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“The Remedy” 2019-06-27 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/06/27 - 5G - 5G Protection Ideas - Remedies & Solutions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-June-27):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of June 27, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Being targeted, and you observe and thinks in different things.

Getting hit with a voice to head technology kicked in using even biblical things to cause fear tactics and then recognizing where this is coming from and we are transceivers and so we receive and send

Collaboration with other people about different things and how we can alter water, so I thought since we are antennas  had an idea and the devil was trying to send out a message  and then I thought of the book in revelations of the devil being bound in a chain and thrown into a pit

Then I thought about it and  visualized the activity 

I am always looking for validation and confirmation not to be blasphemous to God but to validate that it comes from God

When getting a voice to head hits, remember it works 2 ways and trying to control you in some way and neutralize you so you have to come up with a counter,

Understanding not by might nor by power but by my spirit understanding how it works

Try this out see if it works

Hollyweird has been telling us that it is a war for our minds to get us to believe in principles instead of the truth

Seeing it how it is applied and to be consistent

Whatever we are being conflicted with it is design to make us stronger and that we will be able to, when the shit hits the fan we can stand 

We won’t run away but racing to get to the kingdom.”

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-06-27 23:52:53] independz: (… ) (… ) (…

[2019-06-27 23:53:11] independz: (… ) (…

[2019-06-27 23:53:27] independz: (… ) (…

[2019-06-27 23:53:42] independz: (… ) (…

[2019-06-27 23:53:57] independz: (…

[2019-06-27 23:59:09] Joe McNeilCALL IN TONY

[2019-06-27 23:59:14] Haggis Muncher: Hi all

[2019-06-27 23:59:42] coronagal: Hello everyone.

[2019-06-27 23:59:47] sheila brown: hi all

[2019-06-27 23:59:58] sheila brown: tonys music

[2019-06-28 00:00:03] Billy29: Hi Everybody

[2019-06-28 00:00:10] admin: hellooo

[2019-06-28 00:00:17] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi all

[2019-06-28 00:00:20] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone

[2019-06-28 00:01:00] StarFire: hi all

[2019-06-28 00:06:28] SantaClaws: Tony or anyone in the chat, any trelief for sciatica?

[2019-06-28 00:06:38] SantaClaws: relief*

[2019-06-28 00:07:40] SantaClaws: Thank you

[2019-06-28 00:08:10] Rick Bonner: Yeah, Tony! You’re one of those guys that ‘thinks things through’….. I’m SURE that’s WHY you’re a guy that KNOWS a lotta stuff. (A – as the bible says in Acts – a “noble Berean” who searches the scriptures to See whether this stuff is True…)

[2019-06-28 00:09:11] Haggis Muncher: ‹@SantaClaws› did tony say iodine salt and vinegar ?

[2019-06-28 00:09:52] admin: Tony how does your body still emit and receive signals if you do everything you can to lower the nano load and deactivate the particles?

[2019-06-28 00:10:16] Rick Bonner: Not gonna run, not gonna fold, not gonna bow no knee to nobody but The Creator!

[2019-06-28 00:10:57] SantaClaws: ‹@Haggis Muncher› I believe so, he got cut off a little

[2019-06-28 00:11:15] Haggis Muncher: Yeah same here

[2019-06-28 00:11:49] admin: Wasn’t meant offensive brother. I asked to understand to brainstorm

[2019-06-28 00:12:17] Haggis Muncher: i’ll try it on the wife later see what happens 

[2019-06-28 00:13:01] Rick Bonner: Metals transmit and help in the reception of….. signals, and The Life is in the blood, so I suppose the iron in our blood is part o’ that scenario. Some receiving and transmitting is Esential, vital even, to my Life processes.

[2019-06-28 00:13:14] SantaClaws: ‹@Haggis Muncher› 

[2019-06-28 00:16:49] SantaClaws: Starve the system

[2019-06-28 00:16:51] admin: I know the conductive properties of metallic particles even in deactivated form but I mean if it doesn’t hold data, if the program is wiped out, how can it identify you? I think it’s your dna being an antenna that kind of snitches you. Your dna is enough.

[2019-06-28 00:17:18] Monkey_Breath: I gave my cell phone up and only have a land line.

[2019-06-28 00:18:35] coronagal: As soon as my phone contract runs out, I’m finished and will go back to landline.

[2019-06-28 00:20:37] sheila brown: will a grounding mat using an outlet – will 5 g affect this

[2019-06-28 00:20:38] Rick Bonner: All communication requires four things: a message, a sender, a reciever AND a ‘medium’ a ‘thing’ – like a wire or a radio frequency, to include…… those 4G and 5G and wifi ‘mediums’ , to ‘carry’ the message.

[2019-06-28 00:22:07] Rick Bonner: Monk, you’re way ahead of the game! I’ll dare venture to say, you got your confuzer ‘hard-wired’; no wifi, huh?

[2019-06-28 00:22:34] sheila brown: ty

[2019-06-28 00:24:11] Monkey_Breath: No, still have WiFi but I put a metal cage around it and turn the WiFi off at night. I do not have a smart meter either.

[2019-06-28 00:25:03] Rick Bonner: Jes’ likes I fingered; waaay ahead o’ the game, Monk.

[2019-06-28 00:25:47] admin: 5G is a type of laser right? Phased array lasers. Optics seem to be their strongest toys. Terra hertz (infrared)

[2019-06-28 00:25:52] Rick Bonner: Youse iz likes Tony; youse guys KNOW some stuff! 😉

[2019-06-28 00:28:29] Rick Bonner: 5G (fifth generation transmission capability) comes in different ‘flavors’. Some can be routed through fiber optics, but, it’s designed – by lucy-fairy-ans- to ‘go’ through the air, too, at micro-wave frequencies.

[2019-06-28 00:28:31] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› 5G is pulsing signal, narrow focused similar to laser. But its not at light frequencies

[2019-06-28 00:30:10] Rick Bonner: My email transmissions aren’t at light ‘certainly not “visible light frequency”, but fiber optics ‘cable’ DOES carry me email around.

[2019-06-28 00:31:32] Rick Bonner: Unless I “allow” a wifi or other ‘through the air’ medium – like 5G – to ‘carry’ it.

[2019-06-28 00:32:13] Monkey_Breath: Best time to be taking this technology out is on Halloween night. 

[2019-06-28 00:32:27] SantaClaws: Palm Beach, FL is exempt from 5G. Supposedly the elite have property there (?)

[2019-06-28 00:32:55] admin: By the way Tony, It was very hot today here I was really sweaty and I turned on the airco in the car and opened the windows, the air hit me hard, my neck got stuck. Hell of a neck and back pain, you got any remedy for this?

[2019-06-28 00:32:56] SantaClaws: ‹@Monkey_Breath› not a bad idea 

[2019-06-28 00:32:58] Haggis Muncher: Has anyone used the wee stickers you get for cell phones that neutralize the emf radiation ?

[2019-06-28 00:33:04] independz: 

[2019-06-28 00:33:25] Rick Bonner: Our eyes ‘see’ only a very, very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but fiber (way beyond) optic cables can carry lots more.

[2019-06-28 00:34:30] Rick Bonner: A big hug and a kiss from someone who CARES about you, Addy! That’ll ‘remedy’ a pain, too!

[2019-06-28 00:34:32] SantaClaws: ‹@Haggis Muncher› I heard those don’t work that well unfortunately

[2019-06-28 00:36:57] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› thank you but what do you mean with ” That’ll ‘remedy’ a pain, too!”

[2019-06-28 00:37:11] Haggis Muncher: ‹@SantaClaws› sounded to good to be true

[2019-06-28 00:37:19] SantaClaws: The world is a stage

[2019-06-28 00:37:28] admin: search: the google book

[2019-06-28 00:37:38] admin: was written way back by a rothschild worker

[2019-06-28 00:37:53] admin: you got some kind of demon/creature on the front

[2019-06-28 00:38:30] Haggis Muncher: Tony tell her to sprinkle Brandy on the grass, it will always come up half cut 

[2019-06-28 00:39:34] Rick Bonner: It does wonders for me, when I gotta ‘pain in the….. anywhere’! 😅 I ‘startpaged’ this (Ize nebber googly eyes NUTTIN’, honey!) “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. LASER. emmitted radiation bein’ the key word.

[2019-06-28 00:40:18] Rick Bonner: Woids…

[2019-06-28 00:41:13] SantaClaws: Us

[2019-06-28 00:41:47] Rick Bonner: Me an’ Tony Cares about you Addy, but we’re too far away. I trust you got somebody BETTER…., Closer. 😗

[2019-06-28 00:43:36] Haggis Muncher: ‹@SantaClaws› is the sciatica lower back down to the knee?

[2019-06-28 00:44:23] Rick Bonner: That pain can travel that far, Haggis…..

[2019-06-28 00:44:56] SantaClaws: ‹@Haggis Muncher› lower back into the butt and down the leg. Usually just on one side. Right side at the moment.

[2019-06-28 00:45:28] Haggis Muncher: ‹@SantaClaws› aye thats it !

[2019-06-28 00:46:14] sheila brown: Iowa is underwater – farmers not planting and the plants in will not be harvestable

[2019-06-28 00:46:45] Lynxx: I finally remembered in-time to join Tony. o/

[2019-06-28 00:47:10] Rick Bonner: Thursday Shaloam’, Lynxx!

[2019-06-28 00:47:29] Lynxx: Shalom Shalom tin-foil hatted friends.

[2019-06-28 00:47:39] sheila brown: animals have died in the floods so meat will be high and less available

[2019-06-28 00:47:43] Lynxx: How are you Rick?

[2019-06-28 00:47:55] Rick Bonner: Mine be wrought outta……. silver!

[2019-06-28 00:48:26] Rick Bonner: God’s Grace, so…. waaaay better’n I deserves to be, me Friend!

[2019-06-28 00:50:03] StarFire: can you put citric acid with epson salt?

[2019-06-28 00:51:11] Lynxx: Can someone post the link to the audio, please?

[2019-06-28 00:51:42] Lynxx: n/m

[2019-06-28 00:51:53] StarFire: audio is here on this same page

[2019-06-28 00:52:30] admin: Oh tony you got to see this

[2019-06-28 00:53:08] admin: what 5g did to dolphins:

[2019-06-28 00:53:09] Haggis Muncher: Tony what would help with calcium crystals in the knee?

[2019-06-28 00:54:32] Haggis Muncher: Ty

[2019-06-28 00:55:05] admin: submarines are using sonar with millimeter wave radar (5g) as well

[2019-06-28 00:57:03] knapstersky: thanks Tony.

[2019-06-28 00:57:03] admin: Tony if you can watch that video with sound

[2019-06-28 00:57:06] Lynxx: I have not been able to sleep past 3:30 AM. I’m in NE Oregon. Any ideas, Tony?

[2019-06-28 00:57:21] Haggis Muncher: Cheers Tony

[2019-06-28 00:57:22] StarFire: Glutamine & lysine

[2019-06-28 00:57:24] Monkey_Breath: Darn, that was a fast hour. TY Tony!

[2019-06-28 00:57:48] StarFire: thanks tony

[2019-06-28 00:57:56] Billy29: Tanks tony

[2019-06-28 00:58:06] Yannis-AroyMak: Thank you Tony and all

[2019-06-28 00:58:09] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Monkey_Breath› yeah will have to youtube this one

[2019-06-28 00:58:19] independz: thanks for tuning in

[2019-06-28 00:58:25] Lynxx: Preciate you Tony.

[2019-06-28 00:58:31] independz: admin—PAY ATTENTION

[2019-06-28 00:59:41] admin: ‹@independz› I will and thank you – and please don’t get everything offensive. we’re on the same side  I got to ask whatever I got to ask.

[2019-06-28 01:00:21] independz: yes but that was an unnecssary queastion

[2019-06-28 01:00:31] independz: you should be connecting the dots here with this

[2019-06-28 01:00:34] Fiona T: omg I did it again! I keep coming in an hour late! CAn’t wrap my head around being in one timezone back

[2019-06-28 01:00:54] independz: youare aking about conductivity and puting them together with programs not the same

[2019-06-28 01:01:17] independz: and with any kind of basic education in radio you would know abiut how you are a natural antennae

[2019-06-28 01:01:29] independz: pay attention you cannot afford this type of sleep

[2019-06-28 01:01:50] independz: fiona you and I are in the same time zone now

[2019-06-28 01:02:06] sheila brown: ty Tony – and for all the help

[2019-06-28 01:02:13] independz: I am ust further south and west but we are in the same zone—the twilight zone–

[2019-06-28 01:02:25] Fiona T: I know! I can’t wrap my head around it! I’m stuck on the show being 7pm not 6

[2019-06-28 01:02:38] Fiona T: Twilight zone for sure

[2019-06-28 01:02:43] Fiona T: or the Dead Zone

[2019-06-28 01:02:46] independz: no worries sheila if you are in famr land and they drowned the earth there then they are definitely going to se farmes lose everything

[2019-06-28 01:03:23] admin: ‹@independz› yes I wanted to drag that question to how our dna is an antenna acting as the unique-ID (some type of ip-address) that let us to be identified.

[2019-06-28 01:03:33] sheila brown: I am in TX – family in IL and friends farming

[2019-06-28 01:03:37] admin: I want to come with a remedy to not being tracked all the time

[2019-06-28 01:03:42] admin: we deserve to be free

[2019-06-28 01:03:50] independz: yes watch what happens

[2019-06-28 01:04:13] admin: look at this like vodoo. just your hair is enough (dna) acting as the unique id that identifies and locates you

[2019-06-28 01:04:26] admin: look at things like* it should be

[2019-06-28 01:04:33] independz: the farmers are going to lose ther farms that is the plan so wherever they invested over seas will grow and prosper and the american and canaian farmer gets to take the fall on it

[2019-06-28 01:04:39] Fiona T: well, g’nite  

[2019-06-28 01:04:42] independz: another export at the expense of north america

[2019-06-28 01:05:01] independz: you can get the show later fiona on the pod

[2019-06-28 01:05:04] sheila brown: I am guessing a grounding mat would be better than standing in grass with all the chemtrail junk on it

[2019-06-28 01:05:05] admin: dna is the biggest keyplayer I think, in combination with nano it becomes a weapon against yourself

[2019-06-28 01:05:24] sheila brown: oh the plan is off farm land and into stack and packs

[2019-06-28 01:05:59] admin: Tony I was thinking today… You still there by the way

[2019-06-28 01:06:03] admin: ?

[2019-06-28 01:06:12] Rick Bonner: We ‘Yanks’ appreciates you, and your ‘Remedy broadcast’, Tony; thank you, Sir!

[2019-06-28 01:07:18] independz: I try eh

[2019-06-28 01:07:47] independz: this iseffecting the whole nations canada and the usa this BS theyhave sold us wss to undermine american and canadian sovereigty

[2019-06-28 01:08:30] independz: take away the backbone of the country —farming and the ability to feed itself—and you become dependent on whoever decies to send you thre left overs

[2019-06-28 01:08:37] Lynxx: Tony, have you changed your mind about the ‘regenerating teeth’?

[2019-06-28 01:08:48] independz: yes sheila at better

[2019-06-28 01:08:57] independz: no

[2019-06-28 01:09:04] independz: it works for alot of people

[2019-06-28 01:09:23] independz: ii have had a ton of success stories from people all over that have used it

[2019-06-28 01:09:27] admin: Imagine Jesus return in times like this where all the mayhem is going on with ti’s, nano, frequencies, ai etc. etc.

[2019-06-28 01:09:38] independz: some have had fillings pop out because th teeth fully repiared

[2019-06-28 01:10:01] admin: tony you watched that video by the way?

[2019-06-28 01:10:19] Monkey_Breath: Looks like the strongest, smartest, and the awakened will be the survivors..I hope!

[2019-06-28 01:10:34] Lynxx: My tooth broke off past the gum-line. I’ve been using your method for over 3 years, but the tooth broke beyond the gum-line makes me wonder.

[2019-06-28 01:11:11] independz: it may not work some it regrew with a broken tooth

[2019-06-28 01:11:24] independz: some had a hole and it sealed it

[2019-06-28 01:11:43] Haggis Muncher: Night all see ya’s all tuesday

[2019-06-28 01:11:46] independz: he would torch this place to burn it off

[2019-06-28 01:12:11] Lynxx: I’ve been oil-pulling and the TSP/ Baking Soda.

[2019-06-28 01:13:23] Monkey_Breath: have a great weekend! Bye all!

[2019-06-28 01:13:50] admin: good night everyone

[2019-06-28 01:15:39] Rick Bonner: Please join us for this very important discussion 7-9pm US eastern – Thursday, June 27, 2019 .

[2019-06-28 01:16:51] Rick Bonner: A lady named Jeanice Barcelo, wrote a book called ‘The Dark Side Of Non-Ionizing Radiation’…. an advocate of ALL TI’s…

[2019-06-28 01:16:59] Lynxx: What is the discussion about?

[2019-06-28 01:17:05] sheila brown: Tony – how does the regeneration of the tooth work – adding onto the outside or from inside the body

[2019-06-28 01:17:30] Lynxx: Phosphate

[2019-06-28 01:17:57] Rick Bonner: A roundtable discussion focused on children and wifi and other harmfull emf.

[2019-06-28 01:18:51] Rick Bonner: I just heard about it Lynxx; sorry to have missed an opportunity to invite Tony.

[2019-06-28 01:20:08] Lynxx: It wants me to d/l Zoom.

[2019-06-28 01:20:18] Rick Bonner: .Jeanice Barcelo, M.A. Educator and Activist Author of  “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation” 

[2019-06-28 01:20:42] Rick Bonner: Welcome back, Caim!

[2019-06-28 01:22:41] Rick Bonner: She’s ringing the same bell o’ Life that Tony was just ringing; some of you guys and gals might like her as I love her. Sorry that I didn’t let Addy know….

[2019-06-28 01:24:14] Rick Bonner: Yeah, I’m leery o’ jumpin’ inta any zoom wagons meself, Lynxx….

[2019-06-28 01:25:13] Rick Bonner: I don’ generally do nothing that I have to consent or submit to….. it’ll be added to Jeanine’s website, later…..

[2019-06-28 01:26:23] Lynxx: Cool

[2019-06-28 01:31:56] Rick Bonner: Her website, RadiationDangers dot com is awesome though… it’s safe and informative, says me….

[2019-06-28 01:35:44] Lynxx: I’m wondering if the radiation is responsible for lack of ability to sleep past 3:30 in the morning. In the last 8 months, I have slept as late as 4:15 once. Every other time it has been 1:30 to 3:30.

[2019-06-28 01:36:44] Rick Bonner: And too, sometimes I’d rather learn from a Lady Teacher than a Fella Teacher…., even if he’s Massa Jeffrey Bennet. 😉

[2019-06-28 01:36:59] Lynxx: My wife doesn’t have the same issue. And she’s on the other half of the bed.

[2019-06-28 01:39:13] Rick Bonner: On her website, and others like it she’ll ‘direct’ you to, Jeanice will demonstrate that sleep dyscord type stuff IS caused or aggravated by a lotta that stuff. On. The other hand…., if you dump a bucket o’ icewater on me, or froze marbles, I won’ sleep

[2019-06-28 01:40:38] Rick Bonner: Either. So the ‘trick’ is to “diagnose” e’zackly WHY your sleep is fishy…., and then Remedy it. Good book, curse causeless….

[2019-06-28 01:41:01] Rick Bonner: Cometh not…..

[2019-06-28 01:41:17] Lynxx: That’s what I am doing.

[2019-06-28 01:41:42] Lynxx: Sticking irons in the fire, see which one gets hot first.

[2019-06-28 01:42:08] Rick Bonner: Circadian rythyms have some depth to them…. take it from me, a former round the clock ‘shift’ worker…..

[2019-06-28 01:43:22] Rick Bonner: And HAMMER ‘at rascal! Cause He giveth His beloved sweet sleep, and that as abundantly as their wives will allow…. somethin’ like ‘at.

[2019-06-28 01:45:41] nancy: 13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. not mans work

[2019-06-28 01:46:17] nancy: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

[2019-06-28 01:47:01] nancy: The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”[a

[2019-06-28 01:47:10] Rick Bonner: Nancy…, YOU’RE a person what KNOWS some stuff, too!

[2019-06-28 01:47:14] Lynxx: What translation is that Nancy?

[2019-06-28 01:47:41] nancy

 praise GOD i know nothing

[2019-06-28 01:48:06] nancy: a couple different

[2019-06-28 01:48:14] Lynxx: Abba doesn’t call the wise.

[2019-06-28 01:48:21] nancy: niv kj

[2019-06-28 01:48:37] Rick Bonner: God is glorified in us, His particular creation, even more than He is with His angel creatures, which we’re a lil’ wee bit lower than….

[2019-06-28 01:49:00] Lynxx: For now.

[2019-06-28 01:49:27] nancy: yes its a wonder

[2019-06-28 01:49:40] Lynxx: Dinner is on the table. Lahitraot.

[2019-06-28 01:50:03] Rick Bonner: He DO confounds the ‘wise’ whit knucklehaids such as I…, chief o’ knucklehaids, even, Paully!

[2019-06-28 01:50:49] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› i hope to tune in to the site

[2019-06-28 01:50:55] Rick Bonner: Night, Nancy. Lynxx is gone to supp at The King’s table…

[2019-06-28 01:51:11] nancy: enjoy dinner

[2019-06-28 01:51:27] nancy: nite

[2019-06-28 01:52:09] Rick Bonner: Jeanice Barcelo’s place is always open RadiationDangers dot cvom…but I think no audio there.

[2019-06-28 02:25:44] Caim: thank you rick

[2019-06-28 03:43:24] Caim: goodnight joe. thanks for having me

[2019-06-28 04:17:55] Rick Bonner: Me too. Saint Eighty Niner. Good night.

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