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“The Remedy” 2019-06-25 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/06/25 - Test Everything - Nano & Nano Toxicity - Silica - What Food To Store NOW

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-June-25):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of June 25, 2019, click the video above

Tony's Notes

Getting swamped

Something new and old, can be used to refute those who have a differing opinion

Another day in fantasy in paradise

Our history has been lost – we come in and not having a clue – and the concept of how we go t here

Got to church  synagogue  temple and all have there ideas and then politics on being on the right or left

Things you hear the difference things are going to make with this or that leader

Banks control the votes

Infiltrations of zionist or jesuits  in the Christian believers to muddy waters

The politics of rhetoric

The health food industry amounts to the same thing

Weather channels reading the same prompt form different areas

The health food industry all the gurus saying the same thing  and then people pick it up  and when you show them something different  they have no idea

Nobody reads

Doctors propagate people with silly nonsense, people then recite the same thing about different things

All the guru’s including myself which am not a guru

Google is the name of a demon–what surprises me…investigate

Bryan 396  and I been showing people for a decade

Straight talk on nano – When we will be cured of nano – gurus who have no clue on nana

“Passing through you” what does that mean

And more…

Links Provided by Tony during the show.

Click on the title or on the picture 


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-06-25 23:54:40] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-06-25 23:54:57] coronagal: Hello
[2019-06-25 23:55:00] Monkey_Breath: Hello
[2019-06-25 23:55:01] admin: Hellooo
[2019-06-25 23:57:26] nancy: halo
[2019-06-25 23:59:26] independz: shopping?_source=newsletter&_campaign=a4VgjlpYmle9W&_uid=N1aM8ym1eW&_h=e8a9af51dcd510ecc5817f330cb0ca039bb665c5&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=mailing&utm_campaign=Newsletter-21-06-2019 ) (…
[2019-06-25 23:59:56] independz: (…
[2019-06-26 00:00:57] independz: ( www.***… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-06-26 00:01:10] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-06-26 00:01:24] independz: (… )
[2019-06-26 00:01:48] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-06-26 00:02:03] independz: (…
[2019-06-26 00:02:10] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-06-26 00:03:29] StarFire: hi all
[2019-06-26 00:05:48] sheila brown: hi all – power is back
[2019-06-26 00:06:21] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› why was your power out?
[2019-06-26 00:06:44] sqirl: hi team
[2019-06-26 00:07:51] sheila brown: yep about an hour and half concerned I would miss tony but it came back in time and not sure what happened – 37 houses affected
[2019-06-26 00:08:28] Billy29: Hi everone
[2019-06-26 00:09:54] StarFire: wow sheila
[2019-06-26 00:09:57] StarFire: hiya Sqirl
[2019-06-26 00:10:24] sqirl: hey starfire
[2019-06-26 00:10:47] sqirl: crazy weather here
[2019-06-26 00:11:30] sheila brown: raining off and on – still amazed in tx where you have full sun and raining lol — yesterday 72 at one point
[2019-06-26 00:11:38] Peter: leave the vegatarians alone
[2019-06-26 00:11:51] Brennan White: Love the news headlines about how “puzzled” the “experts” are on the weather insanity, give me a break
[2019-06-26 00:12:46] StarFire: Tony gave a link up there about weather and not allowing workers not being able to talk about the weather
[2019-06-26 00:13:05] StarFire: so we better not talk about the weather
[2019-06-26 00:14:17] Peter: ipcc scientist are leaving the un
[2019-06-26 00:14:28] Brennan White: Every new atrocity has a battalion of “puzzled” men in overcoats typing up BS news articles
[2019-06-26 00:15:23] sheila brown: I think all the stores have good and bad products so you have to be aware of the items yourself — I love a few of a companies products but not some of the “great skin care products” extra ingreadients silica and magnisuem sterate
[2019-06-26 00:16:07] Peter: magnesium sterate is ok
[2019-06-26 00:17:15] Brennan White: Your heart uses stearic acid, it’s not toxic
[2019-06-26 00:19:05] sheila brown: k ty
[2019-06-26 00:19:24] Haggis Muncher: Great set of top forty hits lol
[2019-06-26 00:21:45] StarFire: bilingual
[2019-06-26 00:22:02] Brennan White: I can’t hear Tony cuz I work in Yellowstone and they banned streaming audio and video to lower bandwidth issues… I’m hoping my frequency exposure here won’t be as bad, but now most of the millennial employees have the little “Mifi” routers so I’m just as
[2019-06-26 00:22:32] Brennan White: Just as screwed lol
[2019-06-26 00:24:15] Peter: so do airline piolets
[2019-06-26 00:25:22] Brennan White: I have to drive to a nearby city to download the podcasts off youtube courtesy of aroymak
[2019-06-26 00:25:24] StarFire: where do you get good powdered milk?
[2019-06-26 00:25:36] sheila brown: potato pancake when I was growing up
[2019-06-26 00:26:53] sheila brown: long term – Emergency essentials
[2019-06-26 00:27:01] sheila brown: 20 year shelf life
[2019-06-26 00:29:02] admin: Is there anyone here who made and used manganese chloride? any experiences?
[2019-06-26 00:29:10] Brennan White: Anyone read “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke? Very eerie similarities to the “Globalist” plan and motivations
[2019-06-26 00:29:23] sqirl: census claims US population will be 200million less. anyone know that?
[2019-06-26 00:29:32] sqirl: by 2025
[2019-06-26 00:30:27] Cecil: i heard
[2019-06-26 00:30:30] robberts: hey sheila how do you make potatoe pancakes never tried it
[2019-06-26 00:30:50] Cecil: where do the geoengineers get all that nanochems from?
[2019-06-26 00:30:57] Cecil: they spray everyday
[2019-06-26 00:31:12] Cecil: yesterday i couldnt even tell what was being used
[2019-06-26 00:31:33] sheila brown: take left over mashed potatoes and add a little more milk – make in shape of pancake and fry in skillet== love the crunch outsides lol
[2019-06-26 00:31:43] Cecil: it would ruin my day if i were to address it
[2019-06-26 00:32:01] robberts: admin i bought mag chlor, uses often and helps anxiety symtoms
[2019-06-26 00:32:10] sqirl: robberts I grate potaoes squeeze out liquid. mix in a bowl with onion, milk powder, egg pancake consistancy and bake or fry -serve with sour creme, and sour kraut
[2019-06-26 00:32:16] Cecil: i will end up mad if i got into the matter more further. besides uploads i have on my channel
[2019-06-26 00:32:17] Brennan White: They’ve been bragging about killing us off in books and white papers and movies for a loooong time, now they just say it openly in the news and everyone’s so zombified they don’t care
[2019-06-26 00:32:20] sheila brown: augason farms for milk etc — advice stay away from wise storage food – they are turning names into the gov. if you buy
[2019-06-26 00:32:32] admin: ‹@robberts› mag? like magnesium? not manganese
[2019-06-26 00:32:33] Cecil: it wont do any good to get real upset more
[2019-06-26 00:32:43] admin: Yannis are you there
[2019-06-26 00:33:02] Cecil: i know
[2019-06-26 00:33:20] Cecil: others refuse to accept the reality of what is happened
[2019-06-26 00:33:45] Cecil: all are equal in creation
[2019-06-26 00:33:53] Cecil: talking about god. not the world
[2019-06-26 00:34:09] sheila brown: coconut oil about 4 year life span
[2019-06-26 00:34:14] robberts: yes magniesium chloride from local chem store $35 for a pound
[2019-06-26 00:34:15] Brennan White: Well nobody looks up and notices something is horribly wrong, goes to show how far the brain damaging has gone
[2019-06-26 00:34:46] admin: tony do you have an alternative to manganese chloride if one can’t make it or find it?
[2019-06-26 00:34:53] independz: (…
[2019-06-26 00:35:18] sqirl: this week I’m putting a rutagaga harvest through a mechanical apple spinner. I’m drying rutabaga spirals like noodles in the sun
[2019-06-26 00:36:15] admin: manganese oxide is highly highly toxic it says?
[2019-06-26 00:36:18] sqirl: I’ve been off store bought potatoes for a week now and my digestion has improved noticeably
[2019-06-26 00:36:49] sheila brown: Elana Freeland said people are having a hard time concentrating when reading her book – too much aluminum etc – interesting we are soooo messed up
[2019-06-26 00:36:58] sqirl: dry roots in the hot summer sun
[2019-06-26 00:37:52] admin: klienghardt is not trustworthy
[2019-06-26 00:37:57] Cecil: everyone is right in that kingdom. this sucks but there is some sonlight . shine it on , just not a fan of the gloom
[2019-06-26 00:38:05] sqirl: Sheil, the blue light is such an inconspicuous invasion everywhere.
[2019-06-26 00:38:11] sheila brown: sorry I know that – was interesting – she pointed it out
[2019-06-26 00:38:22] Brennan White: Are you sure that’s the “sun”?
[2019-06-26 00:38:30] admin: No I mean he is controlled opposition
[2019-06-26 00:38:42] Cecil: to trust a dishonest person. trust that they will be dishonest.
[2019-06-26 00:38:43] sqirl: Jack Kruse is a neuro surgeon. I listened to his blue light problem. He calls himself a mitochondriac
[2019-06-26 00:39:12] Cecil: the sun is in orbit is my only far out there theory relatively
[2019-06-26 00:39:37] admin: Back to the time of the hieroglyph ha?:)
[2019-06-26 00:40:03] Brennan White: Oh god here we go
[2019-06-26 00:40:06] Cecil: its smaller than the planet or something. math doesnt line up for me
[2019-06-26 00:40:24] Cecil: nah just round world with two lights
[2019-06-26 00:41:06] Monkey_Breath: Could be a flat earth
[2019-06-26 00:41:38] sqirl: yes- he was on some prescription
[2019-06-26 00:42:28] Billy29: He dressed up as the joker from the Batman movie
[2019-06-26 00:42:37] sqirl: it also reflected their internal minds worst nightmare. Like grandparent murders etc.
[2019-06-26 00:44:01] Cecil: a glowing bell that only glows on the world. maybe from rapid reflecting or refraction of light flickering off of spinning. but what i do know is why the sky is blue is from how god made it. it reflects sunlight off the ocean. skyblue is darker.
[2019-06-26 00:44:13] sqirl: all symptoms of convenience. evolution turns people inside out.
[2019-06-26 00:44:21] admin: Yannis that “probably alexandra” girl you referred to in your blog is incredibly smart and like-minded. Thanks for mentioning her.
[2019-06-26 00:46:09] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› you are welcomed
[2019-06-26 00:46:21] Cecil: the moon is more than we know. the activity there is out of there beyond what we are comfortable knowing for most. i rather not go there. something happened. we went there, hid the true videos still. let us believe we faked it.
[2019-06-26 00:46:29] sqirl: That’s why I chose a path of suffering from the get go. I had to go the opposite way- I never had a cell phone to be different
[2019-06-26 00:46:41] admin: When I see people that are desperate and in panic, I get panicked too.
[2019-06-26 00:47:03] Haggis Muncher: Two cows in a field one says to the other, have you heard about that mad cow disease, the other cow replies that’ll not affect me i’m a horse lol
[2019-06-26 00:47:26] sqirl: admin your empathy needs discernment so you don’t get swept off
[2019-06-26 00:47:49] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› She should join this as well don’t you think
[2019-06-26 00:47:57] Cecil: nah there was manuscripts regarding evolution. they were destroyed. they were insights. preoccupation, coincidences, energy and self experience only will explain the other ones. this really isnt been a good time here lately
[2019-06-26 00:48:11] Cecil: i like aniflex but its for horses.
[2019-06-26 00:48:11] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Haggis Muncher›love it! LOL!
[2019-06-26 00:48:16] Cecil: great for joints
[2019-06-26 00:48:40] Cecil: pigs fly when there was swine flu
[2019-06-26 00:48:42] Cecil: jk
[2019-06-26 00:49:03] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› up to her and depending the time zone she is every tine there is a show
[2019-06-26 00:49:20] sqirl: Clary sage is my new test.
[2019-06-26 00:49:28] Cecil: im going to shut weverything off and tune out everything for now. not feeling as positive as usual. cheefr
[2019-06-26 00:50:05] Cecil: can you do stuff cool with it? i have it, but dont really use it
[2019-06-26 00:50:07] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› Your blog is gone by the way? Just saw
[2019-06-26 00:50:10] admin: what happend
[2019-06-26 00:50:22] Cecil: clarey sage
[2019-06-26 00:50:32] Cecil: cant hear
[2019-06-26 00:50:35] sqirl: I think Clary Sage is cleaning my upper tract.
[2019-06-26 00:50:49] sqirl: worth a go
[2019-06-26 00:51:12] Cecil: what cleanses small intestine?
[2019-06-26 00:51:40] Peter: find a sense of humor
[2019-06-26 00:51:43] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› there some issues in the back office and server. I believe will be sorted within the week
[2019-06-26 00:52:17] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› I hope you have backup to everything
[2019-06-26 00:52:21] sqirl: In fact, sorry to get in detail. At the dentist off clean white bowl I saw metal flakes. granted I’ve been at this 3years
[2019-06-26 00:52:22] Cecil: whatever does, see if bad eyesight goes away. supposedly small intestinal issues is cause of blindness. uh 100 years ago anyway
[2019-06-26 00:52:27] Cecil: agreed
[2019-06-26 00:52:37] Cecil: laugh . i need to eheh
[2019-06-26 00:52:59] Haggis Muncher: That’ll defo need some salt n pepper lol
[2019-06-26 00:53:01] sqirl: Cecil, very interesting. I read clary sage is good for eyes
[2019-06-26 00:53:05] admin: tony sts is enough right? colonics isn’t necessary? that will cleanse the entire colon right
[2019-06-26 00:53:26] sqirl: oh yeah
[2019-06-26 00:53:44] independz: ( www.***… )
[2019-06-26 00:54:02] sqirl: Don’t mess with colonics. you can do it with gentler methods
[2019-06-26 00:54:19] Cecil: all is well that ends well. what starts bad, ends good. bigger they are, the harder they fall.. thats some powerful shat sts is great.
[2019-06-26 00:54:28] Monkey_Breath: The last link does not work
[2019-06-26 00:54:37] Cecil: i got the radio active now
[2019-06-26 00:54:39] Cecil: finally
[2019-06-26 00:54:46] Cecil: im staying lol
[2019-06-26 00:54:55] admin: link doesn’t work with me
[2019-06-26 00:55:02] robberts: copy paste
[2019-06-26 00:55:13] Cecil: my mum has been in agony for 3days straight
[2019-06-26 00:55:15] sqirl: clary sage reduces inflamation in the intestines
[2019-06-26 00:55:32] Cecil: and its annoying too . but still im trying
[2019-06-26 00:55:38] Cecil: awesome
[2019-06-26 00:55:58] admin: refer to who? I didn’t get that part
[2019-06-26 00:56:09] robberts: the eo sqirl
[2019-06-26 00:56:16] Cecil: im not your enemy sir tony. i try to communicate we all need to participate in what tony is sayying
[2019-06-26 00:56:20] Cecil: im always alone
[2019-06-26 00:56:35] sqirl: yes robberts
[2019-06-26 00:56:43] Cecil: if i die, nobody can tell my family what happened. its not too good
[2019-06-26 00:57:08] Cecil: im watchful
[2019-06-26 00:57:12] sheila brown: cecil – new grounding film coming out – you might want to check out grounding
[2019-06-26 00:57:51] admin: you think there will be a solution to this entire ti thing that’s going on?
[2019-06-26 00:58:01] Cecil: im doing my best i can to not worry as well as not get worked up. im angry, but very alive
[2019-06-26 00:58:09] Cecil: definite;y
[2019-06-26 00:58:14] Cecil: admin
[2019-06-26 00:58:28] sqirl: The colorful clouds got sprayed enough to drop rain here. PNW has been with drought all spring. I got the beets planted yesturday !
[2019-06-26 00:58:39] Cecil: there is hope. we have to understand the problem then devise a plan
[2019-06-26 00:58:41] knapstersky: Thank’s Tony.
[2019-06-26 00:58:51] Yannis-AroyMak: Thx tony
[2019-06-26 00:58:56] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-06-26 00:59:01] Monkey_Breath: TY Tony!
[2019-06-26 00:59:03] Yannis-AroyMak: Thx everyone
[2019-06-26 00:59:03] Cecil: . i know this
[2019-06-26 00:59:04] Billy29: Tanks tony by everyone
[2019-06-26 00:59:18] Haggis Muncher: Ty Tony nights all
[2019-06-26 00:59:26] Yannis-AroyMak: Good night everyone
[2019-06-26 00:59:29] sqirl: Tony Clary Sage and intestinal tract or am I imagining things?
[2019-06-26 00:59:55] Cecil: i missed it. thank you tho. will go see podcast and help if can. but im kinda useless if not needed
[2019-06-26 01:00:09] sqirl: Quarentine zionists to smart cities!
[2019-06-26 01:00:42] nancy: ‹@sqirl› lol
[2019-06-26 01:00:53] Cecil: need contact info to exchange is not a bad idea. whatever everyone likes.
[2019-06-26 01:01:04] sqirl: Think positively
[2019-06-26 01:01:06] independz: msm and quercitirn for intestinal trac and colustrum cottgae cheses
[2019-06-26 01:01:36] Cecil: goodnight Yannis goodnight instructor tony and everyone
[2019-06-26 01:02:04] sqirl: I also harvested my garlic and juiced it – wow
[2019-06-26 01:02:05] Cecil: quercitirn… oh. i will see what that is. that and msm. got it
[2019-06-26 01:02:08] independz: good night cecil
[2019-06-26 01:02:20] Peter: hey cecil chill all things pass
[2019-06-26 01:02:56] coronagal: Thank you Tony for all the information you’ve provided for tonight. Goodnight everyone.
[2019-06-26 01:03:00] Cecil: notes on all the links i captured from all the times i have on a research page on my discord if needed for research. i can share
[2019-06-26 01:03:14] Cecil: time so fast
[2019-06-26 01:03:15] admin: tony sometimes my windows crack, do you think that is frequencies hitting?
[2019-06-26 01:03:36] admin: crack like sound
[2019-06-26 01:03:39] admin: not crack crack
[2019-06-26 01:03:41] admin: you know
[2019-06-26 01:03:45] Cecil: so i cant make the best of everything
[2019-06-26 01:03:49] admin: anyway good night everyone
[2019-06-26 01:03:56] Cecil: bop
[2019-06-26 01:03:58] sqirl: Admin. there are many unreported seismic events.
[2019-06-26 01:04:14] admin: ‹@sqirl› what do you mean?
[2019-06-26 01:05:02] admin: it’s very late here, goodnight and thanks tony.
[2019-06-26 01:05:06] sqirl: I listened to a hollow earth show how seismic activity curbs around Earths core and they’ve never cracked Earths crust to see how deep it goes.
[2019-06-26 01:05:40] sheila brown: night all – back Thur. God willilng
[2019-06-26 01:05:44] sqirl: Therefore Earth tremors could be cracking windows
[2019-06-26 01:05:56] sqirl: Mike morales on you tube
[2019-06-26 01:06:02] Cecil: dont forget my sports jacket
[2019-06-26 01:06:42] Cecil: not much longer and big quakes must not kill me bottom line
[2019-06-26 01:07:03] Cecil: seismic activity stuff overdue nowhere to go. no worries
[2019-06-26 01:07:39] StarFire: nite yall
[2019-06-26 01:07:39] Cecil: death simply means no more smooth jazz
[2019-06-26 01:08:07] Cecil: wont be able to listen if dead. but i aint going to die.
[2019-06-26 01:08:26] sqirl: The Earth is our home and I love learning how she holds together. Grounding research
[2019-06-26 01:09:13] sqirl: pursue the beauty and awe of nature when it gets too much Cecil
[2019-06-26 01:09:33] Cecil: its not my time. i pursue the peace
[2019-06-26 01:10:25] Cecil: the calm quiet is great
[2019-06-26 01:10:37] sqirl: I agree
[2019-06-26 01:11:34] Cecil: love to all. cheers. have a nobad night all
[2019-06-26 01:12:08] Cecil: stop looking down and cell phones ehhe
[2019-06-26 01:12:15] Cecil: clear
[2019-06-26 01:12:29] Cecil: that hurted
[2019-06-26 01:12:54] nancy: ‹@Cecil› may THE LORD make his face shine on you
[2019-06-26 01:13:42] sqirl: thank you Nancy – see you thursday
[2019-06-26 01:13:57] sqirl: take care all
[2019-06-26 01:14:08] nancy: yepper
[2019-06-26 01:17:46] nancy: i got my magnets..yaa
[2019-06-26 01:29:42] nancylol this link living silica .cannot reach Tony’s link {… }
[2019-06-26 01:33:23] Rick Bonner: Nancy, I LOVE that Aaron’s blessing you dropped on Cece! Back at ya Lady! The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: 25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: 26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
[2019-06-26 01:35:29] nancy: ohh thank you rick i love it too n sing it lol
[2019-06-26 01:36:16] nancy: he seems so down

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