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“The Remedy” 2019-04-18 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - Schumann Resonance - Data Mining from Brains - Frequency - Blue Beam - Protection Measures - Stock UP Vitamins

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-18):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 18th, 2019, click the video above.

Tony’s Notes

Conversation today and the reflection of the tower of babel and an email with the schumann resonance.

Was altered and the ionosphere is leaking radiation and chemtrails covering this up.

Space Observing System
Space Observing System.png

Frequencies access can hot you anytime or place—unless you are aware the tech is there.

Street lights emitting a 5G monitoring thoughts or embedding thoughts, an experience when some one is talking about someones personal life and never have met.

The first thoughts clone and then responding to data mining the brain

As a result would know the info and data from your brain

Walking down the street blue beam and no occular protection what so ever and being beamed and reading on thoughts and invasion of privacy

Accessing the brain to know what is going on also implies I can down load into the brain

Understanding your thoughts and differentiate what is yours and what is being downloaded

When doing any investigation and some places the AI does not want you to know how advanced and exist is an how far it it extends

AI is behind a lot of the events going on globally.

Empowers you to defend your self—

Prophecies are a program?

The theme is always the same and the details are varied but all in all it all is saying the same thing

Details are extremely clear and the horrifying events bout to happen comparing the details shows it is some kind of a operating system

Calling something before it happens os a program being enacted

Interpretation is subjected to who believes in what

Links provided by Tony in the Chat room during the podcast

Tony’s Web Site

Tony’s Youtube Channel: HerbsPlusBeadWorks
Tony's Youtube Channel.png

Science Daily: “Unjamming the genome after DNA damage”
A gene regulatory multi-tool has yet another function
Unjamming the genome after DNA damage.png


30 mins Video Presentation with Pictures Of Nano Extracted from men & women bodies
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.58.46.png


Bryan396 page on or


Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr
 Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Bryan396’s site 

Nano detox – nano-tech-documents:


Patent How To Neutralize Microwave
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.44.09.png
Screenshot 2019-04-17 17.44.48.png


Rarely Seen Giant Viruses Have Been Caught Using CRISPR as a Weapon
Rarely Seen Giant Viruses Have Been Caught Using CRISPR as a Weapon.png


Engineers tap DNA to create ‘lifelike’ machines

Engineers tap DNA to create 'lifelike' machines.png

YouTube Videos

Inteview with Tony Pantalleresco: dangers of nano AI,C60,Soy,Silica and...

TME Chatroom Comments

TME Chatroom comments
Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-1):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 18th, 2019, click the video above.


[2019-04-18 23:42:10] Cecil: hi everyone
[2019-04-18 23:53:11] Cecil: caddle prodder
[2019-04-18 23:56:34] Cecil: in ai tech, the singularity is known as the point where ai surpasses human intelligence.
[2019-04-18 23:57:52] Cecil: the lhc at cern is capable of digitizing human memories into data.
[2019-04-19 00:00:15] Peter: transhumanism wrote about in the 50s and60s
[2019-04-19 00:00:56] independz:……
[2019-04-19 00:01:35] independz:… access herbsplusbeadworks…@N03/
[2019-04-19 00:01:49] independz:……… www
[2019-04-19 00:02:18] independz:…
[2019-04-19 00:03:13] Peter: androginy hermaphidite ,end game, end of gene pools
[2019-04-19 00:04:26] sqirl: Hi everyone
[2019-04-19 00:04:37] Cecil: hi
[2019-04-19 00:04:43] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi
[2019-04-19 00:04:55] Billy29: Hi Everybody
[2019-04-19 00:05:07] Monkey_Breath: Hello
[2019-04-19 00:05:57] Cecil: hi
[2019-04-19 00:06:10] Cecil: its true tony
[2019-04-19 00:06:49] Cecil: im wearing yellow safety glasses and a lab coat
[2019-04-19 00:08:28] Cecil: ai wants to shove an electrode through our hippocampuses
[2019-04-19 00:08:57] Fiona: hi folks
[2019-04-19 00:09:26] Cecil: hi
[2019-04-19 00:11:37] Yannis-AroyMak: You are right Tony
[2019-04-19 00:15:10] Cecil: human memories can be stored and accessed on a computer
[2019-04-19 00:15:17] Cecil: when it comes to ai
[2019-04-19 00:16:27] Fiona: I think they’re afraid now of saying cure. Laws, etc keeping them from stating they can cure
[2019-04-19 00:16:33] Cecil: mpal gyrus to put the memories stored on a computer back into the brain
[2019-04-19 00:16:39] Cecil: understand the problem
[2019-04-19 00:16:57] Cecil: hippocamplal’
[2019-04-19 00:17:56] Cecil: this could cure alzheimers by backing up patients memories as data
[2019-04-19 00:18:07] Yannis-AroyMak: Even pharmacies do not provide pure vitamins and minerals & does not accept ordes for such …
[2019-04-19 00:18:39] Cecil: buy the ingrediants over time
[2019-04-19 00:19:01] Yannis-AroyMak: I buy through internet
[2019-04-19 00:19:21] Monkey_Breath: I do as well
[2019-04-19 00:19:41] Yannis-AroyMak: But i asked the local pharmacies just as a survey… for the fan of it
[2019-04-19 00:19:51] Yannis-AroyMak: Fun
[2019-04-19 00:20:25] Cecil: enzymes
[2019-04-19 00:20:36] Cecil: protein supplements
[2019-04-19 00:22:09] sqirl: money and law
[2019-04-19 00:23:06] Cecil: deactivate 5g
[2019-04-19 00:23:37] Cecil: put a copper ring around your smart meter or have it removed
[2019-04-19 00:24:09] Yannis-AroyMak: Lately I see often antennas engineers on the antena towers. Removing cells and putting new cells
[2019-04-19 00:25:32] Fiona: the torroidal field will have no effect on the car Tony?
[2019-04-19 00:26:21] Fiona: Cool note about these fans… I made an extra one to put near my bed, a slightly more powerful one than another I’ve got, and I’ve slept better since adding that one fan. It works!
[2019-04-19 00:27:04] Cecil: what are daybeams for
[2019-04-19 00:28:12] Yannis-AroyMak: Here in Switzerland it’s mandatory since 2014 or 2015
[2019-04-19 00:28:35] Yannis-AroyMak: The lights on of the cars
[2019-04-19 00:28:46] Fiona: mmmm scrambled brains & bacon with toast
[2019-04-19 00:28:47] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-19 00:28:49] Fiona:
[2019-04-19 00:29:52] Monkey_Breath: Funny how we were told to remove those metal mini blinds from our windows….telling us they had lead coming from them. Another way to have the frequencies coming into our windows now they we can’t get those anymore.
[2019-04-19 00:30:32] Monkey_Breath: that
[2019-04-19 00:31:34] Fiona: that is interesting
[2019-04-19 00:33:26] Cecil: i play chess
[2019-04-19 00:34:18] Cecil: ^^ should be able to be milked twice a day
[2019-04-19 00:35:00] Monkey_Breath: Same for aluminum siding on houses…not sure if that can purchased anymore…vinyl siding now.
[2019-04-19 00:35:54] Fiona: cows in the herd, we are (becoming)
[2019-04-19 00:37:02] Fiona: haha! Yes
[2019-04-19 00:37:18] Cecil: we are like cattle you say?
[2019-04-19 00:38:16] Cecil: ok
[2019-04-19 00:38:47] sqirl: they believe the upside down narrative
[2019-04-19 00:39:13] sqirl: get angry and dismiss truth
[2019-04-19 00:39:26] Fiona: If we operate outside the frequency of the matrix, I believe I will not be affected by the negative programs on this planet.
[2019-04-19 00:40:21] Yannis-AroyMak: Genesis especially chapter 6 is our days back then…
[2019-04-19 00:40:48] Cecil: if the world is flat, then you could walk underneath and it’d be an underworld.
[2019-04-19 00:42:14] Cecil: 9
[2019-04-19 00:42:25] Fiona: didn’t Tesla have an obsession with multiples of 9?
[2019-04-19 00:42:32] Cecil: 18 27 36 45 – 54 63 72 81 90
[2019-04-19 00:42:57] Cecil: all numbers divisible by 9 add up to nine
[2019-04-19 00:43:14] Yannis-AroyMak: 9 has different unique powerful characteristics
[2019-04-19 00:43:25] Cecil: 12 all numbers divisible by 12 go into 3 and 4
[2019-04-19 00:43:50] Cecil: adds to 12
[2019-04-19 00:44:08] Cecil: and are divisible by 4 as well
[2019-04-19 00:44:20] Fiona: interesting
[2019-04-19 00:44:40] Cecil: 48 4+8 =12 57 5+7= 12
[2019-04-19 00:45:22] Cecil: yes yannis
[2019-04-19 00:45:30] Fiona: Tony, did you say you did 9 wrappings of the coil? I think I missed what you said
[2019-04-19 00:45:43] Cecil: 6 all numbers divisible by 6 goes into 2 and 3
[2019-04-19 00:45:56] Fiona: right, numbers are frequencies
[2019-04-19 00:46:14] Cecil: keep us distraacted
[2019-04-19 00:46:21] Cecil: preoccupations
[2019-04-19 00:46:28] sqirl: he’s a zombie- Elon Musk
[2019-04-19 00:47:16] Cecil: my little copperwirecoil is incomplete then
[2019-04-19 00:47:16] Fiona: I see, you wrap/stack, etc in 3s 6s or 9s
[2019-04-19 00:47:31] Fiona: or 12
[2019-04-19 00:47:48] Fiona: very interesting
[2019-04-19 00:47:50] Cecil: and in electronics theory we had to use engineers notation
[2019-04-19 00:48:11] Cecil: such as kilo mega giga milli micro
[2019-04-19 00:48:25] Cecil: 10,000 is 10k for example
[2019-04-19 00:49:19] Rick Bonner: Yannis! Small whorl’; I didn’t know you were near the Swiss Alps! As to vitamins (vital to Life minerals) being deficient these days, some (many) are ‘made’ from petroleum products. Melt one in the oven. If gooey, it’s petro based.
[2019-04-19 00:49:40] Cecil: right
[2019-04-19 00:49:46] Cecil: hes by the lhc
[2019-04-19 00:50:10] Rick Bonner: And here’s some cool stuff on The Bea’les’ infamous Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine….

[2019-04-19 00:50:36] Cecil: they dont fix it. their system dont work. yet thats what they do too unliked us who fix it. our system works

[2019-04-19 00:50:39] Fiona: they use laser IVs at naturopath’s offices. Various colour: blue, red, gree, & yellow
[2019-04-19 00:50:47] Yannis-AroyMak: I don’t buy brand vitamins. I m going for pure. But i asked tthe pharmacies here if they sell pure.
[2019-04-19 00:51:04] Cecil: wow thanks rick
[2019-04-19 00:51:08] Cecil: exactly
[2019-04-19 00:51:20] Yannis-AroyMak: I knew they don’t but wanted to confirm and see their faces when i asking
[2019-04-19 00:52:05] Cecil: yeah? i want to see how they react to that
[2019-04-19 00:53:14] Rick Bonner: Nicky Tesla and an interesting fella name of Rudy (Rudolph) Steiner, were buddies, AND geniuses, AND were both intrigued by the number ‘9’. It’s like our egos: add it to anything else, and it remains itself….. 😊
[2019-04-19 00:53:29] joy: if interested here’s an interesting short Notre Dame video:
[2019-04-19 00:54:12] Monkey_Breath: I am..thanks Joy for the link.
[2019-04-19 00:54:34] Cecil: reading Steiner..
[2019-04-19 00:54:42] sqirl: thanks Joy
[2019-04-19 00:55:24] joy: welcome!
[2019-04-19 00:55:50] Cecil: a kerrblackhole
[2019-04-19 00:56:07] Rick Bonner: Yes indeed, Joy; I’m interested in the things that make our world ‘miss out’ on stuff, like a wonder of the world, Notre Dame, but I’m NOT a fan of hideous gargoyles!
[2019-04-19 00:56:51] Cecil: mankind
[2019-04-19 00:57:11] Cecil: we would no longer be cutoff from the federation of planets
[2019-04-19 00:57:13] Cecil: lol
[2019-04-19 00:57:37] Cecil: and no longer barred off from the universe
[2019-04-19 00:58:00] Cecil: right. thank you tony
[2019-04-19 00:58:14] Rick Bonner: Rudy Steiner, back in the 1920s, made ‘organic’ sort of farming, popular. He wrote lots and lots….. not all of which I think are sensible. But like I said, he’s a genius, and I’m (often) a knucklehead. 😊
[2019-04-19 00:58:41] Cecil: i may loook into his books
[2019-04-19 00:58:57] Cecil: after all, I like farming.
[2019-04-19 00:59:37] joy: haha Rick, I’ve never liked em either!
[2019-04-19 00:59:38] Cecil: yep
[2019-04-19 01:00:00] Cecil: ok
[2019-04-19 01:00:05] Yannis-AroyMak: Thank you Tony
[2019-04-19 01:00:05] Fiona: Thanks Tony, bye bye folks
[2019-04-19 01:00:23] sqirl: Thanks Tony- great thoughts to kick around
[2019-04-19 01:00:24] joy: Thank you so much Tony and everyone! have a great weekend!
[2019-04-19 01:00:25] Billy29: Thank tony by everybody
[2019-04-19 01:00:35] Monkey_Breath: Thanks again Tony. Have a great Easter everyone!
[2019-04-19 01:00:53] Yannis-AroyMak: Bye everyone
[2019-04-19 01:00:59] Rick Bonner: Well told to investigate Rudy Steiner, but you’ll be wise to consider and entertain his ideas, without either accepting or rejecting them out of hand, quickly. Thimk on them, that’s Aristotle’s advice. Thimk! 😊
[2019-04-19 01:01:38] Rick Bonner: See you Jason! See you everyone! Take CARE!

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