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“The Remedy” 2019-06-04 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/06/04 - Nano on Mankind and Animals - AI - Frequencies - Carbon - C60 - Food will be a Challenge - Answering Questions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-June-04):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of June 04, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Radio enabled implantable devices with an aim to blend with the morphology and biology of the human body

Over the years, the significant growth in wireless and body-centric communication

Necessary features of future nanomachines are already present in a living cell, which can be defined as a self-replicating collection of nanomachines

In terms of functionality, these are much more sophisticated than other implantable devices having features like sensing, memory, actuation, power unit, and communication. The 1.1 Proposed Nanoscale Communication Schemes 3 practical applications of this technology can only be achieved with optimization of channel medium which is the human body and hence developing novel concepts for communication systems is the key

As discussed in the further chapters, nanodevices are envisioned to communicate in the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum, owing to their size and bandwidth

Assimilating from the fundamentals of electromagnetic, wireless communication, medical and material science, a novel concept of nanonetworks was first introduces in 2008, which stems from the concept that a collection of nanodevices have the potential to harness the innate communication capabilities of human body, thereby allowing them to cooperate and share information [15]. Healthcare diagnosis can only be achieved if an efficient communication mechanism and data transfer is established between these nanodevices

This is going to be an education so will not overwhelm with more here …enjoy the audio

Check out as well and familiarize your self with synthetic life nano data c-60 which causes male sterility and amplifies terra-hertz frequencies

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,

[2019-06-04 23:56:18] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-06-05 00:02:05] independz: (… ) (… ) (…
[2019-06-05 00:02:17] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone!
[2019-06-05 00:02:26] independz: (… ) (
[2019-06-05 00:02:34] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-06-05 00:02:43] Peter: oh that’s a link
[2019-06-05 00:03:10] independz: ( orthomolecular.activehost… ) (… ) (…
[2019-06-05 00:03:44] Dominick: Hi tony can STS be taken more than one month, can it be taken regularly ? Thanks
[2019-06-05 00:03:45] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-06-05 00:04:07] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-06-05 00:04:21] Cecil: hi monkey
[2019-06-05 00:04:29] Cecil: hi everyone
[2019-06-05 00:04:30] independz: (www.republicbroadcastinga…
[2019-06-05 00:07:15] Cecil: 2nd youtube link unavailable
[2019-06-05 00:09:28] Peter: 5g is a operating system that connects electronic devices to interface with human biology
[2019-06-05 00:09:38] Cecil: you can use it daily dominck
[2019-06-05 00:09:38] Monkey_Breath: Hello Cecil.
[2019-06-05 00:11:30] Haggis Muncher: 3 cheers for the hole that never heals Tony lol
[2019-06-05 00:11:43] Cecil: he died for us.
[2019-06-05 00:12:10] Monkey_Breath: Tony, which one do you recommend…liquid or cream DMSO?
[2019-06-05 00:12:16] knapstersky: that’s a knee slapper Tony. ha ha.
[2019-06-05 00:12:17] Cecil: ehehe
[2019-06-05 00:12:34] Haggis Muncher: Lol
[2019-06-05 00:12:55] Cecil: see whats in the cream first if you go that route
[2019-06-05 00:13:08] Dominick: Hi tony can STS be taken more than one month , can it be taken regularly?
[2019-06-05 00:13:56] Haggis Muncher: A wee drop of scottish humour
[2019-06-05 00:14:10] Dominick: Thanks
[2019-06-05 00:14:31] Cecil: i try every other week. but i get tired after 6days
[2019-06-05 00:14:46] admin: Tony do you think that mass-activation of the nano will happen to the entire population? Or will they keep it under the belt and only use it with certain people only?
[2019-06-05 00:14:56] Cecil: its ok
[2019-06-05 00:16:28] Cecil: does the geoengineers only chelate? what methods do they go about after spraying themselves?
[2019-06-05 00:16:49] Cecil: to cleanse of shield themselves
[2019-06-05 00:17:06] Cecil: hi yannis
[2019-06-05 00:17:35] Yannis-AroyMak: hi Cecil
[2019-06-05 00:18:12] Cecil: it sticks
[2019-06-05 00:18:27] Cecil: it flips out
[2019-06-05 00:18:59] Cecil: active listener cecil
[2019-06-05 00:19:20] Cecil: they compressed it with the LHC
[2019-06-05 00:19:42] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-06-05 00:20:47] nancy: HIYA Yannis
[2019-06-05 00:21:54] Yannis-AroyMak: @nancy :)
[2019-06-05 00:22:02] Cecil: nice youtube pocast uploads yannis.
[2019-06-05 00:22:06] Cecil: thanks
[2019-06-05 00:22:26] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Cecil
[2019-06-05 00:23:31] admin: Hi I get your point, and that everyone is infected with it, right? But my point is, besides from the targeted ones, the rest don’t have the visible symptoms of the nano-poisoning. They don’t have jumping, biting, moving things under their skin.
[2019-06-05 00:24:20] Cecil: jerky and raw milk lol
[2019-06-05 00:24:42] admin: I remember you say that when the 5G goes full on, the nano will go bezerk in everyone and you said that people will literally beg the doctors for death
[2019-06-05 00:25:03] Arugula: Tony move back to Arizona with lots of sun! :grin:
[2019-06-05 00:26:36] Cecil: i found no grain catfood. it seems ok.
[2019-06-05 00:27:16] Cecil: so whats a cheap way to buy that for cats?
[2019-06-05 00:27:41] Monkey_Breath: Cecil…what is the name of that no grain cat food?
[2019-06-05 00:27:50] Cecil: no cheapie route probably
[2019-06-05 00:27:51] nancy: ‹@Cecil› is the food blue buffalo
[2019-06-05 00:27:56] Cecil: 1 sec
[2019-06-05 00:28:07] Cecil: checking
[2019-06-05 00:28:58] Haggis Muncher: Has anyone tried glycerin mix with colloidal copper as a moisturizer, any long term probs with the glycerin?
[2019-06-05 00:29:23] nancy: our shepard its grain free blue buffalo
[2019-06-05 00:29:49] nancy: eats
[2019-06-05 00:30:11] Cecil: i put it in a container and threw out the bag. sorry. i cant remember.
[2019-06-05 00:31:16] Cecil: i usually would notice these things. i might have to look online anyway.
[2019-06-05 00:32:08] Cecil: purina i think
[2019-06-05 00:32:53] sheila brown: rachael ray nutrish – I use the potato and chicken no grain dry
[2019-06-05 00:33:10] Cecil: methane coming out the ocean and cows gas
[2019-06-05 00:33:51] nancy: i remember that
[2019-06-05 00:34:20] Monkey_Breath: Thanks Sheila
[2019-06-05 00:35:05] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› its kinda pricey
[2019-06-05 00:35:10] joy: many people make their own grain free raw dog and cat food – super healthy with beautiful coats. many recipes online. much cheaper
[2019-06-05 00:35:26] Rick Bonner: The cows, and the buffalo, and the elk and caribou…. are beneficial to the ground’s ‘growing capability/ productivity’ just by walking and grazing on the earth, not to mentionm the nitrogen and other nutrients they leave as they graze…
[2019-06-05 00:35:45] nancy: ‹@joy› lol
[2019-06-05 00:35:49] Cecil: interesting
[2019-06-05 00:36:20] Monkey_Breath: good to know Joy. TY
[2019-06-05 00:37:59] joy: years ago known as BARF diet – bones and raw food diet! you’re welcome!
[2019-06-05 00:38:00] nancylol
[2019-06-05 00:38:00] Rick Bonner: No freedom, not for animals or, People…. we (the lucy-fairy-ans) gotta ‘ok’ and authorize ALL the activities of ‘our’ slaves, vassals, and ‘live-stock’…
[2019-06-05 00:38:05] Cecil: mindwashing here in california indeed
[2019-06-05 00:38:12] admin: Like you said, mass-activated or not, majority of the people don’t have moving, jumping, biting things under their skin like the ones with nano poisoning. What if that happens to the mass-population with the coming 5- & 6G, what then? And how big is the
[2019-06-05 00:38:18] admin: chance to that to happen
[2019-06-05 00:38:38] Cecil: i ignored the society’s letter
[2019-06-05 00:41:13] Rick Bonner: admin…? Are you like the knucklehead in (so called) Col Mandel House’s book, ‘Phil Drew, Administrator’?
[2019-06-05 00:42:07] Monkey_Breath: Tony, what can be used for a slipped disc?
[2019-06-05 00:42:12] Cecil: i removed my 5g from my isp. but it fluctuates off of 5g. but its still fast at 2.4ghz. i removed my smart meter and got a deal but have to pay 10bucks a month not to have it. i have the old analog meter. the power company has to come check it.
[2019-06-05 00:42:32] Cecil: slipped disc?
[2019-06-05 00:43:08] nancy: i know thats right
[2019-06-05 00:43:26] Monkey_Breath: Back pain
[2019-06-05 00:43:30] nancy: tell me lies
[2019-06-05 00:44:09] Cecil: he tests us
[2019-06-05 00:44:32] robberts: it doesnt discriminate
[2019-06-05 00:44:36] Cecil: to know how much he can trust us
[2019-06-05 00:45:49] Rick Bonner: ‘The media’ is surely a “press-titute” of the lucy-fairy-an enemys of Creation. You pay, we’ll say – and do – anything your twisted, perverted, lucy-fairy-an, warped mind desires or lusts after…. And, pretend like we LIKE doing that sick shit.
[2019-06-05 00:46:31] Cecil: imagine that. being in a place where you and everyone else there are treated just as jesus is.
[2019-06-05 00:46:40] Cecil: i got dreams
[2019-06-05 00:47:05] Cecil: something constantly saps my energy
[2019-06-05 00:47:25] Cecil: i eat. i am loving towards others. and still.
[2019-06-05 00:47:38] Cecil: im drained
[2019-06-05 00:48:03] admin: Do you have link tony to that?
[2019-06-05 00:49:56] Rick Bonner: Cecil, me Man! Man does not Live by bread alone, but by every Word from the mouth of The Father. Have another hit of THAT; see whether that don’ invigorate your body and soul and spirit.
[2019-06-05 00:50:11] admin: I tried to find a decent (vitamin) supplement without things like microcrystalline cellulose, silica, fillers, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide etc. and I couldn’t find ONE without.
[2019-06-05 00:50:34] Cecil: yes sir! 😀
[2019-06-05 00:51:03] Cecil: make your own
[2019-06-05 00:51:49] nancy: so scary
[2019-06-05 00:52:08] Rick Bonner: In fact, if ya knows what’s Good fer yez, Cece, have yerself a double-shot o’ God’s Holy Ghost; it does a body Good! 😊
[2019-06-05 00:52:55] Cecil: right on
[2019-06-05 00:53:05] Haggis Muncher: We hear about nanoparticles, are there pico particles i wonder?
[2019-06-05 00:53:41] Cecil: i wondered that too. probably
[2019-06-05 00:53:54] Cecil: no
[2019-06-05 00:54:05] Rick Bonner: admin… pluck some dandelions from your backyard, and brew and distill some dandelion wine… lotta vital (to Life) minerals in that refreshing drink.
[2019-06-05 00:54:21] Cecil: but dont do anything bad xD
[2019-06-05 00:54:23] admin: I found the website of purebulk, but not the peak nutrition? only has things like meal prep?
[2019-06-05 00:54:39] robberts: putin said “who ever masters AI will rule the world
[2019-06-05 00:55:25] Cecil: Yes! i just soaked mine in h202 and gse. thats the way to do it right there rick. of course.
[2019-06-05 00:55:25] admin: unfortunately I don’t have dandelions in my backyard but thanks, appreciate it
[2019-06-05 00:55:49] admin: does anyone have the correct link to peak nutrition
[2019-06-05 00:55:52] Haggis Muncher: dandelions grow like crazy here, i’m on it
[2019-06-05 00:55:52] admin: ?
[2019-06-05 00:55:58] Rick Bonner: Vlad Putin’s a liar; whoever controls the people’s CHOW controls the whorl’.
[2019-06-05 00:56:00] Cecil: whoever masters that, may control the weather
[2019-06-05 00:56:07] joy: Tony, locally ultra fine activated charcoal on sale – is it a good idea to buy?
[2019-06-05 00:56:18] Cecil: but its a program. on a crash course
[2019-06-05 00:56:52] Cecil: nano
[2019-06-05 00:57:32] nancy: ‹@admin› (}
[2019-06-05 00:57:41] joy: Tony, THANK YOU, I was afraid of that,
[2019-06-05 00:58:29] Cecil: nano corresponds to ghz frequencies
[2019-06-05 00:58:34] admin: @nancy I only see things about mealprep?
[2019-06-05 00:58:43] sheila brown: ok some of us messed up years ago – how do we get rid of activated charcoal that the nutritionist told us to take
[2019-06-05 00:58:55] Cecil: Thz corresponds to …
[2019-06-05 00:59:16] Rick Bonner: Since we are – and every other living creature here are ‘carbon-based life forms’ – knowing how to ‘make’ your own carbon, to neutralize / entrap poisons and pathenogenic to us, is useful tech.
[2019-06-05 00:59:31] joy: THANK YOU for the confirmation ultra fine=nano
[2019-06-05 01:00:20] Cecil: protein based
[2019-06-05 01:00:23] Cecil: i see
[2019-06-05 01:00:34] Cecil: yep. i dont like it
[2019-06-05 01:00:54] nancy: ‹@admin› oh ni dont know did not search it i use pure bulk
[2019-06-05 01:00:57] Cecil: make charcoal :)
[2019-06-05 01:01:19] sheila brown: good so when I tried to do the cleanse I did get rid of some —TY
[2019-06-05 01:01:22] admin: Tony peak nutrition is a meal prep company?
[2019-06-05 01:01:50] Haggis Muncher: 3 cheers for Tony, hip hip, hip hip, hooray lol , may your god go with you, night all.
[2019-06-05 01:01:51] Cecil: thanks tony
[2019-06-05 01:02:00] joy: sqirl’s speciality
[2019-06-05 01:02:17] admin: What is the exact link?
[2019-06-05 01:02:30] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-06-05 01:02:31] Cecil: where’s sqirl?
[2019-06-05 01:02:32] Rick Bonner: Like ptomaine poisoning… if you give those deadly grunchers charcoal (carbon) they will get ‘encapsulated’ and won’ makes ya sick.
[2019-06-05 01:02:37] joy: THANKS so much Tony!!!
[2019-06-05 01:02:38] independz: no worries
[2019-06-05 01:02:39] Billy29: Thank tony Great show good night everybody
[2019-06-05 01:02:52] robberts: tony is their an effective and cheap way to grow food plants indoors in pots
[2019-06-05 01:02:55] Monkey_Breath: Good night everyone. Take care! Thanks again Tony!
[2019-06-05 01:02:57] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r eazy.
[2019-06-05 01:03:16] independz: will take it anyway I an handle haahha
[2019-06-05 01:03:20] Cecil: intriguing rick
[2019-06-05 01:03:31] admin: @robberts a hydroponic system with self-assembled mineral mix would be a option
[2019-06-05 01:04:01] Cecil: just got to build it with some pvc or some way
[2019-06-05 01:04:29] Rick Bonner: Another reason I like you, Haggis; like Allen Watt, you hope my God, or my gods, go with me! Back atcha, Brother! 😊
[2019-06-05 01:04:32] Cecil: woah. this is interesting
[2019-06-05 01:04:34] robberts: admin that sounds expensive do you know a cost
[2019-06-05 01:04:56] Yannis-AroyMak: Thank u Tony and everyone
[2019-06-05 01:05:06] Cecil: phew. i can only learn so much in a day
[2019-06-05 01:05:30] Cecil: cheers rick
[2019-06-05 01:06:09] admin: use distilled water as a base, carefully combine a mineral mix and maybe a probiotic tea to feed the plants, use food grade plastic, and about the price, I really don’t know…
[2019-06-05 01:06:16] Rick Bonner: Here a lil’, there a lil’, Cecil; line upon line, precept upon precept….
[2019-06-05 01:06:21] admin: Use a good light that emits the exact frequencies of the sun
[2019-06-05 01:07:31] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› hey know the deep word
[2019-06-05 01:07:55] Rick Bonner: Hey Jason! Ring me up sometime; lemme know how’s yer doin’, Brother! Ciao, all, take CARE!
[2019-06-05 01:07:59] robberts: ok thanks
[2019-06-05 01:08:38] Rick Bonner: I been ‘payin’ ‘tension, Nance, my Sister!
[2019-06-05 01:09:24] nancy: YEAH
[2019-06-05 01:10:19] admin: when will this podcast be uploaded to the independz podbean?
[2019-06-05 01:10:28] admin: at what time? anyone knows?
[2019-06-05 01:11:51] nancy: ‹@admin› i can never get new one i download it
[2019-06-05 01:12:09] Cecil: if i had a function generator, i would analyze nanoparticles with different frequencies. specifically Mhz.
[2019-06-05 01:12:43] admin: @nancy How can I listen back to it? how did you downloaded it
[2019-06-05 01:14:11] nancy: ‹@admin› before you hit the sound button the tree bullets for drop down menue
[2019-06-05 01:14:55] nancy: while TONY BROAD CAST LIVE
[2019-06-05 01:15:15] admin: Oh so I already missed that…
[2019-06-05 01:15:50] admin: Anyway, good day everyone
[2019-06-05 01:16:24] nancy: yes but yannis post pretty quickly
[2019-06-05 01:17:01] nancy: if you dont get drop down reload it
[2019-06-05 01:18:32] nancy: should have three bullets

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