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“The Remedy” 2019-04-25 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - Take Your Stand - Colloidal Silver - Synthetic Biology - We Can Change What We Learn To Change

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-23):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 23rd, 2019, click the video above.

Tony’s Notes

Inundation with data
Human genome assault with the current assaults
Brainwashing what the future is going to be and how do they know how far they are gong to continue with the fantasy
Not excepting the current mind hive mentality
Patterns of life keep on repeating
Strange people from another planet…the repeating of the cycle
Great and wonderful on the future of what is to come—all BS

More in the audio

Links in the chatroom

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 Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Science Daily

Artificial mother-of-pearl created using bacteria
Artificial mother-of-pearl created using bacteria.png

Engineers tap DNA to create ‘lifelike’ machines–+ScienceDaily%29
Engineers tap DNA to create 'lifelike' machines.png

IOP Science

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Brain – Computer Interface & DNA Nanotechnology
Brain - Computer Interface & DNA Nanotechnology.png

Genetics And Society

Human Genetic Modification
Human Genetic Modification.png


Biosludged movie

Clusters of Illness



Washington Is Set to Become the First State to Allow Human Composting

TME Chatroom comments

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Apr-25):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of April 25th, 2019, click the video above.

[2019-04-25 23:56:17] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-04-25 23:56:51] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› hi
[2019-04-25 23:57:58] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi nancy
[2019-04-25 23:59:56] StarFire: Hiya Everyone
[2019-04-26 00:00:18] StarFire: wot up peter
[2019-04-26 00:00:27] StarFire: hiya Sheila
[2019-04-26 00:01:15] Peter: breathing chem trails in los angeles
[2019-04-26 00:01:16] nancy: hi starfire
[2019-04-26 00:02:01] Seabass5701: Hey everyone
[2019-04-26 00:02:02] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-04-26 00:02:18] sheila brown: Hi, StarFire and all 🙂
[2019-04-26 00:02:26] Fiona T: hello
[2019-04-26 00:03:37] StarFire: Hiya Nancy and seabass n Billy and hiya Fiona and Yannis
[2019-04-26 00:03:48] StarFire: dd2
[2019-04-26 00:04:11] nancy: DRINK
[2019-04-26 00:04:17] Yannis-AroyMak: @Peter same here in Lausanne .chemtrails even if it’s cloudy. The sky cleared for a while and they had party above the clouds
[2019-04-26 00:04:40] sheila brown: any one considering getting a tetanus shot might want to check this out…
[2019-04-26 00:04:59] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi StarFire
[2019-04-26 00:05:17] StarFire: Just noticed…. Solary – Pumpkin seed oil has 52mg linoleic acid – 180mg oleic acid and 125mg palmitic acid in each pill
[2019-04-26 00:05:38] Fiona T: SMILE
[2019-04-26 00:05:56] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Sheila for this
[2019-04-26 00:06:47] StarFire: thanks for link Sheila..
[2019-04-26 00:07:04] Seabass5701: Wow Sheila, thanks for that. My dad was talking to me about Tetanus shots, and I said, “I’d rather have lockjaw, than any side effects those vaccines may potentially impose”!
[2019-04-26 00:07:06] StarFire: i dont hear tony?????
[2019-04-26 00:07:23] StarFire: is tony on?
[2019-04-26 00:07:26] Seabass5701: StarFire, it normally takes a second
[2019-04-26 00:08:15] Fiona T: I hear an old show of someone else
[2019-04-26 00:08:26] Yannis-AroyMak: @StarFire neither me, can’t hear Tony
[2019-04-26 00:08:29] independz: anyone seen Joe
[2019-04-26 00:08:34] StarFire: yep fiona
[2019-04-26 00:08:53] StarFire: hiya tony
[2019-04-26 00:09:55] Seabass5701: Oh man, that sucks
[2019-04-26 00:10:11] sheila brown: You are welcome – the tetnus stuff came from my chiropractor who also keeps up with information
[2019-04-26 00:10:14] independz:…………
[2019-04-26 00:10:18] StarFire: its a geletin soft gel
[2019-04-26 00:10:28] www.geneticsandsociety.or………@N03/page9… (independz)
[2019-04-26 00:10:47] independz: I am not sure why this is doing this
[2019-04-26 00:11:57] independz: ok could be hydrogel liposome capsule
[2019-04-26 00:12:11] Yannis-AroyMak: I hear the commercials so i guess soon Tony will start
[2019-04-26 00:12:53] StarFire: tony, prob does that because of the format you copied link from.. the only way i know might fix it… if you copy link.. then paste in note pad… then copy it from note pad.. and paste in channel.. but that alot to do
[2019-04-26 00:12:59] Seabass5701: Tony, I had a real quick question, can sleeping in mylar grow tents protect against emfs?
[2019-04-26 00:13:23] Seabass5701: oh yea!!
[2019-04-26 00:13:53] independz: it will reduce some but not all and you have to ground it a well or you will be causing capcitance meaning a flow of electricity inside
[2019-04-26 00:14:02] StarFire: Pumpkin seed oil.. in… gelatin softgel… gelatin and glycerin
[2019-04-26 00:14:18] independz: yes hydrogel technologly
[2019-04-26 00:14:37] Seabass5701: ok, so how would you protect against all forms of emfs?
[2019-04-26 00:14:54] independz: virtually impossible
[2019-04-26 00:15:02] Seabass5701: and thanks
[2019-04-26 00:15:09] Seabass5701: ok
[2019-04-26 00:15:23] independz: you are getting hit with 1000 of them unless you are in a undergound bunker or ina coppe ion cave not happening
[2019-04-26 00:15:28] StarFire: so hydrogel tech is good?
[2019-04-26 00:15:38] Peter: leave planet earth
[2019-04-26 00:15:44] independz: in this case yes
[2019-04-26 00:15:55] independz: not always
[2019-04-26 00:16:11] independz: I already left peter
[2019-04-26 00:16:19] StarFire: I know for fact. technologies is what wipes our minds coming here to earth….
[2019-04-26 00:16:27] independz: I am talking from the great beyond
[2019-04-26 00:16:48] independz: not sure on that but will say it wipes it as you stick on here
[2019-04-26 00:17:20] Monkey_Breath: Tony, what about an aluminum airstream camper or a sea container to live in? Will the EMFs go through steal and aluminum?
[2019-04-26 00:17:41] Seabass5701: Tony, so would the same principle apply to silver or copper clothing? You would have to ground them also right?
[2019-04-26 00:17:57] independz: it can depending on the range again it can defelect and deffer alot but you have to ground it as well
[2019-04-26 00:18:15] independz: or make a discharge line yes
[2019-04-26 00:19:15] StarFire: Tony is a Free Radical? what antioxidant should we use?? lol
[2019-04-26 00:20:19] Yannis-AroyMak: @startfire vitamin c is very strong antioxidant
[2019-04-26 00:20:27] StarFire: i believe there is an FOIA about pearl harbor saying it was a set up
[2019-04-26 00:20:30] independz: sulphur based ones
[2019-04-26 00:20:44] StarFire: haha
[2019-04-26 00:20:58] independz: copper and zinc copper and niacinamide copper and aspirin copper and zinc
[2019-04-26 00:21:01] independz: C
[2019-04-26 00:21:13] independz: satrurated fats with A and E
[2019-04-26 00:22:06] Peter: organic my arse
[2019-04-26 00:22:11] StarFire: george carlin
[2019-04-26 00:23:24] nancy: george carlin lol
[2019-04-26 00:23:27] StarFire: People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think.
[2019-04-26 00:23:43] independz: fiona did you get the upgrades I sent you
[2019-04-26 00:23:54] Peter: itas a club and you aint in it
[2019-04-26 00:24:13] StarFire: haha peter
[2019-04-26 00:25:28] independz: I think there is not going to be a show
[2019-04-26 00:25:46] independz: I susually wait till about 6:15
[2019-04-26 00:25:54] StarFire: “The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”
[2019-04-26 00:26:25] StarFire: I wondered how tony could talk show and type in here at same time… this is a replay
[2019-04-26 00:27:25] independz: I am some how on and not on
[2019-04-26 00:27:32] Seabass5701: that’s really unfortunate
[2019-04-26 00:27:35] independz: hahaha
[2019-04-26 00:27:45] Seabass5701: 🙁
[2019-04-26 00:27:48] StarFire: i feel like that every day tony…. on and not on hahahah
[2019-04-26 00:28:08] nancy: reload
[2019-04-26 00:28:10] knapstersky: Tony is related to schrodingers cat ha ha
[2019-04-26 00:28:22] StarFire: hahah hiya knap
[2019-04-26 00:28:49] knapstersky: ha ha hey SF
[2019-04-26 00:28:49] sheila brown: GOOD
[2019-04-26 00:29:11] Rick Bonner: You’re in that box all right, Tony, but not in this current dimension.
[2019-04-26 00:29:25] independz: I think Ai took over hahaha
[2019-04-26 00:29:29] Yannis-AroyMak: Wake up is the first step, but then need to take action not run away
[2019-04-26 00:29:57] Rick Bonner: That pussy cat, though is NOT in the box.
[2019-04-26 00:30:12] Seabass5701: Tony, I’ve been wanting to ground, but when I plugged my voltage tester into the outlet, one of the prongs of the outlet was giving a red signal. The outlets are all grounded though, because I tested them. Would it still be safe to ground?
[2019-04-26 00:30:19] StarFire: I know older woman 86 low in iron, Doctor gave IV iron, she woke up next day with worse headache ever
[2019-04-26 00:30:41] Monkey_Breath: That is because weave been lied to
[2019-04-26 00:30:59] sheila brown: Guess Tony is stuck with us
[2019-04-26 00:31:08] Stephen imlack: Hi everyone , new on here so hi from scotland, thanks for the advice the other day Tony much appreciated.
[2019-04-26 00:31:11] knapstersky: iron is overrated SF
[2019-04-26 00:31:32] StarFire: Hiya Stephen
[2019-04-26 00:31:41] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Stephen
[2019-04-26 00:31:50] StarFire: yep, but her iron is even lower the next day too
[2019-04-26 00:32:17] Rick Bonner: Hey! Welcome, Stephen! How IS Scotland these days?
[2019-04-26 00:32:17] Peter: pc
[2019-04-26 00:32:32] Monkey_Breath: Welcome Stephan!
[2019-04-26 00:32:50] Stephen imlack: we had no rain today so all is good lol
[2019-04-26 00:33:10] knapstersky: @SF i suppose they got her on other meds.
[2019-04-26 00:33:42] Rick Bonner: I don’ think I’ve ever before had the pleasure of talking to a Real Highlander!
[2019-04-26 00:33:57] Peter: is sophia a vegan
[2019-04-26 00:34:09] StarFire: yes peter
[2019-04-26 00:34:43] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› lol
[2019-04-26 00:34:44] robberts: is chatroom live ….test
[2019-04-26 00:34:50] robberts: ok
[2019-04-26 00:35:10] Seabass5701: Anyone been hearing birds at night? Around here, we just recently got 5G, and it seems that each night now, the birds are up from 12-6 AM not sleeping and singing/chirping the whole time. I think it’s due to frequencies interfering with the brainwave patte
[2019-04-26 00:35:15] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes this song I remember it
[2019-04-26 00:36:06] StarFire: live test
[2019-04-26 00:36:34] StarFire: wow yeah seabass
[2019-04-26 00:36:39] Rick Bonner: The Micro Effect chat room is up and running, but I think the studio is off line. Maybe Joe has run out of supportive ‘juice’ to keep the wheels spinning.
[2019-04-26 00:36:58] StarFire: live chat room,, but replay radio
[2019-04-26 00:37:00] Stephen imlack: big scare on the news today about people not vaccinating they’re kids with the mmr vaccine saying measles is on the increase !!
[2019-04-26 00:37:19] independz: not measels
[2019-04-26 00:37:23] independz: all of it is nano
[2019-04-26 00:37:35] robberts: which date of show is this
[2019-04-26 00:37:39] Stephen imlack: What about the mumps
[2019-04-26 00:37:53] knapstersky: root’n toot’n yosemani sam
[2019-04-26 00:38:44] independz: show is going live
[2019-04-26 00:38:54] Stephen imlack: they then showed a lady in a wheelchair who caught measles years ago when she was a baby very sad
[2019-04-26 00:38:56] Seabass5701: are you getting extra time?
[2019-04-26 00:39:26] Stephen imlack: all blamed on people not vaccinating the children
[2019-04-26 00:40:00] Rick Bonner: I think a lot of us, Stephen aren’t nescessarily anti-vaccination or inocculation, and certainly not immunization, but…, we ARE anti neuro-toxin, and anti-fetal tissue injections, and other stuff that doesn’t improve or safeguard health.
[2019-04-26 00:40:08] Monkey_Breath: It is all a BS lie. The ones being vaccinated are shredders..
[2019-04-26 00:41:20] Monkey_Breath: the vaccinated ones are giving us anti VAXXERs what they are being poisoned with.
[2019-04-26 00:41:38] knapstersky: we never worried about the mumps meassles chicken pox when i was growing up.
[2019-04-26 00:42:02] Seabass5701: What really pisses me off is the anti-vaxxer mocking memes online
[2019-04-26 00:42:16] Stephen imlack: they also did a report saying since the hpv vaccine was rolled out the cases have dramatically dropped ???
[2019-04-26 00:42:26] robberts: same herre
[2019-04-26 00:43:20] Seabass5701: the truman show
[2019-04-26 00:44:08] Stephen imlack: what was a natural mumps cure
[2019-04-26 00:44:26] Seabass5701: tony said vitamin A
[2019-04-26 00:44:36] StarFire: Harvard Immunologist to Legislators: Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone
[2019-04-26 00:44:52] Stephen imlack: Rick bonner for sure
[2019-04-26 00:45:12] knapstersky: @Stephaen – chicken soup.
[2019-04-26 00:45:12] Rick Bonner: Their quick to report reduced cases of papholoma cases, Stephen, seems a little bit like the speed they proclaimed the Notre Dame fire was an accident. Too soon to call, in truth. Now, liars don’t have to wait a prudent amount of time.
[2019-04-26 00:45:42] robberts: ride it out, and break fever thats what i did 50 years ago
[2019-04-26 00:46:12] knapstersky: same here @rob
[2019-04-26 00:46:34] Stephen imlack: i think we thought the scottish government would be different seems they are all the same
[2019-04-26 00:46:42] robberts: i meant my mom did
[2019-04-26 00:46:47] Rick Bonner: And oatmeal paste on the pock marks, so they don’t itch so badly. More chicken soup. 😊
[2019-04-26 00:47:20] knapstersky: they’re all anti-human globalist henchmen @Steph
[2019-04-26 00:47:57] Stephen imlack: we really thought the snp would be different
[2019-04-26 00:48:24] knapstersky: @Rob – did you just troll me ha ha.
[2019-04-26 00:48:44] robberts: no
[2019-04-26 00:49:06] Rick Bonner: I suppose that all of the governments are rather like criminal gangs; they sometimes cooperate with one another, sometimes fight with one another, and sometimes leave one another alone. But they’re always criminals. Government IS slavery.
[2019-04-26 00:49:40] Stephen imlack: Cleptocracy no democracy
[2019-04-26 00:50:03] Monkey_Breath: I agree totally Rick!
[2019-04-26 00:50:08] Peter: ita a big corporation
[2019-04-26 00:50:11] Seabass5701: cleptocracy is a good word for it lol
[2019-04-26 00:51:04] Rick Bonner: Cacocracy. Like ca-ca; lowest scum of the scum.
[2019-04-26 00:51:07] Seabass5701: Take what is good for the people and give them crap in return
[2019-04-26 00:51:12] Stephen imlack: the measles outbreak was around manchester wonder if there was a lot of chem trailing around the same time??
[2019-04-26 00:51:33] Seabass5701: Highway screwery
[2019-04-26 00:51:49] knapstersky: asset stripping is part of the program.
[2019-04-26 00:51:55] Peter: jesus walked on water, not in the sea of commerce
[2019-04-26 00:52:02] Stephen imlack: rick bonner maybe an irish background ?
[2019-04-26 00:52:50] Rick Bonner: That’s why I do my best NOT to support any cacocracies. I want them to go away, like I thought The Micro Effect went away a few minutes ago, for lack of support.
[2019-04-26 00:53:13] nancy: ‹@Peter› BRAVO
[2019-04-26 00:54:13] Rick Bonner: Erin go Braugh! And Germanic Celt, too, Stephen! The Good Book tells me: the lines have fallen out unto me in pleasant places, and I have a goodly heritage!
[2019-04-26 00:55:19] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› :heart:
[2019-04-26 00:55:44] Stephen imlack: Slainte mhath Aye blossom
[2019-04-26 00:56:01] Rick Bonner: This comes from my Nordic influenced roots: my existence – and my people’s – are non-negotiable.
[2019-04-26 00:56:22] Fiona T: gross
[2019-04-26 00:57:02] Stephen imlack: my families motto, shine not burn
[2019-04-26 00:57:38] Rick Bonner: I’m ‘shamed, Shamous; I don’t understand much Gaelic. What’d you say? (I HATE to axe it, ‘in the queen’s english’)
[2019-04-26 00:57:43] nancy: having done ALL stand
[2019-04-26 00:57:57] StarFire: I think God’s going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding.
[2019-04-26 00:58:23] Peter: a citizen is legally dead, you can only summon the dead
[2019-04-26 00:58:38] Rick Bonner: I LOVE it, Stephen! Let your (Family’s) Light Shine!
[2019-04-26 00:58:55] knapstersky: ha ha Rick – i can usually undertand about half of what you say.
[2019-04-26 00:59:10] Stephen imlack: we shine more these days with all the nano lol
[2019-04-26 00:59:50] Seabass5701: Tony, have you heard of oxygen time released capsules to detox the colon?
[2019-04-26 01:00:13] Stephen imlack: our ancestors had the right idea, drink whisky coz we dont trust the water !
[2019-04-26 01:00:33] Rick Bonner: I’m ‘mountain-folk, Knap; hills and hollers o’ ol’ Pennsyltucky. We talks (and writes) funny!
[2019-04-26 01:01:11] knapstersky: i get the funny part ha ha
[2019-04-26 01:01:16] StarFire: i’m addicted to placebos.
[2019-04-26 01:01:30] knapstersky: hey i think i’m scottish too.
[2019-04-26 01:01:58] Rick Bonner: You KNOW why The Lord ‘vented whiskey don’ yez? So we Irish wouldn’ take over the plane(t)!
[2019-04-26 01:02:21] Stephen imlack: nice one knapstersky
[2019-04-26 01:02:44] StarFire: does baking soda help colon?
[2019-04-26 01:02:45] knapstersky: ha ha
[2019-04-26 01:03:23] Stephen imlack: what about ozone rectally heard its very good any ideas?
[2019-04-26 01:03:37] StarFire: nanogeneticcrispperassult
[2019-04-26 01:03:46] Stephen imlack: Lol ‹@Rick Bonner›
[2019-04-26 01:04:02] Fiona T: haha
[2019-04-26 01:04:09] Rick Bonner: And Yannis, that’s exactly why He invented ouzo, too! 🤣
[2019-04-26 01:04:44] StarFire: my backside only works one way… out…………….
[2019-04-26 01:05:08] Yannis-AroyMak: @rick exactly and raki etc …
[2019-04-26 01:05:14] Rick Bonner: You guys had already about taken over the joint, back in ol’ Alexander’s days!
[2019-04-26 01:05:23] Fiona T: Say that again Tony 10 times fast
[2019-04-26 01:05:27] Stephen imlack: heard its the best way for colloidal silver too
[2019-04-26 01:05:32] robberts: one way with no stop signs
[2019-04-26 01:05:42] Yannis-AroyMak: Yeap 🙂
[2019-04-26 01:06:53] Stephen imlack: i make my own, heard the silver is hard to get past the gut
[2019-04-26 01:07:40] Rick Bonner: And if you swallow too much nano-particle silver, it’ll shred your ‘nads. But big, coloidal pieces of silver, is a pathogen killer.
[2019-04-26 01:07:41] StarFire: coloid silver needs to be over 99ppm to work tho
[2019-04-26 01:07:44] Stephen imlack: ok
[2019-04-26 01:07:55] StarFire: hahaha tony
[2019-04-26 01:08:35] knapstersky: there goes my cheeshead hat
[2019-04-26 01:09:04] Stephen imlack: sub lingual better ?
[2019-04-26 01:09:11] StarFire: must be true then
[2019-04-26 01:09:27] StarFire: what you gonna sub lingual?
[2019-04-26 01:10:03] Stephen imlack: colloidal
[2019-04-26 01:10:07] StarFire: dont waste time on the B12 sublingual.. waste of money
[2019-04-26 01:10:22] Seabass5701: stephen, you just need to make sure it’s not nano-sized silver particles in the silver
[2019-04-26 01:11:03] StarFire: make your own silver.. but its hard because you need high ppm to work
[2019-04-26 01:11:07] Rick Bonner: Nitro. Tetro nitro tolulene. Or, oregeno oil… under the tongue, fast – like immediately – into the blood stream, wher the Life is.
[2019-04-26 01:11:10] Stephen imlack: ok seabass5701
[2019-04-26 01:11:14] Seabass5701: make sure you always ask the sellers what particle size silver they are selling
[2019-04-26 01:11:17] StarFire: dont take all time either
[2019-04-26 01:12:16] StarFire: your not gonna be able to buy the right silver.. so… dont waste money
[2019-04-26 01:12:55] Rick Bonner: Under the tongue works well with nicotine and tetrahydrocanibinol, too; into the blood, like NOW.
[2019-04-26 01:12:59] Seabass5701: there are ways to make the colloidal silver you can actually check on youtube too
[2019-04-26 01:13:12] StarFire: I see Titanium Dioxide in candy… whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[2019-04-26 01:13:28] robberts: thats why lots of people geting cists
[2019-04-26 01:13:41] Seabass5701: It’s in almost all candies starfire
[2019-04-26 01:14:12] StarFire: yes seabass.. i said before to make it yourself… but you have to get correct hardware to make high enough ppm
[2019-04-26 01:14:21] Stephen imlack: Ive stopped the chewing gum with the t dioxide
[2019-04-26 01:14:23] Rick Bonner: Well, Starman…, it MUST be, cause they’re our Friends, and by Crackee, they LIKE us!
[2019-04-26 01:14:27] robberts: doctors charge 2000.00 to carve cists out
[2019-04-26 01:14:48] StarFire: haha yep rick
[2019-04-26 01:19:30] knapstersky: i think you know @SF, ultrasonics = sonoluminesence
[2019-04-26 01:19:47] StarFire: haha knap
[2019-04-26 01:19:50] Rick Bonner: Seabass! Looks like Tony IS getting extree air-time!
[2019-04-26 01:20:25] knapstersky: due to the cavitation effect, yup.
[2019-04-26 01:20:38] Seabass5701: yep 😀
[2019-04-26 01:21:11] nancy: lol
[2019-04-26 01:21:26] Stephen imlack: im building a time machine lol
[2019-04-26 01:21:38] Rick Bonner: Puts me in mind o’ me favorite refreshmink, Stephen, ya ol’ Highlander…. Guiness Extree Stout. 🍺
[2019-04-26 01:21:44] StarFire: “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. … Darth Vader
[2019-04-26 01:22:31] Stephen imlack: Better of with a good dram rick
[2019-04-26 01:23:14] knapstersky: anothe r George Carlin – the earth will shake us off like fleas.
[2019-04-26 01:23:42] Rick Bonner: Dublin, where the best brew and Quietman whisky hails from, is an old Norse word that means ‘dirty pool’. As in, the bay we dump the bodies and offal into, Stratavarius!
[2019-04-26 01:24:14] Stephen imlack: Tony Pantotherescue keep up the good work and have a dram
[2019-04-26 01:24:16] knapstersky: @Rick – i think i see doublin. 🙂
[2019-04-26 01:24:23] Seabass5701: Yea we can’t trust the food supply anymore… It’s time to start gathering seeds and growing our own stuff before the genetic modification gets worse, along with other things.
[2019-04-26 01:24:28] Rick Bonner: Half o’ pint!?! Half a pint jes’ gits me angry! 😃
[2019-04-26 01:25:25] Seabass5701: INDOORS of course
[2019-04-26 01:25:33] Rick Bonner: That’s how yez kin TELL it’s the ‘good stuff’, Knap; seein’ Dublin!
[2019-04-26 01:25:55] knapstersky: ha ha
[2019-04-26 01:26:32] Rick Bonner: Just squeeze your one good eye shut and you’ll be all right.
[2019-04-26 01:27:08] knapstersky: thanks for the advise Rick.
[2019-04-26 01:28:18] Seabass5701: All the pharmaceutical companies do is take the real plants from nature which God originally created, and they synthesize them into their own slightly different chemical compound, so that they can put ownership on it and make money.
[2019-04-26 01:28:19] Rick Bonner: Speakin’ from ‘speary-ance, Knap, ‘speary-ance gotten ‘the hardway’. 😉
[2019-04-26 01:28:50] knapstersky: me relates @Rick.
[2019-04-26 01:29:11] Stephen imlack: There must be tech out there that can neutralize frequencies
[2019-04-26 01:29:59] robberts: lead sheets
[2019-04-26 01:30:13] knapstersky: well depostioned multiwall carbon nanotubes absorb the gigahertz ranges.
[2019-04-26 01:30:18] Fiona T: live in a cave
[2019-04-26 01:30:24] Rick Bonner: I think it comes from, and is maintained from, inside Stephen. Generate and maintain proper internal frequencies.
[2019-04-26 01:30:35] nancy: ‹@Fiona T› lol
[2019-04-26 01:30:35] Fiona T: haha
[2019-04-26 01:31:04] knapstersky: i like the cave idea ha ha
[2019-04-26 01:31:21] Stephen imlack: n a cave dressed like a knight with a gas mask on
[2019-04-26 01:31:40] nancy: ‹@Stephen imlack› alright
[2019-04-26 01:31:42] Fiona T: my cat likes to sleep next to me closest to pulsing fan. I guess she likes it too <img src=” />
[2019-04-26 01:31:48] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-04-26 01:32:03] Monkey_Breath: Thank you Tony.
[2019-04-26 01:32:04] nancy: ty Tony
[2019-04-26 01:32:09] StarFire: Thank you Tony and everyone.. see yall next week
[2019-04-26 01:32:18] Stephen imlack: Night all
[2019-04-26 01:32:21] Rick Bonner: Take CARE Everyone! BIG heaping helpings of it!
[2019-04-26 01:32:28] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Tony and everyone
[2019-04-26 01:32:33] StarFire: is iodine and copper good for cats?
[2019-04-26 01:32:35] Billy29: Thank tony good night everyone
[2019-04-26 01:32:35] Fiona T: thanks Tony, bye folks!
[2019-04-26 01:32:35] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r easy everybody.
[2019-04-26 01:32:46] Yannis-AroyMak: Bye everyone
[2019-04-26 01:33:05] Monkey_Breath: take care everyone!
[2019-04-26 01:34:45] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-04-26 01:35:15] independz: yes starfire
[2019-04-26 01:35:55] StarFire: thank you

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