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“The Remedy” 2019-05-23 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/05/23 - Skeptical - Transhumanism - How To Remove Ba & Al from your body - Vaccines, Assault On Mankind

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-May-23):
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Tony's Notes

Show and depression and what depressions can be causative with me and the list of thing we are exposed

Autoimmune disorders, gene editing, nano poisoning, genetic poisoning and frequencies

TI’s and AI –

Mandela effect which i think is AI impacting the matrix wit h subtleties
Takes a lot to get to me depressed, and then seeing synthetic life being created outside of the body using a genetic editing outside of the womb

Interfacing your brain with the internet

And the impact of the genetics of people being made and no one got this

Hate speech is designed to alter the way you talk to control your actions and to get you to believe in the illusions they want you to see and believe. Turning you into a singularity and cannot expressed your self unless you are engaged in the rule of engagement. Not the business of the government to engage a control though expression

Nano engineering and synthetic engineering

Engaging nano to deliver a drug to be delivered into the system to impact specific area a form a biological warfare.

Treating diseases instead of the person keeps the viability of the affliction and diminish the host-the person…

Links provided by Tony during the show


Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.29.18.png

Synthetic biologists hack bacterial sensors
Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.32.59.png

Common food additive found to affect gut microbiota – Titanium dioxide nanoparticles E171 may impact human health
Screenshot 2019-05-19 11.49.17.png

Pakistan Journal of Biological Science
Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.35.29.png

Tiny Robots Swimming in Your Eye Could Provide Radical New Treatments

Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.38.30.png
Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.46.31.png

Synthetic Biology: It’s Alive, but Is It Life? How far can or should we go?

Scientists Just Took a Giant Leap Forward in the Quest to Create Artificial Life

New efficient way to engineer nanostructures mimicking natural immune response complexes
Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.51.44.png

Screenshot 2019-05-25 21.55.18.png


5G Symptoms


Connecting a Human Brain to the Internet in Real Time


Patents: atmospheric electricity
Screenshot 2019-05-25 22.10.10.png

Links Provided by Tony during the show. (Click on text or picture)


TME Chatroom comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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2019-05-21 23:53:14] independz: (…)
[2019-05-21 23:54:54] independz: (…#BAYLEAF )
[2019-05-21 23:55:15] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:55:50] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:56:18] independz: (…)
[2019-05-21 23:57:02] independz: ( )
[2019-05-21 23:57:25] Stephen imlack: Hi all
[2019-05-21 23:57:37] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:57:59] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:58:26] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:58:43] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:59:05] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:59:23] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:59:39] Peter: its nice to see different ways the world is going bat shit
[2019-05-21 23:59:41] independz: (… )
[2019-05-21 23:59:59] independz: (…@N03/page9 )
[2019-05-22 00:00:03] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-05-22 00:00:26] )
[2019-05-22 00:00:31] Peter: evil knoweth no bounds
[2019-05-22 00:00:41] StarFire: HI tony. i have cut and sifted GALANGA how can i use it best? grind it up to powder? or make tea?
[2019-05-22 00:00:45] independz: (… )
[2019-05-22 00:01:10] independz: teas powder in cap or extract in alcohol you have options
[2019-05-22 00:01:38] independz: (… )
[2019-05-22 00:01:59] StarFire: ok and thanks for all these good links
[2019-05-22 00:02:19] Cecil: its nice
[2019-05-22 00:02:52] Cecil: better for a change
[2019-05-22 00:03:02] Cecil: had a atmospheric river
[2019-05-22 00:03:12] Cecil:)
[2019-05-22 00:05:46] sqirl: Hi everyone
[2019-05-22 00:06:01] Cecil: the rain wont come back for a while after this naturally
[2019-05-22 00:06:04] Cecil: hi
[2019-05-22 00:06:16] StarFire: we hear live mic
[2019-05-22 00:06:38] independz: this will give you ideas of where w are at not where we are heading
[2019-05-22 00:07:09] Billy29: Hi everybody
[2019-05-22 00:07:12] independz: since the info would be outdated by at least 5-10 year what they are showingus is what they used to do now wwhere they are at is fat more advanced
[2019-05-22 00:07:23] Fiona T: hi Tony, hi folks… holy cow, lotsa links, headlines look alarming
[2019-05-22 00:07:27] Cecil: all my friends and family wont get off the grains. they just say im nuts and wont understand nothing. i want to just punch em
[2019-05-22 00:07:39] independz: not sure if we are going to have a show Joes skype pooched on him so not sure if he has had any success re loading
[2019-05-22 00:07:57] Cecil: poor joe
[2019-05-22 00:08:00] Cecil: he is trying
[2019-05-22 00:08:14] sqirl: Shy from Isreal interviews Jerry Flynn on wifi and 5g -very good perspective
[2019-05-22 00:08:37] Fiona T: are we listening to someone’s private conversation?
[2019-05-22 00:09:14] independz: (… )
[2019-05-22 00:09:30] Cecil: nice. i do mowing jobs too >.>
[2019-05-22 00:09:43] Cecil: thanks for the links mr t
[2019-05-22 00:10:19] independz: will show where we are today and the grain thing alll you can do is let the pain set in then they will listen
[2019-05-22 00:11:04] Cecil: ok
[2019-05-22 00:11:09] Fiona T: Yeah, don’t push it. Just tell them what you know, then let it go
[2019-05-22 00:11:17] Peter: or go to a doctor and get more jacked up
[2019-05-22 00:11:58] StarFire: hear music
[2019-05-22 00:12:00] Cecil: they are beyond mirowave tech
[2019-05-22 00:12:09] Martin: Wow, now there is some strong language being used in that conversation. Maybe Tony can speak proper Canadian uncensored, just a suggestion.
[2019-05-22 00:12:17] sheila brown: music
[2019-05-22 00:12:20] Cecil: the classified stuff tech in use now is waveguides
[2019-05-22 00:12:24] Cecil: waveguides
[2019-05-22 00:12:36] Fiona T: I was rooting through some drawers looking for painkillers and came across Tylenol nighttime… it had all the nasties in it! Aluminum lakes, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, a few more PLUS shellac glaze!! Stuff they put on fingernails!
[2019-05-22 00:12:39] Cecil: -_^
[2019-05-22 00:12:41] Fiona T: yay music!
[2019-05-22 00:12:43] Stephen imlack: Dont stop that beat bro
[2019-05-22 00:13:09] Fiona T: we still hear that other audio in the back Tony
[2019-05-22 00:13:40] Cecil: that is supposed to throw you off, so the stuff makes you feel high as a result of your body being poisoned maybe.
[2019-05-22 00:13:44] sheila brown: tony in sterio lagging
[2019-05-22 00:14:09] Cecil: idk ‘feels bad’
[2019-05-22 00:14:16] Cecil: it gets me down
[2019-05-22 00:14:19] Fiona T: Tony, we can’t hear you very well… the other audio is still being played
[2019-05-22 00:14:31] sqirl: muffeled sound here as well
[2019-05-22 00:14:40] StarFire: ok i have GALANGAL and not galanga thought they were the same but no
[2019-05-22 00:14:52] Cecil: hi tony
[2019-05-22 00:14:57] Cecil: its ok
[2019-05-22 00:15:09] Stephen imlack: Star whats the difference
[2019-05-22 00:15:27] Martin: still the other audio conversation in the background
[2019-05-22 00:16:11] StarFire: Fiona, keep that bottle toxic Tylenol you can poison your enemies
[2019-05-22 00:16:18] Cecil: im in a healing crisis
[2019-05-22 00:16:42] Fiona T: perhaps!
[2019-05-22 00:16:56] independz: I am not talking
[2019-05-22 00:17:00] robberts: bertrand russell said that; fabian society
[2019-05-22 00:17:05] independz: this is probably a recorded show
[2019-05-22 00:17:10] StarFire: ‹@Stephen imlack› (…)
[2019-05-22 00:17:27] independz: he has not skyped me soo am thinking he is still down
[2019-05-22 00:17:32] Stephen imlack: ty
[2019-05-22 00:17:40] StarFire: Tony web page stephen.. list both galanga and galangal
[2019-05-22 00:17:48] Fiona T: oh! So you’re not actually talking right now?
[2019-05-22 00:17:51] Cecil: my body is tired from all this healing. from ozone therapy chelating a week for a week leaves me depleted at the end of the week. my body can heal faster than it ages. as for the rest of us as well
[2019-05-22 00:17:53] Fiona T: haha
[2019-05-22 00:18:05] Cecil: oh shet
[2019-05-22 00:18:08] Cecillol
[2019-05-22 00:18:26] StarFire: ahhhhhh haaa tony… this is old show replay
[2019-05-22 00:18:55] Cecil: you got me tony. lol
[2019-05-22 00:19:08] Cecil: i fell for it haha
[2019-05-22 00:19:47] Cecil: does nano ever evaporate?
[2019-05-22 00:19:47] independz: no am chatting here
[2019-05-22 00:19:54] independz: no
[2019-05-22 00:20:06] independz: water evaporates nano replicates
[2019-05-22 00:20:09] Cecil: ok
[2019-05-22 00:20:38] independz: it assembles and repairs itslef as well
[2019-05-22 00:20:40] Cecil: what happens when it becomes a micro particle
[2019-05-22 00:20:49] independz: integrates with your dna alterng your genetic code
[2019-05-22 00:20:49] StarFire: How should i take galangal …..
[2019-05-22 00:20:54] Cecil: or cluster
[2019-05-22 00:21:02] Cecil: grind it real good
[2019-05-22 00:21:05] independz: why does it become a micro pparticle??
[2019-05-22 00:21:06] Cecil: real good
[2019-05-22 00:21:16] Cecil: it will grow wont it?
[2019-05-22 00:21:31] StarFire: put galangal in my yogart?
[2019-05-22 00:21:40] independz: nano 1 billionth of a meter micon 1 milliont of a meter
[2019-05-22 00:21:40] Stephen imlack: So i work in power stations a lot is it good or bad for nano in the body?
[2019-05-22 00:21:41] Fiona T: micro is bigger than nano
[2019-05-22 00:21:59] independz: the size difference is 1000 times smaller
[2019-05-22 00:22:05] StarFire: nano is bad stephen
[2019-05-22 00:22:06] Fiona T: bad
[2019-05-22 00:22:21] independz: you can star
[2019-05-22 00:22:26] Cecil: it will be micro after it grows into a tousand fold
[2019-05-22 00:22:33] Cecil: yes
[2019-05-22 00:22:43] Cecil: if it clusters, it will be visible
[2019-05-22 00:22:48] Stephen imlack: was thinking of the emf acting on the body
[2019-05-22 00:22:50] independz: it will be come a fullerene
[2019-05-22 00:23:03] independz: and assemble into network
[2019-05-22 00:23:13] independz: integrated with your dna
[2019-05-22 00:23:39] Stephen imlack: so being an electrician aint a good idea?
[2019-05-22 00:23:41] independz: altering your body’s bilogical functions and eventually decay you to death while you are still alive
[2019-05-22 00:23:44] Cecil: like a hair? or wire?
[2019-05-22 00:23:58] Cecil: it is doing it now
[2019-05-22 00:24:13] independz: as long as you do not purposely run elctricty through you —you should be ok
[2019-05-22 00:24:30] StarFire: Stephen, tony uses lots of electrical systems to help you get rid of nano.. so you should study his techs
[2019-05-22 00:24:33] Stephen imlacklol
[2019-05-22 00:24:37] independz: been doing it since the time of your conception
[2019-05-22 00:25:06] Cecil: i keep taking salt baths. its not going away until i use the bucket or triangle, will it.
[2019-05-22 00:25:15] Cecil: no acupuncture?
[2019-05-22 00:25:36] independz: you will release some the surface collection
[2019-05-22 00:25:39] Cecil: since 1954 my mom has it the worst, she was born in 56
[2019-05-22 00:26:00] independz: but the embedded stuff inside no not that I am aware of anyway you will need to disengage the pulsing
[2019-05-22 00:26:00] Stephen imlack: star theres some big electro magnetic fields around these subs stations was wondering if it would knock out nano effects ?
[2019-05-22 00:26:08] independz: program with pulsing
[2019-05-22 00:26:22] Cecil: a dermatologist analyzed my chest 25yrs ago and said it was dead blood vessels. its still there.
[2019-05-22 00:26:32] Stephen imlack: or feed the effects
[2019-05-22 00:26:32] independz: if there is a pulse you will disengage it
[2019-05-22 00:26:39] Cecil: my feet have the assembly and its getting worse im developing rls
[2019-05-22 00:26:43] Cecil: ok
[2019-05-22 00:26:51] independz: but it will always be a battle due to the fact you are constantly being reloaded
[2019-05-22 00:26:52] Fiona T: have you looked at it with black light in the dark?
[2019-05-22 00:27:13] robberts: tony your make meat safer vid, can we still use the cattle prog on our meat, that device pulses 5000v
[2019-05-22 00:27:13] independz: no
[2019-05-22 00:27:24] Cecil: im minimizing exposure
[2019-05-22 00:27:34] StarFire: ‹@Stephen imlack› tony is answering you with the pulsing
[2019-05-22 00:27:42] independz: I usually use a scope or occular and you can see it pretty clear what is coming out usually for me it is bots by the bucket
[2019-05-22 00:27:48] Cecil: i havent touched grains soy silica colors flavors
[2019-05-22 00:28:01] independz: yes
[2019-05-22 00:28:02] Cecil: i have 2 oculars and a microscope
[2019-05-22 00:28:05] Stephen imlack: robberts i tried it on the wife lol
[2019-05-22 00:28:16] Cecil: i use the cattle prodder
[2019-05-22 00:28:24] Cecil: im angry : )
[2019-05-22 00:28:36] robberts: thats good one
[2019-05-22 00:28:38] independz: will work especially if it still some what frozen you will blow out the particles you cannot use t on you because it will deaden the tissues
[2019-05-22 00:28:51] Cecil: then she really wont pipe down. >.>
[2019-05-22 00:28:51] independz: and being you have trillions will cause it to respond
[2019-05-22 00:28:54] independz: ths is dead
[2019-05-22 00:29:04] Stephen imlack: sorry theres a lot of conversations going on in the chat room and listen live lol
[2019-05-22 00:29:04] independz: should even wipe out parasites
[2019-05-22 00:29:32] Cecil: sorry
[2019-05-22 00:30:21] Cecil: making beef jerky. im off.
[2019-05-22 00:31:37] sqirl: Brendon O’connel encourages calls to department of security Soviet Israel infiltration of cyber security
[2019-05-22 00:32:03] independz: he naybe correct sqrl
[2019-05-22 00:32:30] independz: the zionist wanted to take over the security of the usa I talked aboutthis 3 weeks ago
[2019-05-22 00:33:04] Fiona T: Tony what’s your favourite pain killing remedy, like for muscles, joints, etc? I believe you’ve got a video on a painkiller.
[2019-05-22 00:33:20] independz: SEX
[2019-05-22 00:33:25] independz: works evertime
[2019-05-22 00:33:27] sheila brown:)
[2019-05-22 00:33:36] independz: endorphin reslease makes pain go away hahaha
[2019-05-22 00:33:39] Stephen imlack: Lol
[2019-05-22 00:33:48] Fiona T<img src=” />
[2019-05-22 00:33:55] independz: DLPA is one thing and the copper and aspirin
[2019-05-22 00:33:56] Fiona T: Soooo go bungee jumping?
[2019-05-22 00:33:56] sqirl: I understand the pentagon is trying to upgrade a bad deal and all intelligence is compromised
[2019-05-22 00:34:37] independz: well I said sex now if you have sex bungee juming what ever strokes your boat I prefe the conventional methods
[2019-05-22 00:34:46] Fiona T: what if the pain comes back when you’re done having sex? Do you just have to do it all day and all night long?
[2019-05-22 00:34:55] Stephen imlack: tony would that be good for damaged cartalige in the knee?
[2019-05-22 00:34:57] independz: I was not genetically designed to be an eagle that flys high and drops like a stone
[2019-05-22 00:35:07] Fiona T: bungee sex! I bet someone’s done it
[2019-05-22 00:35:09] independz: works for me hahaha
[2019-05-22 00:35:22] independz: more powerto them hahaha
[2019-05-22 00:35:31] independz: well yes
[2019-05-22 00:35:46] independz: as long as she is on top takes away the stress on your knees haha
[2019-05-22 00:36:23] Antiquitytoday*boring*
[2019-05-22 00:36:27] independz: I thought most everyone knew these techniques ahahah
[2019-05-22 00:36:40] independz: hmm
[2019-05-22 00:36:46] independz: see what I just learned
[2019-05-22 00:36:56] StarFire: hahahaha
[2019-05-22 00:36:57] Fiona T: we do. We just pretend to see what others say <img src=” />
[2019-05-22 00:37:01] sqirl: Conversations all week with normal people recognizing more theft, tweekers , non existant repair shops or manufacturing
[2019-05-22 00:37:16] Stephen imlack: of course lol would the jello powder help a damged knee
[2019-05-22 00:37:19] nancy: ‹@independz› what do you like
[2019-05-22 00:37:22] independz: I see verification to make sure you are doing it right
[2019-05-22 00:37:24] independz: ok
[2019-05-22 00:37:28] nancylol
[2019-05-22 00:37:30] independz: now everyone knows haha
[2019-05-22 00:37:49] nancylol
[2019-05-22 00:37:57] independz: for the knee yes as long as it is gelatin not jellow
[2019-05-22 00:38:45] Stephen imlack: sorry yes i thought thats what you guys called it (y)
[2019-05-22 00:38:55] Monkey_Breath: Tony, can knee cartilage regrow in the knees? My ortho dr said NO.
[2019-05-22 00:39:02] sqirl: ‹@Stephen imlack› My knee is a 30 year worn out acl I do the excersizes from John Bergmans utube and consume geltin with v c- seems to help a lot
[2019-05-22 00:39:09] StarFire: how much gelatin in a shake or coffee? 1 teespoon or more?
[2019-05-22 00:39:15] independz: yesit can
[2019-05-22 00:39:39] independz: takes time and rest
[2019-05-22 00:39:40] sqirl: Duck and chicken with all the connective chicken in a crock pot is good too
[2019-05-22 00:39:51] sqirl: connective tissue
[2019-05-22 00:39:58] independz: you can use a combination of C manganese copper an aloe or comfrey
[2019-05-22 00:40:02] StarFire: if you take too much gelatin can it turn your belly to jello?>
[2019-05-22 00:40:12] independz: with gelatin
[2019-05-22 00:40:29] Stephen imlack: seems to be a lot of guys around me over here hitting 40 and having knee problems ?
[2019-05-22 00:40:35] independz: even glucosamine and chondroitin will work provided you ad gelatin and coppe with it and C
[2019-05-22 00:40:55] independz: that is from the guys begging there GF for sex stephen
[2019-05-22 00:41:11] independz: if they were not on there knees so much this would not be anissues to day hahah
[2019-05-22 00:41:21] Stephen imlack: Nano build up in the knee maybe?
[2019-05-22 00:41:30] independz: no star
[2019-05-22 00:41:38] Stephen imlacklol tony
[2019-05-22 00:41:47] StarFire: what about using lysine and vit C and something else?
[2019-05-22 00:41:47] independz: it will heal th gut and support the impact of the stomachs work
[2019-05-22 00:42:06] independz: you want what works not theories
[2019-05-22 00:42:29] sqirl: my sister tried it Tony-She was all amped up at age 50 to make a baby.
[2019-05-22 00:42:41] independz: lysine is used mostly for bone regeneration and arterial support when combined with C
[2019-05-22 00:42:51] sqirl: Stem cell bullshit
[2019-05-22 00:43:04] StarFire: ohhh we all need lysine then sounds good
[2019-05-22 00:43:06] independz: it did not work i take it
[2019-05-22 00:43:12] sqirl: oh sorry I didn’t mean to swear
[2019-05-22 00:43:39] independz: haaha not swearing that is crude english not swearing
[2019-05-22 00:43:43] Rick Bonner: We like those ancient Chinese ‘secrets’, those things that HAVE been real remedies for real, live you-man beings, for literally, centuries.
[2019-05-22 00:43:43] independz: swearing is something else
[2019-05-22 00:44:23] independz: issue with some of those today they do not work due to the environemnt and what we a re exposed to
[2019-05-22 00:44:33] independz: will not impact alot of thngs like they used to
[2019-05-22 00:45:02] Stephen imlack: I think i’ll head upstairs later for a good knees up lol
[2019-05-22 00:45:05] StarFire: i lifted heavy equipment today.. legs and shoulder ache, what is best? lots of rest?
[2019-05-22 00:45:51] Fiona T: I’m watching this video on the lunar waves and black sun. Weirdness
[2019-05-22 00:46:14] StarFire: this Amareto and brandy with drop of eo is kinda working hicup
[2019-05-22 00:46:32] Fiona T: what kind of EO did you put in?
[2019-05-22 00:46:37] sqirl: ‹@StarFire› one cup epsom with a hot water, soak a towel -moist heat very nice
[2019-05-22 00:46:42] Rick Bonner: True, Tony, not only has the contents of the Campbell’s soup can changed, Chinese fruits and vegetables and piltry didn’t use to have nano particulates or other poisons dumped on them, from the sky.
[2019-05-22 00:46:49] Stephen imlack: star i found the chloraphyll vitamin c and aspirin works well
[2019-05-22 00:46:57] StarFire: Fiona, yes, lunar wave is weird,
[2019-05-22 00:47:12] Monkey_Breath: Medical cannabis helps with painful knees. I use the tinctures and creams. Really takes the edge off.
[2019-05-22 00:47:17] StarFire: ‹@Fiona T› wintergreen
[2019-05-22 00:47:26] Fiona T: yum
[2019-05-22 00:47:30] StarFire: sounds good sqirl
[2019-05-22 00:48:00] StarFire: i have had 2 asperins so far
[2019-05-22 00:48:17] Fiona T: I have used thyme and oregano essential oils in honey liqueur for biofilm. Also used JD but I like the taste of the honey liqueur better
[2019-05-22 00:48:53] StarFire: ohhhh i neeed to look for honey liqueur not seen that
[2019-05-22 00:48:54] sqirl: I love that wintergreen with brandy- it’s my hiccup favorite!
[2019-05-22 00:49:15] StarFire: hahaha sqirl
[2019-05-22 00:49:24] robberts: star rubb the asperin+cop on soar musc
[2019-05-22 00:49:26] Stephen imlack: ‹@StarFire› try vitamin c colloidal copper and spirin
[2019-05-22 00:49:40] StarFire: will try that robberts
[2019-05-22 00:50:00] StarFire: i have all that stephen
[2019-05-22 00:50:09] Stephen imlack: tony does it with chloraphyll
[2019-05-22 00:50:22] StarFire: i like baking soda added to that mix stephen
[2019-05-22 00:50:23] sqirl: ‹@StarFire› I’ve also rubbed turpentine and castor into serious sore muscles- it’s just sticky and stinky
[2019-05-22 00:50:27] Rick Bonner: And speaking of medical canabinoids and ancient Chinese (Hippocratic type) medicines, there’s a newly popular thing here now, that’s smoked as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic…, kratom. Tony earlier said get it while you can, but it’s probably tainted, t
[2019-05-22 00:50:40] Rick Bonner: Tainted too, these days.
[2019-05-22 00:51:04] Stephen imlack: ‹@StarFire› i must remember that
[2019-05-22 00:51:27] Fiona T: oooh I drank kratom a long time ago… maybe just a bit too much. Super nice body stone
[2019-05-22 00:51:46] Fiona T: What’s a good source of kratom for you Rick?
[2019-05-22 00:52:05] sqirl: What’s Kratom?
[2019-05-22 00:52:47] Stephen imlack: ‹@StarFire› over here the physio theropists luv to give out neproxen for everything !
[2019-05-22 00:52:49] StarFire: I ddidnt know Kratom could be smoked.. does it really do anything smoked? i still have some kratom but forgot i have it.. i would swallow it and not smoke it
[2019-05-22 00:52:57] Fiona T: a herb that is common in places like Thailand, Malaysia… I think it’s illegal there but still used recreationally, as far as I know. Maybe other (religious/spiritual??) uses
[2019-05-22 00:53:36] Rick Bonner: Like with marydewyawanna, I suppose all weed and kratom has been, on a purpose, poisoned. Unless I knew a Chinaman that could get me untainted kratom tree bark, I won’t have any, Fiona.
[2019-05-22 00:53:49] StarFire: Kratom memics the pain receptors and acts like pain killer in small amounts.. dont OD on it or take too much
[2019-05-22 00:54:16] StarFire: Kratom is the Leaf of a tree
[2019-05-22 00:54:25] Stephen imlack: Night all
[2019-05-22 00:54:30] Monkey_Breath: yes, too much will make you sick
[2019-05-22 00:54:34] StarFire: ni stephen
[2019-05-22 00:54:39] sqirl: bye
[2019-05-22 00:54:58] Rick Bonner: In my opinion, good Lebanese blonde, mixed in my brownies, is sacraligeous. Brownies are munchies for AFTER I smoke some hash.
[2019-05-22 00:55:35] StarFire: what flour are you using rick for your brownies?
[2019-05-22 00:56:04] StarFire: What is lebanese blonde?
[2019-05-22 00:56:31] sqirl: blonde dyke
[2019-05-22 00:56:39] robberts: the hash that rick wont share
[2019-05-22 00:56:48] StarFire: hahaha
[2019-05-22 00:57:38] Rick Bonner: I never did any kratom, but did notice it’s available on the market, now. No doubt, it’s been put there because someone cares about us people……. (they Care about us alright! How can I tell? Because ‘Merika’s dying.)
[2019-05-22 00:57:48] Fiona T: night folks!
[2019-05-22 00:58:08] StarFire: ni fiona
[2019-05-22 00:58:13] sqirl: take care fiona
[2019-05-22 00:58:29] Fiona T: (or good morning/afternoon, wherever you are)
[2019-05-22 00:58:43] Fiona T*YES*
[2019-05-22 00:58:44] Rick Bonner: Hash is ALLWAYS better when ya shares it, Robberts! Here…., try some o’ dis!…… Monkberry Moon Delight!
[2019-05-22 00:59:15] StarFire: ummmmm rick hahaha
[2019-05-22 00:59:37] independz: thanks for showing up
[2019-05-22 00:59:48] independz: hopefully thre will be a show thursday
[2019-05-22 00:59:53] StarFire: thank you tony.. maybe thursday we can have new show haha
[2019-05-22 01:00:22] StarFire: will be twice as good
[2019-05-22 01:00:27] independz: maybe
[2019-05-22 01:00:29] independz: haah
[2019-05-22 01:00:52] StarFire: make it so
[2019-05-22 01:01:08] Yannis-AroyMak: And avoid the pharmacies too
[2019-05-22 01:01:13] sheila brown: ty (including the good laughs) Tony
[2019-05-22 01:01:40] sqirl: curtis Bennett on Ella FRee ti podcast and call in curtis is at 1 hour 17 minutes – the whole thing is interesting on T.I.’s
[2019-05-22 01:01:56] Rick Bonner: Starman, Lebanese blonde hash is the reddish light brown resin that accumulates on the top of the great covered stone cauldrons they ‘bake’ maryjane bundles in. In Lebanon first, centuries ago.
[2019-05-22 01:02:12] StarFire: thanks sqirl
[2019-05-22 01:02:33] StarFire: nice Rick
[2019-05-22 01:02:42] StarFire: would love to try that Rick
[2019-05-22 01:02:46] sqirl: u bet
[2019-05-22 01:03:09] sqirl: thank you Tony
[2019-05-22 01:03:23] Yannis-AroyMak: Thx Tony
[2019-05-22 01:03:31] sheila brown: bye all
[2019-05-22 01:03:59] StarFire: sat here and seperated a few hundred capsules
[2019-05-22 01:04:01] sqirl: I dissected a garden bunny today- organs looked good -its in the crock pot
[2019-05-22 01:04:07] Billy29: Good night all
[2019-05-22 01:04:23] Rick Bonner: As long as ya uses untainted weed, the hash will be……. Excellent, dudes an’ dudettes! 😊
[2019-05-22 01:04:35] nancy: ‹@sqirl› lol
[2019-05-22 01:04:39] StarFire: sweet sqirl sounds good
[2019-05-22 01:04:52] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› lol
[2019-05-22 01:05:12] sqirl: lots of herbs and baby taters
[2019-05-22 01:05:35] nancy: ‹@sqirl› yum
[2019-05-22 01:06:37] nancy: pharmaceutical aint untreated
[2019-05-22 01:06:38] sqirl: take care all
[2019-05-22 01:06:39] StarFire: until next time yall
[2019-05-22 01:07:07] Monkey_Breath: Goodnight all! tY Tony for answering our questions!
[2019-05-22 01:07:10] Rick Bonner: Squirrel. We were tickled, looking out our dining room side window, to see a lil’ wee, half grown new bunny WOLFING down the stems of some flowers our next door neighbor just planted!
[2019-05-22 01:08:34] Rick Bonner: Our neighbor Dean quips, “the deer think I plant this stuff as their salad bar….”
[2019-05-22 01:10:42] nancylol
[2019-05-22 01:11:38] Rick Bonner: Same thing, Nancy. The newly ‘ok’ pharmaceuticals ARE tainted, on a purpose, I expect. Paraquat, anyone? Any one? Oh.. YEAH Baby! We got takers alright! Thousands and thousands of ignorratti!
[2019-05-22 01:12:43] Rick Bonner: But like in that ol’ country song, Nancy, we jes’ smiles at the Revenue Man….. settin’ on that sack o’ seeds……
[2019-05-22 01:13:04] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› what is Paraquat
[2019-05-22 01:13:26] nancylol
[2019-05-22 01:14:16] Rick Bonner: Go to you tube for the wildwood flower song….Wildwood Weed (Jim Stafford) w/ lyrics
[2019-05-22 01:15:43] Rick Bonner: From our friends who brought us Agents Orange, Yella and Blue…Paraquat (dipyridylium) is a highly toxic weed killer (herbicide). In the past, the United States encouraged Mexico to use it to destroy marijuana plants. Later, .
[2019-05-22 01:17:53] nancy: Au revoir i liked the rerun never heard it thank tony
[2019-05-22 01:19:08] Rick Bonner: The Wild Wood Flower song, by Jimmy Stafford.…
[2019-05-22 01:24:55] Rick Bonner: Reever derch chee, ya’all! Ciao, er uh…, I means, Chow…., Mein!

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