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“The Remedy” 2019-05-02 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - Gene Editing - Decaying Not Aging - Polio Cure - Nano & Frequencies

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-May-02):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of May 2nd, 2019, click the video above.

Tony’s Notes

I had a mishap with Tuesday’s recording so the program went down that is why there was no recording

Gene editing and how it impacts us and the altering of our DNA

Think of your self as a code that activates a program and then it activates a a function that it is to carry out.

Looking at our functionality of DNA activating the immune system, but the editing of the DNA is causing chaos in the operation

Decaying while you are still alive

Life expectancy is down from 86 to 69.9

What is causing this anomaly:
-being assaulted by a variety of means, causing expediting of he decay
-being in either an anabolic or catabolic state
-do look for causes of decaying

05:58 Exposure DEW (Directed Energy Weapons – through tech like cell phones or TV or computers
Blue beam tech from house lights 5G from street lights

07:27 Nano particles embed throughout the system and once they are embedded then they integrate into the DNA as well as the genetic code

Using frequencies to alter the impact of your DNA
How you are like TV with a remote- in relationship to nano poisoning

09:21 Tear duct impact of 5g tech

More in the audio

12:20 Cure for Polio: Copper Chloride, Copper acetate, copper sulfate, copper ascorbate

13:00 Lime. Answering Q in the Chat.

13:23 Why direct electric discharge shall never used when you have nano-poisoning.

16:19 Any direct assault you will do to your body with electric discharge thinking will help, can cause highly acceleration of nano’s networking in your system

16:57: IF you will use Apple Cider Vinegar, better be distilled, to filter out the nano.

17:33 Yeast infections

18:35 Understand something about the Health Food Industry

21:00 Nano Poisoning the brain.

24:25 Blueberries resemble brain cell. Put them in the microwave and see all the sparking of the nano when hit with microwave frequencies… imagine what happens to your brain…

29:57 We are dealing with a program that can be activated from any source, Even working through a grocery store

34:10 Start thinking in these terms… Protecting the DNA and the Mitochondria but first understand what you are dealing with

Links provided by Tony during the broadcast:

Bryan396 page on or

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr
 Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Video with Pics of Nano Extracted from body

Major findings help understand bacteria’s ‘superglue’
Screenshot 2019-05-03 10.38.56.png

Mysterious Drug-Resistant Germ Deemed An “Urgent Threat” Is Quietly Sweeping The Globe
Screenshot 2019-05-03 10.41.12.png

5G Frequency Bands
Screenshot 2019-05-03 10.11.00.png
Screenshot 2019-05-03 10.44.40.png

Clusters of Illness

Screenshot 2019-05-03 10.51.56.png

Additional links

‘I can see my house!’: Windsor makes an appearance on ‘The Simpsons’


TME Chatroom comments

[2019-05-02 23:59:22] Stephen imlack: Hi all
[2019-05-03 00:00:18] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Stephan
[2019-05-03 00:00:23] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi all
[2019-05-03 00:00:28] independz:………
[2019-05-03 00:00:47] independz:…
[2019-05-03 00:00:48] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-05-03 00:01:05] Stephen imlack: hi yanni
[2019-05-03 00:01:15] Stephen imlack: hi sheila
[2019-05-03 00:01:30] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-05-03 00:01:58] Rick Bonner: My, my…., how the time do fly! Thursday again. Hi Tony! Hi Everybody!
[2019-05-03 00:02:20] nancy: Hi ya
[2019-05-03 00:03:10] StarFire: hi hi
[2019-05-03 00:06:27] Cecil: hello everyone
[2019-05-03 00:07:44] sqirl: 55 minutes in a caller brings up thoughts on the takeover
[2019-05-03 00:08:16] independz:……
[2019-05-03 00:09:07] robberts: scatica pain
[2019-05-03 00:09:34] robberts: siatica pain
[2019-05-03 00:11:05] Rick Bonner: Someones using their remote to change my ‘contrast’; I’m finding it harder than before to contrast between right and wrong.
[2019-05-03 00:11:27] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› lol
[2019-05-03 00:11:29] sqirl: Elana and cliff carnicom live stream this week Pt.1: GEOENGINEERING & BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakable Link
[2019-05-03 00:12:24] sqirl: Pt. 2: GEOENGINEERING & BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakable Link
[2019-05-03 00:13:05] sqirl: Pt. 3: GEOENGINEERING & BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakable Link  

[2019-05-03 00:13:17] nancy: i know t5hats right TONY
[2019-05-03 00:13:18] Stephen imlack: Tony what would be good for lyme
[2019-05-03 00:13:38] Rick Bonner: Just kidding of course, even though the signals are scrambled more and more, I KNOW what’s Right and what’s wrong, I don’t confuse ’em.
[2019-05-03 00:14:47] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› SOO you think you tell
[2019-05-03 00:14:48] Stephen imlack: like a becks zapper
[2019-05-03 00:17:08] nancy: ‹@sqirl› yes good information
[2019-05-03 00:17:35] Peter: the health industry will lock onto your wallet
[2019-05-03 00:19:24] Stephen imlack: I know someone who has had reccuring varcose ulcers couldvit be a nano
[2019-05-03 00:19:36] sheila brown: in our small church – 2 members have family that have just discovered breast cancer
[2019-05-03 00:20:28] sqirl: mamograms/
[2019-05-03 00:20:35] StarFire: i just read a paper on how most breast cancer is diagnose wrong
[2019-05-03 00:21:10] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› so sorry go with tonys remedy maybe
[2019-05-03 00:21:29] nancy: ‹@StarFire› i agree
[2019-05-03 00:22:41] sheila brown: not my family (sorry – one mother that goes to our church – daughter diagnosed and the other chruch member the daughter attends and her mom just had surgery)
[2019-05-03 00:24:19] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› i get beside myself trying to help people
[2019-05-03 00:25:01] sheila brown: you can tell them and suggest and goes nowhere
[2019-05-03 00:25:26] Monkey_Breath: I threw out my microwave.
[2019-05-03 00:25:38] Yannis-AroyMak: OPS sound gone at my side
[2019-05-03 00:25:51] nancy: my sister had three times lots of cemo she sleeping now
[2019-05-03 00:26:10] Stephen imlack: Has anyone studied people like the clintons and bushes to see what they eat and drink ?
[2019-05-03 00:26:43] gia: TONY have u seen Carnicom,s recent presentation

[2019-05-03 00:26:45] Monkey_Breath: i would love to know this too Stephen.
[2019-05-03 00:27:08] gia: ALL ABOUT NANO & what do u think
[2019-05-03 00:27:14] Stephen imlack: they know
[2019-05-03 00:27:53] StarFire: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› sound still working here
[2019-05-03 00:27:54] Peter: death in a bottle
[2019-05-03 00:28:22] StarFire: ‹@Stephen imlack› they eat babies…… joking… but not really haha
[2019-05-03 00:29:08] Monkey_Breath: yes,misheard they drink children’s blood
[2019-05-03 00:29:25] sqirl: Tony every interview she’s done this year she says you are the top expert on nano biology
[2019-05-03 00:29:28] Stephen imlack: dont see them using mobile phones much either
[2019-05-03 00:29:30] Peter: trans humanism
[2019-05-03 00:29:37] gia: in PART 3 – the 3rd to last question asked refers to a nano tech clothing that light & eColi into BIOFILM….”” or something crazy
[2019-05-03 00:29:53] robberts: how can you tell
[2019-05-03 00:30:25] Yannis-AroyMak: @starfire thx
[2019-05-03 00:30:44] Stephen imlack: ‹@StarFire› lovely with mushie peas and carrots lol
[2019-05-03 00:30:55] Cecil: my feet bother me
[2019-05-03 00:31:12] StarFire: haha
[2019-05-03 00:32:51] StarFire: big time spray here
[2019-05-03 00:33:01] robberts: yep
[2019-05-03 00:33:14] robberts: yep
[2019-05-03 00:33:57] sheila brown: we have the chemtrails today and rain
[2019-05-03 00:34:16] robberts: 3 days of sun in april
[2019-05-03 00:34:26] sheila brown: have any of you had success blocking the sound in the ear totally for any length of time
[2019-05-03 00:34:44] robberts: day 2 in may …no sun
[2019-05-03 00:34:47] nancy: we have 85 radiant heat yuk
[2019-05-03 00:34:54] Stephen imlack: our drinking water must be full of nano so is there a way to make it visible in a glass jug to show it to people
[2019-05-03 00:35:03] sqirl: and demasculinated
[2019-05-03 00:35:41] StarFire: my robot can beat up your robot
[2019-05-03 00:36:35] StarFire: i hope your drinking Distilled water Stephen
[2019-05-03 00:37:29] Stephen imlack: just whisky starfire dont trust the water lol
[2019-05-03 00:37:35] StarFire: how many nano particles clumped together to be seen by the naked eye i wonder?
[2019-05-03 00:38:04] StarFire: ‹@Stephen imlack› good man
[2019-05-03 00:38:31] Stephen imlack: seriously i do have a distiller and it will distill all sorts to make alcohol if needed lol
[2019-05-03 00:38:38] StarFire: ‹@Stephen imlack› change to Brandy
[2019-05-03 00:38:38] gia: TONY if we could live in an enviornment that was MOSTLY free of frequencies (wifi etc) .. how would that affect this hell would it sit dormant & be more easily removed from the body or would it
[2019-05-03 00:40:06] Stephen imlack: brandy hell yeah
[2019-05-03 00:40:20] nancy: synthetic biology
[2019-05-03 00:41:09] Peter: dna is a programmable operating system
[2019-05-03 00:41:32] StarFire: i started back doing a shot of brandy and one drop of essential oil again
[2019-05-03 00:42:06] Stephen imlack: What oil
[2019-05-03 00:42:27] StarFire: i prefer wintergreen, but there are a few more you can use.. Tony has vid on it
[2019-05-03 00:44:08] Stephen imlack: Yes i think i tried it. I once polished of a bottle of brasso lol
[2019-05-03 00:44:37] StarFire: not sure what brasso is?
[2019-05-03 00:45:01] Stephen imlack: Brass polish lol
[2019-05-03 00:45:20] independz:…
[2019-05-03 00:45:49] StarFire: ohhh
[2019-05-03 00:48:56] StarFire: that is a creepy looking stuff on the vid tony
[2019-05-03 00:49:48] Stephen imlack: Where are all the scientists who should be seeing these vids and studying it
[2019-05-03 00:49:55] nancy: ‹@StarFire› yes geez
[2019-05-03 00:51:15] Stephen imlack: Lets hope there could be good guys out there that would look at it
[2019-05-03 00:51:15] knapstersky: @stephen, they’re spinning around ‘conventional bs’. i deal with them daily.
[2019-05-03 00:51:27] nancy: thier going where its HOT
[2019-05-03 00:52:14] robberts: scientist dont believe in god i think there all evolution
[2019-05-03 00:52:26] independz:…@N03/page9……
[2019-05-03 00:52:30] StarFire: hold my hair, im gonna puke
[2019-05-03 00:52:42] knapstersky: @Tony, you got it. are dealing with the same dumbass phd’s i am?
[2019-05-03 00:52:48] Yannis-AroyMak: yes it is now the link
[2019-05-03 00:52:48] Stephen imlack: We have to get scientists on side because scientific proof is the way to go
[2019-05-03 00:53:42] nancy: ‹@StarFire› lol
[2019-05-03 00:53:58] Cecil: thanks tony
[2019-05-03 00:54:33] gia: the flikr link came up 404 ERROR for me
[2019-05-03 00:55:01] robberts: copy paste
[2019-05-03 00:55:07] StarFire: me to gia
[2019-05-03 00:55:08] nancy: ‹@Stephen imlack› well they cannot say on that day Virtue was not convenient
[2019-05-03 00:55:42] robberts: siatica
[2019-05-03 00:55:52] gia: CAN U REPOST THE FLIKR LINK
[2019-05-03 00:56:17] Rick Bonner: Brasso always leaves my teeth with that ‘gritty’ feeling, Stephen; gimme ‘squeeze’, Michael Crichton style.
[2019-05-03 00:56:20] Yannis-AroyMak: @gia, here is the link again…@N03/
[2019-05-03 00:56:31] independz:…@N03/page9
[2019-05-03 00:56:54] Stephen imlack: What about a nano bath, wrapped around with wire, elcb’s etc safety first
[2019-05-03 00:57:04] independz:…
[2019-05-03 00:57:07] Yannis-AroyMak: try the short link
[2019-05-03 00:57:19] gia:…
[2019-05-03 00:58:15] gia: SHORT WORKS  th u
[2019-05-03 00:58:49] Rick Bonner: I couldn’t remember the Sci-Fi movie I first heard of ‘squeeze’ in. It was The Andromeda Strain.
[2019-05-03 00:59:11] Stephen imlack: Ty night all
[2019-05-03 00:59:15] Yannis-AroyMak: thank you Tony
[2019-05-03 00:59:22] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-05-03 00:59:24] knapstersky: ah crap hearing porno music already thanks Tony.
[2019-05-03 00:59:24] Yannis-AroyMak: thanks all as well
[2019-05-03 00:59:36] StarFire: Thanks tony and everyone!!!!!!!
[2019-05-03 00:59:47] Peter: good night nano
[2019-05-03 00:59:53] Billy29: Thank tony for all The good information
[2019-05-03 01:00:00] gia: TONY those pictures look like what is coming out of me in the bathroom!? yet i feel pretty damn good despite the year of detoxing this stuff
[2019-05-03 01:00:01] sqirl: Thanks Tony, www.nationaldefensemagazi…
[2019-05-03 01:00:01] nancy: shalpm
[2019-05-03 01:00:16] nancy: shalom
[2019-05-03 01:00:42] gia: TWO tears of Detox actually
[2019-05-03 01:00:59] Rick Bonner: Thank you Tony! I’ll take Care! You take good Care, too! All you guys too, take Good Care of yourselves, and of the others you Love.
[2019-05-03 01:02:30] Rick Bonner: Bethesda Shaloam! To Health, and to Life!
[2019-05-03 01:02:56] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-05-03 01:03:00] independz: share the stuff
[2019-05-03 01:03:05] independz: will be posting later
[2019-05-03 01:03:10] independz: on the pod
[2019-05-03 01:03:21] coronagal: Thank you!


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