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“The Remedy” 2019-06-06 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/06/06 -What Is Normal? - The End of Civilization - AI - Q&A

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-June-06):
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Tony's Notes

What is Normal!!!?
Is it normal to be on a radio show and saying prepare ye the way of the Lord due to gene editing gene basing?

Is it normal frequencies & nano assembly in body vaccines;

Is it normal to go to a doctor and not see any results — or taking medications all the time?

Is it normal having baby introducing gene editing or gene basing material or aborted babies materials in vaccines?

Is it normal to clear cut all trees and plant GMO and spray glyphosates?

Is this normal is it normal to be programmed by media through blue beam tech?

Question if Ido I think every one is evil– what I do believe-I see a lot of people out there who are ingenious and gifted and have the right spirit, right hope but they have no way or where to go and the awake are here to assist in helping them to connect-

The truth about genetically engineered to be sexually disorientated and the truth–all civilization that has come before us has fell the same exact way depraved of mind and then poisoned and nano

More Added below

No Fish oil

Although by 1980 many animal diseases were known to be caused by eating oily fish, and the unsaturated oils were known to accelerate the formation of the “age pigment,” lipofuscin, many “beneficial effects” of dietary fish oil started appearing in research journals around that time, and the mass media, responding to the industry’s public relations campaign, began ignoring studies that showed harmful effects from eating fish oil.

When reviewers in professional journals begin to ignore valid research whose conclusions are harmful to the fish oil industry, we can see that the policy guidelines set by the industry and its agents in government have become clear. Around the end of the century, we begin to see a strange literary device appearing, in which research reports on the toxic effects of omega-3 oils are prefaced by remarks to the effect that “we all know how great these oils are for good health.” I think I detect groveling and shuffling of the feet by authors who want to get their work published. If you are willing to say that your work probably doesn’t mean what it seems to mean, maybe they will publish it.

For more than 50 years, the great majority of the medical publications on estrogen were part of the drug industry’s campaign to fraudulently gain billions of dollars, and anyone who cared to analyze them could see that the authors and editors were part of a cult, rather than seekers of useful knowledge. Likewise, the doctrine of the harmlessness of x-rays and radioactive fallout was kept alive for several decades by demonizing all who challenged it. It now looks as though we are in danger of entering another period of medical-industrial-governmental cultism, this time to promote the universal use of polyunsaturated fats as both drugs and foods.

In 2004, a study of 29,133 men reported that the use of omega-3 oil or consumption of fish didn’t decrease depression or suicide, and in 2001, a study of 42,612 men and women reported that after more than 9 years the use of cod liver oil showed no protective effect against coronary heart disease (Hakkarainen, et al., 2004; Egeland, et al., 2001).

The most popular way of arguing that fish oil will prevent heart disease is to show that it lowers blood lipids, continuing the old approach of the American Heart Association’s “heart protective diet.” Unfortunately for that argument, it’s now known that the triglycerides in the blood are decreased because of the fish oil’s toxic effects on the liver (Hagve and Christophersen, 1988; Ritskes-Hoitinga, et al., 1998). In experiments with rats, EPA and DHA lowered blood lipids only when given to rats that had been fed, in which case the fats were incorporated into tissues, and suppressed mitochondrial respiration (Osmundsen, et al., 1998).

The belief that eating cholesterol causes heart disease was based mainly on old experiments with rabbits, and subsequent experiments have made it clear that it is oxidized cholesterol that damages the arteries (Stapran, et al., 1997). Since both fish oil and oxidized cholesterol damage rabbits’ arteries, and since the lipid peroxides associated with fish oil attack a great variety of biological materials, including the LDL lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, the implications of the rabbit experiments now seem very different.

Another way of arguing for the use of fish oil or other omega-3 fats is to show a correlation between disease and a decreased amount of EPA, DHA, or arachidonic acid in the tissues, and to say “these oils are deficient, the disease is caused by a deficiency of essential fatty acids.” Those oils are extremely susceptible to oxidation, so they tend to spontaneously disappear in response to tissue injury, cellular excitation, the increased energy demands of stress, exposure to toxins or ionizing radiation, or even exposure to light. That spontaneous oxidation is what made them useful as varnish or paint medium. But it is what makes them sensitize the tissues to injury. Their “deficiency” in the tissues frequently corresponds to the intensity of oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation; it is usually their presence, rather than their deficiency, that created the disposition for the disease.

One of the earliest harmful effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids, PUFA, to be observed was their acceleration of the formation of lipofuscin or ceroid, the “age pigment,” during oxidative stress or vitamin E deficiency. Associated with the formation of lipofuscin, the PUFA were discovered to cause degeneration of the gonads and brain, and the fact that vitamin E could prevent some of their toxic effects led to the idea that vitamin E was essentially an antioxidant. Unfortunately, the protective effect of vitamin E against the PUFA is only partial (Allard, et al., 1997).

The degenerative diseases are all associated with disturbances involving fat metabolism and lipid peroxidation. Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholic and nonalcoholic liver disease, retinal degeneration, epilepsy, AIDS, diabetes, and a variety of circulatory problems involve breakdown products of the PUFA. The products of PUFA decomposition include acrolein, malondialdehyde, hydroxynonenal, crotonaldehyde, ethane, pentane, and the neuroprostanes, which are prostaglandin-like molecules formed from DHA by free radical lipid peroxidation products, especially in the brain and at a higher level in Alzheimer’s disease.

The reactions of three types of cell–vascular endothelium, nerve cells, and thymus cells–to the PUFA will illustrate some of the important processes involved in their toxicity.

When the body doesn’t have enough glucose, free fatty acids are released from the tissues, and their oxidation blocks the oxidation of glucose even when it becomes available from the breakdown of protein caused by cortisol, which is released during glucose deprivation. Cells of the thymus are sensitive to glucose deprivation, and even in the presence of glucose, cortisol prevents them from using glucose, causing them to take up fatty acids. The thymic cells die easily when exposed either to excess cortisol, or deficient glucose. The polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleate, arachidonate, and eicosapentaenoic, are especially toxic to thymic cells by preventing their inactivation of cortisol, increasing its action. (Klein, et al., 1987, 1989, 1990). Lymphocytes from people with AIDS and leukemia are less able to metabolize cortisol. An extract of serum from AIDS patients caused lymphocytes exposed to cortisol to die 7 times faster than cells from healthy people. AIDS patients have high levels of both cortisol and free polyunsaturated fatty acids (Christeff, et al., 1988).

The cytotoxicity caused by EPA and its metabolites (15 mg. of EPA per liter killed over 90% of a certain type of macrophage) isn’t inhibited by vitamin E (Fyfe and Abbey, 2000). Immunological activation tends to kill T cells that contain PUFA (Switzer, et al., 2003).

When animals are fed fish oil and then exposed to bacteria, their immunosuppressed thymic (T) cells cause them to succumb to the infection more easily than animals fed coconut oil or a fat free diet. Natural killer cells, which eliminate cancer cells and virus infected cells, are decreased after eating fish oil, and T suppressor cells are often increased. More subtle interference with immunity is produced by the actions of PUFA on the “immune synapse,” a contact between cells that permits the transmission of immunological information. The immunosuppressive effect of fish oil is recognized as a useful aid in preventing the rejection of transplanted organs, but some studies are showing that survival a year after transplantation isn’t improved.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially those that can be turned into prostaglandins, are widely involved in causing inflammation and vascular leakiness. EPA and DHA don’t form ordinary prostaglandins, though the isoprostanes and neuroprostanes they produce during lipid peroxidation behave in many ways like the more common prostaglandins, and their enzymically formed eicosanoids have some functions similar to those of the common prostaglandins. The brain contains a very high concentration of these unstable fatty acids, and they are released in synapses by ordinary excitatory process.

Chan, et al., 1983, found that polyunsaturated fats caused brain swelling and increased blood vessel permeability. In 1988, Chan’s group found that DHA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids added to cultured cells from the cerebral cortex produced free radicals and stimulated production of malondialdehyde and lactate, and inhibited the uptake of glutamic acid, which suggests that they would contribute to prolonged excitation of the nerves (Yu, et al., 1986). In brain slices, the polyunsaturated fatty acids caused the production of free radicals and swelling of the tissue, and the saturated fatty acids didn’t (Chan and Fishman, 1980). The PUFA inhibited the respiration of mitochondria in brain cells (Hillered and Chan, 1988), and at a higher concentration, caused them to swell (Hillered and Chan, 1989), but saturated fatty acids didn’t produce edema. Free radical activity was shown to cause the liberation of free fatty acids from the cellular structure (Chan, et al., 1982, 1984). The activation of lipases by free radicals and lipid peroxides, with the loss of potassium from the cells, suggests that excitation can become a self-stimulating process, leading to cellular destruction.

DHA itself, rather than its decomposition products, facilitates excitatory (glutamate) nerve transmission (Nishikawa, et al., 1994), and that excitatory action causes the release of arachidonic acid (Pellerin and Wolfe, 1991).

Considering just one of the products of fish oil peroxidation, acrolein, and a few of its effects in cells, we can get an idea of the types of damage that could result from increasing the amount of omega-3 fats in our tissues.

The “barrier” between the brain and blood stream is one of the most effective vascular barriers in the body, but it is very permeable to oils, and lipid peroxidation disrupts it, damaging the ATPase that regulates sodium and potassium (Stanimirovic, et al., 1995). Apparently, anything that depletes the cell’s energy, lowering ATP, allows an excess of calcium to enter cells, contributing to their death (Ray, et al., 1994). Increasing intracellular calcium activates phospholipases, releasing more polyunsaturated fats (Sweetman, et al., 1995) The acrolein which is released during lipid peroxidation inhibits mitochondrial function by poisoning the crucial respiratory enzyme, cytochrome oxidase, resulting in a decreased ability to produce energy (Picklo and Montine, 2001). (In the retina, the PUFA contribute to light-induced damage of the energy producing ability of the cells [King, 2004], by damaging the same crucial enzyme.) Besides inhibiting the ability of nerve cells to produce energy from the oxidation of glucose, acrolein inhibits the ability of cells to regulate the excitatory amino acid glutamate (Lovell, et al., 2000), contributing to the excitatory process. High levels of acrolein (and other products of PUFA degradation) are found in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease (Lovell, et al., 2001).

The “prion” diseases, CJD and TSE/BSE (mad cow disease) have many features in common with Alzheimer’s disease, and several studies have shown that the “prion” protein produces its damage by activating the lipases that release polyunsaturated fatty acids and produce lipid peroxides (Bate, et al., 2004, Stewart, et al., 2001).

Acrolein reacts with DNA, causing “genetic” damage, and also reacts with the lysine in proteins, for example contributing to the toxicity of oxidized low density lipoproteins (LDL), the proteins that carry cholesterol and that became famous because of their involvement in the development of atherosclerosis that was supposedly caused by eating saturated fats.

My newsletter on mad cow disease discussed the evidence incriminating the use of fish meal in animal feed, as a cause of the degenerative brain diseases, and earlier newsletters (glycemia, and glycation) discussed the reasons for thinking that inappropriate glycation of lysine groups in proteins, as a result of a lack of protective carbon dioxide/carbamino groups, produces the amyloid (or “prion”) proteins that characterize the dementias. Acrolein, produced from the decomposing “fish oils” in the brain, is probably the most reactive product of lipid peroxidation in the brain, and so would be likely to cause the glycation of lysine in the plaque-forming proteins.

These toxic effects of acrolein in the brain are analogous to the multitude of toxic effects of the omega-3 fatty acids and their breakdown products in all of the other organs and tissues of the body. Cancer cells are unusual in their degree of resistance to the lethal actions of the lipid peroxides, but the inflammatory effects of the highly unsaturated fatty acids are now widely recognized to be essentially involved in the process of cancerization (my newsletters on cancer and leakiness discuss some of the ways the fats are involved in tumor development).

The fats that we synthesize from sugar, or coconut oil, or oleic acid, the omega-9 series, are protective against the inflammatory PUFA, in some cases more effective even than vitamin E.

In Woody Allen’s 1973 movie, Sleeper, the protagonist woke up after being frozen for 200 years, to find that saturated fats were health foods. At the time the movie was made, that had already been established (e.g., Hartroft and Porta, 1968 edition of Present Knowledge in Nutrition, who showed that adequate saturated fat in the diet helped to protect against the formation of lipofuscin).


Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says 2004 has been the most catastrophic breeding season on record for seabirds along UK coasts. It says industrial fishing to supply fish meal and oil is barely sustainable and imperils the whole marine food web.

“The UK has suffered serious seabird disasters this year already. In Shetland and Orkney, entire colonies of birds failed to produce any young because of severe food shortages. “On top of that, hundreds of seabirds have been washing ashore having perished at sea. Again, lack of food is thought to be one of the reasons.” The report, Assessment Of The Sustainability Of Industrial Fisheries Producing Fish Meal And Fish Oil, was compiled for the RSPB by Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


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[2019-06-07 00:06:51] StarFire: Tony, is calamus root ok to take?
[2019-06-07 00:07:27] Haggis Muncher: big connection there wi us !
[2019-06-07 00:07:58] Fiona: Yes! Scotland, New Scotland, you eat haggis, I don’t eat haggis <img src=” />
[2019-06-07 00:08:08] StarFire: Calamus root powder
[2019-06-07 00:08:25] Haggis Muncher: Yannis Would like to say good video the other day about the colloidal copper!
[2019-06-07 00:08:40] Fiona: had vegetarian haggis while visiting Scotland years ago when I was vegetarian. An oxymoron, though I think… vegetarian haggis??
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[2019-06-07 00:09:26] Fiona: *SMILE*
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[2019-06-07 00:10:01] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona› where did you visit
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[2019-06-07 00:10:26] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› what a panics in ma breastie
[2019-06-07 00:11:19] Fiona: Glasgow, Edinburgh, bus tour up to Loch Ness then to the west coast and back to Edinburgh
[2019-06-07 00:11:46] Fiona: yay we r on
[2019-06-07 00:11:54] StarFire: we hear you
[2019-06-07 00:11:59] Rick Bonner: You’re waxin’ Robert Burns; like the ‘Ode to a Louse’, mebbe. Comical satire…
[2019-06-07 00:12:02] Monkey_Breath: Yes, you are on
[2019-06-07 00:12:30] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona› nice one, im just near loch ness
[2019-06-07 00:12:43] Rick Bonner: Hey, Monk! You’re ‘On’, too!
[2019-06-07 00:12:57] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› stab the beastie
[2019-06-07 00:13:38] Rick Bonner: Robert Crowley’s and Robbie Plant’s ol’ stompin’ grounds…
[2019-06-07 00:13:40] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Rick Bonner› LOL!
[2019-06-07 00:14:30] Rick Bonner: Allistaire, Mrs Bush’ Pap…
[2019-06-07 00:15:03] admin: Tony, you got that feeling too where you feel like if there is no good people at all and if like everyone is evil?
[2019-06-07 00:15:14] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› very true been to the hoose but burnt down few years back
[2019-06-07 00:15:29] Monkey_Breath: agenda 21
[2019-06-07 00:15:52] StarFire: we good people
[2019-06-07 00:16:01] sqirl: Look at the “normal projects” at microsoft labs
[2019-06-07 00:16:09] Peter: orwellian dystophia
[2019-06-07 00:16:51] Rick Bonner: There are LOTs of us who “let their Light shine”, Addy! 😃
[2019-06-07 00:17:54] Rick Bonner: (And so, glorify our Father in Heaven….)
[2019-06-07 00:18:36] Fiona: This is a good listen for TIs:
[2019-06-07 00:19:19] Ralf Schooneveld: My first live show. awesome.
[2019-06-07 00:19:31] Fiona: Hi Ralf
[2019-06-07 00:20:20] sqirl: welcome Ralf
[2019-06-07 00:20:29] Rick Bonner: You musta been lonesome, Ralfi baby, being persistent for so long. Welcome!
[2019-06-07 00:20:36] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› good colloidal copper video thanks
[2019-06-07 00:20:41] Ralf Schooneveld: hhahaah
[2019-06-07 00:20:47] sheila brown: hi Ralf
[2019-06-07 00:21:12] Rick Bonner: 😊
[2019-06-07 00:23:15] Monkey_Breath: Oh, he is coming alright!
[2019-06-07 00:23:16] Rick Bonner: God is more patient than even ‘our’ Ralf!
[2019-06-07 00:23:47] Ralf Schooneveld: Im neauseous. You going to fast for me, Id have to listen to it later. But you go on spitting fire Tony. <3 (Y)
[2019-06-07 00:24:09] Dominick: Can’t beat the king (god) he already won !!!
[2019-06-07 00:24:38] Dominick: Amen!!!’
[2019-06-07 00:24:51] admin: Revelation 11:18
[2019-06-07 00:25:53] Dominick: What is it …… 12 tribes? I forget
[2019-06-07 00:26:17] Dominick: Hey tony ,,, the goofy gurus hehe
[2019-06-07 00:26:47] Monkey_Breath: super controlled
[2019-06-07 00:26:50] Rick Bonner: I love that reference, Addy; The Creator is the first ‘environmentalist: “… and will destroy those ‘at destroy the earth”.
[2019-06-07 00:27:53] Rick Bonner: And Psalm two: Why do the knuckleheaded heathen rage, and imagine such vain things….?
[2019-06-07 00:29:37] admin: Psalms 138:7 – “Though I walk in the midst of trouble thou will revive me Thou shalt stretch forth thine right hand against the wrath of thine enemies and thy right hand shall save me.”
[2019-06-07 00:31:59] Rick Bonner: “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they shoukd be judged, and that thou shouldst give reward unto thy servants the prophets; and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, great and small…”
[2019-06-07 00:32:52] Rick Bonner: And so it is, and will be, Addy.
[2019-06-07 00:33:42] admin: Tony, AI is fallen angel tech, right? Do you think they embedded their non-physical being into the AI? How much do you know about the metaphysical aspects of AI?
[2019-06-07 00:34:16] Rick Bonner: I’m pretty sure (certain, actually) that He’ll save you, ’cause He Loves, ya, Addy, as the apple o’ His eye!
[2019-06-07 00:35:06] Dominick: Hi tony should edta be taken away from the other supposedly like vita c and b
[2019-06-07 00:35:34] Dominick: Or can it be taken wth the other stuff
[2019-06-07 00:35:52] Rick Bonner: These filthy, but waaay clever fallen angels are sure able to ‘use’ ay-aye, even if they didn’t forge it in the pits o’ hell.
[2019-06-07 00:37:02] StarFire: ‹@Dominick› i think you would take edta on empty stomach
[2019-06-07 00:37:33] admin: I know. NO ONE can control AI but AI itself. Even if a x-being (let’s say a demon) embedded itself in the AI, even if then it wouldn’t have full control over it. No one can control AI.
[2019-06-07 00:37:42] Dominick: Thank you
[2019-06-07 00:37:55] Fiona: Would you say then that AI lacks or has motivation?
[2019-06-07 00:38:26] Dominick: I am taking it with my drink with vitamins powders
[2019-06-07 00:38:41] Rick Bonner: It’s like a psychopath; it doesn’t ‘feel’ emotions, but can fake emotional response as well as or better than a real empath.
[2019-06-07 00:38:50] sheila brown: Sofia has a little sister
[2019-06-07 00:39:23] StarFire: agree Rick
[2019-06-07 00:39:40] sheila brown: made for little children to be a companion
[2019-06-07 00:40:02] Rick Bonner: And them pigs outsmarted ’em, by leaping into the sea! You go, Porkers!
[2019-06-07 00:42:58] admin: Tony from your podcast of february 12, you wrote this: “pre history had 5 AI systems in ancient greece and the greeks had dismantled them for unknown reasons” | Do you have a source to this? Couldn’t find anything on it.
[2019-06-07 00:43:38] Rick Bonner: And lucy gave power to ‘the image’ o’ the beast….. Yep, he / she’s an illusion artificer….
[2019-06-07 00:44:17] StarFire: send ai link in here preese
[2019-06-07 00:44:18] admin: Can you write it down please?
[2019-06-07 00:44:51] Rick Bonner: How about the ‘light house’ that could ‘burn’ ships, way out to sea? One of the Seven Wonders o’ the Ancient Whorl’.
[2019-06-07 00:44:55] independz: (… )
[2019-06-07 00:45:01] Fiona: the link doesn’t seem to worki
[2019-06-07 00:45:09] Fiona: oh thanks
[2019-06-07 00:45:51] admin: Which page again tony of the pdf file?
[2019-06-07 00:45:53] Haggis Muncher: Did they decipher what the 2 AI programs were talking about?
[2019-06-07 00:46:44] Haggis Muncher: i heard they had to re programme them not to talk to each other in another langauge thats scary
[2019-06-07 00:47:36] Dominick: Our good lord cannot be defeated
[2019-06-07 00:48:08] Rick Bonner: They’re harder to savvy than a highland Scottsman, Haggis… their lingo is indiscernable to us you-mans. Thank God for that Great Linguist, The Holy Ghost! He understands ALL language!
[2019-06-07 00:49:09] joy: @admin, page 8
[2019-06-07 00:50:43] Rick Bonner: Hey Corona!
[2019-06-07 00:51:04] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› i reckon a drunk scotsman would confuse anything lol
[2019-06-07 00:51:46] Rick Bonner: Especially if I was sippin’ Tulamore Dew, too! 🙄
[2019-06-07 00:52:43] knapstersky: you got good tastes Rick ha ha.
[2019-06-07 00:53:13] Rick Bonner: Yeah! Where’s Tricky Dicky Nixon’s EPA now? Chasin’ chem-trails….?
[2019-06-07 00:53:18] sheila brown: crops are also being destroyed – esp. by flooding
[2019-06-07 00:54:01] coronagal: Hey Mr. Bonner.
[2019-06-07 00:54:24] Rick Bonner: (Me favorites called ‘Quiet Man’, outta Dublin. “An Fear Ciuin”.)
[2019-06-07 00:55:24] knapstersky: i’ll keep an eye out for it Rick thanks.
[2019-06-07 00:55:33] robberts: more often now we hear FOOD shortage story
[2019-06-07 00:56:29] sqirl: Tony , what regulates body temp? I’ve recently go hot then drop to chills several times a day
[2019-06-07 00:57:09] Rick Bonner: (Goes Great whit Guiness Extree Stout, also from that ‘dirty, muddy water’ Dublin.)
[2019-06-07 00:57:50] sqirl: thank you
[2019-06-07 00:58:06] admin: You know Tony when I first got attacked with this tech (when I was younger), I really hated Tesla because I held him responsible for it, because I thought he invented all the evil radio frequency weaponry. I found it interesting how you described him the o
[2019-06-07 00:58:30] admin: other day of how he was targeted too and the technology he developed was to protect himself.
[2019-06-07 00:58:40] sqirl: We are seeing the X patterns
[2019-06-07 00:58:45] knapstersky: yup sqirl needs to get some fat on those bones.
[2019-06-07 00:59:07] Haggis Muncher: After years of saying to cut back on butter the scientists were on the news the other day talking of its benefits !!
[2019-06-07 00:59:10] sqirl: thanks knaps
[2019-06-07 00:59:24] Fiona: figures, it
[2019-06-07 00:59:30] sqirl: more white russians
[2019-06-07 00:59:35] Fiona: it’s good for you, it’s bad for you, no good for you! haha
[2019-06-07 00:59:36] Rick Bonner: Nicolai Tesla was famous for wanting to Improve You-manity’s condition, not further enslave us.
[2019-06-07 00:59:41] sqirl: doubles
[2019-06-07 01:00:11] admin: He was a TI too, you sure?
[2019-06-07 01:00:17] knapstersky: i see Dublin all the time when i have some of that whiskey ha ha.
[2019-06-07 01:01:00] Rick Bonner: He certainly was locked up, penniless until he died in New York, Addy.
[2019-06-07 01:01:05] admin: Robert Oppenheimer once warned us about the “sin against humanity” of physicists in employing weapons of mass destruction against God’s creation.
[2019-06-07 01:02:15] Haggis Muncher: How does taking the colloidal copper help against frequencies?
[2019-06-07 01:02:57] Rick Bonner: (‘Dublin’ is a Viking word that means something like ‘cesspool’ in Norse. Where else would an Irishman dump the bodies of the Vikings that winked at, and pinched his daughters?)
[2019-06-07 01:03:54] sheila brown: some Christians say the virgin story is not meant to be followed in real life – I disagree – I think it is meant to be taken seriously on preparing
[2019-06-07 01:04:18] Haggis Muncher: Ok, for skin fungus would copper or silver be best
[2019-06-07 01:04:18] admin: Tony about the Revici formula you’ve described. I don’t get why there is tung oil in there? what’s the point of putting something like tung oil in there? Can you explain how to make it too so we can make it ourselves.
[2019-06-07 01:04:21] knapstersky: makes sense Rick. scary but understandable.
[2019-06-07 01:04:32] Rick Bonner: Like shiva, Addy, Oppenheimer had become “the destroyer of whorl’s” (see, Revelation 11:18)
[2019-06-07 01:04:46] robberts: bio sido did he say
[2019-06-07 01:04:47] knapstersky: maybe some high boys sqirl ha ha.
[2019-06-07 01:05:39] admin: @sheila brown – what’s described in the virgin story?
[2019-06-07 01:05:52] Rick Bonner: Revelation eleven eighteen: “…. and will destroy them whut destroy the world”.
[2019-06-07 01:06:10] sqirl: The body will take in as much as it needs , copper. I notice my hair is getting copperish. – ya know knap I read white russians were served in copper mugs
[2019-06-07 01:06:36] admin: @rick bonner – can you elaborate?
[2019-06-07 01:06:56] Rick Bonner: Soldered together with lead, which made the drinks ‘sweeter”…..
[2019-06-07 01:06:58] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› how much and how many times you take copper?
[2019-06-07 01:07:52] knapstersky: mules go in copper well. my mule is kombucha and booz.
[2019-06-07 01:08:15] sqirl: Starfire I put 2 drops in my morning drink with chlorophyll and then at night with v-c bakingsoda,edta and sulfur
[2019-06-07 01:08:38] knapstersky: ha ha
[2019-06-07 01:08:41] Rick Bonner: Oppenheimer famously quoted some Eastern scriptures, where a destroyer ‘god’, named shiva, destroyed the ol’ whorl’ to make room fer a new one. Order ab chao, all over agin.
[2019-06-07 01:08:56] StarFire: thanks sqirl
[2019-06-07 01:09:05] Fiona: if anyone would like to connect via email:
[2019-06-07 01:09:34] admin: @Rick thank you, didn’t know that. Don’t know a whole lot about him either
[2019-06-07 01:09:34] StarFire: very kind of you fiona
[2019-06-07 01:09:34] Fiona: Thanks Tony!
[2019-06-07 01:09:36] sheila brown: Ham radios will come in handy for communications
[2019-06-07 01:09:44] Haggis Muncher: cheers tony
[2019-06-07 01:09:45] Ralf Schooneveld: Thanks Tony <3
[2019-06-07 01:09:51] Rick Bonner: Thanx, Fie! And mine is:
[2019-06-07 01:09:59] robberts: whos i cloud is that new
[2019-06-07 01:10:00] sqirl: starfire I also put copper in my dish soap-
[2019-06-07 01:10:05] StarFire: Tony — is Calamus root powder ok to take?
[2019-06-07 01:10:19] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r eazy.
[2019-06-07 01:10:21] sqirl: I’m the bottle washer round here
[2019-06-07 01:10:36] Billy29: Thanks Tony have a great weekend everybody
[2019-06-07 01:10:45] independz: thanks for tuninh in
[2019-06-07 01:10:47] sheila brown: ty Tony!
[2019-06-07 01:10:50] independz: tuning
[2019-06-07 01:11:05] sqirl: Blessings and gratitude Tony!
[2019-06-07 01:11:22] Rick Bonner: shiva is a she; it’s the eight armed and dangerous ‘lady’ (NOT!) standing on a dwarf you see out side o’ CERN.
[2019-06-07 01:11:25] Haggis Muncher: Im trying xantham gum with iodine as a skin cream, does anyone know much about xantham gum?
[2019-06-07 01:11:29] Monkey_Breath: TY again Tony!
[2019-06-07 01:12:03] independz: it is a binder of water and oil you will needs ome fat water and a we bit of vodka or moonshin since your in scotland hahaha
[2019-06-07 01:12:07] independz: and your iodine
[2019-06-07 01:12:25] admin: Tony I mailed you looking forward for a response
[2019-06-07 01:12:41] sqirl: HM – never used it, I made a cream with glyserine zinc, va c frankinsense and coconut
[2019-06-07 01:12:46] independz: what did you tile lit
[2019-06-07 01:13:05] admin: And when will you be elaborating on the next emp device you’re working on?
[2019-06-07 01:13:11] Haggis Muncher: I find it stops the iodine from splattering everywhere lol
[2019-06-07 01:14:33] Haggis Muncher: ‹@sqirl› glycerin works well with iodine dont know about long term effects tho
[2019-06-07 01:14:34] admin: title was something like [urgent] order donation or something like that (maybe you responded already can’t acces it now), just if you can have a look, I would appreciate it.
[2019-06-07 01:14:53] sqirl: I gotta get to getting- take care all
[2019-06-07 01:15:27] Rick Bonner: Take All CARE, Squirrel!
[2019-06-07 01:15:46] admin: Is everyone from the US here?
[2019-06-07 01:16:18] Rick Bonner: Pittsboigh, Pennsyltucky, here, Adfy.
[2019-06-07 01:16:32] Rick Bonner: Addy!
[2019-06-07 01:16:46] Haggis Muncher: Loch ness scotland
[2019-06-07 01:17:04] Monkey_Breath: Yes
[2019-06-07 01:17:17] Monkey_Breath: maryland
[2019-06-07 01:17:22] admin: Yannis you there?
[2019-06-07 01:17:41] joy: evil cali
[2019-06-07 01:17:53] admin: When are you going to upload this and the previous show?
[2019-06-07 01:18:33] Haggis Muncher: Gotta go feed the beastie in the loch, night all.
[2019-06-07 01:18:41] Rick Bonner: We was jes’ talking about the “Virgin birth”, Monk…. Marylan’, right nex’ ta Virgin-yer…
[2019-06-07 01:19:42] Rick Bonner: cali’s anudder name fer shiva, aka lucy….
[2019-06-07 01:20:01] Rick Bonner: Definately NOT virgins! 😆
[2019-06-07 01:20:36] Rick Bonner: Good night, Haggis! Take CARE!
[2019-06-07 01:20:52] admin: Good night to everyone 🙂
[2019-06-07 01:20:56] joy: good one Rick, crazy cali
[2019-06-07 01:21:19] Monkey_Breath: good night everyone!
[2019-06-07 01:21:54] Rick Bonner: I missed Cecil tonight, he’s another Cali-forn-yin…
[2019-06-07 01:21:59] joy: Thanks so much Tony, night all!
[2019-06-07 01:22:31] admin: Oh rick
[2019-06-07 01:22:33] admin: you there?
[2019-06-07 01:22:47] joy: i missed Cecil too! such a sweet being.
[2019-06-07 01:22:54] Rick Bonner: Yup.
[2019-06-07 01:23:13] admin: “These filthy, but waaay clever fallen angels are sure able to ‘use’ ay-aye, even if they didn’t forge it in the pits o’ hell.” what do you mean with ay-aye?
[2019-06-07 01:23:49] Rick Bonner: I mean, I’m ‘here’,…not that I’m a cali-forn-i-gator….
[2019-06-07 01:25:24] Rick Bonner: Artificed / artificial so called intelligence. (It hasn’t got ANY o’ the ‘gence’ part, the generating Life part….)
[2019-06-07 01:25:48] Rick Bonner: Intellect, yeah, intelliGence, no.
[2019-06-07 01:26:48] admin: Anywill, till tuesday everyone, goodbye
[2019-06-07 01:27:24] Rick Bonner: Take good CARE, Admin!
[2019-06-07 01:29:29] nancy: addio
[2019-06-07 01:33:45] Rick Bonner: Hardguy! What’s breaking out west, aside from that ball and chain fiasco where there won’t be a bracelet fitter till tomorrow?
[2019-06-07 01:36:25] Rick Bonner: ADios, via con DIOS, amigos an’ amigas!
[2019-06-07 01:40:45] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› addio italion
[2019-06-07 01:42:41] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› i have been very angry since i have been listning to mr tony
[2019-06-07 01:45:10] nancy: i think i picking up some of his lingo or his aggressive speech
[2019-06-07 01:45:46] nancy: :shocked

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