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“The Remedy” 2019-07-02 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/07/02 - Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Mankind

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-July-02):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of July 02, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

AI data came over weekend

Five links will give you a reality check a to AI and our systems and what is the future a reality look at future and Job markets and what will be really here 

Will show where it is and how we are going to see the blow back from the reality

75 million drives will be out of work and the impact of who else gets impacted – Truck stops   banks  an other feeder industries

1/4 of america  are truckers which would impact a variety of industries

The replacement of all jobs is at stake including in the medical 

Millenials are today dysfunctional and are being trained  and borrowing money for training in things that will not be there  when they graduate

Political science is as useless  as it gets–unless related to a politician there is no opportunity for you

Past history of job opportunities back then and now how things have evolved

Year 2025 military will be 50% robots and this will be in the police force as well so those of us who are aged and experienced they will need to remove

Millennials will be subservient to the AI world that will have taken over

AI effect, not Mendalla effect the subtle changes being secretly implemented

No one can control AI  anyone stating they can is FOS

Ai looks at us as a equation to be dealing with

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-07-02 23:55:05] Rick Bonner: I saw it, Jude. Excellent.
[2019-07-02 23:55:14] Jude: (
[2019-07-02 23:55:32] Jude: Thanks Yannis
[2019-07-02 23:55:58] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Jude› you are welcomed
[2019-07-02 23:57:16] Monkey_Breath: ( There Is ‘Another’ Intelligence Ruling This Planet
[2019-07-02 23:58:09] independz: (…) (…) (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-07-02 23:58:24] independz: (… ) (… )
[2019-07-02 23:58:34] Rick Bonner: The Spirit – Ru’ach – o’ the Times, the hour o’ the time, even, Bill Cooper.
[2019-07-02 23:58:37] independz: (… ) ( http
[2019-07-02 23:58:56] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-07-02 23:59:10] independz: (…
[2019-07-02 23:59:22] independz: (… ) (… )
[2019-07-03 00:01:05] StarFire: hi all
[2019-07-03 00:01:37] nancy: ‹@StarFire› hi
[2019-07-03 00:01:43] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi StarFire
[2019-07-03 00:01:51] StarFire: ‹@nancy› hihihi
[2019-07-03 00:01:52] Jude: Bryan396 channel was pulled by YouTube?
[2019-07-03 00:01:54] SantaClaws: Hey everyone
[2019-07-03 00:02:04] Monkey_Breath: Hello
[2019-07-03 00:02:32] Rick Bonner: Go GET ’em, Tony! You’re outta the box, now, my man!
[2019-07-03 00:02:33] StarFire: we are on
[2019-07-03 00:02:35] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Tony :)
[2019-07-03 00:02:37] Billy29: Hi all
[2019-07-03 00:02:41] StarFire: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› hiya
[2019-07-03 00:03:44] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Billy29› Hi
[2019-07-03 00:03:46] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-07-03 00:04:22] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Haggis Muncher› hi
[2019-07-03 00:04:28] Rick Bonner: Haggis! Good to see you, Highlander!
[2019-07-03 00:05:15] Haggis Muncher: Hows you Rick
[2019-07-03 00:05:49] Rick Bonner: I will NEVER git aboard a boat, truck or airplane…. that don’ got some BODY drivin’ it!
[2019-07-03 00:06:03] Haggis Muncher: yannis hows things
[2019-07-03 00:06:28] Rick Bonner: I got it MADE, Haggis! Waaay better’n I deserves!
[2019-07-03 00:06:34] StarFire: The movie Matrix. is not about how things are.. But how they want things to be
[2019-07-03 00:06:38] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Haggis Muncher› all under control still :)
[2019-07-03 00:07:08] Haggis Muncher: how many millions are involved in trucking? No wonder you’s have so many roads lol
[2019-07-03 00:07:13] robberts: 8 year olds are Z’s
[2019-07-03 00:07:43] Rick Bonner: Sum o’ us, Starman… don’ “goes along, peaceable like”.
[2019-07-03 00:08:22] sqirl: new jobs like wildfire reduction and biochar production to grow the food that’s not going to be available
[2019-07-03 00:08:42] Haggis Muncher: they even have them sex robots too
[2019-07-03 00:08:47] Rick Bonner: How “they” wants it, an’ how I allows it to be…. are two diff’ren’ things!
[2019-07-03 00:09:07] Haggis Muncher: robots hanging about the harbour all the time lol
[2019-07-03 00:09:12] StarFire: Blade Runner….
[2019-07-03 00:09:23] StarFire: haha yep Rick
[2019-07-03 00:09:44] StarFire: Those Dam Dirty Robots
[2019-07-03 00:09:53] Rick Bonner: Haggis. Them “bots” ain’ got NUTHIN’ on ‘at long list o’ Honeys you and I got…..
[2019-07-03 00:09:57] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@StarFire› what you just remind me…. especially the first one
[2019-07-03 00:10:06] nancy: ‹@StarFire› yes blade runner
[2019-07-03 00:10:09] Lynxx:
[2019-07-03 00:10:14] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› hell yeah lol
[2019-07-03 00:10:27] Lynxx: hahaha
[2019-07-03 00:10:58] StarFire: yes, second bladrunner movie i did not like
[2019-07-03 00:11:04] Haggis Muncher: Just watched the usa ladies beat the sassenachs lol
[2019-07-03 00:11:06] Rick Bonner: Like… how them gals winked at us like they did……..
[2019-07-03 00:11:07] admin: it looks at us like we’re the cattle (for dna)
[2019-07-03 00:11:45] sqirl: the health advantage
[2019-07-03 00:12:21] StarFire: we dont see the trees for the lies
[2019-07-03 00:12:34] nancy: thats right TONY
[2019-07-03 00:12:37] SantaClaws: Tony, do you think the reason why so many Chinese wear hospital masks is so the AI can’t recognize facial recognition? But they say it’s because of “germs” ?
[2019-07-03 00:12:47] StarFire: lets have a tea party… but theat was a joke set up too
[2019-07-03 00:13:11] nancy: ‹@StarFire› LOL
[2019-07-03 00:13:14] Lynxx: Controlled
[2019-07-03 00:13:40] Haggis Muncher: ‹@SantaClaws› they got bad breath lol
[2019-07-03 00:13:43] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@SantaClaws› its because the the high pollution in Beijing. They are encouraged to wear them
[2019-07-03 00:13:45] StarFire: demoCrazy
[2019-07-03 00:14:04] Rick Bonner: One thing that IS real, is how me an’ Haggis FEEL, when them Prettys winked on us, Starman. 😚
[2019-07-03 00:14:27] StarFire: Ai has a Fractal type of programming.. so the mask wont stop it from recognize
[2019-07-03 00:15:22] admin: Don’t forget that the blue beam will also penetrate the mask to identify them
[2019-07-03 00:15:26] StarFire: But ive seen some chinease here on tv wearing mask.. so you right tony they are hiding
[2019-07-03 00:15:55] Haggis Muncher: my dentist wears one then he robs me at the end !
[2019-07-03 00:16:04] SantaClaws: ‹@Haggis Muncher› Lol!
[2019-07-03 00:16:16] Rick Bonner: These ARE…. the good ol’ days, Carly!
[2019-07-03 00:16:26] StarFire: haha haggis
[2019-07-03 00:18:07] sqirl: Tent cities don’t lie
[2019-07-03 00:18:26] Rick Bonner: Hi there, Daisy!
[2019-07-03 00:20:14] Lynxx: Have you heard about the Chemtrail that they are spraying over us, that is designed to make religious people docile?
[2019-07-03 00:20:29] Lynxx:
[2019-07-03 00:20:33] nancy: LOUD N CLEAR
[2019-07-03 00:20:41] StarFire: im all out of bubble gum
[2019-07-03 00:20:46] Rick Bonner: They Live! (But I don’ “feed” ’em.)
[2019-07-03 00:21:08] nancy: ‹@StarFire› I GOT SOME
[2019-07-03 00:21:41] StarFire: Interesting Tony about the ascension
[2019-07-03 00:21:48] StarFire: haha nancy
[2019-07-03 00:22:20] StarFire: Tony.. not downloaded.. But Uploaded into ascension
[2019-07-03 00:22:35] admin: Tony you follow the theater lately that’s going on with Huawei’s 5G and the US? I mean what they did is so smart… They indexed all the search engines with this fake ‘trade war’on 5G so people can’t acces any info about the dangers of 5G
[2019-07-03 00:22:39] Lynxx: They just killed my HTML 5 Player
[2019-07-03 00:22:39] admin: Besides, even the CEO of Huawei admits that this is great marketing for them.
[2019-07-03 00:22:44] Lynxx: No sound.
[2019-07-03 00:22:53] Rick Bonner: Fortunately, me an’ ‘at Jesus fella are “leery” o’ them ‘religeous’ folk, Lynxx. (Ya gotta WATCH them folk; they crucify, given arf a chance…)
[2019-07-03 00:22:55] StarFire: haha yep
[2019-07-03 00:23:04] sqirl: I ‘ve been link banned. I can’t post a link
[2019-07-03 00:23:47] Yannis-AroyMak: this is very accurate Tony…!!
[2019-07-03 00:24:28] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› you got to put link in between ( put link in these )
[2019-07-03 00:25:22] sqirl: Thanks smarty pants
[2019-07-03 00:25:43] StarFire*KISSED*
[2019-07-03 00:25:48] Rick Bonner: Parens….. like ‘parents’…. them adults what edu-mick-ate in-finks…. rare as hen’s teeth.
[2019-07-03 00:26:27] knapstersky: ‹@sqirl› thanks for that link.
[2019-07-03 00:26:54] sqirl: Welcome Knaps
[2019-07-03 00:26:56] admin: China is going into full singularity mode. Assimilating churches and mosques
[2019-07-03 00:28:48] Rick Bonner: Nappys…, smarty pants….. I’m a livin’, breathin’ ‘Rorsach test’….. 😄 Hi’ya, Knapp!
[2019-07-03 00:28:50] StarFire: wow fast first half
[2019-07-03 00:29:30] knapstersky: ‹@Rick Bonner› how’s it hanging.
[2019-07-03 00:29:54] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› he’s on fire tonight!
[2019-07-03 00:30:01] sheila brown: Thousands of acres of corn and soybeans have been destroyed by a hailstorm that moved through southwest Minnesota new headline
[2019-07-03 00:30:19] StarFire: hiya sheila
[2019-07-03 00:30:29] sheila brown: hi
[2019-07-03 00:30:33] Rick Bonner: Deep….., an’ Col’! (Ever hear that joke? How deep’s the water, felka?)
[2019-07-03 00:30:55] StarFire: deep too
[2019-07-03 00:30:55] Rick Bonner: Feller
[2019-07-03 00:31:15] sheila brown: anyone who uses tony’s teeth solution – how many times do you use it and what strength
[2019-07-03 00:31:19] Rick Bonner: You HEARD it, Starman!
[2019-07-03 00:31:19] StarFire: i think that joke came from bill cosby long ago
[2019-07-03 00:31:55] sqirl: Sheila I swish when I brush in the morning and night
[2019-07-03 00:31:55] Rick Bonner: Yeah. Real ‘long’ ago…..
[2019-07-03 00:32:21] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› sheila, i use teef stuff. 3 to 4 times a week.. more sometimes.. but i also oil pull and mouthwash with xylotal
[2019-07-03 00:32:53] sheila brown: I just use it at night – thinking about doing it twice – cannot get it to mix well (using 3 cups water)
[2019-07-03 00:33:29] Rick Bonner: Me an’ the other good dawgs watch out fer ‘at xylitolll…
[2019-07-03 00:33:35] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› distilled water.. i shake it up alot
[2019-07-03 00:34:02] robberts: sheila i use it , i think more you use it the more effective,,, 9 to 1
[2019-07-03 00:34:48] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› you might need to maybe cut down the baking soda.. but still just shake it up before use
[2019-07-03 00:34:51] sheila brown: yep distilled – he suggested heat might help in mixing – did not help and yep shake a lot
[2019-07-03 00:35:26] StarFire: if you put TSP in glass jar… it will heat up glass jar… that is weird.. before you add water
[2019-07-03 00:35:26] sheila brown: I have noticed using different baking soda and different distilled affects it with mixing
[2019-07-03 00:35:42] StarFire: the tsp will heat up by itself
[2019-07-03 00:35:46] sheila brown: I think it is helping the chipped teeth but not sure
[2019-07-03 00:35:59] robberts: which baking soda you use
[2019-07-03 00:36:04] StarFire: keep at it sheila
[2019-07-03 00:36:42] sheila brown: tried arm & hammer (best), sprouts, and whole foods
[2019-07-03 00:36:43] StarFire: tony has always maintained that all baking soda is the same
[2019-07-03 00:36:58] sheila brown: do it 3 min every night
[2019-07-03 00:37:01] robberts: there you go
[2019-07-03 00:37:03] Rick Bonner: Exo-thermic chemical reaction….. heat is released. (The energy that used to hold molecules together…)
[2019-07-03 00:37:28] sheila brownlol the sprouts was almost clear just after shaking
[2019-07-03 00:37:38] StarFire: yeah rick
[2019-07-03 00:38:13] Rick Bonner: Fire in the (outer electron shell) hole!
[2019-07-03 00:38:14] StarFire: you were already famous tony
[2019-07-03 00:38:29] sheila brown: so you warmed only the tsp a bit cause I did baking soda, tsp and 1 cup of water then more water
[2019-07-03 00:38:57] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› the tsp warms all by itself
[2019-07-03 00:39:05] StarFire: haha tony
[2019-07-03 00:39:13] StarFire: noooo tony
[2019-07-03 00:39:51] Monkey_Breath: They don’t want to listen
[2019-07-03 00:40:07] admin: Tony did you find a decent cartoonist already?
[2019-07-03 00:40:31] StarFire: when i put the tsp in glass jar.. i let it sit for a minute then feel the bottom of jar and it warm almost hot… freeked me out
[2019-07-03 00:40:58] Rick Bonner: But…, like you an’ me, Monk…. like attracts like. (Hell! I LIKE you, Monk!)
[2019-07-03 00:41:39] Monkey_Breath: Ditto Rick
[2019-07-03 00:41:42] sheila brown: starfire – probably why it comes in plastic
[2019-07-03 00:42:24] Rick Bonner: Ahhhhh, ya says that to ALL o’ the ‘waked up’ folk!
[2019-07-03 00:42:33] nancy: robo cop
[2019-07-03 00:42:40] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› how many tablespoons of baking soda do u use?
[2019-07-03 00:43:10] sheila brown: 6 like he says but I put the tsp and baking soda together then add water
[2019-07-03 00:43:30] StarFire: yeah ok sheila
[2019-07-03 00:44:43] StarFire: like the swarstnegger movie.. mars
[2019-07-03 00:44:53] sheila brown: I do brush and then use it – I want the teeth to have the best chance of getting it to be effective
[2019-07-03 00:45:02] sqirl: Eliminating fuel is on Pres canidate Jay Inslee’s platform.
[2019-07-03 00:45:10] sheila brown: oh no toothpast though
[2019-07-03 00:45:13] StarFire: Total recal
[2019-07-03 00:46:09] StarFire: i make my own toothpaste shiela then use tsp yes… or i brush at night.. then in morning i use tsp
[2019-07-03 00:46:30] sqirl: and a fundamental change in economics and politics….it’s called International Communitarian law. (…)
[2019-07-03 00:46:33] Rick Bonner: The horseshit goes like this: an alert driver reacts to an emergency, and stomps the brakes in one two hundredth of a second. 5G ‘reacts’ in less time.
[2019-07-03 00:47:27] StarFire: haaha
[2019-07-03 00:48:04] StarFire: Bizzarro world … jerry
[2019-07-03 00:48:30] admin: What one? what did you say didn’t hear?
[2019-07-03 00:49:05] Rick Bonner: There goes John Lennon again…. an’ no religeons, too.
[2019-07-03 00:49:54] nancy: ‹@Rick Bonner› and david bowie no religion
[2019-07-03 00:50:09] StarFire: There is a comedy tv show.. on hulu called Future man.. i love it…
[2019-07-03 00:50:16] admin: They are screwing with everything
[2019-07-03 00:50:33] nancy: modern love
[2019-07-03 00:50:50] sqirl: I started 25 thyme plants this spring…I knew I needed that thyme
[2019-07-03 00:50:56] StarFire: Bowie did a song called… Loving the Alien
[2019-07-03 00:51:17] StarFire: nice sqirl
[2019-07-03 00:51:21] nancy: ‹@StarFire› dont know that one
[2019-07-03 00:51:38] sheila brown: trying to learn to plant :( not going well
[2019-07-03 00:51:45] Rick Bonner: Even a blin’ squirrel, like that poor, androgenous singer, Dave, gits an acorn, now an’ again, Nance.
[2019-07-03 00:51:49] Lynxx: Any suggestions for natural emphysema treatment? Stage 1 and 2.
[2019-07-03 00:51:51] sheila brown: no bees in area
[2019-07-03 00:51:58] StarFire: ‹@nancy› go find it
[2019-07-03 00:52:12] nancy: Tony has a special appointment
[2019-07-03 00:52:33] Rick Bonner: Parsley, sage, rosemary an’ thyme, Squirrel.
[2019-07-03 00:52:42] sqirl: Sheila get a little farmers almanac. usually on a seed rack at the hardware store. It’s a moon calendar guide to lots of good info
[2019-07-03 00:52:57] nancy: ‹@StarFire› ok
[2019-07-03 00:53:27] StarFire: ‹@sheila brown› if you grow inside.. no bees.. a fan will pollinate plants… some even pollinate by hand
[2019-07-03 00:53:28] sqirl: I started a bunch of sweet majoram also
[2019-07-03 00:53:30] sheila brown: yep my friend is going by it and going to help me next season
[2019-07-03 00:53:49] Rick Bonner: You can’t go ‘wrong’ with some hyssop, oregeno oil, Lynxx….
[2019-07-03 00:54:11] Lynxx: Hmmmm.
[2019-07-03 00:54:26] sqirl: Hyssop is lovely, she didn’t over winter . Gotta start over
[2019-07-03 00:54:29] StarFire: Chuck norris can control ai
[2019-07-03 00:55:00] Rick Bonner: Oregeno oil Clears them sinuses, and aereola sacs in the lungs….
[2019-07-03 00:55:32] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› is it true he’s the only man who can slam a revolving door lol
[2019-07-03 00:56:02] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Rick Bonner› so do you put the oil in steam?
[2019-07-03 00:56:07] sqirl: RB I have a few plants and even fresh it’s potent in quantity cooked with food
[2019-07-03 00:56:27] Lynxx: Tony, do you have information on emphysema treatment on augmentinforce that I can send my mom?
[2019-07-03 00:56:34] Rick Bonner: And when Mike, the arch angel comes true yer neighborhood, he’ll ‘pass-over’ yer place, if you ‘painted the door lintels…..
[2019-07-03 00:56:58] Lynxx: I can’t find anything on there.
[2019-07-03 00:56:59] StarFire: hahaha haggis
[2019-07-03 00:57:36] Rick Bonner: Monk. Yep. Aerosolized molecules o’ oregeno are purty good….
[2019-07-03 00:58:04] Monkey_Breath: thanks Rick
[2019-07-03 00:58:28] sqirl: Thank you Tony
[2019-07-03 00:58:28] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-07-03 00:58:51] StarFire: 20 drops iodine… 3 times.. total of 60 drops.. or 20 drops total in 3 times?
[2019-07-03 00:58:54] Yannis-AroyMak: Tony you said Vit C and then what was the other thing for the emphysema?
[2019-07-03 00:59:05] Monkey_Breath: thanks again tony. You are the best!
[2019-07-03 00:59:13] Billy29: Thank tony good night everybody Have a great fourth of July
[2019-07-03 00:59:23] Yannis-AroyMak: thanks for the show tony
[2019-07-03 00:59:29] Yannis-AroyMak: Good night all
[2019-07-03 00:59:42] Lynxx: Crap. I lost my audio. When it came back, Tony was ending his answer to me. Does anyone know what he said?
[2019-07-03 00:59:42] StarFire: you gonna be on thursday tony?
[2019-07-03 00:59:44] Rick Bonner: Vital mineral ‘C’. Onion. And garlic.
[2019-07-03 00:59:45] knapstersky: tanks Tony.
[2019-07-03 00:59:50] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› good night
[2019-07-03 00:59:52] Lynxx: Shalom Tony.
[2019-07-03 00:59:54] Haggis Muncher: Nights all ty take care
[2019-07-03 01:00:05] sheila brown: Night Yannis
[2019-07-03 01:00:09] sqirl: I remember women require more Iodine 20 drops 3times a day
[2019-07-03 01:00:12] Lynxx: Thanks Rick.
[2019-07-03 01:00:21] StarFire: ‹@Lynxx› 2 grams Vit C every 3 hours…. iodine 20 drops , spread out during the day….
[2019-07-03 01:00:37] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@sheila brown› thx. Good night every one
[2019-07-03 01:00:39] StarFire: ‹@sqirl› so 60 drops in one day?
[2019-07-03 01:00:45] admin: Goodnight everyone
[2019-07-03 01:01:12] sqirl: I’ve only worked up to 15 drops twice a day
[2019-07-03 01:01:19] nancy: ‹@admin› good night
[2019-07-03 01:01:36] Rick Bonner: See? Here, we CARE about other people, and, their Moms….
[2019-07-03 01:01:36] sqirl: I remember Tony recommemded a sh.t ton of it.
[2019-07-03 01:01:49] sheila brown: squrl have you notice adifference with iodine
[2019-07-03 01:01:57] StarFire: i try and do 20 drops in a day… 5 drops at a time.. in juice… half juice and half water
[2019-07-03 01:02:23] sqirl: women need more- we are emotiona;
[2019-07-03 01:02:27] Lynxx: Yah’s will be done.
[2019-07-03 01:02:41] robberts: me too starfire and it worked
[2019-07-03 01:02:45] Rick Bonner: You CAN’T have ‘too much’, Starman, but you damn sure kin have ‘not enough’.
[2019-07-03 01:02:51] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-07-03 01:02:56] StarFire: good robberts
[2019-07-03 01:03:16] sqirl: Great info Tony
[2019-07-03 01:03:26] Lynxx: What were you suffering from Star?
[2019-07-03 01:03:30] StarFire: i think the secret is spread out the day with iodine or other vits etc
[2019-07-03 01:03:36] nancy: THANK YOU TONY ,HEALING HERO
[2019-07-03 01:03:48] StarFire: ‹@Lynxx› felt like i was dying… i was dying
[2019-07-03 01:03:53] independz: just a guy who knows some stuff
[2019-07-03 01:03:57] independz: glad I could help
[2019-07-03 01:04:20] Monkey_Breath: You know more than most!
[2019-07-03 01:04:38] StarFire: Tony. is 2 tsp epsom salt and 1/4 tsp of citric acid ok to do in water… taste better that way
[2019-07-03 01:04:39] sheila brown: I think we have a great group here
[2019-07-03 01:05:05] Monkey_Breath: I do as well.
[2019-07-03 01:05:07] nancy: called out
[2019-07-03 01:05:28] Lynxx: I’ve never heard of drinking epsom salt?
[2019-07-03 01:05:42] Rick Bonner: Puts me in mind of ‘water boarding’, Starman….. it ‘feels’ like yer drowning because you ARE drowning.
[2019-07-03 01:06:02] StarFire: ‹@Lynxx› look it up.. epsom salt is good for you and women
[2019-07-03 01:06:17] StarFire: hahaha rick
[2019-07-03 01:06:23] Lynxx: Thanks Star.
[2019-07-03 01:06:49] StarFire: ‹@Lynxx› read on the epsom salt bag how to use it
[2019-07-03 01:07:21] StarFire: ‹@Lynxx› epsom salt pulls out alluminum and also helps you go bathroom if you need it
[2019-07-03 01:07:43] Lynxx: Thanks Star.
[2019-07-03 01:07:49] sheila brown: tony also says add borax
[2019-07-03 01:08:13] StarFire: Women especially need epsom salt
[2019-07-03 01:08:29] StarFire: yeah sheila..
[2019-07-03 01:08:46] StarFire: i do borax 2 times a day morning and with dinner
[2019-07-03 01:09:10] sheila brown: think was 1 tsp epsomsalt and 1 tsp borax in 3 cups water and sip
[2019-07-03 01:09:54] StarFire: i wish tony would start giving us recipes to try again.. like extracting herbs. love the herbs recepes , fun stuff to do
[2019-07-03 01:10:04] Rick Bonner: Please, please, DO take CARE, ever body! See you!
[2019-07-03 01:10:16] sheila brown: yep enjoyed that lol
[2019-07-03 01:10:20] Lynxx: Shalom Rick
[2019-07-03 01:10:21] StarFire: cya rick thanks
[2019-07-03 01:10:26] sheila brown: night all
[2019-07-03 01:11:17] Monkey_Breath: Hopefully tony will be on Thursday. Goodnight everyone!
[2019-07-03 01:16:04] StarFire: nite yall
[2019-07-03 01:17:31] Lynxx: Shalom Star
[2019-07-03 01:18:11] nancy: ‹@Lynxx› Shalom
[2019-07-03 01:18:22] Lynxx: Does anyone know what video this guy is talking about?
[2019-07-03 01:19:07] nancy: i do not
[2019-07-03 01:21:16] Lynxx: Damn! I forgot to ask Tony about reactivating my memory.
[2019-07-03 01:21:34] Lynxx: Any ideas, anyone?
[2019-07-03 01:22:31] Lynxx: I thought it was the pot, but I can’t remember easy things anymore.
[2019-07-03 01:22:48] robberts: lynx;b3+copper
[2019-07-03 01:23:44] Lynxx: Thanks Robberts
[2019-07-03 01:30:37] Caim: rosemary
[2019-07-03 01:31:02] Caim: rosary get it? rosemary means rememberance
[2019-07-03 01:31:52] Lynxx: Interesting.
[2019-07-03 01:32:08] Caim: i would get copper in my diet. avacado liquid chloraphyll has copper. copper allows the body to ingest zinc. zinc build up due to copper deficiency can cause brain fog.
[2019-07-03 01:32:15] Caim: i learned this from tony
[2019-07-03 01:33:28] Caim: its harder to forget vs the energy required to rememeber things.. my grandpa passed away from alzheimers. the memory is very dear . its how we exist.
[2019-07-03 01:34:08] Caim: i hope you find this well and bless your efforts as well.
[2019-07-03 01:34:12] Lynxx: Yes
[2019-07-03 01:34:23] Caim: b3 niacin? interesting
[2019-07-03 01:34:32] Caim: that makes me turn red lol
[2019-07-03 01:34:38] Caim: i missed the show lol
[2019-07-03 01:35:19] Lynxx: I’ve learned a lot from Tony. I just can’t remember any of it.
[2019-07-03 01:35:58] Caimlol i get ingrediants from his videos then forget why i bought them lol
[2019-07-03 01:36:18] Lynxx: hahahaha
[2019-07-03 01:37:44] Caim: oranges. orange essential oil helps stimulate the brain . salt detoxifies the brain. fish remember they called that brain food. if you learn any ways to help memory im very curious to know
[2019-07-03 01:37:45] Lynxx: Two sides of the same coin.
[2019-07-03 01:38:25] Caim: ever seen a coin stand upright during a coin toss? but yes
[2019-07-03 01:43:31] Caim: my contact info if you or anyone here would like to share or if i can help with something. to contact me.
[2019-07-03 01:44:10] Caim: im going to copy these links and wait for the podcast to upload todays show. that i missed.
[2019-07-03 01:44:24] Lynxx:
[2019-07-03 01:45:00] Caim: alright thanks
[2019-07-03 01:45:45] Caim: oh and on tonys videos, i learned that its best to take a few notes. he says stuff quite fast.
[2019-07-03 01:46:30] Lynxx: Yes. I stop and back the video up A LOT!

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