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“The Remedy” 2019-04-16 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco The Remedy - Babel's Tower Scalar Energy - 5G Are Here Damaging Your DNA - Vaccines

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-16):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 16th, 2019, click the video above.

Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_The_Tower_of_Babel (1) (1).jpeg
Pieter Bruegel the Elder . The Tower of Babel

Start out with the Tower of babel is scalar energy.
Construct to open a portal using the atmosphere and the earth’s core.
The tower was a super conductor and would have acted as a collector.
CERN is a switch.

Chemtrails act as a super amplifier of the fields–access the magnetic field and static charges and a focal point to have a release.

Divide and conquer, from various access to everything , wars and rumors of wars —distractions going on under our noses with this type of constructs.

What was in Iraq that they are looking for what tech or material.

Nothing on planet is working as we were told, everything is a deception

Thinking outside the norm.
And so focused on the norm, we over look what is actually staring us in the face and we do not recognize this
Distractions in entertainment.

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Bryan396 page on

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr
  Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Bryan396 Flickr Video
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.37.09.png

Bryan396 Site
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.56.31.png

Bryan396 Flickr Pics & Video
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.40.42.png

30 mins Video Presentation with Pictures Of Nano Extracted from men & women bodies
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.58.46.png

The Project Of Emerging Nanotechnologies
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.49.16.png

Consumer Products Inventory
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.50.43.png
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.51.31.png
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.52.42.png

Image Search of Consumable Products with Nanotechnology
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.45.35.png

Patent How To Neutralize Microwave
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.44.09.png
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.44.48.png

ScienceDaily- April 11, 2019
Scientists drill into white graphene to create artificial atoms*
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.39.13.png

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Inteview with Tony Pantalleresco: dangers of nano AI,C60,Soy,Silica and...


Tony Pantalleresco's Bifilar Coil - Schematics How To Connect these coils. Nano & EMF protection

TME Chatroom Comments

TME Chatroom comments
Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-16):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 16th, 2019, click the video above.

[2019-04-17 00:00:43] Cecil: : )
[2019-04-17 00:01:32] Billy29: Hi Everybody
[2019-04-17 00:01:52] Cecil: HI
[2019-04-17 00:02:14] joy: hi everyone!
[2019-04-17 00:03:05] nancy: coffee
[2019-04-17 00:04:44] sheila brown: hi
[2019-04-17 00:05:35] robberts: novascotio just made all of there ctizens organ doners, opt out or you get harvested .. will spread to all canada
[2019-04-17 00:05:43] sheila brown: anyone with the sound it their ear notice it get worse?
[2019-04-17 00:05:58] robberts: yes
[2019-04-17 00:06:20] Peter: its constant in los angeles
[2019-04-17 00:06:50] independz: hey petros I need to make contact with you
[2019-04-17 00:07:10] Peter: call later
[2019-04-17 00:08:46] independz: ok
[2019-04-17 00:08:51] Peter: wackey behavior ,frequencys ,lovely 5g
[2019-04-17 00:09:08] Billy29: Is there a show tonight ?
[2019-04-17 00:09:08] independz: hey it gets better hahah
[2019-04-17 00:09:34] Peter: poeple off the wall
[2019-04-17 00:10:12] independz: yes
[2019-04-17 00:10:17] independz: coming on in a short
[2019-04-17 00:10:31] independz: just called
[2019-04-17 00:10:44] Cecil: ok
[2019-04-17 00:11:41] Peter: tech addicts
[2019-04-17 00:12:09] sqirl: Good job Tony your here
[2019-04-17 00:12:11] gia: WHAT A NICE SURPRISE
[2019-04-17 00:12:56] sqirl: Hi Gia
[2019-04-17 00:12:56] gia: i have not tund in live for awhile hi everyone
[2019-04-17 00:13:12] Peter: tony tesla
[2019-04-17 00:13:21] sqirl: glad your here
[2019-04-17 00:13:21] Monkey_Breath: Hello Tony followers!
[2019-04-17 00:13:53] sqirl: dna like
[2019-04-17 00:15:28] Yannis-AroyMak: It’s possible! It makes sense
[2019-04-17 00:16:17] Cecil: cer/n is creating kerrblack holes
[2019-04-17 00:16:34] gia: 🌴🌴🌴still on the Island ..month #3
[2019-04-17 00:16:34] sqirl: mike Morales has been following trails to weather events
[2019-04-17 00:16:42] Cecil: minikerrblackholes
[2019-04-17 00:17:25] joy: hey gia, nice to see you! hope you’re having a fabulous time!
[2019-04-17 00:17:46] Peter: extea terrestials extra unknowns here
[2019-04-17 00:18:08] Peter: extra
[2019-04-17 00:18:19] joy: and for ancient technology?
[2019-04-17 00:18:32] independz:
[2019-04-17 00:18:47] independz:……
[2019-04-17 00:19:10] independz:……
[2019-04-17 00:19:31] Cecil: preoccupation
[2019-04-17 00:19:37] knapstersky: there was a portal in iraq.
[2019-04-17 00:20:30] joy: ha! there ya go knap!
[2019-04-17 00:20:33] sqirl: knap
[2019-04-17 00:20:42] Cecil: on the other side of a black hole is a white hole that nothing can enter. or maybe it was a wormhole.
[2019-04-17 00:20:51] Cecil: haha
[2019-04-17 00:21:26] knapstersky: ha ha guys.
[2019-04-17 00:21:33] Cecil: that would be cayastrophic
[2019-04-17 00:21:42] Cecil: cat’
[2019-04-17 00:22:00] sqirl: The Lady of notre Dame
[2019-04-17 00:22:10] Cecil: we lack land ethics
[2019-04-17 00:22:26] Peter: she hot
[2019-04-17 00:23:34] joy: any insights sqirl? satanic ritual?
[2019-04-17 00:23:49] gia: yes its magical here away from the concrete jungle matrix of USA. i fell in love & am moving here
[2019-04-17 00:23:49] Cecil: the worlds north magnetic pole is in antartica
[2019-04-17 00:23:59] Monkey_Breath: They are changing the street lights in our county..they are very flat lights, some of the metal is white and some are black.
[2019-04-17 00:24:18] gia: he is another exPat from Colorado
[2019-04-17 00:24:18] sqirl: Joy- it’s cruel destruction on the beauty and devotion of christianity
[2019-04-17 00:24:31] Billy29: Cow farts
[2019-04-17 00:25:01] robberts: artificial atoms… that cant be good
[2019-04-17 00:25:04] joy: oooh wow gia, how exciting! are you in the Caribbean?
[2019-04-17 00:25:10] gia: if you need a vacation you have a friend in the Caribean 🌴
[2019-04-17 00:25:17] sqirl: i’ve been there and it was precious
[2019-04-17 00:25:18] Cecil: its part of electronics tech.
[2019-04-17 00:25:32] joy: i’
[2019-04-17 00:25:36] gia: yes ROATAN
[2019-04-17 00:25:54] gia: come visit any time
[2019-04-17 00:26:02] joy: gia I’m soooo happy happy happy for you!!!
[2019-04-17 00:26:04] Cecil: i disabled my 5g. my internet works fine still
[2019-04-17 00:26:19] joy: thank you!!!
[2019-04-17 00:26:27] Cecil: cheers
[2019-04-17 00:26:39] Cecil: : )
[2019-04-17 00:26:44] Cecil: oh
[2019-04-17 00:26:45] sqirl: my computer is getting hit
[2019-04-17 00:26:52] gia: ive never been so happy
[2019-04-17 00:27:14] Cecil: so far
[2019-04-17 00:27:15] joy: yeaaaaaay!!!
[2019-04-17 00:27:32] robberts: i have floaters in my computer screen
[2019-04-17 00:28:13] Cecil: lord big bro. would god come get me please.
[2019-04-17 00:28:24] joy: agree sqirl
[2019-04-17 00:28:25] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-17 00:30:11] sqirl: Joy i did hear newsweek reported that notre dame was desecrated a week back. The apostled statues where lowered to get cleaned
[2019-04-17 00:30:20] Monkey_Breath: Tony, are they also putting/hiding 5G in the new street lights?
[2019-04-17 00:30:53] Cecil: then there are fewer and fewer conscious minds that are conscious that they are conscious.
[2019-04-17 00:32:03] Cecil: i dont have street blues
[2019-04-17 00:32:15] Cecil: lightds’
[2019-04-17 00:32:18] Monkey_Breath: I thought so. Yes, I have yellow lenses.
[2019-04-17 00:32:41] gia: God is amazing
[2019-04-17 00:32:45] Cecil: i have yellow safety glasses
[2019-04-17 00:32:50] Cecil: yes gia
[2019-04-17 00:33:14] knapstersky: MB, the 5g in the lamps are wave-guiding the 5g minimally. plus the bluebeam. yup. they love us.
[2019-04-17 00:33:17] sqirl: oh cecil, i notice that too. Very few people talk to us.
[2019-04-17 00:33:18] Cecil: and so are you. you wonderful person you.
[2019-04-17 00:33:27] Seabass5701: Yes, Monkey_Breath, I saw one here where I live that where the light was on during the day… Weird? And it was blue. All around here when I bring my EMF meter, it has an ambient reading on the road of .8-4 milliwatts per meter squared.
[2019-04-17 00:33:31] Cecil: yeah
[2019-04-17 00:33:43] joy: interesting sqirl, I also heard they removed artifacts the night before the fire. a week before makes more sense. early reported explosions were heard when fire started. French politician called it the French 911
[2019-04-17 00:34:36] sqirl: The supposed “Workers” left two hours before it burned
[2019-04-17 00:34:47] Cecil: agitated rather than comfy
[2019-04-17 00:35:05] knapstersky: FOX news cutting peoples off mentioning terorism. i heard that too Joy.
[2019-04-17 00:35:27] Monkey_Breath: i am going to read the light with my EMF reader to see what reading I get. TY Seabass
[2019-04-17 00:35:56] sqirl: So heavy – We’ve been watching the yellow vest continued weekend protests. such little conversation about the carbon tax the reason
[2019-04-17 00:36:20] Cecil: i like you, not your problems. i died for you, not for sin. maybe he’d say or agree.
[2019-04-17 00:36:45] joy: gia, thanks for the reminder, yes, all we have to do is tune in!
[2019-04-17 00:36:48] Seabass5701: I mean on one of the roads near where I live, it’s like a 5 mile long strip, and all along the whole road it has that ambient reading even in the car… I haven’t checked the area with the streetlight, though.yet. Haven’t gone back there on purpose haha.
[2019-04-17 00:36:54] Cecil: disenchant it tony. thats how we do it.
[2019-04-17 00:37:44] Seabass5701: It seems that a lot of the 5G is coming from the powerlines where I live also
[2019-04-17 00:38:13] Cecil: nope, idc wha tthe world says. i think i got my thinking from somewhere. heaven if i know.
[2019-04-17 00:38:27] Monkey_Breath: Maybe it was gods wrath, the fire, on the evilness in the Catholic Church
[2019-04-17 00:38:54] sheila brown: supposedly according to our t-moble people 5G is not up here yet
[2019-04-17 00:39:08] Cecil: lets get a graham page and cruise the town.
[2019-04-17 00:39:33] Cecil: maybe
[2019-04-17 00:40:12] Cecil: centrum has titanium dioxide. i wont take them.
[2019-04-17 00:40:13] Seabass5701: I’ve noticed one of the tell-tale signs if 5G is being set up in your area: You will see lots of Internet company trucks on the side of the road working on adding wires in the ground and doing stuff to the power lines.
[2019-04-17 00:40:45] joy: sqirl I’ve been following the YV movement also, keep wondering if it’s going to happen here.
[2019-04-17 00:40:48] Cecil: im a flipping millenial
[2019-04-17 00:41:10] Seabass5701: I asked a AT&T worker one day while he was on the side of the road doing something, because I had noticed a lot of them lately, and he told me the city already had it, and I was shocked, didn’t even know before that.
[2019-04-17 00:41:16] Cecil: 🙁
[2019-04-17 00:41:24] robberts: no magnafy lense at health store today, was always available
[2019-04-17 00:41:44] knapstersky: ha ha Cecil you’re ahead of your age.
[2019-04-17 00:41:47] Cecil: no me gusta social media
[2019-04-17 00:42:11] Yannis-AroyMak: An interesting analysis for the yv in france and thoughts for food to the protestors
[2019-04-17 00:42:20] sqirl: Joy, I think individual states have to come up with monetary reform to trade
[2019-04-17 00:42:34] Cecil: 0:)
[2019-04-17 00:43:00] joy: agree sqirl
[2019-04-17 00:43:03] sqirl: the country is too big to have a huge protest
[2019-04-17 00:44:04] sqirl: I’ve been reading American monetary institute online
[2019-04-17 00:44:18] Cecil: freedom of silence and the right to remain speaking
[2019-04-17 00:44:29] joy: thank you Yannis, I look forwarding to watching the video
[2019-04-17 00:44:31] Yannis-AroyMak: There is no freedom of speech… especially if there is different option
[2019-04-17 00:44:48] Yannis-AroyMak: Opinion i mean
[2019-04-17 00:45:28] joy: totally agree Yannis
[2019-04-17 00:46:03] Cecil: not necessarily. ai tech is using human memories to artificially similate that person of whom memmories were copied and digitized.
[2019-04-17 00:46:49] Seabass5701: LOL
[2019-04-17 00:47:08] Cecil: oh
[2019-04-17 00:47:19] Jude: Lol
[2019-04-17 00:47:24] knapstersky: yup Cecil i’ve been thinking we’re being used as storage devices while they’re screwing with us.
[2019-04-17 00:47:55] Rick Bonner: The free speech thing (not to mention the freedom to assemble in Paris) is so HUGE Yannis, that we must all be very careful NOT to tell others, even dumbasses, to keep quiet.
[2019-04-17 00:48:00] Cecil: yep. white russians. with coffee if you like the generic version hahhe
[2019-04-17 00:48:29] Cecil: ok
[2019-04-17 00:48:51] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Rick Bonner› yeah…
[2019-04-17 00:48:57] Cecil: why are they doing that tony?
[2019-04-17 00:49:25] Cecil: human sugar refineries?
[2019-04-17 00:49:48] Cecil: the doctors hands are tied
[2019-04-17 00:50:40] Rick Bonner: EVERYONE that tells dumbasses, even liars, and Truth tellers to be quiet, is the enemy of Truth.
[2019-04-17 00:50:55] Cecil: and bone from my hard skull
[2019-04-17 00:51:08] Cecil: alright rick ^^
[2019-04-17 00:51:26] knapstersky: ah Rick they don’t know much better.
[2019-04-17 00:51:42] sqirl: ooooooRick i appreciate hearing none dare call it a conspiracy
[2019-04-17 00:51:52] Seabass5701: I think more reliable studies are the ones that compile studies before them and review them
[2019-04-17 00:52:04] Rick Bonner: Liars gotta pay attention, though; there are consequences for lying, in the very same way that there IS a Right to free speech.
[2019-04-17 00:52:09] Cecil: some do, and are still doing it.
[2019-04-17 00:52:18] joy: so our ancient ancestors are not being pumped into our gas tanks!
[2019-04-17 00:52:45] knapstersky: ha ha Joy.
[2019-04-17 00:53:06] Cecil: im tired. my atp is low
[2019-04-17 00:53:32] Seabass5701: Tony, can those mylar plant-growing tents be used to block frequenices?
[2019-04-17 00:53:46] Rick Bonner: Very glad you liked it, Squirrel. It always, only, comes down to this Glenda: are you a good witch, or a bad witch? A good dog, or a bad dog?
[2019-04-17 00:54:14] Rick Bonner: Do you EVER lie or steal, or do you NEVER lie or steal?
[2019-04-17 00:54:18] sqirl: agreed
[2019-04-17 00:54:44] Cecil: thanks rick
[2019-04-17 00:55:22] knapstersky: @Rick, i’ve always been called a dog.
[2019-04-17 00:55:22] Cecil: 🙂 i dint steal.
[2019-04-17 00:55:32] knapstersky: just a dog.
[2019-04-17 00:55:35] Cecil: dont
[2019-04-17 00:55:46] Jude: Does anyone have a good remedy for allergies? I’m getting hit hard this year
[2019-04-17 00:55:53] Cecil: i am good
[2019-04-17 00:56:09] sqirl: knap me and the boyfriend are both year of the dog
[2019-04-17 00:56:12] Cecil: you’re correct tony
[2019-04-17 00:56:16] Rick Bonner: Like lots of us, I’m only passing along good stuff that works, Jason, and I’m glad someone did the same for me, so I could in turn turn others on to it. 😃
[2019-04-17 00:56:23] Cecil: me too
[2019-04-17 00:56:39] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-17 00:56:57] knapstersky: good going sqirl ha ha.
[2019-04-17 00:57:12] Rick Bonner: Knap, I KNOW dogs (take one to know one) and you, are a GOOD dog! Mostly!
[2019-04-17 00:57:19] Monkey_Breath: Yes, I have been noticing a lot of extra black wires rolled on the telephone lines and have noticed unmarked white trucks on the side of the road. That is how I noticed the new flat lights being installed.
[2019-04-17 00:57:53] Cecil: like the nano goes and migrates and leaves me alone.
[2019-04-17 00:57:54] Seabass5701: Yes same here
[2019-04-17 00:58:06] knapstersky: just a dog ha ha.
[2019-04-17 00:58:31] sqirl: jude alergies mag citrate, cayenne and aspirin for inflammation- cap it up
[2019-04-17 00:58:50] sqirl: i also bump up v-c
[2019-04-17 00:59:01] Jude: Ratios swirl?
[2019-04-17 00:59:07] Rick Bonner: Like a girl dog or us feller dogs, there’s only two kinds, good ones and bad ones.
[2019-04-17 00:59:29] Jude: I wish there was a way to cure allergies for good
[2019-04-17 00:59:39] Cecil: im watchful
[2019-04-17 01:00:04] knapstersky: has anyone experienced using that pigeon egg stuff for allergies?
[2019-04-17 01:00:05] Cecil: there is. we dont know, only a few do
[2019-04-17 01:00:16] sqirl: Jude 40 g mag citrate 10 gaspirin 10g cayenne
[2019-04-17 01:00:38] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-04-17 01:00:45] Cecil: thats a shitton of mag cit
[2019-04-17 01:00:55] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Tony!
[2019-04-17 01:00:56] joy: Thank you so much Tony and everyone!
[2019-04-17 01:00:58] Billy29: Thank tony
[2019-04-17 01:01:03] Cecil: bye
[2019-04-17 01:01:12] sqirl: Jude- really focus on strengthening immunity then your body won’t get hit
[2019-04-17 01:01:19] Cecil: peace
[2019-04-17 01:01:22] Seabass5701: Cya Tony
[2019-04-17 01:01:23] gia: THANK YOU T ❤️❤️❤️🌴
[2019-04-17 01:01:23] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r easy everyone.
[2019-04-17 01:01:24] Monkey_Breath: TY again Tony! Love listening to you!
[2019-04-17 01:01:27] Seabass5701: And everyone else
[2019-04-17 01:01:31] Seabass5701: Take care yall
[2019-04-17 01:01:52] sqirl: cecil the combo gets mixed and capped
[2019-04-17 01:02:00] Jude: I’ll give that a shot. I appreciate it sqirl!
[2019-04-17 01:02:10] Monkey_Breath: goodnight everyone!
[2019-04-17 01:02:13] Yannis-AroyMak: Bye everyone
[2019-04-17 01:02:16] sqirl: I got it from Tony
[2019-04-17 01:02:56] Jude: I know in Europe they are big in allergy drops.
[2019-04-17 01:03:08] sqirl: Thank you thank you- take good care everyone
[2019-04-17 01:03:11] Jude: Most likely nano though
[2019-04-17 01:04:09] nancy: Shalom
[2019-04-17 01:04:12] sheila brown: rick – do you think with the ear sounds getting stronger – someone understands we are trying to get healthy
[2019-04-17 01:04:12] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-04-17 01:04:26] independz: use those links and pass them on
[2019-04-17 01:04:48] sqirl: i will thanks Tony
[2019-04-17 01:05:09] Jude: Thanks Tony!!
[2019-04-17 01:05:33] Rick Bonner: Nice to ‘sea’ ya, Seabass! Ya’all come back now, heah?
[2019-04-17 01:05:37] independz: we never know who we are reaching and what gets turned pn or off
[2019-04-17 01:05:59] nancy: You got it Mr Tony Thx
[2019-04-17 01:06:40] Rick Bonner: I’m dense, Sheila! Whaddya mean?
[2019-04-17 01:07:53] Rick Bonner: But sure! We ALL (with any sense) wanna git and stay, healthy!
[2019-04-17 01:08:15] sheila brown: I was taking some of Tony”s advice and feeling better – the sound was getting better – and now feels like knocked on my butt – the sound is a slight bit louder and makes you want to tug on your ear to clear congestion and nothing – and my teeth hurt
[2019-04-17 01:09:10] sheila brown: the Bible tells of things unseen by the eyes
[2019-04-17 01:11:01] Rick Bonner: Like FM radio waves and angels (there’s only TWO kinds o’ them, too; good and bad) they’re sometimes there, but you can’t SEE ’em!
[2019-04-17 01:12:01] sheila brown: yep something like that – and you know everything you do is recorded somewhere
[2019-04-17 01:16:47] Rick Bonner: Fortunately for us’n, I innerstand God made twice as many angels, of all stripes – big and little – stay GOOD angels.
[2019-04-17 01:17:34] Rick Bonner: Gotta go! Take some CARE, a great hig helping of it!


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