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“The Remedy” 2019-05-30 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/05/30 - Deficiency Symptoms - AI - Frequencies - Nano -Allopathic Medicine - Who/Where You Put Your Faith

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-May-30):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of May 30, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

2nd link needs to be shared for fundamental info that can assist an hope to be given-cooperating to do something together

Be more objective n a perspective.

Dealing with things today is as conventional as a man in the moon so conventional thinking may not suffice and seeing things as they really are

2 hours deal to make up for Tuesday shut down

Do not get caught up on doom and destruction and evaluate with a reality check

Not everything is cancer or lyme — Every dis —ease, health issues, is secondary affect of a primary cause.

Cancer is nothing more then a over load in the body.

We are all dealing with nano poisoning.

Everyone is saturated with nanopoisoning to shut down activation of DNA and your immune system– and all the nano access in various forms and can aggregate which cause a major shutdown

Cats having fullerenes in eyes and what to do

Thinking in terms of the environment—analogy of exhaust in relation to cancer–explaining the difference with DMSO and MSM –dealing with Ai and nano and synthetic bio.

Links Provided by Tony during the show. (Click on text or picture)


TME Chatroom comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-05-30 23:54:27] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-05-30 23:56:10] coronagal: Hello, May I ask if you have any sound?
[2019-05-30 23:56:28] Dominick: Hello
[2019-05-30 23:56:42] Yannis-AroyMak: no i dnt
[2019-05-30 23:56:46] Dominick: I dont
[2019-05-30 23:56:57] Yannis-AroyMak: I m receiving an error
[2019-05-30 23:56:57] StarFire: i dont have sound
[2019-05-30 23:57:00] Dominick: Maybe technical problems
[2019-05-30 23:57:41] coronagal: Wow!
[2019-05-30 23:58:36] sheila brown: no sound
[2019-05-30 23:58:40] coronagal: I received an error also.
[2019-05-30 23:58:53] Monkey_Breath: I am getting an error as well.
[2019-05-30 23:59:00] nancy: en attente d’écouter
[2019-05-30 23:59:36] nancy: waiting ti listen
[2019-05-31 00:00:17] StarFire: is it an error that i dont get an error?
[2019-05-31 00:00:53] robberts: play button doesnt work
[2019-05-31 00:01:00] Yannis-AroyMak: In the mobile
[2019-05-31 00:01:17] Fiona T: oh no! Me too, error
[2019-05-31 00:01:19] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-05-31 00:01:35] StarFire: hi
[2019-05-31 00:01:39] Peter: the aliens again
[2019-05-31 00:01:40] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-05-31 00:01:51] sqirl: hi all
[2019-05-31 00:01:52] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Haggis
[2019-05-31 00:01:54] Haggis Muncher: Hi
[2019-05-31 00:01:55] Fiona T: Hello everyone
[2019-05-31 00:02:07] StarFire: “They” dont want us to listen
[2019-05-31 00:02:17] Haggis Muncher: getting error aswell
[2019-05-31 00:02:37] independz: (…#Vaccine%20Excipient%20Summary ) (… ) (… )
[2019-05-31 00:03:00] independz: (… ) (… ) (…
[2019-05-31 00:03:08] sqirl: I’m trying to post a link to who’s behind 5g SERCO look em up lockheed martin and the Crown. also led s,obama care, vaccines, chemtrails funded by dod
[2019-05-31 00:03:19] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-05-31 00:03:32] sqirl: Howdy Tony!!!
[2019-05-31 00:03:40] sqirl: no sound
[2019-05-31 00:03:52] independz: ( (… ) (…
[2019-05-31 00:04:06] independz: yes i tried to call the network and nothing
[2019-05-31 00:04:21] independz: no responese just a voice box
[2019-05-31 00:04:51] independz: sare these liks the second on is a good one to have on hand
[2019-05-31 00:05:21] Dominick: Hi tony thanks for answering my email about the blood thinners
[2019-05-31 00:05:25] sqirl: mike morales- it’s all under water
[2019-05-31 00:05:55] Fiona T: wow, yeah, that’s quite the list, thanks Tony
[2019-05-31 00:06:45] Yannis-AroyMak: Thx Tony
[2019-05-31 00:07:38] StarFire: Thanks for links tony.. I was going to ask about the Twitchy eyes i sometimes have but not often..
[2019-05-31 00:07:52] Yannis-AroyMak: @squrl, yes i am following his videos
[2019-05-31 00:08:27] sqirl: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› no grains being planted in midwest
[2019-05-31 00:09:47] sheila brown: tooooo much flooding
[2019-05-31 00:09:47] sqirl: great article and links from Vicky Davis
[2019-05-31 00:10:55] Yannis-AroyMak: @sqirl femmine the following autumn and winter then
[2019-05-31 00:11:23] Fiona T: whoa, I just heard a bizarre, almost inaudible sound through my speakers, from the radio station error? My cat heard it too
[2019-05-31 00:11:41] Yannis-AroyMak: their plans for population reduction looks like
[2019-05-31 00:13:55] Dominick: Anyone evere listen to the show called one nation under fraud on this podcast?
[2019-05-31 00:14:43] sheila brown: Warning loud video but shows a person video taping Missouri river
[2019-05-31 00:15:11] independz: hold on we may have a show
[2019-05-31 00:15:43] Yannis-AroyMak: @dominick i think i have listened a couple of replies of that show
[2019-05-31 00:16:15] Dominick: Very good right?
[2019-05-31 00:16:30] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes
[2019-05-31 00:16:53] sqirl: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› grand solar minimum also will reduce ability to grow food- less sunlight with solar radiation management
[2019-05-31 00:17:30] Dominick: Have to find out when it is on
[2019-05-31 00:17:39] Dominick: Again
[2019-05-31 00:17:48] Yannis-AroyMak: @sqirl yes !!
[2019-05-31 00:18:31] sqirl: Av10 yellow vest and lawyer Georgia Pouliquen speaks
[2019-05-31 00:19:32] sqirl: cancer fighter paw paw
[2019-05-31 00:19:42] Monkey_Breath: I hear the music…
[2019-05-31 00:19:57] coronagal: YES!
[2019-05-31 00:20:09] Dominick: I have sound now
[2019-05-31 00:20:26] Rick Bonner: Dominick. Charlotte Ness broadcasts her ‘One Nation Under Fraud’ on Fridays, 4PM to 6PM, US Eastern time. I’m fond of her content and approach, as you are.
[2019-05-31 00:20:45] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes! In Europe too i can hear the intro music!! Lol
[2019-05-31 00:20:51] Dominick: Thanks so much
[2019-05-31 00:20:51] sqirl: 30 million acres of US farmland owned by foreigners
[2019-05-31 00:21:11] independz: we’s ON!!!
[2019-05-31 00:21:14] Haggis Muncher: Here we go
[2019-05-31 00:21:14] StarFire: opened new window to get music
[2019-05-31 00:21:42] Dominick: Welcome to another segment of tony
[2019-05-31 00:21:45] StarFire: we are on
[2019-05-31 00:21:49] Dominick: Hehe
2019-05-31 00:22:02] sqirl: YEAH!!!!!
[2019-05-31 00:22:13] coronagal: YAY!!!!
[2019-05-31 00:22:30] Joe McNeil: test
[2019-05-31 00:22:52] Rick Bonner: Good to see you, Guiseppe!
[2019-05-31 00:23:28] robberts: 2nd has alink for ideas thanks tony
[2019-05-31 00:23:43] robberts: share
[2019-05-31 00:23:46] sheila brown: had to refresh and click on I am not a robot 🙁
[2019-05-31 00:24:25] sqirl: Dr. Martin Pall and bioclogical effects of microwave
[2019-05-31 00:25:05] StarFire: Just in case.. We have sound now…………..
[2019-05-31 00:25:26] robberts: thats ok
[2019-05-31 00:25:45] Dominick: Hey tony I have under my left chest what looks like a skin cancer legion had it for a while it has a big scab and bleeds what can I do
[2019-05-31 00:26:21] Monkey_Breath: OH, great..two hours of Tony!
[2019-05-31 00:26:26] robberts: i got to make coffe whens the commercial
[2019-05-31 00:26:52] Dominick: Can I put iodine on it
[2019-05-31 00:26:59] Yannis-AroyMak: I may drop off as its passed midnight… not sure can last all 2 hours 🙂
[2019-05-31 00:27:17] Dominick: Thanks tony
[2019-05-31 00:27:22] Yannis-AroyMak: But good to hav the extra time
[2019-05-31 00:27:26] StarFire: no problem Yannis,
[2019-05-31 00:28:06] Dominick: Thanks tony
[2019-05-31 00:28:20] sqirl: cuts out a little
[2019-05-31 00:29:04] Monkey_Breath: tony, what can we use for a leaky cat’s eye?
[2019-05-31 00:30:00] Dominick: Only can I put iodine on it too
[2019-05-31 00:30:05] StarFire: yeah, im getting the cut out sound some too
[2019-05-31 00:30:08] Monkey_Breath: thanks tony!
[2019-05-31 00:30:09] Dominick: Tony
[2019-05-31 00:30:15] sqirl: a line of crap
[2019-05-31 00:30:21] Dominick: Can I put iodine on it also
[2019-05-31 00:30:23] StarFire: DMSO wont burn? i thought it would burn
[2019-05-31 00:31:03] Fiona T: DMSO might burn
[2019-05-31 00:31:04] StarFire: ohhhh yeah.. ok msm my bad…
[2019-05-31 00:32:15] Peter: probably 6g or 7g
[2019-05-31 00:32:54] StarFire: stop nano
[2019-05-31 00:33:27] Peter: you have privilages
[2019-05-31 00:33:37] Dominick: Told my friend don’t take blood thinners he won’t listen
[2019-05-31 00:33:59] gia: hi All 😎
[2019-05-31 00:34:16] Rick Bonner: I like their approach, inverted by US; when we ignore them, they’ll shrink up…, and die.
[2019-05-31 00:34:24] StarFire: ‹@Dominick› you mean rat poison
[2019-05-31 00:34:25] Haggis Muncher: Hi
[2019-05-31 00:34:34] StarFire: hiya Gia
[2019-05-31 00:34:43] Dominick: Yes I told him that
[2019-05-31 00:34:47] gia: can anyone repost the link from Tony please
[2019-05-31 00:35:24] Rick Bonner: Interesting, Starman; both kumatin and flouride are great rat poisons.
[2019-05-31 00:35:28] independz: ( (… ) (…
[2019-05-31 00:35:47] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-05-31 00:35:56] Dominick: The demonic forces won’t ever win God will triumph he already has
[2019-05-31 00:36:12] independz: (… ) (… ) (…
[2019-05-31 00:36:29] StarFire: thanks Rick
[2019-05-31 00:36:35] independz: (…#Vaccine%20Excipient%20Summary ) (… ) (… )
[2019-05-31 00:36:41] Haggis Muncher: Can anyone recommend a cleaner toothpaste? Ty
[2019-05-31 00:37:14] Dominick: Baking soda and grapefruit seed extract
[2019-05-31 00:37:14] gia: Th u
[2019-05-31 00:37:20] StarFire: I make my own toothpaste. but how is the toothpaste advertised here?
[2019-05-31 00:37:40] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Dominick› ty
[2019-05-31 00:37:57] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› ty
[2019-05-31 00:38:02] Dominick: 🙂
[2019-05-31 00:38:05] StarFire: sound gone??????
[2019-05-31 00:38:10] robberts: oh no
[2019-05-31 00:38:17] gia: My friend delivers pkgs for Amazon … they make him use his own car & no benefits nada
[2019-05-31 00:38:20] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Dominick› is the baking soda too abrasive?
[2019-05-31 00:38:20] StarFire: sound bak
[2019-05-31 00:38:22] Rick Bonner: You can get myrrh based toothpaste called Vita-myrrh through the Micro Effect, Haggis.
[2019-05-31 00:38:26] sheila brown: long pause lol
[2019-05-31 00:38:30] Monkey_Breath: I lost the sound too
[2019-05-31 00:38:35] Fiona T: it’s cutting out a lot
[2019-05-31 00:38:41] Fiona T: hear you now
[2019-05-31 00:38:45] Fiona T: yes
[2019-05-31 00:38:48] StarFire: yes we can hear now
[2019-05-31 00:38:48] sqirl: yes
[2019-05-31 00:38:51] robberts: your back
[2019-05-31 00:38:52] Dominick: Yes good sound
[2019-05-31 00:38:53] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› ty
[2019-05-31 00:38:55] Rick Bonner: Got you Tony.
[2019-05-31 00:39:01] sheila brown: yep got sound
[2019-05-31 00:39:08] sqirl: good
[2019-05-31 00:39:18] robberts: we missed 1 minute
[2019-05-31 00:39:37] robberts: again
[2019-05-31 00:39:39] Monkey_Breath: Good now
[2019-05-31 00:39:48] StarFire: sound out again………… comes and goes…….
[2019-05-31 00:39:53] Fiona T: sound is out again <img src=” />
[2019-05-31 00:39:57] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:40:26] Haggis Muncher: the microeffect is being sanatized
[2019-05-31 00:40:58] Rick Bonner: And Haggis, if you eat that Scottish haggis, I suppose a person NEEDS good toothpaste. 😄
[2019-05-31 00:41:15] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-05-31 00:41:29] Haggis Muncher: look no teeth
[2019-05-31 00:41:33] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-05-31 00:42:19] Haggis Muncher: they are wee buggers to catch Rick but bloody taste good
[2019-05-31 00:42:50] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:43:01] StarFire: i got sound but im way behind in sound tho
[2019-05-31 00:43:36] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:44:38] Billy29: Tony You should do YouTube live next week if The micro effect is down next week
[2019-05-31 00:44:57] Rick Bonner: But the texture of haggis…. the French do food right; they insist food taste good, look good, have good texture, and be easier to catch than haggis are. 😊
[2019-05-31 00:45:03] robberts: some of you got sound igot no
[2019-05-31 00:45:42] sheila brown: no sound for a few min
[2019-05-31 00:45:43] StarFire: my audio stops at minute 18:24
[2019-05-31 00:45:48] Fiona T: me neither
[2019-05-31 00:45:52] Haggis Muncher: Frogs legs are’nt for me lol
[2019-05-31 00:45:57] Monkey_Breath: I have sound but it is cutting In and out
[2019-05-31 00:46:06] Dominick: Tony can I put iodine on the skin problem also
[2019-05-31 00:46:09] Billy29: Same no sound
[2019-05-31 00:46:13] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:46:16] Rick Bonner: This ay-aye stuff is great for strangleing ‘our’ modern communications, and, us modernized creatures.
[2019-05-31 00:46:39] Rick Bonner: I pass on stuffed snails, too.
[2019-05-31 00:46:41] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› hey rick have you ever stabbed the beastie
[2019-05-31 00:47:35] Haggis Muncher: what a panics in ma breastie
[2019-05-31 00:47:39] Rick Bonner: I saw a tattoo where one unfortunate fat critter was opened up….
[2019-05-31 00:48:11] Dominick: Thank you
[2019-05-31 00:48:44] Haggis Muncher: ahh good ol Burns night
[2019-05-31 00:48:57] Cecil: 1954
[2019-05-31 00:49:46] coronagal: I can hear you.
[2019-05-31 00:50:15] Rick Bonner: We Yanks call tattoos ‘dinings in, or dining outs’. Military dinners. Kind of Viking style, Haggis.
[2019-05-31 00:50:21] Haggis Muncher: Tony what is the black specs in the skin on our hands i see with a 120x scope, if it is nano should’nt it be too small to see?
[2019-05-31 00:50:21] coronagal: You went out now.
[2019-05-31 00:50:38] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:50:43] Cecil: hi yannis
[2019-05-31 00:51:02] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› ok
[2019-05-31 00:51:31] Yannis-AroyMak: @cecil hi!
[2019-05-31 00:51:37] Rick Bonner: We grok it, Tony Heinlien. Somethings got the deck stacked against Life.
[2019-05-31 00:52:05] Fiona T: hi Cecil
[2019-05-31 00:52:16] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-05-31 00:52:39] Yannis-AroyMak: @haggis these are clusters of nano
[2019-05-31 00:53:12] Haggis Muncher: yanni ok
[2019-05-31 00:53:19] StarFire: anyone got sound?
[2019-05-31 00:53:24] Fiona T: so I wonder how many people are walking around right now who were incubated in an artificial womb… hmm
[2019-05-31 00:53:38] independz:
[2019-05-31 00:53:39] sheila brown: no sound back yet
[2019-05-31 00:53:45] Haggis Muncher: its coming and going star
[2019-05-31 00:53:54] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes therw is sound
[2019-05-31 00:54:16] Yannis-AroyMak: Refreshing the browser may restore it
[2019-05-31 00:54:35] Cecil: …
[2019-05-31 00:54:44] StarFire: yep got sound now… not sure if im up in right time tho
[2019-05-31 00:54:45] sheila brown: yep
[2019-05-31 00:55:15] Haggis Muncher: question everything
[2019-05-31 00:56:46] Rick Bonner: A good European outfit called United We Start has the motto: Don’t buy. Don’t comply. Axe why.
[2019-05-31 00:56:50] StarFire: i believe in nothing except believing in nothing
[2019-05-31 00:57:19] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-05-31 00:58:10] robberts: star you got to believe in what works,
[2019-05-31 00:58:32] StarFire: believing in nothing works for me
[2019-05-31 00:59:09] Haggis Muncher: less likely to be let down eh star
[2019-05-31 00:59:21] StarFire: here is toothpaste ad
[2019-05-31 00:59:54] Rick Bonner: That sounds like ‘knowing’, Roberts. We KNOW the stuff that works, when we experience it. And so, we can believe in it.
[2019-05-31 00:59:58] Haggis Muncher: ok cool
[2019-05-31 01:00:22] robberts: i read all labels of toothpaste at store, all have silica
[2019-05-31 01:00:46] Cecil: yep
[2019-05-31 01:00:48] Rick Bonner: Another example of tried and true, completely known ‘stuff’, Vita-myrrh toothpaste.
[2019-05-31 01:00:54] Cecil: baking soda and gse
[2019-05-31 01:01:00] robberts: thats what imean rick
[2019-05-31 01:01:02] Haggis Muncher: now what about a good homemade deodarant
[2019-05-31 01:01:14] StarFire: i see some healthfood ads who say silica is soooo good for you
[2019-05-31 01:01:20] Cecil: wet brush with peroxide
[2019-05-31 01:01:33] StarFire: or now im calling them Hellthfood
[2019-05-31 01:01:44] Haggis Muncher: yeah roberts ive read this too
[2019-05-31 01:01:54] Fiona T: funn, eh, when the silica packets in your new shoes say do not eat <img src=” />
[2019-05-31 01:02:01] sheila brown: I use Tony’s formula
[2019-05-31 01:02:05] Haggis Muncher: sls is no good either
[2019-05-31 01:02:16] StarFire: HELLthfood industry
[2019-05-31 01:02:21] Dominick: Tony love the beginning of the grounding YouTube you did when you and Dave start laughing hard ,, welcome to another segment hehe
[2019-05-31 01:02:23] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona Lol
[2019-05-31 01:02:32] Rick Bonner: I’m trackin’ with you, Robbie. Here at ‘Tony’s place’, we’re pretty much all birds of a feather. 😊
[2019-05-31 01:02:40] robberts: me too shiela
[2019-05-31 01:02:55] StarFire: im copywriting “HELLthfood”
[2019-05-31 01:03:21] Fiona T: haha
[2019-05-31 01:03:28] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› lol
[2019-05-31 01:04:19] Rick Bonner: Mebbe not ‘food’ but ‘phoud’….
[2019-05-31 01:04:48] robberts: what are they promoting silica for what exactly
[2019-05-31 01:04:55] StarFire: i heard a lady today say she pays like 600 dollars a month just to have a doctor
[2019-05-31 01:05:24] Haggis Muncher: Wvhen i asked in the shop they asked me if it was the ball type i wanted, i said no its for under my arms lol
[2019-05-31 01:05:51] StarFire: ‹@robberts› they say silica is good for hair and nails and it works in making your bones stronger
[2019-05-31 01:06:14] Monkey_Breath: Better not to waste your money on health insurance!
[2019-05-31 01:06:23] StarFire: haha rick
[2019-05-31 01:06:39] Rick Bonner: There is a concerted effort to dump all ‘clergy’ and religeous traditions. Even the Amish and Mennonites are getting slammed, skewered on the pedaphile pike.
[2019-05-31 01:07:03] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› have you watched dr cassar on the youtube
[2019-05-31 01:07:21] Billy29: Go night everyone see you Tuesday
[2019-05-31 01:07:37] StarFire: nite billy
[2019-05-31 01:07:39] robberts: cecil peroxide is ok but it eats metal if you got cavities merc) maby not so good check it out
[2019-05-31 01:07:46] Haggis Muncher: Nite
[2019-05-31 01:07:51] StarFire: ‹@Haggis Muncher› not sure if ive seen dr cassar.. will hav to go look
[2019-05-31 01:08:00] Rick Bonner: Take good Care, Bill Two Niner!
[2019-05-31 01:08:12] sheila brown: vaccine now to make you less inclined to care about God — sure he is laughing
[2019-05-31 01:08:12] Billy29: Bye Star
[2019-05-31 01:08:29] gia: share this with Everyone… Kennedy JR speaks out against the Medical System GREAT
[2019-05-31 01:08:33] StarFire: i seen that sheila
[2019-05-31 01:08:37] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› this guy looks a million dollars
[2019-05-31 01:09:40] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› he’s definately tony’s nemisis check him out
[2019-05-31 01:09:46] robberts: free will
[2019-05-31 01:09:50] Cecil: : )
[2019-05-31 01:10:46] Monkey_Breath: Sure does
[2019-05-31 01:10:46] Haggis Muncher: the WHO have stated this tony it is true
[2019-05-31 01:11:10] StarFire: ‹@Haggis Muncher› found him on youtube,, will have to watch later
[2019-05-31 01:11:47] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› him and tony grudge match lol
[2019-05-31 01:11:51] StarFire: Will the Robots serve us an open fire?
[2019-05-31 01:12:03] Monkey_Breath: it was really refreshing to run into a couple this weekend who were awakened.
[2019-05-31 01:12:15] Rick Bonner: King Herod all over again, Tony; kill all of the lil’ children. Or Pharoa’s lucy-fairy-an people killing trick, starting with the lil’ ones.
[2019-05-31 01:12:46] gia: i ran into a woman this weekend who is awake too‹@Monkey_Breath›
[2019-05-31 01:13:09] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› this guy lashes on the silica everywhere
[2019-05-31 01:13:27] StarFire: Hollywood was filming in YSA state of georgia, Georgia said no to abortion and Hollywood does not want to film in Georgia now…
[2019-05-31 01:13:36] gia: she heard me talking about 5g & slipped me a paper w RICHIEFROMBOSTON written i laughed
[2019-05-31 01:13:59] gia: she has Morgs too
[2019-05-31 01:14:12] StarFire: usa.. state of Georgia… man imtyping bad tongiht
[2019-05-31 01:14:14] Cecil: im sipping a cup of coffee with a shot of brandy, sassafras and raw milk. i call it a white trash russian.
[2019-05-31 01:14:44] StarFire: haha cecil
[2019-05-31 01:15:27] Rick Bonner: Those kulaks, the Russian farmers, are ‘Salt o’ the earth’ type folk, Cecil. Skoll!
[2019-05-31 01:15:28] Haggis Muncher: Night all will catch this later on yt keep up the good work
[2019-05-31 01:15:33] Monkey_Breath: i sure hope so
[2019-05-31 01:15:55] StarFire: nite haggis
[2019-05-31 01:16:05] Rick Bonner: Take good Care, Haggis! See you!
[2019-05-31 01:16:15] gia: I met a guy on vacation on the Island who was awake Flat Earther too
[2019-05-31 01:16:36] robberts: gia not enough too many brainwashed
[2019-05-31 01:16:47] Cecil: 😮
[2019-05-31 01:16:50] Monkey_Breath: I believe that is why 5G is happening to stop a revolution
[2019-05-31 01:17:05] Cecil: -_^
[2019-05-31 01:17:23] Cecil: makes sense monkey
[2019-05-31 01:17:26] gia: they r so mindcontrolled – i blame the TV the most ‹@robberts›
[2019-05-31 01:17:47] independz: ( AI WARNING: Google’s DeepMind becomes ‘highly aggressive’ when stressed warns search giant )
[2019-05-31 01:17:53] StarFire: win by deception…..
[2019-05-31 01:18:06] gia: yeah crowd control for when they crash the dollar‹@Monkey_Breath›
[2019-05-31 01:18:07] Monkey_Breath: i am trying my best to awakened as many as possible.
[2019-05-31 01:18:54] Monkey_Breath: true Gia. I can see that happening as well
[2019-05-31 01:19:24] gia: i stopped listening to soooo many YTubers as for years they led me to believe that the sky was falling tomorrow.. just another side of the mindcontrol fear porn
[2019-05-31 01:19:37] sheila brown: people not waking up here
[2019-05-31 01:19:37] Cecil: ^^
[2019-05-31 01:19:46] StarFire: the Native American Indians had a prophecy about webs in the sky
[2019-05-31 01:19:48] Cecil: i got supplies only
[2019-05-31 01:20:17] Cecil: seeds, ingrediants, chemicals, rations etc
[2019-05-31 01:20:19] gia: it ruined my reputation w friends bc now .. when things are really serious they do not believe
[2019-05-31 01:20:39] Cecil: me too
[2019-05-31 01:20:50] Monkey_Breath: i am in the process of adding to my supplies too
[2019-05-31 01:21:10] sheila brown: hummm the excuse I get is “Noah had so much time to get ready”
[2019-05-31 01:21:21] Cecil: i needed them. for tonys videos
[2019-05-31 01:21:23] gia: kinda pisses me off Dave Hodges was a big culprit
[2019-05-31 01:21:59] independz: (… )
[2019-05-31 01:22:01] Cecil: in order to do what materials were required
[2019-05-31 01:22:21] Cecil: okeydokey
[2019-05-31 01:22:31] independz: (… )
[2019-05-31 01:22:46] Rick Bonner: At such a time as you think not, WHAMMO, calamity strikes. Unless you’ve prepared yourself.
[2019-05-31 01:23:09] Cecil: mhm this is nice
[2019-05-31 01:23:23] Cecil: nice info here
[2019-05-31 01:23:37] robberts: is the interview posted somewhere
[2019-05-31 01:24:42] Rick Bonner: People who care are as refreshing as that white trash Russian coffee, Cece!
[2019-05-31 01:25:32] sheila brown: gia, just wondering why you think dave was a big culprit
[2019-05-31 01:25:56] Rick Bonner: Treat disease? Hell no; we wanna anhiliate diseases.
[2019-05-31 01:26:26] Cecil: xD
[2019-05-31 01:28:26] robberts: george carlin
[2019-05-31 01:29:53] StarFire: how bad is corn syrup?
[2019-05-31 01:30:14] Cecil: carlin is awesome
[2019-05-31 01:30:48] Monkey_Breath: Bad! Corn is GM
[2019-05-31 01:30:48] robberts: funny guy
[2019-05-31 01:30:57] Cecil: pretty bad. imagine drinking soda. your body extracts the water and what you are left with is a nasty sticky substance.
[2019-05-31 01:31:04] Rick Bonner: About as diabolical as you kin git, Roberts. Monsatanized / Bayerized corn…
[2019-05-31 01:31:45] StarFire: yeah, i do no corn syrup, but i see it in everything
[2019-05-31 01:31:51] Cecil: corn syrup is good for a diabetic at the right time. though
[2019-05-31 01:32:20] Fiona T: How do you dial a phone?? <img src=” />
[2019-05-31 01:32:21] StarFire: kids nowadays can not write in cursive or write a check
[2019-05-31 01:32:37] nancy: yeah
[2019-05-31 01:32:46] Cecil: my retirement wont be worth much by that time.
[2019-05-31 01:32:55] sheila brown: cursive no longer taught in school
[2019-05-31 01:32:56] Fiona T: they are not being taught spelling in some schools now either
[2019-05-31 01:32:57] independz:
[2019-05-31 01:33:42] Cecil: jesus
[2019-05-31 01:33:50] StarFire: im afraid ti write in cursive cause kids think its a foreign language
[2019-05-31 01:33:51] Monkey_Breath: That is why they are taking the retired people out…so they don’t have to pay for what we put into the system.
[2019-05-31 01:34:27] robberts: they are teaching anul sex WTF
[2019-05-31 01:34:44] Rick Bonner: Lots of us are hard to kill, Monk. 😊
[2019-05-31 01:34:47] Fiona T: they will be illiterate in another generation, perhaps, if this continues. Just voice activated, as Tony said, and brain to computer communication
[2019-05-31 01:34:48] Monkey_Breath: better to homeschool children
[2019-05-31 01:34:53] Cecil: researching
[2019-05-31 01:35:17] Cecil: if theyt dont feel like reading, thats ok. listen to a audiobook
[2019-05-31 01:35:26] Cecil: yepper
[2019-05-31 01:35:52] Cecil: 🙁
[2019-05-31 01:36:55] independz:
[2019-05-31 01:38:31] Fiona T: and in some countries, they don’t waste time executing people. Sometimes it’s the day after being found guilty
[2019-05-31 01:39:08] Cecil: ever go to a police station to fiile a complaint against an officer?
[2019-05-31 01:40:08] Rick Bonner: Contact lenses. Military doctors experience with shattered cockpit screens…
[2019-05-31 01:40:12] independz: ””””””””0
[2019-05-31 01:40:19] sheila brown: wait till the “Noahide laws” kick in – they can actually behead you
[2019-05-31 01:41:19] robberts: then shiela there has to be a fight… fight back
[2019-05-31 01:42:14] robberts: its talmudic
[2019-05-31 01:42:26] sheila brown: yep the turn the other cheek was for friends – Jesus said if you do not have a sword = sell your clock and get one
[2019-05-31 01:42:44] robberts: not tora
[2019-05-31 01:46:11] sheila brown: which I could remember where I heard or read it – but a nurse discovered there was a medical code for beheading
[2019-05-31 01:46:37] StarFire: no usury
[2019-05-31 01:47:44] Cecil: gaol
[2019-05-31 01:47:55] Cecil: jail
[2019-05-31 01:48:13] Peter: the bible is antisemetic
[2019-05-31 01:48:17] independz: (… )
[2019-05-31 01:50:23] StarFire: war is a racket
[2019-05-31 01:52:52] Rick Bonner: .Buffy Sainte-Marie – The War Racket – YouTube<br>
[2019-05-31 01:53:31] Cecil: nope
[2019-05-31 01:53:37] Rick Bonner: Buffy is another, waaay cool Canadian. 😊
[2019-05-31 01:54:46] Cecil: thanks tony
[2019-05-31 01:54:56] Cecil: lol
[2019-05-31 01:55:04] StarFire: thank you tony and everyone
[2019-05-31 01:58:51] robberts: tony is the health impact interview available to public
[2019-05-31 01:59:12] nancy: see ya
[2019-05-31 01:59:23] nancy: thx
[2019-05-31 01:59:28] gia: Thanx Tony- great links too 😍
[2019-05-31 01:59:34] Cecil: bye
[2019-05-31 01:59:54] independz: thanks for tuning in and sticking it out
[2019-05-31 01:59:54] gia: gNight all ,,,, 💕💕💕
[2019-05-31 01:59:57] nancy: b bye
[2019-05-31 02:00:09] independz: yes share it
[2019-05-31 02:00:11] sheila brown: thanks tony
[2019-05-31 02:00:23] independz: feel free this is why I gave it to you
[2019-05-31 02:00:55] Rick Bonner: Thanks for your Remedies, Tony. Way to lead the health and spirit strength ‘exercises’. God bless(es) you!
[2019-05-31 02:00:57] knapstersky: thsnks Tony take’r eazy.
[2019-05-31 02:00:57] StarFire: thanks thanks
[2019-05-31 02:05:18] robberts: oh copy and paste link ok i ll try thanks
[2019-05-31 02:10:24] independz: put bracket before the linnk and one after )
[2019-05-31 02:10:26] independz: put a bracket before the link ( and after )

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