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“The Remedy” 2019-07-30 by Tony Pantalleresco

"The Remedy" 2019/07/30- "Mushroom Principle" & Connect The Dots...

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-July-30):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of July 30, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

There were some technical issues, we had and we did the show via phone.

But technical issues again happened why the show is late.

But the theme of the show is to connect the dots and the “mushroom principle” : “fed a lot of shit and kept in the dark

And, the suspended animation most fall into and when you see things like the rocky horror show, and then see what is transpiring in British Columbia, when a transgender walks into a place to get his balls waxed, and the proprietor refuses the insanity, that prevails in this ongoing dram and you see the roots of this back in that film or the Sci-Fi. Telling you the truth about a kill switch using nano technology called “nano”.

Follow the dots here and see where this is right now, not where it is leading, but rather where it is…

The concepts and themes today on how being brain hacked and being brain controlled via freq and via your phone.

And how much this is taken over and how endocrine disruption can be coming from the vaccines themselves disorientating the very core of sexual identity.

And how frequencies can be also programming this natural behavior.

And how less then 1% of a populace with the sexual disorientation is getting 99% of the attention.

And perhaps it is time the majority of people tell the existing gov’ts: “we have had enough of there programming”

Much much more

Links Provided by Tony during the show.

Tony’s website

Screenshot 2019-05-26 11.20.17.png


Scientists Aim to Mimic the Power Efficiency of Human Brain with Superconducting Neurons

Scientists Aim to Mimic the Power Efficiency of Human Brain with Superconducting Neurons


Nomophobia: Fear of Being without Your Phone and Having Low-Battery Anxiety

Fig. 3._____________________

New form of Genetic editing

Artisanal salads from Bowery

One massive indoor farming operation

The usual banter about how much better indoor farming is

Lettuce growing on the rooftops

Indoor farming + robotics = Iron Ox




Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr
 Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Nano Particulate Videos. – Minds

Screenshot 2019-07-03 14.03.06.png


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,

[2019-07-30 23:47:35] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone one
[2019-07-30 23:48:03] admin: Hello brothers and sisters
[2019-07-30 23:48:18] Monkey_Breath: Hello
[2019-07-30 23:50:05] independz: (…
[2019-07-30 23:50:20] independz: (…
[2019-07-30 23:50:42] independz: (… ) US military funds AI brain implants to treat veterans’ post-traumatic stress disorder (…
[2019-07-30 23:50:55] independz: (…
[2019-07-30 23:51:10] independz: (… ) Vitamins A and C Could Erase Epigenetic Marks on DNA (…#Sec14 ) Advances in epigenetics link genetics to the enviro
[2019-07-30 23:51:24] independz: ( thecanadiansentinel.blogs… ) Terror Camp in Combermere, Ontario and Other Locations in Canada (
[2019-07-30 23:51:42] independz: (… ) Why Marriage is a Scam – Honest Ads (… ) JAMES & BOBBY PURIFY – I’M YOUR PUPPET—programming men to be PW’d or puppetized– ( ) Nano Tech…The
[2019-07-30 23:52:00] independz: ( ) What Is the Connection Between Pedophilia and A.I. (Artificial
[2019-07-30 23:52:19] independz: (… ) Remote control by dna or Biosensor antennae ( ) THE “HOW THEY DO IT” AND TECHNOLOGY SITE (… ) “Upload:U” ( htt
[2019-07-30 23:52:33] independz: (… ) Nano Assimilation (… ) Nano Transformation and evolution (… ) NANO Components its assemblying and imp
[2019-07-30 23:52:48] independz: (… ) Quercitin (… ) New form of Genetic editing (…
[2019-07-30 23:52:52] Peter: this is what happens with psycho science is the norm. dont be a lab rat .think
[2019-07-30 23:53:09] independz: (… ) In-Depth Analyses Bio/Nano/Materials/Information Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications (…
[2019-07-30 23:54:22] independz: and they are just warming up hahaha
[2019-07-30 23:55:36] admin: Tony one of your links is defect
[2019-07-30 23:55:40] admin: doesn;t work
[2019-07-30 23:58:05] StarFire: wow. the links
[2019-07-30 23:59:06] Josie: Hey guys
[2019-07-30 23:59:17] TruthWarrior: Time to connect the dots out of here.
[2019-07-31 00:03:04] TruthWarrior: that guy should learn how to tell time
[2019-07-31 00:03:08] Josie: Yay
[2019-07-31 00:03:28] Monkey_Breath: ‹@TruthWarrior› LOL
[2019-07-31 00:03:35] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-07-31 00:03:43] Josie: Hey truthWarrior
[2019-07-31 00:04:05] Billy29: Hi everyone
[2019-07-31 00:04:10] Josie: Haggis and monkey breath hello
[2019-07-31 00:04:19] Josie: Hey billy
[2019-07-31 00:04:26] nancy: i hear the music
[2019-07-31 00:04:27] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Josie› hi
[2019-07-31 00:04:31] independz: hold on we are having tech issues again
[2019-07-31 00:04:44] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Josie› hello to you as well
[2019-07-31 00:04:47] Josie: Hey nancy
[2019-07-31 00:05:00] nancy: ‹@Josie› hi
[2019-07-31 00:05:12] independz: they just don’t like us
[2019-07-31 00:05:24] Billy29: Hi Josie
[2019-07-31 00:05:44] sqirl: Hi everyone!
[2019-07-31 00:06:25] Josie: Hey sqirl
[2019-07-31 00:06:46] sheila brown: ‹@independz
[2019-07-31 00:06:46] nancy: ‹@sqirl› hi
[2019-07-31 00:06:59] sheila brown: sorry hi all
[2019-07-31 00:07:25] TruthWarrior: is he talking?
[2019-07-31 00:07:33] gia: Hi. Dead air ???
[2019-07-31 00:07:42] TruthWarrior: oh okay
[2019-07-31 00:07:45] Billy29: Yes
[2019-07-31 00:07:50] Josie: I don’t hear anything
[2019-07-31 00:08:00] Monkey_Breath: being targeted
[2019-07-31 00:08:11] coronagal: Hello to everyone!
[2019-07-31 00:08:28] nancy: ‹@coronagal› hi
[2019-07-31 00:08:32] Josie: Hey
[2019-07-31 00:09:14] Josie: Could it be Tony?
[2019-07-31 00:09:17] StarFire: ih lla
[2019-07-31 00:09:37] StarFire: talk backwards today i will
[2019-07-31 00:09:50] Josie: Hey starfire
[2019-07-31 00:11:06] Monkey_Breath: maybe AI won’t be able to figure us talking backwards
[2019-07-31 00:11:51] Josie: Or me either
[2019-07-31 00:13:43] independz: skype does not want to cooperate with Joes system today
[2019-07-31 00:13:53] independz: we are working on it
[2019-07-31 00:14:01] independz: he is doing a re install so bear with us
[2019-07-31 00:14:07] independz: you have the links of the week
[2019-07-31 00:14:21] robberts: we wait
[2019-07-31 00:14:26] StarFire: Hi josie and the pussy cats
[2019-07-31 00:14:33] Josie: Yes we will
[2019-07-31 00:14:45] Josie: Haha
[2019-07-31 00:14:47] independz: connect the dots on all the differeing agenda s going on all at once
[2019-07-31 00:15:33] Josie: Lots of dots
[2019-07-31 00:15:33] independz: when you see this
[2019-07-31 00:16:17] independz: (… ) Sci-Fi Short Film “Nano” presented by DUST
[2019-07-31 00:16:30] independz: think in terms of a kill swich
[2019-07-31 00:16:49] independz: vaccines are loading you with programming to be activated by freq or remote control
[2019-07-31 00:17:09] independz: biblically the boble talks about a mark on the right hand or froeghead
[2019-07-31 00:17:23] independz: most f us are left side marked with the vaccines
[2019-07-31 00:17:43] independz: the new aand imporved will have a more direct route to the system right side
[2019-07-31 00:18:58] admin: Tony you talked briefly about the Greek Gods, and Demi-Gods who broke down, could you continue on that? Elaborate more maybe give some additional info if you can
[2019-07-31 00:19:42] TruthWarrior: ambrosia.. YummY
[2019-07-31 00:20:10] StarFire: i hear tony now
[2019-07-31 00:20:11] independz: they are telling us here with a cell phone
[2019-07-31 00:20:23] coronagal: YAY!
[2019-07-31 00:20:27] Peter: oh shit a got a mark on my forehead and I hear voices
[2019-07-31 00:21:19] nancy: ‹@Peter› wait
[2019-07-31 00:21:26] nancy: lol
[2019-07-31 00:22:08] nancy: ‹@StarFire› yes
[2019-07-31 00:23:12] robberts: i dont hear voice but see a flash of an image
[2019-07-31 00:23:26] sqirl: I’ll watch it when I get a few nano- seconds, haha
[2019-07-31 00:23:45] TruthWarrior: ash Wednesday the mark the third eye
[2019-07-31 00:23:53] TruthWarrior: They
[2019-07-31 00:24:11] Peter: man as machine
[2019-07-31 00:24:49] nancy: church is waking
[2019-07-31 00:25:57] Cecil: i miss beer
[2019-07-31 00:27:20] nancy: agenda
[2019-07-31 00:27:43] Peter: its here ,poeple cant put down there cell phones,tech interfacing with biology
[2019-07-31 00:28:58] robberts: last night dr warlock… we need lithium
[2019-07-31 00:29:54] nancy: boo they started spraying in evening now instead of morning switcher
[2019-07-31 00:30:54] robberts: you mean lithiumized
[2019-07-31 00:30:56] sheila brown: My friend says trump is in control and now they are nutrilizing the trails with other trails – not buying it
[2019-07-31 00:30:57] Cecil: yes. good observation nancy

[2019-07-31 00:31:06] StarFire: robberts… what is dr warl

[2019-07-31 00:31:27] Cecil: spraying more shet
[2019-07-31 00:31:53] robberts: coast to coast guy…wahlic
[2019-07-31 00:32:37] robberts: i call him warlock… makes the blind see
[2019-07-31 00:32:41] sheila brown: Anyone see the news on alexa – spying on you all the time and even in the bedroom
[2019-07-31 00:32:49] Cecil: yes peter
[2019-07-31 00:32:52] StarFire: ok
[2019-07-31 00:33:17] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› i did
[2019-07-31 00:33:20] Cecil: god gave us more than the wotld has to offer
[2019-07-31 00:33:20] Monkey_Breath: the movie…the circle…was spot on
[2019-07-31 00:33:26] Cecil: world
[2019-07-31 00:33:47] nancy: ‹@Monkey_Breath› yes
[2019-07-31 00:33:55] Cecil: hey! brian does too lol
[2019-07-31 00:34:10] Cecil: hes pretty smart
[2019-07-31 00:34:12] Peter: take your soma
[2019-07-31 00:34:52] sqirl: (… )
[2019-07-31 00:35:18] sqirl: Vaccines law set in motion today in WA STate^^^^
[2019-07-31 00:35:37] sqirl: Jay Inslee booted the excemption
[2019-07-31 00:37:28] Josie: Omg
[2019-07-31 00:37:46] TruthWarrior: he wanted to get wacks
[2019-07-31 00:37:52] sqirl: Deanna Spingola confirmed an interview with DR.Martin Pall on RBN- The guy knows the impact of emfs like horton hears the whoo. He is proving the regulations (fcc) is fraudulent science.
[2019-07-31 00:38:41] nancy: truth
[2019-07-31 00:38:53] Peter: theres places in hollywood that will do that
[2019-07-31 00:39:52] Josie: True that
[2019-07-31 00:40:01] Dominick: Tony hi what can I do to regulate cortisol thanks
[2019-07-31 00:40:02] sqirl: Jfk said in the 60’s news has to give clear news to the public. communications were taken
[2019-07-31 00:40:52] sqirl: I just found out Karl Marx was a Rothchild offspring – make sense huh?
[2019-07-31 00:40:55] Cecil: dont use pills
[2019-07-31 00:41:33] sqirl: Take out the intellectuals, take over the media, take over the countries with usury and own it all
[2019-07-31 00:41:36] Cecil: o/
[2019-07-31 00:41:57] Peter: trotsky father a rabbi
[2019-07-31 00:42:23] robberts: dom, tony last week..sun lethitin b5 magnisium.. didnt mention amounts
[2019-07-31 00:42:29] TruthWarrior: peter, you left off a T and the end
[2019-07-31 00:43:59] Cecil: a son asks his dad ‘hey dad, whats a transvestite?” the dad says “idk, ask your mom, he should know.”
[2019-07-31 00:44:12] Cecil: yes
[2019-07-31 00:44:19] StarFire: im rock n roll, and watch all movies.. but never seen rocky horror show
[2019-07-31 00:44:46] robberts: way back i remember cultish… rocky horror picture show… susan sarrandin
[2019-07-31 00:44:47] Josie: Lol Cecil
[2019-07-31 00:45:03] StarFire: haha cecil
[2019-07-31 00:45:29] sqirl: Estonia is the first E country with the Biometric card blah blah. There is a great discussion after the 5g parliment hearing. with thinking civil adults. See perspectives there (… )
[2019-07-31 00:45:45] TruthWarrior: Klonopin!
[2019-07-31 00:46:27] Peter: in cali we have tranvesters reading stories to pre schoolers
[2019-07-31 00:46:31] Josie: I like klonopin
[2019-07-31 00:48:00] TruthWarrior: Chicks with dicks…. are not chicks…. lol
[2019-07-31 00:48:06] Cecil: ( www.http/ )
[2019-07-31 00:48:11] Peter: theres a natural order to the universe
[2019-07-31 00:48:24] sqirl: social justice becomes the solution to compromise person language for the good of the “community”-
[2019-07-31 00:49:06] sqirl: social justice = censorship
[2019-07-31 00:49:43] sqirl: no way out of the global communitarian trap
[2019-07-31 00:49:53] Josie: Revolution time. Let’s get yellow vests
[2019-07-31 00:51:12] [ALEX]: WE’re ***ed, 10 years max according to Dane Wiggington of GeoengineeringWatch
[2019-07-31 00:51:32] Cecil: i like chinese black tea
[2019-07-31 00:52:28] sqirl: salt the assault
[2019-07-31 00:53:04] Josie: So just eat the onions and butter?
[2019-07-31 00:53:16] TruthWarrior: if your High, why not get Higher!!!
[2019-07-31 00:53:17] sheila brown: will this help teeth also
[2019-07-31 00:53:27] Cecil: living minerals and vitamins. like viamin c from a lemon vs straight vitC
[2019-07-31 00:53:45] robberts: the context was that being exposed to it is required
[2019-07-31 00:53:55] TruthWarrior: ._._._._._._.
[2019-07-31 00:54:09] robberts: hes a vet
[2019-07-31 00:54:12] StarFire: is it worth to extrack green or black tea? or just drink it
[2019-07-31 00:54:43] Cecil: you know what i mean tony
[2019-07-31 00:55:09] sqirl: ‹@Josie› blending the butter an onion infuse the onion properties into the fats of butter- blend then eat
[2019-07-31 00:55:17] Cecil: definitely
[2019-07-31 00:55:26] Cecil: not enough nutrition i food alone
[2019-07-31 00:55:32] Cecil: in’
[2019-07-31 00:55:37] Josie: Thanks sqirl
[2019-07-31 00:55:39] TruthWarrior: when life gives you Lemons…..
[2019-07-31 00:55:42] Cecil: food controls everything
[2019-07-31 00:56:04] Cecil: sky is dark blue
[2019-07-31 00:56:07] Josie: He said vit c, vit a and what else?
[2019-07-31 00:56:12] TruthWarrior: especially with Rats
[2019-07-31 00:56:30] sqirl: When it is hazy from night sprays the top of my skull hurts the next day
[2019-07-31 00:56:32] Cecil: because it reflects off the ocean
[2019-07-31 00:56:38] robberts: quercitin
[2019-07-31 00:56:45] sheila brown: someone was reporting plants were not producing due to frequency being off
[2019-07-31 00:57:33] Cecil: and not become a cyborg
[2019-07-31 00:57:35] sqirl: ‹@Josie› cursitan and vitamin A palmitate
[2019-07-31 00:57:48] Cecil: cy-borg
[2019-07-31 00:57:49] TruthWarrior: ._._./’._._._
[2019-07-31 00:57:54] Cecil: si
[2019-07-31 00:57:55] Josie: Yes thanks
[2019-07-31 00:58:00] sqirl: cursitan is in black and green tea and onion
[2019-07-31 00:58:21] nancy: ‹@sqirl› thx
[2019-07-31 00:58:43] sqirl: welcome
[2019-07-31 00:58:49] Cecil: mankind strong. human delicate
[2019-07-31 00:59:13] [ALEX]: Films, TV etc is the Cabal letting you know what they’re doing, when you miss it or ignore it, you consent to it
[2019-07-31 00:59:27] Cecil: my 1st word in life was no.
[2019-07-31 00:59:35] sheila brown: ty tony
[2019-07-31 00:59:37] StarFire: great fast show tony
[2019-07-31 00:59:54] sqirl: Sorry to say my young marine son is being trained in Urban warfare and understands the DEW now
[2019-07-31 00:59:56] Cecil: i was a bit chatty
[2019-07-31 00:59:59] nancy: ‹@Cecil› lol
[2019-07-31 01:00:04] Josie: Great show, thanks much
[2019-07-31 01:00:09] Monkey_Breath: TY for everything Tony!
[2019-07-31 01:00:11] sheila brown: josie – how often are you doing tony’s toothpaste with gse
[2019-07-31 01:00:19] Billy29: Thanks tony great show good night all
[2019-07-31 01:00:34] Josie: 2 times a day
[2019-07-31 01:00:40] Monkey_Breath: goodnight everyone!
[2019-07-31 01:01:02] StarFire: i add a drop or two of magnesium oil to toothbrush
[2019-07-31 01:01:03] nancy: ‹@Monkey_Breath› nite
[2019-07-31 01:01:18] sqirl: Thank you Tony for all your dedicated efforts
[2019-07-31 01:01:37] Josie: Thanks tony.
[2019-07-31 01:01:55] nancy: ‹@independz› Thank You be well
[2019-07-31 01:02:14] Josie: Will someone please tell me the benefits of raw milk again?
[2019-07-31 01:02:26] Josie: Besides fights cancer
[2019-07-31 01:02:44] sqirl: ‹@Josie› great fats and protein
[2019-07-31 01:02:45] sheila brown: tony has a whole section on it
[2019-07-31 01:02:54] Cecil: people will be getting hit early in the a.m.
[2019-07-31 01:02:56] independz: restores the blood
[2019-07-31 01:03:00] independz: restored muscles
[2019-07-31 01:03:03] independz: anti aging
[2019-07-31 01:03:10] Josie: I couldn’t find it on his website
[2019-07-31 01:03:13] independz: has antioxidants has traces of colustrum
[2019-07-31 01:03:31] independz: easily digestible proteins loaded with nutrients and vitamins
[2019-07-31 01:03:35] independz: has vitamin c
[2019-07-31 01:03:38] Cecil: if i put flyers in my local mailboxes, about the geoengineering time switch, could i get in trouble?
[2019-07-31 01:03:57] Josie: Thanks tony.
[2019-07-31 01:04:01] Cecil: i have colostrum. in my cabinet that is. eheheh
[2019-07-31 01:04:04] sqirl: ‹@Cecil› I am proud of you
[2019-07-31 01:04:07] independz: well if your name is on them maybe but if not no
[2019-07-31 01:04:20] Cecil: okey dokey
[2019-07-31 01:06:03] nancy: ‹@Cecil› what is eheheh
[2019-07-31 01:06:51] sheila brown: Tony in the milk recipe is there a substitute for propolis
[2019-07-31 01:07:22] independz: use any essential oil
[2019-07-31 01:07:42] independz: savoury thryme cinnamon clove thuja pine
[2019-07-31 01:08:04] sheila brown: ty farmer says bee glue hard to find here
[2019-07-31 01:08:55] Josie: Tony, I’m drinking the controversial drink for fibromyalgia and it’s really helping. Also taking msm.
[2019-07-31 01:09:08] Cecil: ehehe is ehehe
[2019-07-31 01:09:35] nancy: ‹@Cecil› ok
[2019-07-31 01:09:37] independz: see soon you will take over and I can take a nap
[2019-07-31 01:09:47] Cecil: several flyers made. muhahahhahaa!
[2019-07-31 01:10:37] Josie: You’re a genius… you’re going to have to wait on your nap.
[2019-07-31 01:11:02] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Josielol
[2019-07-31 01:12:16] Josie: Seriously, no relief in years… but Tony knows some stuff
[2019-07-31 01:12:41] Cecil: right
[2019-07-31 01:12:48] mary: yep on my second month without orencia for my RA on Tonys formula
[2019-07-31 01:12:54] Cecil: cheers
[2019-07-31 01:13:15] mary: ty
[2019-07-31 01:13:54] Josie: It’s amazing to me.
[2019-07-31 01:14:08] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Josie› how does yer fibromyalgia affect you?
[2019-07-31 01:14:17] Josie: I’m glad for you too Mary
[2019-07-31 01:14:19] Cecil: flyers complete
[2019-07-31 01:14:48] Josie: Pain 24/7 it’s awful
[2019-07-31 01:14:59] mary: yes very hard to believe but does work
[2019-07-31 01:16:27] Josie: Yes it really does. Never found anything like tony says. I’ve done a lot of research. He’s changed my life for sure.
[2019-07-31 01:16:55] mary: indeed
[2019-07-31 01:16:57] Cecil: im off
[2019-07-31 01:17:08] nancy: a scribe brings forth both old and new
[2019-07-31 01:17:17] Josie: See ya Cecil
[2019-07-31 01:17:22] mary: see ya
[2019-07-31 01:17:36] Josie: Yes Nancy
[2019-07-31 01:17:53] sheila brown: would adding sour cream to the onions and butter change the benifits
[2019-07-31 01:18:06] sheila brown: was thinking a nice dip for chips
[2019-07-31 01:18:22] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› yum
[2019-07-31 01:18:27] Josie: Great idea Sheila
[2019-07-31 01:18:36] nancy: ‹@Josie› thx
[2019-07-31 01:19:30] sheila brown: simply ruffles – potatoes, expeller pressed sunflower oil, and sea salt
[2019-07-31 01:19:37] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› whaT are you dipping with
[2019-07-31 01:20:01] Josie: Yes that’s what I was wondering too Nancy
[2019-07-31 01:20:11] Josie: Cucumbers?
[2019-07-31 01:20:25] Josie: Celery
[2019-07-31 01:20:38] nancy: home made chips
[2019-07-31 01:21:03] nancy: i am lazy
[2019-07-31 01:21:03] sheila brown: tony said once upa time – chips with sunflower oil – these have sea salt
[2019-07-31 01:21:09] Josie: Yum
[2019-07-31 01:21:40] nancy: yum
[2019-07-31 01:21:41] sheila brown: and not too hard on the teeth to chew – some others are really hard to eat
[2019-07-31 01:21:55] Josie: What brand Sheila?
[2019-07-31 01:22:24] sheila brown: ruffles
[2019-07-31 01:22:45] Josie: Oh! Wow
[2019-07-31 01:22:54] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› ok no stuff
[2019-07-31 01:22:58] sheila brown: non gmo no artificial preservatives or flavors or color
[2019-07-31 01:23:16] sheila brown: usually at Kroger’s grocery store
[2019-07-31 01:23:21] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› yaya
[2019-07-31 01:23:52] Josie: Wow I didn’t know there was such a thing
[2019-07-31 01:24:03] StarFire: yes, there are a few other brands for chips that are clean
[2019-07-31 01:24:10] sheila brown: tony said last round onions and cottage cheese were good but could not get a recipe to work
[2019-07-31 01:24:27] nancy: ‹@StarFire› pls do tell
[2019-07-31 01:24:40] Josie: Tell me please clean brands
[2019-07-31 01:24:41] StarFire: yes, make a dip with sour cream, and onion and garlick powder etc
[2019-07-31 01:25:16] sheila brown: and the glee
[2019-07-31 01:25:23] StarFire: Well, you would have to look at all the chips in your local grocery store.. but another good brand is…..
[2019-07-31 01:25:29] sheila brown: just might work lol
[2019-07-31 01:26:11] sheila brown: kettle chips with sea salt are hard to chew
[2019-07-31 01:26:27] sheila brown: well night all see you thurs
[2019-07-31 01:26:42] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› bye
[2019-07-31 01:26:43] StarFire: Kettle had chips.. they are hard tho… avocado oil and himalayan sea salt
[2019-07-31 01:26:47] Josie: True Sheila
[2019-07-31 01:26:54] StarFire: hahahaha sheila
[2019-07-31 01:27:12] StarFire: lays simply… is clean… and they are sof
[2019-07-31 01:27:20] StarFire: soft
[2019-07-31 01:27:24] Josie: Good night Sheila
[2019-07-31 01:27:45] Josie: Thanks starfire.
[2019-07-31 01:27:53] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› untill thrusday
[2019-07-31 01:27:54] StarFire: anothr brand… boulder canyan chips
[2019-07-31 01:27:59] StarFire: they use olive oil
[2019-07-31 01:28:16] nancy: ‹@StarFire› thx star
[2019-07-31 01:28:17] StarFire: canyon
[2019-07-31 01:28:44] StarFire: have us guys found any clean yogart where you live… we have only one brand here that is clean
[2019-07-31 01:29:20] Josie: I haven’t. And they are all low-fat too
[2019-07-31 01:30:09] StarFire: yogart.. i buy oui .. its the vanilla flavor… and they come in glass jars
[2019-07-31 01:30:11] Haggis Muncher: Nights all
[2019-07-31 01:30:21] Josie: Homemade yogurt is delicious
[2019-07-31 01:30:26] StarFire: nite haggis
[2019-07-31 01:30:30] Josie: Good night haggis
[2019-07-31 01:30:45] StarFire: nite all
[2019-07-31 01:31:18] Josie: Night star
[2019-07-31 01:31:21] nancy: ‹@StarFire› i am able to order from farm here
[2019-07-31 01:32:03] StarFire: lucky you nancy
[2019-07-31 01:32:17] StarFire: i get goat milk from only farm here
[2019-07-31 01:32:18] Josie: How much does a gallon of milk cost you Nancy?
[2019-07-31 01:32:36] StarFire: but i dont like milk… but i will make it into chocolate milk
[2019-07-31 01:32:53] Josie: I found some star. $16 a gallon
[2019-07-31 01:33:09] nancy: its a little pricy however i am introducing to friends
[2019-07-31 01:33:12] StarFire: cool
[2019-07-31 01:33:23] Josie: It’s goat
[2019-07-31 01:33:40] Josie: Is that a normal price?
[2019-07-31 01:33:59] StarFire: same price here for gal of goat milk
[2019-07-31 01:34:19] nancy: mine is 6 a quart
[2019-07-31 01:34:30] StarFire: 9 dollar for half gallon 16 full gallon
[2019-07-31 01:34:48] StarFire: nite
[2019-07-31 01:34:52] Josie: Guess we better not let it go bad… costs too much
[2019-07-31 01:35:04] Josie: Night
[2019-07-31 01:38:35] nancy: ‹@Josie› night
[2019-07-31 01:49:09] Rick Bonner: Delta Dawg! Long time, no see!

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