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“The Remedy” 2019-05-09 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/05/09 - Carbon, C60, Shungite - Reality: You/We have been Altered - Measles, Why Now? - Remedies - Answering Questions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-May-09):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of May 9th, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Where we are heading.

Article on radioactive carbon, what does it affect

Carbon is in everything, from supplementation to tech.

The health food industry is nothing but a hijacking

Copper chloride and how to take and what happens if you over do it

Methane up in the sky is carbon form–can be removed

Speculation on my part:

  • The Fukosima water is going straight down
    –heavy water is dropping straight down and the water, with this contamination, is mutating the aquatic life
    –adding the carbon which is a super conductor materials 100% full on conductivity

Graphene is being utilized –carbon C-60- no testing was done and now that information on the carbon toxicity is now exposed
The shungite is C60, which can impact the DNA with the frequencies. No body contact due to the conductivity which can directly impact. If it is away from you, then you need to have it big enough piece of shungite and then you have to redirect the (collected/ attracted) frequencies away — you have to ground the frequencies.

C-60 is toxic either way, natural or synthesized.

Everyone needs to go to a doctor at least one time—so everyone can be biologically raped so then you will learn to appreciate your health and learn not to believe the doctors.
This way when you find some one who knows how to heal then you will appreciate these people–then you will pay attention to GMO or CRISP-R editing.

The inability to connect the dots is astounding, seeing the connections of toxic environments will impact the food supply–
food supply toxified in the 60’s and maybe right into the late 40’s.

Medical field is defile mankind.

Waking up in the reality of you being altered.

Simplest perspective –medially you are not healing and you are further decaying or decomposition

Why measles? What is really going on what is causing this outbreak.

Time at Youtube’s video Minutes 

51′:21″ Q. How much EDTA should one take if you do a detox?

A. Can use 1 gr per day. Do it at night before going to bed, so the morning can release the toxins. Shall be followed by heavy mineral concentration, like the Electrolyte formula shown at youtube channel, (channel: HerbsPlusBeadWorks, search video title: “Making An Electrolyte Drink“) Same follow up as when using STS, (channel: HerbsPlusBeadWorks, search video title: “Detox Using Sodium Thiosulphate (STS)). But with STS you do the replenishment of the minerals daily. With ETDA, you can rotate; one week EDTA, one week Mineral.

Links Provided by Tony during the show. (Click on text or picture)

Youtube Videos

TME Chatroom comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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2019-05-09 23:58:39] Stephen imlack: Hi all
[2019-05-09 23:58:56] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-05-09 23:59:11] Billy29: Hi everyone
[2019-05-09 23:59:38] Dominick: Hi everyone
[2019-05-09 23:59:46] Dominick: Hi tony
[2019-05-09 23:59:52] Fiona T: hello folks
[2019-05-10 00:00:45] Dominick: Hi tony made copper chloride , can it upset the stomach
[2019-05-10 00:02:15] Dominick: Thanks tony
[2019-05-10 00:04:04] Stephen imlack: Nessie on steroids lol
[2019-05-10 00:04:25] Dominick: Hi fiona
[2019-05-10 00:04:44] Fiona T: hi Dominick!
[2019-05-10 00:04:51] Dominick: Haven’t been in chat room for a long time
[2019-05-10 00:05:28] Dominick: Tony when are you gonna put the new videos up on herbsplusbeadworks
[2019-05-10 00:05:44] Fiona T: who me? or you?
[2019-05-10 00:06:03] Dominick: me
[2019-05-10 00:06:14] sheila brown: Here is something different – a friend was diagnoses Avascular necrosis – bone dying in his foot – can this be fixed without surgery
[2019-05-10 00:06:29] Fiona T: oh! Me too somewhat, actually. Been absorbed in some stuff
[2019-05-10 00:07:46] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-05-10 00:08:26] Fiona T: hi!
[2019-05-10 00:08:53] Cecil: i was talking to you tony once. and the frickin power went out lol.
[2019-05-10 00:08:56] Stephen imlack: An apple a day keeps the doc away but an onion a day keeps everyone away lol
[2019-05-10 00:09:20] Monkey_Breath: And garlic too
[2019-05-10 00:09:42] Cecil: apple and a onion…. hmmm you are on to something
[2019-05-10 00:09:53] Fiona T: I agree Tony. I think people don’t believe you that doctors don’t help you until they go through the same experience, doctors not being helpful
[2019-05-10 00:10:11] Dominick: I have been wearing those yellow glasses to block blue beam and my eyes feel way better
[2019-05-10 00:10:11] Stephen imlack: rub the onion on the head for the hair
[2019-05-10 00:10:18] Cecil: they have their hands tied. you are correct fi
[2019-05-10 00:11:07] Monkey_Breath: does anyone know where to buy interior leaded paints that is not black where five coats of paint is need to cover it with a lighter color?
[2019-05-10 00:11:08] Cecil: 1954
[2019-05-10 00:11:21] Monkey_Breath: needed
[2019-05-10 00:12:07] Cecil: you guys tony is incredible for the simple fact that all his remmedies on youtube, pretty much is even safe for a diabetic to take.
[2019-05-10 00:12:52] Cecil: nothing in his concoctions are detrimental. befor ebarley was a super contaminated thing, along with grains anyway.
[2019-05-10 00:13:41] Cecil: all the time. yet i was unawares
[2019-05-10 00:14:01] Seabass5701: Oh Yea Tony, It’s a “mutated” strain of measles
[2019-05-10 00:14:06] sqirl: howdy
[2019-05-10 00:14:16] Seabass5701: as they say
[2019-05-10 00:14:22] Cecil: vaccinnes are toxic , yet slow down symptoms from un carbon
[2019-05-10 00:14:24] robberts: monkey; mix lead powder in paint
[2019-05-10 00:14:30] Monkey_Breath: vaccinatd people shed to the unvaccinated because the vaccinated are infected with the diseases
[2019-05-10 00:14:43] Cecil: usa is about playing it off
[2019-05-10 00:15:11] Seabass5701: Yea, I was being sarcastic
[2019-05-10 00:15:17] Monkey_Breath: ty Robberts
[2019-05-10 00:15:21] Cecil: carbon, frequency
[2019-05-10 00:15:24] Seabass5701: This is what they say
[2019-05-10 00:15:25] Cecil: triggers
[2019-05-10 00:16:06] Monkey_Breath: diseases are from the shots
[2019-05-10 00:16:06] sqirl: They are created in labs
[2019-05-10 00:16:22] Cecil: it costs money to keep people healthy. to prolong life in people and tree life isnt profitable nowadays.
[2019-05-10 00:16:31] robberts: plum island
[2019-05-10 00:16:36] sqirl: But they assume no one is health educated so therefore non resistant
[2019-05-10 00:16:41] Fiona T: It’s the same with Lyme, saying how ‘smart’ the bacteria is to dodge antibiotics and a bunch of other treatments and how people constantly relapse
[2019-05-10 00:16:50] Seabass5701: It’s the nano-technology disguising itself as pathogens
[2019-05-10 00:16:51] sqirl: Resistance is KEY
[2019-05-10 00:16:53] Cecil: what riggers ebola. a immunity deficiency. no copper, no magnesium etc
[2019-05-10 00:16:53] Fiona T: to hide in tissues, etc
[2019-05-10 00:17:30] Cecil: restraint: the ability to resist and overcome the evil demon of temptation.
[2019-05-10 00:17:32] sqirl: PROZAC epidemic
[2019-05-10 00:18:01] sqirl: 89 percent of all these shootings are antidepressant related
[2019-05-10 00:18:20] Seabass5701: Haven’t taken medications in years
[2019-05-10 00:18:30] Billy29: I think it’s one out of two people on medication
[2019-05-10 00:18:56] Seabass5701: Stuff is garbage. The 1000 side-effects are enough to keep me away, I don’t know what the hell those chemicals they put out do
[2019-05-10 00:19:06] Cecil: my personal friends call me a conspiracy theorist because all i say is that im not ok with chemtrails. im not ok with it. no biggie. not like its going to stop. they treat me like a freak for not ignoring it like the majority. they are scared. scare
[2019-05-10 00:19:14] sqirl: Asom cancer or suiciddepartane is a precursor to seratonin disfunction then the fatigue and diabetes then the antidepressants and bo
[2019-05-10 00:19:26] Cecil: scared that their good character might call them to do something about it.
[2019-05-10 00:19:35] Cecil: we kill cancer
[2019-05-10 00:19:35] sqirl: computer is crazy sorry
[2019-05-10 00:20:27] Cecil: alkalizers from tonys videos for example again. tony gave up a trade secret for us. publically!
[2019-05-10 00:20:38] Seabass5701: Hell, you don’t even need the nano PERIOD. You can use herbs to cure cancer, provided that they are pure and unaltered.
[2019-05-10 00:20:53] Seabass5701: All these things they keep coming out are completely unwarranted
[2019-05-10 00:21:02] sqirl: and nano zeolite
[2019-05-10 00:21:28] Dominick: Hi tony a friend of mine has pancreatic cancer what would you tell him to take or do for this
[2019-05-10 00:22:16] Cecil: the moment this tech f’d with tony, he snapped. he dont care if he will be erased. he dont care if he goes out as a martyr. jesus did it for everyone, so why should he? he dont care what they do to him. he’s going to tell the world
[2019-05-10 00:22:29] Cecil: capacitor. measured in farads. i have several
[2019-05-10 00:22:38] Cecil: or a coil
[2019-05-10 00:22:49] Cecil: a rlc tank circuit tony
[2019-05-10 00:23:14] Cecil: you guys remember the crystal transistor radio?
[2019-05-10 00:23:46] Cecil: i went to itt for electronics tech. lol now im in debt
[2019-05-10 00:24:05] Cecil: a big discharge effect
[2019-05-10 00:24:34] Cecil: a big corona could emit down the street from the transmission lines
[2019-05-10 00:24:57] Fiona T: Would it sort of flatten us, pressure from below the ocean, pressure from the sky, squish us in between??
[2019-05-10 00:24:57] Cecil: it happens by accident occasionally. ever hear of power company start a field fire?
[2019-05-10 00:25:11] Cecil: tony is getting beyond my knowledge here. idk
[2019-05-10 00:25:34] Fiona T: interesting
[2019-05-10 00:26:10] Cecil: when i learned about microwave, waveguides was still a classified thing.
[2019-05-10 00:26:36] Cecil: radar used to be too. radio detection amplified reception
[2019-05-10 00:26:39] Monkey_Breath: Tony, can tachyon energy be used to protect the body against EMFs and strengthen/heal the body? OR, is it a bunch of BS?
[2019-05-10 00:26:56] Cecil: and’
[2019-05-10 00:27:09] Cecil: i dont like it
[2019-05-10 00:28:02] Cecil: i am a mad scientist. and i want to support tony
[2019-05-10 00:29:24] Cecil: yes a tason ring
[2019-05-10 00:29:40] sheila brown: tony what is the best way to take cod liver oil and grassfed butter together
[2019-05-10 00:29:40] Cecil: a tayon or whatever can be put on your power box
[2019-05-10 00:29:53] Cecil: its a copper ring that will reduce emf
[2019-05-10 00:29:54] Dominick: Hi tony a friend of mine has pancreas cancer what would you think he can take or do for this
[2019-05-10 00:30:07] Cecil: or pay to remove your smart meter back to analog
[2019-05-10 00:30:21] Cecil: hopefully he answers you monkey
[2019-05-10 00:30:51] Cecil: well domick
[2019-05-10 00:30:56] Cecil: all my friends died from it
[2019-05-10 00:31:01] Seabass5701: We did that here Cecil, but they replaced it with an older digital meter, that I don’t know whether it still emits the same kind of radiation. Most companies don’t offer analog anymore
[2019-05-10 00:31:08] Cecil: they did surgeory and the shit spread and kille dthem
[2019-05-10 00:31:24] Cecil: there is a way to reduce emf from a dryer
[2019-05-10 00:31:30] Cecil: but yeah, same here
[2019-05-10 00:31:41] gia: Tony WHAT can we eat or take to combat early menopause symptoms
[2019-05-10 00:32:04] Cecil: if you tape up the dryer completely, lol it will help reduce heat escaping, but can blow your equipment’
[2019-05-10 00:32:18] Cecil: a dryer expect made videos on youtube yet they overheat
[2019-05-10 00:32:20] Seabass5701: All you have to do to reduce emf is find some material that absorbs the energy from the electromagnetic waves and disperse it away from you.
[2019-05-10 00:32:25] Seabass5701: That’s the whole concept
[2019-05-10 00:32:40] Cecil: copper
[2019-05-10 00:32:49] Stephen imlack: Tony is progesterone cream good for the menopause
[2019-05-10 00:32:51] Cecil: aluminum plus copper does shielding
[2019-05-10 00:33:01] Cecil: welcome back senpai
[2019-05-10 00:33:26] Seabass5701: So that’s why a lot of shielding materials are made out of metallic material, because they attract frequencies, then the next step is to ground or disperse that energy elsewhere away from you
[2019-05-10 00:33:36] Cecil: i hope rick is well
[2019-05-10 00:33:44] Cecil: yes
[2019-05-10 00:33:52] Cecil: need a ground
[2019-05-10 00:34:03] Cecil: absolutely
[2019-05-10 00:34:13] Cecil: afte the show etc
[2019-05-10 00:34:22] Cecil: i know
[2019-05-10 00:34:56] Cecil: ask dave lol. after every video or broadcast, tony gets hit.
[2019-05-10 00:35:08] Cecil: thank you senpai
[2019-05-10 00:35:48] Cecil: just from telling people vital info. my mouth begins to f up when i talk and everything else.
[2019-05-10 00:36:37] Dominick: Tony what could I do for pancease cancer
[2019-05-10 00:37:07] Stephen imlack: Everyone check out tim rifat on youtube and how he fitted metal plates on the walls, ceilings and floors to stop microwave attacks, very interesting whats going on there.
[2019-05-10 00:37:12] Cecil: tis a lonely life without prayer. if you find tony when you have a moment woth the great one, make sure to refer back to the great one so that tony doesnt get over emphasized in your own thinking. he knows he is not god, yet he is very helpful to god.
[2019-05-10 00:37:14] gia: TONY can this nano bring on menopause early & what else can we take to combat the symptoms
[2019-05-10 00:37:14] Cecil: i try
[2019-05-10 00:37:47] Cecil: after your cycle you even experience problems. especially in heatflashes. the ladies told me.
[2019-05-10 00:37:51] Monkey_Breath: TY Stephan
[2019-05-10 00:38:00] Cecil: the ladies said so. thats it.
[2019-05-10 00:38:08] Cecil: rifat
[2019-05-10 00:38:10] Cecil: oh ok
[2019-05-10 00:38:15] Stephen imlack: Y wel
[2019-05-10 00:38:29] Cecil: black walnut hide
[2019-05-10 00:38:48] Cecil: turmeric. dont forgeet turmeric and ginger
[2019-05-10 00:39:00] Cecil: avoiding beans? what?
[2019-05-10 00:39:03] Dominick: Thanks tony
[2019-05-10 00:39:20] Cecil: but but kidney beans strengthen the kidneys
[2019-05-10 00:39:26] Cecil: strtengthen the nearby organs
[2019-05-10 00:39:37] Seabass5701: beans are high in phytic acid which bind to minerals in your gut and prevent your body from absorbing them
[2019-05-10 00:39:45] Cecil: azuki beans!
[2019-05-10 00:40:10] Cecil: these are no pinto beans. but are in japan lol
[2019-05-10 00:40:34] Cecil: and silica
[2019-05-10 00:40:44] Cecil: avoid silica
[2019-05-10 00:41:10] Stephen imlack: the primrose oil defo helped with the eczema outbreak.
[2019-05-10 00:41:13] Cecil: this shuts the assembly down
[2019-05-10 00:41:19] Cecil: it turns its off
[2019-05-10 00:41:23] Cecil: yes tony?
[2019-05-10 00:41:31] SantaClaws: Tony, what does random bruises on legs mean? Anemia?
[2019-05-10 00:41:34] Cecil: ok what do we do about kidney health
[2019-05-10 00:41:59] Cecil: any skin issue listen can accelerate nano assembly
[2019-05-10 00:42:19] Cecil: if you been on no grain diet. then slowly add thai rice
[2019-05-10 00:42:24] Cecil: jasmine is ify
[2019-05-10 00:42:26] sheila brown: can good cod liver oil do good stuff
[2019-05-10 00:42:44] Cecil: no brown rice.. its suicide
[2019-05-10 00:42:50] Cecil: amiright?
[2019-05-10 00:43:14] gia: No just LATE periods…& super moody pms & sore nipples .. NEVER had a late period but had TWO that came weeks late the past 3 months on the island
[2019-05-10 00:43:16] Cecil: tony i cant go a day without meat ever since i adjusted to this diet
[2019-05-10 00:43:22] Cecil: simple nut milk:
[2019-05-10 00:43:30] Cecil: grind your favorite nuts
[2019-05-10 00:43:40] Cecil: refering from tonys videos again
[2019-05-10 00:44:18] robberts: impearic
[2019-05-10 00:44:21] Cecil: add guar gum and water, and blend , then uuse coconut powder or milk plus a cup of water if you use powder use two scoops
[2019-05-10 00:44:33] Stephen imlack: the farmers round here are healthy hardy looking b******s
[2019-05-10 00:44:35] Cecil: it will taste like stor ebought stuff’
[2019-05-10 00:44:35] Fiona T: Here’s a cute video on quitting veganism…
[2019-05-10 00:44:57] Cecil: the nasty secret about v8
[2019-05-10 00:45:06] Cecil: reconstructed means from concentrate
[2019-05-10 00:45:26] Cecil: i made a similar v8 of natural, it was orange tasted similar bu tlooks nasty
[2019-05-10 00:45:26] gia: maybe its just endocrine system nano hell
[2019-05-10 00:45:30] Cecil: yuck lol
[2019-05-10 00:45:43] Cecil: all omega3 is coca
[2019-05-10 00:45:53] Cecil: omega 9 is yum yum
[2019-05-10 00:45:56] sheila brown: got it 🙁
[2019-05-10 00:46:06] Cecil: eat a swordfish right
[2019-05-10 00:46:11] Cecil: take some iodiner
[2019-05-10 00:46:14] Cecil: iodine
[2019-05-10 00:46:24] Cecil: old fashion genius right?
[2019-05-10 00:46:39] Cecil: they say sat fat will kill you clog you
[2019-05-10 00:46:45] Cecil: boooo. scare you away
[2019-05-10 00:46:55] Cecil: but like tony said. sat fat is great
[2019-05-10 00:46:59] Cecil: its your friend
[2019-05-10 00:47:30] Cecil: the reason why tony scares me, unlike any male in the planet. he is always correct’
[2019-05-10 00:47:32] Stephen imlack: Will too much saturated fats eventually coz heart attacks tony or is it bs
[2019-05-10 00:48:03] Cecil: they say it clogs the arteries
[2019-05-10 00:48:11] Cecil: but i have yet to prove the wrong
[2019-05-10 00:48:16] Cecil: yet i believe its ok
[2019-05-10 00:48:26] Cecil: cholesterol or salt will not kill you
[2019-05-10 00:48:58] Cecil: i wish i had tonys cholesterol lol
[2019-05-10 00:49:10] Cecil: all thick and aged and shit
[2019-05-10 00:49:15] SantaClaws: Tony, what does random and frequent bruising on the legs mean? Anemia?
[2019-05-10 00:49:18] Cecil: super protected
[2019-05-10 00:49:22] sheila brown: choice of cod liver oil was fermented with cinnamon or old fashion – got it about the fermented (tony saying fish is not fermented – was not thinking about liver being a filter
[2019-05-10 00:49:34] Stephen imlack: does the table salt scar the tubes causing build up ?
[2019-05-10 00:49:36] Cecil: no, skin issues are from nano bottemline
[2019-05-10 00:49:50] Cecil: i think >.>
[2019-05-10 00:49:58] Cecil: yep
[2019-05-10 00:50:13] robberts: santa your spouse is kicking you
[2019-05-10 00:50:48] Cecil: santa covers up jesus
[2019-05-10 00:50:50] Cecil: i think
[2019-05-10 00:51:09] SantaClaws: Thank you!
[2019-05-10 00:51:32] Cecil: terminology is the key to knowing what others #are saying
[2019-05-10 00:52:06] Fiona T: I’ve seen ‘fermented’ on a bottle of l-glutamine too
[2019-05-10 00:52:10] Cecil: bless saint nick ey
[2019-05-10 00:52:22] Cecil: really? it doesnt in the us
[2019-05-10 00:52:24] Seabass5701: Tony, how much EDTA should one take if you do a detox?
[2019-05-10 00:53:29] Cecil: the only reason canadians avoid conflict, is becaus eif you f with the or capture their people, they will f’n kick your ass.
[2019-05-10 00:53:53] Monkey_Breath: Soy is in almost everything in the grocery store
[2019-05-10 00:54:07] SantaClaws: No, my name is a cat joke lol
[2019-05-10 00:54:33] robberts: how to say to an asian that soy is bad; boy i got bashed
[2019-05-10 00:54:47] gia: i try to warn my friend about her soy consumption ,,, no she knows all lol
[2019-05-10 00:54:51] Stephen imlack: Tony is there silica in table salt that scars the arteries or is that bs
[2019-05-10 00:54:53] Monkey_Breath: santaclaws…I don’t get it
[2019-05-10 00:55:11] Cecil: same here guys. no soy k
[2019-05-10 00:55:16] Cecil: lol
[2019-05-10 00:55:32] Cecil: thanks for not roasting me everyone
[2019-05-10 00:55:47] Fiona T: thanks Tony
[2019-05-10 00:55:57] Seabass5701: Thanks, Tony
[2019-05-10 00:55:58] Yannis-AroyMak: thank you Tony
[2019-05-10 00:56:02] knapstersky: thanks Tony.
[2019-05-10 00:56:02] Cecil: prepare. tuesday we will get bomvbarded with new info lol
[2019-05-10 00:56:03] Seabass5701: take care everybody
[2019-05-10 00:56:08] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-05-10 00:56:08] gia: 💕💕💕💕
[2019-05-10 00:56:14] Fiona T: that will be next show, Cecil
[2019-05-10 00:56:16] Cecil: thank you tony. bye everyone. love your show
[2019-05-10 00:56:18] Fiona T:
[2019-05-10 00:56:23] SantaClaws: Santa Clause… Claws… play on words… :getlost:
[2019-05-10 00:56:25] Cecil: yeah 😀
[2019-05-10 00:56:31] Stephen imlack: Ty all bye all
[2019-05-10 00:56:35] sqirl: thank you Tony
[2019-05-10 00:56:37] Monkey_Breath: I came to the conclusion… Tony is brilliant!
[2019-05-10 00:56:48] Billy29: Thank tony good night everyone
[2019-05-10 00:56:55] Fiona T: bye folks!
[2019-05-10 00:57:17] Monkey_Breath: Bye everyone.
[2019-05-10 00:57:55] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-05-10 00:58:23] robberts: monkey how many of his remedies you try
[2019-05-10 00:58:26] Cecil: I love tuning in. makes me feel good
[2019-05-10 00:58:40] independz: maybe silica in table salt they would put it in there to keep it from clumping
[2019-05-10 00:59:18] Cecil: to my surprise. everything i ever tried has grually worked.
[2019-05-10 00:59:27] Cecil: it is. be careful buying seasalt
[2019-05-10 00:59:32] Stephen imlack: And could it be scarring arteries
[2019-05-10 00:59:36] Cecil: cecil said so lol nah
[2019-05-10 00:59:43] sheila brown: can Avascular necrosis be remedied – would like to see if I can get a friend to call you
[2019-05-10 00:59:53] Stephen imlack: Causing cholesterol build up
[2019-05-10 00:59:55] Cecil: smoked seasalt is yummy
[2019-05-10 01:00:19] Cecil: thats ok
[2019-05-10 01:00:33] Cecil: build up your cholesterol. should be fine
[2019-05-10 01:00:42] Stephen imlack: Smoked seasalt hmm
[2019-05-10 01:00:42] Cecil: co q 10
[2019-05-10 01:00:48] Cecil: yep
[2019-05-10 01:01:03] Cecil: ikts good. it adds good flavor
[2019-05-10 01:01:14] Stephen imlack: piped or ?
[2019-05-10 01:09:38] Seabass5701: Tony, if you’re still there, should someone with high levels of heavy metals first do a small dose of edta, because I heard that it can bring too many heavy metals out at once and can cause problems the first detox
[2019-05-10 01:16:11] independz: would depend
[2019-05-10 01:16:40] independz: usually the heavy meatal once it starts to come out will be extensive til the levels drop so am not sure how you are going to avoid this
[2019-05-10 01:17:48] Seabass5701: ok thanks

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