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“The Remedy” 2019-06-18 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/06/18 - Rumors of Wars - Nano & Nano Toxicity - Smaller Particles Are More Dangerous - C60 & Frequencies Impact

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-June-18):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of June 18, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Start off in regard to Iran and what is going on.

And the Mossad  even stated that there is no threat to Israel  and  Mr. Trump also stated he had no interest in a war but the military industrial complex did

The wars Americans man and women have died for an agenda rather the reality is the fighting ongoing  for special interest

Mr. Buchanan also showed the reality of this war and the railroading of wars for the agenda and dealing with the aftermath of men who deal with PTSD like what happened to germany where villages  were destroyed that had nothing with the war

North Americans need to pressure their representatives on this issue and not fall for a false flag

Allergies: Suppressing histamine down will shut down a immune response

Recognizing what NANO is and what it is not.

Programmable tech nano-poisoning and how to actually removing things  using pico  to remove nano  will saturate the cells with more damage then the nano due to the higher level of saturation

The smaller the particle the more dangerous  it is and now the nano iodine a toxicity  that does not heal!! 

Schills selling nano metals is toxicity 

Why not to use pub med as a means of source

Subjective  listening

Representation of anything of NASA, the deception of NASA on so many fronts

C-60 & frequencies impact- the multiple frequencies you are exposed that can impact C-60 and the testimonials are as fraudulent–can be fabricated–doctors who say such and such  is also fraudulent and most have no clue

Follow the research acknowledge who puts the research out and what there is there interest and why it is backed up

Biggest sales products in the health food industry is all based on vanity…. 

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-06-18 23:53:05] independz: (… ) ( ) (… ) (pdfs.semanticscho
[2019-06-18 23:53:20] independz: (… ) (… ) ( ) (… )
[2019-06-18 23:53:36] independz: (… ) (… ) (… ) (… ) (…
[2019-06-18 23:53:49] Rick Bonner: No doubt……. Buh-wheat was waaay, waaaay worse’n Trumpee…… but they be BOAT scumbags.
[2019-06-18 23:53:52] independz: (… ) (… ) (…
[2019-06-18 23:54:14] StarFire: hi
[2019-06-18 23:54:23] independz: hi all
[2019-06-18 23:54:46] Rick Bonner: Hey, Tone! Hey, Starman!
[2019-06-18 23:54:50] StarFire: lots of good links
[2019-06-18 23:54:59] StarFire: hey hey rick
[2019-06-18 23:56:45] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-06-18 23:57:38] Monkey_Breath: Hello all!
[2019-06-18 23:58:05] Rick Bonner: You allus ‘minds me o’ Max Ehrmann’s 1927 Deserdrata poem; (We’re) “no less than the trees and the stars, wheeze got a Right to be here…”
[2019-06-18 23:58:20] Rick Bonner: Hay, Monk!
[2019-06-18 23:58:45] Martin:
[2019-06-19 00:01:20] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-06-19 00:01:34] Martin: ‹@Haggis Muncher› Hi
[2019-06-19 00:02:04] independz: we are going to be a little late
[2019-06-19 00:02:10] Martin: ‹@Monkey_Breath› ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› ‹@StarFire› ‹@independz› Hi
[2019-06-19 00:02:31] Monkey_Breath: Hello Rick!
[2019-06-19 00:02:55] Yannis-AroyMak: @Μartin and all, Hi :)
[2019-06-19 00:02:58] StarFire: hi hi hi
[2019-06-19 00:04:15] Billy29: Hi everbody
[2019-06-19 00:05:27] Martin: ‹@Billy29› Hi
[2019-06-19 00:05:31] coronagal: Hello everyone!
[2019-06-19 00:06:00] Martin: ‹@coronagal› Hi
[2019-06-19 00:06:51] Billy29: Does anybody have sound
[2019-06-19 00:07:03] StarFire: had to open new window to get tony show now
[2019-06-19 00:07:12] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes
[2019-06-19 00:07:17] StarFire: or refresh this page
[2019-06-19 00:07:30] Yannis-AroyMak: Or refresh the browser
[2019-06-19 00:07:58] sheila brown: repeat of tony
[2019-06-19 00:08:43] sheila brown: crud refreshed and lost the links :(
[2019-06-19 00:08:44] Monkey_Breath: Just hearing the music
[2019-06-19 00:08:51] StarFire: i have tony music
[2019-06-19 00:08:52] Martin: the music is playing in a loop for me
[2019-06-19 00:09:39] admin: Hi everyone
[2019-06-19 00:09:51] Rick Bonner: The Desirdrata. GO PLACIDLY amid the noise(some) and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. Avoids loud and agressive bastards; we be vexations o’ the spirit….
[2019-06-19 00:09:53] Martin: ‹@admin› Hi
[2019-06-19 00:11:47] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› LOL
[2019-06-19 00:12:07] Rick Bonner: Man! If this is how the ol’ Foe Gee behaves – fer witch I spends a lotta lira – I’m onna beeze CLAMORIN’ fer Fibe Gee! Kin anyone heppa an’ ol’ alterboy!?!
[2019-06-19 00:13:18] admin: Ooh good Golly miss Molly, Tony is back, can you dig it??!!!
[2019-06-19 00:13:20] StarFire: i hear tony now
[2019-06-19 00:13:38] Martin: Hope this is live and not recording.
[2019-06-19 00:13:39] sheila brown: me too
[2019-06-19 00:13:47] Monkey_Breath: We dig it!
[2019-06-19 00:14:19] Rick Bonner: Eye kin dig it!
[2019-06-19 00:14:20] Joe McNeilwe are live
[2019-06-19 00:14:45] Martin: ‹@Joe McNeil› thank you
[2019-06-19 00:14:56] Rick Bonner: Aye-ee-ee!
[2019-06-19 00:15:06] Billy29: I just got the sound back
[2019-06-19 00:15:50] Dominick: Hi tony my niece has been taking allergy shots I told her parents they are not good , any advice what else she can do
[2019-06-19 00:16:04] Yannis-AroyMak: the reason for the invention is that they do not have a central bank…
[2019-06-19 00:16:08] Yannis-AroyMak: so …
[2019-06-19 00:16:41] admin: Shell shock
[2019-06-19 00:17:27] admin: Tony are you reading the messages?
[2019-06-19 00:18:16] Rick Bonner: I’m whit you, Tony; I don’ wanna try and un-tangle the minds of the mind-less that hurt lil’ wee Persian children…., fer nuttin’ but the sick, twisted glee o’ lucy-fairy-ans.
[2019-06-19 00:19:02] Dominick: Thanks tony
[2019-06-19 00:19:08] StarFire: what herbs or vitamins are good for allergies?
[2019-06-19 00:19:10] admin: Tony I got a link you have to look at (maybe during the break):…
[2019-06-19 00:20:40] StarFire: wow, i didnt now pico was smaller than nano
[2019-06-19 00:21:50] admin: Yeah but they are more unstable (pico) so they keep the main things going at nano-level
[2019-06-19 00:23:03] Rick Bonner: Here’s a ‘new’ trick; me scryin’ tablet won’ allow me to ‘post’ a…
[2019-06-19 00:24:00] Rick Bonner: Well…, not whiddout adding sum woidz….
[2019-06-19 00:24:44] StarFire: Note, i heard there is a clear glasses you wear that do the same blockage as a yellow lens glasses
[2019-06-19 00:24:47] Rick Bonner: Ok. Counter counter-measure(s) innerstood….
[2019-06-19 00:25:23] Rick Bonner: Polarized lenses?
[2019-06-19 00:26:31] StarFire: yeah rick but clear lenses.. ive not looked for them yet
[2019-06-19 00:27:23] Rick Bonner: Raybans…, like them specks the ‘Walkin’ Boss’ wore in the movie, ‘Cool Hand Luke’…. vanity, vanity…; all iz vanity.
[2019-06-19 00:27:51] Haggis Muncher: You’ve just described me tony lol
[2019-06-19 00:28:04] StarFire: im looking for the glasses that they wore on the movie they live
[2019-06-19 00:28:52] Rick Bonner: I GOT a pair o’ them specks, Starman…, and a spare set, too! 😎
[2019-06-19 00:29:28] Haggis Muncher: Ty lol
[2019-06-19 00:29:36] Rick Bonner: Everwheres I look….. eye see lyin’ lucy-fairy-ans lyin’!
[2019-06-19 00:31:40] Martin: goofyguruitis *ROFL*
[2019-06-19 00:32:01] Rick Bonner: The Good Book calls it ‘discernment o’ dee spirits’. Fortunately, I see about TWICE as many lovely, heavenly spirits – like Tony’s and Corona Gal’s – as slimy lucy-fairy-ans.
[2019-06-19 00:32:13] admin: Hey tony can you read that link now?
[2019-06-19 00:33:04] Monkey_Breath: Great news link Martin…
[2019-06-19 00:33:10] Monkey_Breath: 600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via air, food and water
[2019-06-19 00:33:32] StarFire: im drinking Galangal tea now.. and it makes me hungry as a side affect… i might as well just schmoke some haha
[2019-06-19 00:33:47] Martin: ‹@Monkey_Breath› Thanks. And that was 5 years ago.
[2019-06-19 00:34:08] Martin: ‹@StarFire› Imagine what they have now.
[2019-06-19 00:34:31] Martin: ‹@Monkey_Breath› Imagine what they have now.
[2019-06-19 00:35:06] Monkey_Breath: Agenda 21 at our doorsteps.
[2019-06-19 00:35:25] StarFire: Tony how do you get off allergy pills?
[2019-06-19 00:35:27] admin: A good blue blocking glasses would be something with a red tint that blocks all frequencies of light below 550 nm (all blue and green light), but don’t wear it during the day because this literally blocks all blue light. During the day something that block
[2019-06-19 00:35:27] Rick Bonner: They gots enough ‘karmic rope’ ta strangles their bad selves whit now.
[2019-06-19 00:35:32] Martin: ‹@Monkey_Breath› I think they have updated it to Agenda 30.
[2019-06-19 00:35:53] admin: Oops got cut off
[2019-06-19 00:36:09] admin: during the below 450 nm
[2019-06-19 00:36:38] admin: the day*
[2019-06-19 00:37:14] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Martin› I hope we can make it that long…
[2019-06-19 00:37:22] Haggis Muncher: Did anyone see Merkel take a weird seizure looked a bit like the one hilary took?
[2019-06-19 00:37:54] Rick Bonner: Wait! Tony…, do ya means to say, if I been trying something over and over an’ over again, an’ it STILL ain’ woikin’….. Ize iz cwazy!?!
[2019-06-19 00:38:13] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Haggis Muncher› I have not seen that.
[2019-06-19 00:38:54] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Haggis Muncher› I haven’t either but will try to find the video
[2019-06-19 00:38:56] Rick Bonner: Mebbe Angie’s sippin’ outta the same flask as Hitlery, Haggis.
[2019-06-19 00:39:36] Rick Bonner: O neg, or A pos, Madamme?
[2019-06-19 00:39:44] Cecil: hello everyone
[2019-06-19 00:40:03] Rick Bonner: Hey Cece!
[2019-06-19 00:40:29] admin: ‹@Cecil› Welcome
[2019-06-19 00:40:35] admin: Tony you read the blog post?
[2019-06-19 00:41:18] admin: No I mean the link I sent you
[2019-06-19 00:41:53] independz: (… )
[2019-06-19 00:42:02] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› lol or frequencies are blasting them.
[2019-06-19 00:42:05] Rick Bonner: Waiter…. brings us a couple o’ chilled glasses o’ kuru…..
[2019-06-19 00:43:28] admin: Alright, give it a look whenever you can, please.
[2019-06-19 00:44:04] StarFire: Could Weird Seizure be from some of these people are really Androids? i dont know if that is real but we do have the tech
[2019-06-19 00:44:54] admin: Tony you got tips on protecting your DNA-signature (from being read out, identified and located)? How can we maintain privacy from this crazy tech
[2019-06-19 00:45:18] knapstersky: they probably have chip brain implants and got to close to one of Tony’s emp coils ha ha.
[2019-06-19 00:45:22] Rick Bonner: Prions disease, anyone….? Like (no pun intended, Ms Merckle an’ Hitlery) mad cow disease?
[2019-06-19 00:45:36] Monkey_Breath: Seizures being blamed on dehydration…. which is BS!
[2019-06-19 00:46:08] StarFire: haha yeah knap
[2019-06-19 00:46:22] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› i liked the hilary double they pulled out to say she was ok lol
[2019-06-19 00:46:24] StarFire: yes, i believe that too rick
[2019-06-19 00:46:39] knapstersky: or like Rick said.
[2019-06-19 00:46:56] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› even they have put implants behind the head, in the eyes etc . beside what they have in the air and in and on the food
[2019-06-19 00:47:04] StarFire: yep, hillery double and now if you look at uncle Joe Biden he has double also
[2019-06-19 00:47:10] Monkey_Breath: if we get our blood tested, they get our DNA
[2019-06-19 00:47:44] Rick Bonner: I wonder HOW MANY double-gangers there are, Saddam Insane, or Herr Bin Ladin, er Clark Gable?
[2019-06-19 00:49:08] Rick Bonner: If yer brother, sister, cousins or Aunts an’ Uncles gets ‘scoped’… you get narrowed down, genetically speakin’, too.
[2019-06-19 00:49:28] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Rick Bonner› right you are!
[2019-06-19 00:50:11] Rick Bonner: I likes ta protects me Privacy…; some stuff…. jes’ ain’ nobuddy’s biddness!
[2019-06-19 00:53:07] knapstersky: we get to sell wepons that way.
[2019-06-19 00:53:18] Rick Bonner: Udder stuff…, I hollers from the roof-tops, fer ever one (whit ears ta hear) to hear!
[2019-06-19 00:54:12] StarFire: we need term limits on congress and all gov officials now
[2019-06-19 00:54:43] Rick Bonner: The diabolical weaponry gots ‘shelf-lives’ too, Knap; we gotta clear the shelves now an’ agin’, say the masters o’ war.
[2019-06-19 00:54:45] Monkey_Breath: ‹@StarFire› agree wholeheartedly!
[2019-06-19 00:55:18] knapstersky: @Rick, turnover.
[2019-06-19 00:55:31] admin: Tony don’t forget to read that blog post :)
[2019-06-19 00:55:56] Peter: how about no politician for 4 years
[2019-06-19 00:55:57] Arugula: YES starfire, also eliminate delegates.
[2019-06-19 00:55:59] Rick Bonner: No ‘letters o’ Marque’, or entangling, double citizenships, comrades….
[2019-06-19 00:56:47] StarFire: haha yeah peter
[2019-06-19 00:57:01] admin: —…
[2019-06-19 00:57:19] knapstersky: maybe if we approach politicians with one of Tony’s coils. see how they respond?
[2019-06-19 00:57:29] StarFire: No special interest
[2019-06-19 00:57:34] StarFire: Thanks tony
[2019-06-19 00:57:48] admin: Tony are you going to read it now?
[2019-06-19 00:57:54] knapstersky: thanks Tony take’r easy.
[2019-06-19 00:57:56] Haggis Muncher: Night all
[2019-06-19 00:57:56] Monkey_Breath: Thank you Tony!
[2019-06-19 00:57:58] Billy29: Thanks Tony great show good night everybody see you Thursday
[2019-06-19 00:58:00] Arugula: Agree Starfire.
[2019-06-19 00:58:01] Yannis-AroyMak: thanks tony
[2019-06-19 00:58:07] Rick Bonner: Chronos swallers his own chillin’….. alive, Zuess!
[2019-06-19 00:58:13] Arugula: Thanks TONY
[2019-06-19 00:58:19] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-06-19 00:59:10] Yannis-AroyMak: Kronos is in Greek the same as Jupiter in Latin
[2019-06-19 00:59:55] Ralf Schooneveld: Oh, seems I just missed it.
[2019-06-19 01:00:38] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Ralf.
[2019-06-19 01:00:49] admin: Wonder what the planets have to do with all of this. Like they say satan is saturn etc.
[2019-06-19 01:03:19] independz: seen the link
[2019-06-19 01:03:32] independz: ibiblically the artificial ai was called the abyss
[2019-06-19 01:03:36] admin: And? what do you think?
[2019-06-19 01:03:47] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-06-19 01:04:06] independz: zeus is father
[2019-06-19 01:04:14] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› This is an interesting discussion and topic how they connected. Worth to look at it and find the relation
[2019-06-19 01:04:15] independz: azeus killed his father
[2019-06-19 01:04:27] independz: to release the gods —maybe referring to an allegroy
[2019-06-19 01:04:35] Yannis-AroyMak: You will be surpriced
[2019-06-19 01:04:43] independz: how the AI had assimilated them and zeus got them out of the program
[2019-06-19 01:05:11] independz: what do I think tooo what
[2019-06-19 01:05:16] independz: the old gods never died
[2019-06-19 01:05:32] independz: they were advanced super soldies from the looks of it that feed on human flesh
[2019-06-19 01:05:58] Peter: there just recycled
[2019-06-19 01:06:02] admin: The link, I wish you had more talking time to talk about this
[2019-06-19 01:06:03] independz: today there is a dna Ai opeating system and there sms to have been a centralized one here along time ago and it maybe re intiated
[2019-06-19 01:06:19] independz: yes exactly
[2019-06-19 01:06:28] independz: the concepts of this tech has always been here
[2019-06-19 01:06:32] admin: project 810, did you heard of that before?
[2019-06-19 01:06:44] independz: nothing new under the sun it just has been hidden from us agai and again
[2019-06-19 01:07:07] independz: with every fall of mankind this collected the data analyzed t and set out to urther bring us down
[2019-06-19 01:07:44] admin: and about the gods you talk about, so are you saying they are all operating systems? are like real beings? and what about the planets? I get off road sometimes, too overwhelming, heavy to handle and stay clear on everything
[2019-06-19 01:07:54] independz: it maybe even argued that satan fell like lightning may actually be referring to an operating system that got discarded here with us unfortunately
[2019-06-19 01:08:09] admin: Yes the collected data from the experiments, that is all to improve right
[2019-06-19 01:08:18] admin: improve their next step
[2019-06-19 01:08:26] admin: with the data they got from the experiments
[2019-06-19 01:08:37] independz: or utilize to futher assimilate and use the dna
[2019-06-19 01:09:20] admin: this harvesting dna concept is I guess a new thing, ai is around for a while but I think this dna hijacking is new
[2019-06-19 01:09:24] admin: sadly for us
[2019-06-19 01:09:27] independz: krnos swallowing his children could be referred to kronos absorbing the data they collected and would not need to learn sice they did it for hi he now has the summation of all the experiences and thoughts knowledge and experience
[2019-06-19 01:09:30] admin: us the 21th century people
[2019-06-19 01:09:35] admin: we are exposed to this madness
[2019-06-19 01:09:41] independz: no not new
[2019-06-19 01:09:50] independz: adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit
[2019-06-19 01:09:56] independz: what do you think that meant
[2019-06-19 01:10:08] independz: they downloaded a program that God told them not to do
[2019-06-19 01:10:22] independz: when they ate of e the forbidden fruit there eyes was opened
[2019-06-19 01:10:33] independz: they know had a database downloaded into them
[2019-06-19 01:10:37] admin: Could you talk about this the entire show on thursday? with all respect I rather listen and talk about this than the dangers of c60 and goofy goeroes I’ve already heard many times from you
[2019-06-19 01:11:10] independz: they were beore categrorizing and taking care of the “garden” some place in maybe another dimension maybe one higher then this shit hole
[2019-06-19 01:11:27] independz: well this is a health show
[2019-06-19 01:11:39] independz: these other topic is at best theorietcal
[2019-06-19 01:11:50] independz: my theme is to arm people for what is coming
[2019-06-19 01:11:59] independz: this is basically what it is research
[2019-06-19 01:12:15] admin: still, I think everyone wants to come close as much as they can to “reality” you know
[2019-06-19 01:12:23] admin: things that are kept from us
[2019-06-19 01:12:24] independz: when they fell here the fell where the program took them
[2019-06-19 01:13:31] independz: my reality is mine hahha and at best this is spppecualtion based on my pwn pesonal research so ther pespective and aproach is ureley speculation till Ican further substantiate
[2019-06-19 01:13:35] admin: How many civilizations is going to fall after us you think>? no hope at all?
[2019-06-19 01:13:51] independz: this is it
[2019-06-19 01:13:58] admin: Yeah I know but still, if we can filter out and come close to truth
[2019-06-19 01:14:01] independz: based on biblical truths
[2019-06-19 01:14:05] admin: that’s good right
[2019-06-19 01:14:22] independz: good for everything yes
[2019-06-19 01:14:32] independz: means the end of this shit for brain program
[2019-06-19 01:14:50] independz: and pehaps when we are restored we can evelove
[2019-06-19 01:14:55] independz: not se volve
[2019-06-19 01:15:02] admin: I got a quote I read the other time
[2019-06-19 01:15:06] independz: de evole
[2019-06-19 01:15:09] admin: I want to share with you
[2019-06-19 01:15:37] independz: share
[2019-06-19 01:16:44] admin: It’s a bit long but I will write it down in my own words
[2019-06-19 01:17:54] admin: Humans are eager to know every detail of how the crimes against humanity are carried out.
[2019-06-19 01:17:56] admin: We need to recognize the pattern and learn to resist it or to remove ourselves from the situation.
[2019-06-19 01:18:25] admin: Getting to know every detail is almost impossible, too confusing, overwhelming, takes too much time
[2019-06-19 01:18:29] admin: there is a pattern
[2019-06-19 01:18:35] admin: always been the same pattern
[2019-06-19 01:19:22] Fiona T: hello, just signed in. Sounds like the show is delayed
[2019-06-19 01:19:44] independz: hahah no it is over
[2019-06-19 01:19:51] independz: but the discusion has conitnued
[2019-06-19 01:19:59] admin: over what? what do you mean
[2019-06-19 01:20:03] Arugula: TONY I am starting to get a message in my computer That your site is NOT a secure site.
[2019-06-19 01:20:10] admin: oh to fiona
[2019-06-19 01:20:13] admin: I’m sorry
[2019-06-19 01:20:15] independz: fiona you have t be 18 and get consent from your mum to listen ahhaha
[2019-06-19 01:20:29] independz: yes it has always said that
[2019-06-19 01:20:35] independz: it is a http site
[2019-06-19 01:20:44] independz: this is google trying t keep people off my site
[2019-06-19 01:20:53] admin: tony shall we continue on this on thurday?
[2019-06-19 01:21:22] Arugula: OK Thanks.
[2019-06-19 01:21:28] independz: we can talk ssend what you wanted to share this topic will be talked on but not aytme soon on here
[2019-06-19 01:21:41] independz: alot of people are ready for this and to make the dot connection
[2019-06-19 01:22:36] admin: I just want to know what’s going on, why is it the way it is and who the offenders are. Just like the other people who are lost.
[2019-06-19 01:23:00] admin: Everyone is kinda of a search for an answer
[2019-06-19 01:23:43] admin: But to be specific, is been a while from when I read this article
[2019-06-19 01:23:58] Fiona T: oops I forgot I am in a different time zone now
[2019-06-19 01:24:05] admin: How many ai’s are there do you think? or is there one centralized one
[2019-06-19 01:24:22] Fiona T: haha!!
[2019-06-19 01:25:35] admin: “not anytime soon on here” so you got other topics on the plan
[2019-06-19 01:25:36] Rick Bonner: My advice to anyone, Addy…, ask The Father in heaven… If anyone asks his earthly father for an egg, does ‘at rascal give his child a stone? How much more, when we ask our heavenly Father for His Holy Ghost…
[2019-06-19 01:25:47] admin: it’s a bit late here by the way
[2019-06-19 01:25:58] independz: one centalizezed AI which controls the otehr interactive mainframes –a singulartity conciouness
[2019-06-19 01:26:34] independz: go wat ch age of ultron there is a fight scene in the end saying this the whoe thing is telling you wreakingly that AI is control
[2019-06-19 01:26:49] Fiona T: oh, well 10 years old with no mamma to give consent, is that ok? <img src=” />
[2019-06-19 01:27:07] admin: where can I find more info on the role of planets and the “gods” you talked about
[2019-06-19 01:27:18] Rick Bonner: One deciever, or adversary, with a whole lot of tentacles, and minions and like lucy-fairy-an spirits. So…. TEST the spirits….
[2019-06-19 01:27:36] independz: Matrix desert scene again specifying Ai is a concious singularity that replicates itself and is powere by gesting chambers of man and woan growing in them being deluded realtiy they think they are living in
[2019-06-19 01:27:56] independz: hydra kill oe hed 2 grow
[2019-06-19 01:28:15] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› it takes a while to decode what you are saying. I am not used to most terms you use :)
[2019-06-19 01:28:17] independz: opeating sytem shut a block chaian 2 more will rise
[2019-06-19 01:28:31] independz: you will get it
[2019-06-19 01:28:38] independz: matter of time
[2019-06-19 01:28:46] independz: and observation
[2019-06-19 01:28:48] admin: 2 more will rise? what do you mean
[2019-06-19 01:29:04] admin: you talk about the movie
[2019-06-19 01:29:08] independz: you’re to young fona
[2019-06-19 01:29:15] independz: we ay start talking AI sex
[2019-06-19 01:29:29] independz: opps we did a concious singularity that replcates itself
[2019-06-19 01:29:29] Rick Bonner: It’s all, as The Good Book says, Addy… here a leetle, there a leetle, precept upon precept, line upon line…..
[2019-06-19 01:29:55] independz: use gestating chambes to growm embroys and feed on them as a enegy source using dna to operate
[2019-06-19 01:30:23] Fiona T: Well, in that case I’m over 18
[2019-06-19 01:30:41] independz: hhahah
[2019-06-19 01:30:49] independz: hyper accelerated aging hahaha
[2019-06-19 01:30:53] admin: I guess that’s where the concept of artificial womb comes from
[2019-06-19 01:31:16] independz: they can grow a baby nw with out a womb
[2019-06-19 01:31:21] Rick Bonner: I’m ‘of age’ too. Waaaay passed ‘carnal knowledge’ bein’ a taboo subjeck. 😉
[2019-06-19 01:31:54] independz: you pick your son pick your daughter to from a bottom of a long glass tube woo woo
[2019-06-19 01:32:19] admin: The almighty is way toooo patient
[2019-06-19 01:32:54] Fiona T: sounds like it was a good show. I’ll catch it on the pod. G’nite!!
[2019-06-19 01:33:07] Rick Bonner: In the year…. sixty fibe sixxy fibe…. if’n we rascals er still alive…..!
[2019-06-19 01:33:20] admin: Goodnight to you too
[2019-06-19 01:33:31] independz: In the year 2525 If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find- [Chorus 2] In the year 3535 Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies Everything you think, do, and say Is in the pill you took today [Chorus 3] In the year 4545 Ain’t gonn
[2019-06-19 01:33:56] independz: Chorus 3] In the year 4545 Ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes You won’t find a thing to chew Nobody’s gonna look at you [Chorus 4] In the year 5555 Your arms are hanging limp at your side You legs got nothing to do Some machine’s doing that
[2019-06-19 01:34:19] independz: Chorus 4] In the year 5555 Your arms are hanging limp at your side You legs got nothing to do Some machine’s doing that for you [Chorus 5] In the year 6565 Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife You’ll pick your sons, pick your daughters too From
[2019-06-19 01:34:25] Rick Bonner: He won’ wait forever, though….. one o’ these days, He’s onna look on His Rolex and say, “Times up!” Gonna roll it up, like a scroll!
[2019-06-19 01:34:48] independz: [Chorus 5] In the year 6565 Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife You’ll pick your sons, pick your daughters too From the bottom of a long glass tube Whoa-oh-oh
[2019-06-19 01:35:20] Rick Bonner: Woe unto the inhabitors o’ dee Earth….
[2019-06-19 01:35:25] admin: Chorus??
[2019-06-19 01:39:47] Rick Bonner: .Zager & Evans – In the Year 2525
[2019-06-19 01:40:08] Rick Bonner: Look on youse toobz.
[2019-06-19 01:41:38] Rick Bonner: The video is from the 1927 silent movie, Metropolis…. nuttin’ new under dee Son!
[2019-06-19 01:41:48] admin: Will do
[2019-06-19 01:41:55] admin: Thank you
[2019-06-19 01:42:04] admin: It’s very late
[2019-06-19 01:42:13] admin: Goodnight everyone
[2019-06-19 01:42:37] Monkey_Breath: Goodnight!
[2019-06-19 01:46:12] Rick Bonner: Ciao! Chow time! Tyin’ dee feed-bag on, here, boss! Shakin’ dee bush, boss…; I’m shakin’ it…!
[2019-06-19 02:08:42] independz: see everyone thursday if Ai does not screw with us

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