefully share the links
[2019-04-12 01:02:13] sheila brown: I got the colostrum from Get the Tea
[2019-04-12 01:02:55] sheila brown: Tony – how many days will it take on the gallbadder healing with the citirc acid method
[2019-04-12 01:03:10] independz: what ever it takes
[2019-04-12 01:03:28] sheila brown: okay ty
[2019-04-12 01:03:38] independz: I cannot see the damage so what ever it took itto get there was time same with the restoration
[2019-04-12 01:03:47] coronagal: Thanks Tony☺
[2019-04-12 01:03:49] Fiona: Sheila, do you use the yogurt as a liposome or more for the probiotics (or sonmething else)?
[2019-04-12 01:03:52] independz: just keep flushing as well with water and enzymes use as well
[2019-04-12 01:04:14] independz: if you can hnalde a shot of vodka or brandy this will aso assist
[2019-04-12 01:04:18] sheila brown: thank you
[2019-04-12 01:04:55] sheila brown: hummm going to do your nighttime remady with the vodka soon anyway
[2019-04-12 01:05:32] sheila brown: taking things so so I can watch for results
[2019-04-12 01:06:50] sheila brown: I simply stirred it in the yogurt in morning on empty stomach Fiona
[2019-04-12 01:07:55] sheila brown: I really was not expecting something that noticable even after having hubby rubbing the area and putting pressure on shoulder for lots of evening and not helping
[2019-04-12 01:08:23] Fiona: just wondering if the yogurt has a specific purpose. I can’t seem to tolerate yogurt so I’m thinking of an alternative to use with colostrum
[2019-04-12 01:09:39] sheila brown: I used the maple version of Brown Cow
[2019-04-12 01:10:16] sheila brown: they have the cream version – all natural and not skim
[2019-04-12 01:10:35] Fiona: ok
[2019-04-12 01:10:48] Fiona: thnx
[2019-04-12 02:30:44] Bill_Palmer: EMP talk:

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