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“The Remedy” 2019-07-09 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/07/09 - Artificial Intelligence - NanoPoisoning - Wireless Frequencies - Solutions

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-July-09):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of July 09, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Re capping some of Sundays show

Due to the 4th of July did a show on Sunday 

Democracy is dead and what has killed democracy the being dependent–Technology has killed democracy

Connecting the dots and the initiating our removal of our democracy

When they initiated this in 1960 the removal of our freedoms with programming

Elana Freeland contacted me with some 4 d tech and the connection to mk-ultra and how they program you in ways of a thought process and a function they want to have you do is through a program and this is a jaded program

AI tech is moving faster and more efficient

The AI barbie doll scientist and there lollipop view of this tech

You should be afraid of this AI system due what it can do, not due to the loss of the jobs it is replacing

Where do you put displaced people that AI is taken jobs away from—Military–easiest way to remove displaced people

DNA is an antenna

Bryan 396 sent me some data and some other stuff I found and you can see the verification of this we have been saying for a period of time

Where are we at today not sure due to the augments of nano and the operating in the wrong frequnecies based on what is being stated in research

Cell phones need to be turned off before they come into a a store and perhaps should be implemented everywhere

Main focal point is not 5G but what it is doing to us

They live a vimeo link there showing the antennae array was shut down, the frequencies went back to a norm and everyone could see what was really there

We do not know how the frequencies are affecting our perceptions and we have no idea of the intensity of the beams and there full effect on the brain

Cymatics and how the frequency is affecting materials–and there activities

We need to pay attention to the Bible and other books so we can see the connections

Hating for no reasons as a result we are segregating and losing the information we should be sharing and informing each other to save each other

Nano frequency activation and the high the frequency the more it aggregates and separates, meaning it is networking and patterns and the nano assembly and you can see how they actually mass up and to continues there assembly and then impacts

Woman have nano saturation in the arms

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-07-10 00:00:01] Fiona T: Holy cow, did I make it at the right time today?! *SMILE*
[2019-07-10 00:00:16] sheila brown: hi Fiona yep
[2019-07-10 00:00:21] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› glued magnets on the wings of a fan
[2019-07-10 00:00:32] admin: ‹@Fiona T› Hi fiona, yeah seems like it, however tony hasn’t arrived yet
[2019-07-10 00:00:36] Fiona T: woohoo!
[2019-07-10 00:00:41] TruthWarrior: does anyone know what time Tony’s Show start?
[2019-07-10 00:00:41] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› yeap. Just on time!
[2019-07-10 00:00:55] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@TruthWarrior› starts now. This is the intro music
[2019-07-10 00:01:02] admin: This is the music but no tony?
[2019-07-10 00:01:39] admin: Tony is undercover today hahahah another account I guess
[2019-07-10 00:01:40] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-07-10 00:01:51] nancy‹@admin› i ask about the electrical stuff
[2019-07-10 00:01:53] Yannis-AroyMak: hi Haggis
[2019-07-10 00:01:56] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-07-10 00:02:00] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Tony !
[2019-07-10 00:02:17] independz: (… ) (…
[2019-07-10 00:03:17] admin: ‹@nancy› Sunon fans are good, copper on one side, magnets on the other
[2019-07-10 00:04:29] StarFire: hi
[2019-07-10 00:04:39] nancy‹@admin› yes i now know fan to small manets to big lolol
[2019-07-10 00:05:25] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@StarFire› hi starfire
[2019-07-10 00:05:25] Cecil: hi
[2019-07-10 00:05:40] Fiona T: hey Cecil
[2019-07-10 00:05:49] admin: ‹@nancy› Eurom Safe-blade fans are good for me
[2019-07-10 00:05:59] Billy29: Hi all
[2019-07-10 00:06:02] admin: Do you have that available there nancy? check that one out
[2019-07-10 00:06:03] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-07-10 00:06:04] sqirl: hi team
[2019-07-10 00:06:09] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-07-10 00:06:15] StarFire: demon crazy = democracy
[2019-07-10 00:06:19] nancy‹@admin› ok thx
[2019-07-10 00:06:35] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-07-10 00:06:38] Fiona T: demon crazy… that’s clever
[2019-07-10 00:06:54] independz: (… ) (… ) (… )
[2019-07-10 00:07:16] independz: (… ) (… ) (
[2019-07-10 00:07:17] sqirl: Or what could be growing out of the aerosols
[2019-07-10 00:08:06] independz: (… )
[2019-07-10 00:09:24] admin: What bandwidth do dna’s emit frequency?
[2019-07-10 00:09:52] Fiona T: admin, I think I heard 2.4Ghz but not sure if that’s true. Tony probably knows
[2019-07-10 00:10:24] admin: ‹@Fiona T› that’s wifi I think
[2019-07-10 00:10:38] Fiona T: yes
[2019-07-10 00:11:23] admin: Tony I saw terrahertz frequencies like 150 GHZ 300 GHZ? that’s even worse than 5G
[2019-07-10 00:11:32] Fiona T: What do cell phones vibrate at? That’s what DNA vibrates at.. just heard this a few days ago. I thought it was 2.4 Ghz. Will dig that up
[2019-07-10 00:11:49] sqirl: I saw the impossible burger at a restaurant in Olympia, Wa
[2019-07-10 00:11:57] Cecil: (…
[2019-07-10 00:12:06] sqirl: Things are moving fast
[2019-07-10 00:12:23] robberts: tony cant you shield you shop
[2019-07-10 00:12:36] TruthWarrior: 1Thz= 1000Ghz
[2019-07-10 00:13:43] TruthWarrior: “They Live” was the movie
[2019-07-10 00:13:52] Cecil: (…)
[2019-07-10 00:14:38] StarFire: i wonder how the Shuman Resonence deals with all of this?
[2019-07-10 00:15:11] StarFire: I question space… Astronaughts say space is an ocean…
[2019-07-10 00:15:15] Cecil: resonate frequency
[2019-07-10 00:16:01] StarFire: we love to hate
[2019-07-10 00:16:24] Cecil: its endless. one side , a black hole. the other, a frontier. space generating looks like the window on the starship enterprise.
[2019-07-10 00:16:33] Fiona T: (… )
[2019-07-10 00:16:40] TruthWarrior: I guess I need to start eating Figs…. lol
[2019-07-10 00:16:57] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@StarFire› Astronaughts is actually two greek works which literally translate to star sailors….
[2019-07-10 00:17:07] Cecil: thank you fiona
[2019-07-10 00:17:17] Fiona T: NP
[2019-07-10 00:17:28] Cecil: neat yannis
[2019-07-10 00:18:16] StarFire: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› cool..
[2019-07-10 00:18:30] Cecil: (… )
[2019-07-10 00:18:51] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Fiona T› nice article you found
[2019-07-10 00:19:16] Fiona T: yeah!
[2019-07-10 00:19:18] Cecil: (… )
[2019-07-10 00:20:08] admin: Tony you keep saying “unless you hit it with a strong enough emp” – how strong are we talk about? like how many amp is needed? and you mentioned an emp with a vortex? can you elaborate more on what you mean with vortex?
[2019-07-10 00:20:13] Fiona T: Tony, can you explain the reaction people get on their skin where the pigment seems to disappear? Something about Thz frequencies hitting the person, right?
[2019-07-10 00:20:32] TruthWarrior: Blame canada
[2019-07-10 00:20:59] Cecil: (… )
[2019-07-10 00:21:11] nancy‹@Yannis-AroyMak› i like i Star SAILOR
[2019-07-10 00:22:05] Cecil: ever heard of alex chiu? is his stuff good or bogus?
[2019-07-10 00:22:24] Monkey_Breath: tony, will you have a video of the emp unit you made?
[2019-07-10 00:22:45] admin: An emp is possible without negative magnetism right? I am not sure if negative magnetism is the best thing for your molecules. I read something about that.
[2019-07-10 00:23:03] gia: Tony show went silent for me
[2019-07-10 00:23:10] Cecil: cool
[2019-07-10 00:23:20] gia: Ok refreshed
[2019-07-10 00:23:25] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› It is the exact etymology of the word…
[2019-07-10 00:23:34] Cecil: uh oh
[2019-07-10 00:24:00] Cecil: where has jude been?
[2019-07-10 00:24:04] TruthWarrior: where is the plans for Tony’s new device?
[2019-07-10 00:24:30] coronagal: Sorry being so late.
[2019-07-10 00:24:30] Cecil: i built 3 triangles
[2019-07-10 00:24:45] Cecil: better late than never
[2019-07-10 00:24:49] Yannis-AroyMak: it is work in progress
[2019-07-10 00:24:59] Cecil: welcome warrior
[2019-07-10 00:25:13] admin: What do you guys use to make the triangle as the base shape (something that holds everything in place)
[2019-07-10 00:25:20] admin: a pool triangle maybe
[2019-07-10 00:25:34] TruthWarrior: LOL
[2019-07-10 00:25:41] Cecil: glad its working gia
[2019-07-10 00:25:53] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Cecil› this is good, and if you operate this at the same time lets say around you , they will create multi fields
[2019-07-10 00:25:53] Cecil: antinano
[2019-07-10 00:26:23] admin: ‹@Cecil› no I mean some people use the pool rack to use it as the shape
[2019-07-10 00:26:24] Cecil: @yannis: all at once?
[2019-07-10 00:26:27] admin: to wrap it around
[2019-07-10 00:26:38] Cecil: ohhh. good idea
[2019-07-10 00:26:41] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› 3 plastic cutting boards from IKEA will do the work Addy
[2019-07-10 00:26:44] Cecil: thats ideal there
[2019-07-10 00:26:50] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Cecil› yes
[2019-07-10 00:27:10] Monkey_Breath: The pool rack is a great idea.
[2019-07-10 00:27:16] Cecil: alright. i will need another power supply
[2019-07-10 00:27:16] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› do you leave it in there or do you pull it out later
[2019-07-10 00:27:24] Cecil: yep
[2019-07-10 00:27:27] Fiona T: I’ve been using my triangle while working at my computer. I put it under my feet, plus have the fans around me. My bubble
[2019-07-10 00:27:48] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› pool triangle too
[2019-07-10 00:28:08] Cecil: i need to replace my laptop then
[2019-07-10 00:28:15] sqirl: mirror sheilds?
[2019-07-10 00:28:31] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› Do you leave it in there when you wrap it? I missed that part
[2019-07-10 00:28:37] TruthWarrior: Figs are good for the gonads
[2019-07-10 00:28:40] Cecil: men beware titanium. women beware aluminum.
[2019-07-10 00:28:48] Cecil: ok lol
[2019-07-10 00:28:53] sheila brown: Fiona – what difference have you noticed
[2019-07-10 00:29:03] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› nice fiona… you creating a nice bubble and distortion of incoming freq with the fan
[2019-07-10 00:29:26] Cecil: stops the weebie jeebies
[2019-07-10 00:29:33] Fiona T: Only been doing it a couple of days, but it seems to calm down the neuropathy in my legs
[2019-07-10 00:30:00] Fiona T: anytime I do the bucket or triangle, the neuropathy calms down, I breath better, sleep better.
[2019-07-10 00:30:05] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› no you can remove them. Depends the thickness of the cable. It thin you can keep it. If thicker will keep the same with extra tape
[2019-07-10 00:30:35] Cecil: yes sqrl
[2019-07-10 00:30:39] Cecil: reflects
[2019-07-10 00:30:41] Yannis-AroyMak: with keep the shape I mean
[2019-07-10 00:31:14] sheila brown: Tony – besides giving up grains and lots of stuff – how can you get rid of white spots and a few kinda crusted tiny spots?
[2019-07-10 00:31:31] admin: ‹@Fiona T› Maybe magnesium and dmso will help also (topically)…
[2019-07-10 00:31:43] Cecil: not sure, warrior of truth. tba haha
[2019-07-10 00:31:59] Fiona T: I use DMSO, it helps with joint pain for sure
[2019-07-10 00:32:03] Cecil: potasium is great for fruit tree soil
[2019-07-10 00:32:28] Cecil: next to a forehead
[2019-07-10 00:33:00] Cecil: strengthen the heart if this happens
[2019-07-10 00:34:26] admin: Tony shall I trust a holistic dentist to get my dental fillings removed?
[2019-07-10 00:34:36] Cecil: i gave up grains several months ago. i grow pineapple, mango etc. for years i been trying to get a live coconut to grow. its nearly impossible, no results yet.
[2019-07-10 00:34:36] sheila brown: you scrape off the white on top and nice pink skin under it
[2019-07-10 00:34:48] Cecil: in CA
[2019-07-10 00:35:27] Fiona T: those are great fruits to grow, Cecil!
[2019-07-10 00:35:43] Cecil: is it ok if i eat little rice tony?
[2019-07-10 00:35:52] Cecil: yeah xD
[2019-07-10 00:35:58] TruthWarrior: coconuts are expensive
[2019-07-10 00:36:46] Cecil: i slowly introduced rice in my diet
[2019-07-10 00:37:00] Cecil: yep. no
[2019-07-10 00:37:06] Cecil: i know
[2019-07-10 00:37:16] Cecil: well your protocols change
[2019-07-10 00:37:23] Cecil: ok got it
[2019-07-10 00:37:33] Cecil: thanks
[2019-07-10 00:37:45] Cecil: sounds good
[2019-07-10 00:38:09] Cecil: i made a bucket too
[2019-07-10 00:38:15] Cecil: repulsers
[2019-07-10 00:38:30] TruthWarrior: Any TIs here?
[2019-07-10 00:38:34] Cecil: dust repelling??
[2019-07-10 00:39:13] Cecil: it hurts as its slowly getting out
[2019-07-10 00:39:21] Cecil: salt baths everyday
[2019-07-10 00:39:24] admin: ‹@TruthWarrior› it would be quicker to mention who is not
[2019-07-10 00:39:24] Cecil: etc
[2019-07-10 00:39:27] knapstersky: ‹@TruthWarrior› i think we’re all TI’s.
[2019-07-10 00:39:51] TruthWarrior: I agree
[2019-07-10 00:40:08] Cecil: be gods antenna
[2019-07-10 00:40:36] Cecil: cooks
[2019-07-10 00:41:08] Cecil: thats what im talking about
[2019-07-10 00:41:28] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@TruthWarrior› about TIs, I even found an implant in my eye which I did not put it there…
[2019-07-10 00:41:41] Cecil: no more oats or barley consumption
[2019-07-10 00:42:29] Monkey_Breath: are Floaters in the eyes nano?
[2019-07-10 00:42:46] Yannis-AroyMak: even worry about the music & tones we hear…
[2019-07-10 00:42:50] knapstersky: ‹@Monkey_Breath› yes
[2019-07-10 00:42:52] Rick Bonner: Like that tune from ‘The Blues Brothers’, Funky Nassau, funky Nassau…. Oh! THAT (never a straight answer NASA…!
[2019-07-10 00:43:00] Cecil: yes monk
[2019-07-10 00:43:04] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› That UV method doesn’t seem the smartest method to do to be honest. It’s bad for your eyes. Yes floaters are nanotechnology
[2019-07-10 00:43:14] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› Hey who’s here
[2019-07-10 00:43:18] Cecil: hello brother rick
[2019-07-10 00:43:41] Cecil: subliminal context in lots of music
[2019-07-10 00:43:55] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› Addy of course. THe UV is not directed straight to the eye.
[2019-07-10 00:44:04] Rick Bonner: Hey There! Me Brother Cecil!
[2019-07-10 00:44:16] Cecil: have faith in your faith
[2019-07-10 00:44:17] Yannis-AroyMak: otherwise can/will create problems
[2019-07-10 00:44:23] Cecil: cheers
[2019-07-10 00:44:44] Cecil: refracted light
[2019-07-10 00:45:10] Rick Bonner: 😆
[2019-07-10 00:45:32] nancy‹@Rick Bonner› hi rick
[2019-07-10 00:45:39] Cecil: we who believe know
[2019-07-10 00:46:06] Rick Bonner: Hey Brother Atticus! ‘Day goin’ well, I hopes!
[2019-07-10 00:46:16] Cecil: i spend my days researching
[2019-07-10 00:46:17] Rick Bonner: Hey Nancy!
[2019-07-10 00:46:31] Cecil: thats why im single lol
[2019-07-10 00:47:08] Cecil: people can be highly retarded. with all due respect.
[2019-07-10 00:47:56] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› hahahah Addy is better, got used to that :) and days can be better of course
[2019-07-10 00:47:58] sheila brown: I am finding lots more people with the buzzing, high pitched or clicking in ears — for me a really bad weekend of it
[2019-07-10 00:48:56] admin: Tony I’m sure you had times where you felt alone like hell with this nano poisoning. It might sound weird to ask but does it make you feel a bit better to see more and more people are having this too?
[2019-07-10 00:48:58] Monkey_Breath: Tinnitus is getting worse for people
[2019-07-10 00:49:09] Cecil: same. periodically. thanks for before nancy. appreciatev your kind words.
[2019-07-10 00:49:16] Rick Bonner: You MAY be likes MOST o’ us, Cecil; incomplete whiddout a “help MEET”. But then, a righteous Lady (like a rigteous man) is better to be found than diamonds an’ rubys an other precious stones…. and, HARDER to find, too.
[2019-07-10 00:49:24] nancy‹@Monkey_Breath› yes
[2019-07-10 00:49:42] Cecil: frankensence for that monk
[2019-07-10 00:50:09] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Cecil› thanks cecil
[2019-07-10 00:50:11] Cecil: thanks for your wisdom rick
[2019-07-10 00:50:30] knapstersky: use one of these if you have to use a cellphone. (…) i keep it in the garage.
[2019-07-10 00:50:35] sqirl: Oh my , I had acupuncture in a room with a cell phone going off. Acupuncture didn’t help neddless to say. the needles are antennae
[2019-07-10 00:50:49] Rick Bonner: You GOT it, Addy! I be…, “at yer soive-isk”! At YOUR command, even!
[2019-07-10 00:50:54] Monkey_Breath: it is very refreshing to talk with an Awakened person
[2019-07-10 00:51:08] Cecil: ou. yikes sqrl
[2019-07-10 00:51:19] Cecil: yep
[2019-07-10 00:51:33] robberts: desk top shielding ideas anyone
[2019-07-10 00:51:44] Cecil: back to the abyss where it belongs
[2019-07-10 00:52:02] knapstersky: you can use your wired computer for messaging. (
[2019-07-10 00:52:15] Cecil: good thought roberts
[2019-07-10 00:52:25] admin: ‹@robberts› you mean pc shielding? display or?
[2019-07-10 00:53:04] Cecil: kids, dont shit on this lol
[2019-07-10 00:53:25] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› hahahaah thanks Rick, sorry I just saw your message
[2019-07-10 00:53:36] Cecil: pardon my dialogue
[2019-07-10 00:53:57] Rick Bonner: Izz ahwrite!
[2019-07-10 00:54:20] robberts: i mean a desk top computer its all i use and im being effected i should shiel but dont know
[2019-07-10 00:54:24] knapstersky: ‹@robberts› definately use yellow tinted glasses for the blue.
[2019-07-10 00:54:43] Cecil: thanks
[2019-07-10 00:55:08] admin: ‹@robberts› than fan remedy from tony’s more protection against rf and frequencies is a good cheap one
[2019-07-10 00:55:11] Cecil: i use yellow safety glasses and wear a lab coat all the time.
[2019-07-10 00:55:26] robberts: i do use dollar store yellows but a filter on display neccessary
[2019-07-10 00:55:48] admin: f.lux is a good one to reduce blue light
[2019-07-10 00:55:54] Cecil: the safety glasses are more durable
[2019-07-10 00:56:05] Fiona T: is the coat EMF/RF protective Cecil?
[2019-07-10 00:56:32] sheila brown: Dutchsense warning of CA getting a 7.6 before 11th unless pressure is released to OK or TX
[2019-07-10 00:56:41] Cecil: nope. i will check those out fiona.
[2019-07-10 00:56:48] Cecil: yes
[2019-07-10 00:56:54] Cecil: i know
[2019-07-10 00:57:00] Cecil: im in san andreas
[2019-07-10 00:57:09] Cecil: might not be ……..
[2019-07-10 00:57:23] Cecil: i always save the links
[2019-07-10 00:57:42] Rick Bonner: Here’s a ‘good’ place, Roberts: This Lady, Jeanice Barcelo (like ‘our’ Tony Panteleresco) is a FOUNT of Knowledge.
[2019-07-10 00:58:08] Cecil: the working ones anyway. not one was bogus to me mr t. yes tony. we arent fully cleared on all the info to discuss yet,
[2019-07-10 00:58:17] robberts: thanks
[2019-07-10 00:58:36] Fiona T: I had some weird circles appear on my legs once. Email me for pics if anyone wants! Bizzzzaaarrree
[2019-07-10 00:58:42] Cecil: i saved that link too. thanks rick.
[2019-07-10 00:58:50] Monkey_Breath:…
[2019-07-10 00:59:19] Cecil: ty monkey
[2019-07-10 00:59:21] knapstersky: thanks Tony, take’r eazy everybody.
[2019-07-10 00:59:22] Fiona T: Thanks Tony!
[2019-07-10 00:59:24] StarFire: Thank you tony.. fast show
[2019-07-10 00:59:39] Billy29: Thank tony
[2019-07-10 00:59:42] Yannis-AroyMak: Thank you Tony
[2019-07-10 00:59:44] Cecil: time flew
[2019-07-10 00:59:45] Yannis-AroyMak: THank you all
[2019-07-10 00:59:46] Rick Bonner: I’m prejudiced though, Jeanice is a friend close as a Sister to me…..
[2019-07-10 00:59:49] Cecil: ty t
[2019-07-10 00:59:50] Yannis-AroyMak: have a great evening
[2019-07-10 00:59:58] independz: usually slow and long today zip
[2019-07-10 01:00:03] independz: hahaha
[2019-07-10 01:00:24] Cecil: you really care rick. loveya bro
[2019-07-10 01:00:26] Fiona T: bye folks
[2019-07-10 01:00:30] Cecil: right
[2019-07-10 01:00:37] Cecil: bye
[2019-07-10 01:00:39] Rick Bonner: Trippin’ ‘The Light Fantastic’ fast today, Tone!
[2019-07-10 01:00:47] admin: Goodnight everyone
[2019-07-10 01:00:58] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-07-10 01:01:04] Monkey_Breath: thanks again Tony for all your smarts and research!
[2019-07-10 01:02:32] Haggis Muncher: Night all
[2019-07-10 01:03:14] Rick Bonner: Addy! Haggis! Take Care, brothers!
[2019-07-10 01:07:56] Monkey_Breath: Goodnight all!
[2019-07-10 01:14:53] nancynicleson
[2019-07-10 01:19:40] Rick Bonner: Thank you, Nancy; lotta lotta good stuff at Nicholson 68.
[2019-07-10 01:20:11] Rick Bonner: Take some Care, ever one! See ya!

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