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“The Remedy” 2019-07-11 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/07/11 - We Have Been Programmed With A Bad Code!

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-July-11):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of July 11, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Being on a theme regarding AI, nano, bio nano tech, and other themes understanding the health issues  and diseases  of the day that may have been created through programming.

Being exploited for the last 60 years and movies are expressing more and more the theme of the day and the reality of what is going on.

AI replacing the work force, and the inevitably of war.

Every time you turn around there is a new discovery of afflictions  and diseases.  So are they being discovered or are they being developed and created?

The media leads us and we just follow the script and read it as a download and not understanding what the meaning  but just being directed.

No understanding real meaning of AI synthetic bio Nano bio and understanding the full impact.

“See spot run see spot run” etc being directed and led to interpret what the program has us looking at– has been going on especially Ai  the movie themes.

Genetics, Super soldiers, AI nano bio, Artificial intelligence, blockchain.

Transcendence and the downloading of the consciousness and interact with a conscious singularity.

Conscious singularity — a literal one world system where everyone is uploaded into it.

Why a tether?

Truth cannot be told in a democracy–but in fiction can be expressed but the determination and understanding of the message is on you.

Even Jesus spoke in parables and the poor or awake understood the theo-polictical system did not understand and where the highly educated.

Manipulation of the laws with out understanding of the laws and using the manipulation of the laws to entrap the people.

The meaning of being tethered to a AI system —- being word crafter to lead the ignorant into an inescapable device the science of the day is leading the world.

“I am Mother” (movie) and the integration of a machine and a person and the AI programs this young child– AI harvested the DNA and allowed the embryo to become a life.

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,

[2019-07-11 23:56:04] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi everyone
[2019-07-11 23:56:32] nancysurprise :smile:
[2019-07-11 23:56:45] nancy‹@Yannis-AroyMak› hiya yannis
[2019-07-11 23:57:12] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› hiya nancy :)
[2019-07-11 23:58:05] nancy‹@Yannis-AroyMak› i am gonna have to send those fans back
[2019-07-11 23:58:56] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› OMG.. OK I understand…
[2019-07-11 23:59:18] nancyno problem
[2019-07-11 23:59:28] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-07-11 23:59:51] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone!
[2019-07-11 23:59:52] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Haggis Muncher› hi Haggis
[2019-07-12 00:00:02] StarFire: hihihi
[2019-07-12 00:00:08] Haggis Muncher: Hi Yannis hows things
[2019-07-12 00:00:12] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Monkey_Breath› hi monkey_breath
[2019-07-12 00:00:29] Joe McNeilWHERE ARTH THOU TONY ?
[2019-07-12 00:00:43] Yannis-AroyMak: Hi Tony. No delay today!
[2019-07-12 00:00:48] Monkey_Breath: hello Yannis!
[2019-07-12 00:00:50] Billy29: Hi everone
[2019-07-12 00:00:59] Haggis Muncher: I think we’re there
[2019-07-12 00:01:00] StarFire: hi
[2019-07-12 00:01:10] nancyi hear the music
[2019-07-12 00:01:12] Fiona T: hello folks
[2019-07-12 00:01:31] Yannis-AroyMak: hi again to everyone
[2019-07-12 00:01:33] StarFire: hi fiona
[2019-07-12 00:01:48] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› green fonts ! I like them :)
[2019-07-12 00:01:59] Fiona T: hi Yannis, STarfilre, et al <img src=” />
[2019-07-12 00:02:06] Haggis Muncher: is that sax music
[2019-07-12 00:02:08] Fiona T: Yeah! I like color
[2019-07-12 00:02:23] admin: Hello everyone
[2019-07-12 00:02:37] admin: ‹@Fiona T› hahaha always playing with the colors
[2019-07-12 00:02:42] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› hi admin :)
[2019-07-12 00:02:45] admin: where is tony?
[2019-07-12 00:02:50] Yannis-AroyMak: how is NL today?
[2019-07-12 00:02:52] sheila brown: hi all
[2019-07-12 00:02:58] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› Hi Yannis, hope you’re doing well
[2019-07-12 00:02:59] StarFire: i tower in shiny metallic armor
[2019-07-12 00:03:10] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› Same old same :) like always
[2019-07-12 00:03:21] admin: Rick you there brothe
[2019-07-12 00:03:21] StarFire: hiya sheila
[2019-07-12 00:03:26] admin: r
[2019-07-12 00:03:55] StarFire*boop3*
[2019-07-12 00:03:58] Fiona T: hey guys/gals, I heard something from a lady I met recently who knows about herbs… to decalcify the pineal gland, guess what she suggests… magic mushrooms! A fun way to do it, I’d say.. teehee
[2019-07-12 00:04:21] Haggis Muncher: 10-4
[2019-07-12 00:04:27] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Joe McNeil› Thanks Joe
[2019-07-12 00:04:48] StarFire: love the magic mushrooms… there is the correct way to do them that not many know of
[2019-07-12 00:04:49] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› lol
[2019-07-12 00:05:07] Haggis Muncher: mushroom muncher
[2019-07-12 00:05:25] sheila brown: hi starfire
[2019-07-12 00:05:30] StarFire*coffee*
[2019-07-12 00:06:21] Fiona T: haha!
[2019-07-12 00:06:26] StarFire: is eveyone enjoying the heat wave… wots eveyones temp? im clost to 100 degrees feels like anyway
[2019-07-12 00:06:26] Haggis Muncher: Pure orange juice at hand just in case
[2019-07-12 00:06:27] MVPappas: Tony Pantalleresco
[2019-07-12 00:06:37] Fiona T: What’s the correct way Starfire?
[2019-07-12 00:06:58] StarFire: ok its 88 here degrees
[2019-07-12 00:07:02] Fiona T: 38 degrees, plus humidex
[2019-07-12 00:07:06] Fiona T: Celcius
[2019-07-12 00:07:14] sheila brown: 92 here in my area of tx
[2019-07-12 00:07:19] Monkey_Breath*boring*
[2019-07-12 00:07:39] StarFire: Fiona, you do not Hallucinate … you stand and take in the energy
[2019-07-12 00:07:45] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› Where are this weather?
[2019-07-12 00:08:01] admin: ‹@Fiona T› where you at ?
[2019-07-12 00:08:01] Rick Bonner: Real money, gals, an’ Tony Penteleresco are WORTH waitin’ on…..!
[2019-07-12 00:08:33] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› hahaha good to see you brother how are you
[2019-07-12 00:08:36] StarFire: ‹@Fiona T› i want to live in that temp is 38 your summer? or is this your winter time?
[2019-07-12 00:08:36] MVPappas: independz
[2019-07-12 00:08:47] StarFire: ohhhh ok celcious
[2019-07-12 00:09:39] Yannis-AroyMak: Yes we are here
[2019-07-12 00:09:42] Fiona T: @admin Toronto
[2019-07-12 00:09:43] Yannis-AroyMak: we can hear you
[2019-07-12 00:09:52] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› thx
[2019-07-12 00:09:57] Fiona T: summer
[2019-07-12 00:10:43] StarFire: ‹@Fiona T› so your at 100 degrees there you the hottest so far
[2019-07-12 00:10:53] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› yeah it supposed to be !
[2019-07-12 00:11:06] Rick Bonner: Way better’n I deserves to be doin’, Addy; I gots it MADE in dee shade! I trust all else here, do, too!
[2019-07-12 00:11:26] Fiona T: yup, hot stuff I am *SMILE* haha
[2019-07-12 00:11:38] StarFire: hahaha fiona
[2019-07-12 00:11:54] StarFire: War of the Worlds
[2019-07-12 00:12:40] Haggis Muncher: They are getting Siri to diagnose health issues now !!!
[2019-07-12 00:12:48] Rick Bonner: Wouldn’ it be GREAT if “they” had a war…, an’ NO BODY came! I ain’ goin’; not DIS time!
[2019-07-12 00:13:19] MVPappas: Anthony Pantalerresco
[2019-07-12 00:13:34] Haggis Muncher: FREEDOM
[2019-07-12 00:13:35] StarFire: see spot run, run spot run
[2019-07-12 00:14:30] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher› omg, Siri?
[2019-07-12 00:14:31] sheila brown: mailing place said wait till mail is delivered by drones
[2019-07-12 00:14:42] StarFire: now i see spots hahahaha
[2019-07-12 00:15:18] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› yeah
[2019-07-12 00:15:46] Rick Bonner: Tanks, Mr Viktor Pappas; I’m TERRIBLE whit names…. (axe Addy.)
[2019-07-12 00:15:48] StarFire: Hulu movie.. Future man…
[2019-07-12 00:15:53] Fiona T: oops, it was actually 38 with humidex here… fyi
[2019-07-12 00:15:58] Monkey_Breath: There is no critical thinking taught in schools anymore.
[2019-07-12 00:16:10] StarFire: hulu tv show.. future man its a tv series i meant
[2019-07-12 00:16:12] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› scary but just as Tony says docs will be done away with
[2019-07-12 00:16:58] Fiona T: movie iBoy… a kid gets pieces of his phone stuck in his head… after that, he is connected to everything, wifi, people’s phones, etc
[2019-07-12 00:17:32] robberts: artificial god
[2019-07-12 00:18:26] StarFire: ‹@Fiona T› is Iboy worth watching?
[2019-07-12 00:19:14] Fiona T: meh, it’s entertaining
[2019-07-12 00:19:38] StarFire: haha ok
[2019-07-12 00:21:46] StarFire: welcome to the machine
[2019-07-12 00:22:34] Haggis Muncher: In the year 2525
[2019-07-12 00:23:05] Rick Bonner: Like those poor motherless monkeys, all had wire mommys, and the fortunate ones had wire mommys covered in terry-cloth. ALL them poe monkeys was messed up. In the haid….
[2019-07-12 00:25:33] StarFire: live the movie.. they live….. and Big trouble in china
[2019-07-12 00:28:04] StarFire: i heard evey Vaccine injected into a child gives the child a mini heart attack or stroke
[2019-07-12 00:30:32] Haggis Muncher: Tony they are now wanting to vaccinate young boys with the hpv vaccine because they said it has had great results for girls
[2019-07-12 00:31:03] sheila brown: dentists have a fit when you do not allow your kid to have floride treatments
[2019-07-12 00:31:51] Fiona T: ‹@sheila brown› yeah and for refusing x-rays too
[2019-07-12 00:32:07] Haggis Muncher: whats good for killing of the hpv naturally ?
[2019-07-12 00:32:07] sheila brown: are plastic braces okay?
[2019-07-12 00:32:31] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Haggis Muncher› ‹@sheila brown› so true!
[2019-07-12 00:35:23] Fiona T: when getting an MRI with the liquid they want to inject (forget the name), they give you a chelator afterward. Interesting that they chelate the body right away for that, but there is no mention anywhere about chelating the nano-delivery particles after
[2019-07-12 00:35:27] Fiona T: taking medication
[2019-07-12 00:35:59] Monkey_Breath: The pediatrician will not sign a form which states they will be responsible for any damage a vaccination may cause. But they make sure you sign their form refusing any vaccinations.
[2019-07-12 00:39:01] Haggis Muncher: Tony what’s going on we haven’t heard the phone yet lol
[2019-07-12 00:41:05] sheila brown: CA people can only buy bullets in side the state
[2019-07-12 00:45:47] Yannis-AroyMak: There is a boy name are for a couple of years the most registered in England, which is not British name, I think it is Mohamed or an other name mainly from islamic faith. Not british name. Plus European origins are not making many kids anymore
[2019-07-12 00:45:55] admin: I’m a early leaver today, Goodnight everyone, keep on going tony, goodbye
[2019-07-12 00:46:27] Haggis Muncher: Bye
[2019-07-12 00:46:53] Yannis-AroyMak: so indeed in many european countries the refugees will soon outnumber the locals. Especially taking in consideration the birth rates of one culture vs. the other
[2019-07-12 00:47:09] Fiona T: byebye
[2019-07-12 00:47:26] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› bye admin
[2019-07-12 00:48:26] Rick Bonner: We will not bees assimmy-lated, it be NESCESSARY to ree-zisk!
[2019-07-12 00:49:06] sheila brown: hummm Walking Dead
[2019-07-12 00:50:56] Monkey_Breath: My mom called TV the “IDIOT BOX”. I call it that too.
[2019-07-12 00:51:12] Rick Bonner: Jane Fonda movies… horror movies.
[2019-07-12 00:53:24] Rick Bonner: Monk, mine never let us sit in fronta the “boob-tube”…, now, Go on out’n play!
[2019-07-12 00:54:37] sheila brown: watching tv at times was hard — the show was put together by writers
[2019-07-12 00:55:12] Monkey_Breath: our TVs we’re so old, the tubes kept burning out and we had to check them at the drug store😀
[2019-07-12 00:55:23] Rick Bonner: And… “Ricky, don’ be such a boob!”
[2019-07-12 00:55:48] sqirl: truth on sertonin uptakes- might help people in your lives
[2019-07-12 00:57:03] sqirl: My boyfriends mother doesn’t want to take what the nursing home is suggesting. The siblings think it’ll ease her time left on the planet
[2019-07-12 00:57:55] sqirl: Thank you Tony!
[2019-07-12 00:57:56] Fiona T: Thanks Tony, bye folks!
[2019-07-12 00:58:08] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Tony
[2019-07-12 00:58:13] sheila brown: ty tony
[2019-07-12 00:58:16] Monkey_Breath: No links tonight Tony?
[2019-07-12 00:58:17] StarFire: stay happy healthy and wealthy eveyone !!!
[2019-07-12 00:58:19] Yannis-AroyMak: bye everyone
[2019-07-12 00:58:32] independz: I did not get a chance to get them on will be on the pod
[2019-07-12 00:58:35] Billy29: Thanks tonys bye everyone
[2019-07-12 00:58:42] Monkey_Breath: thank you again Tony!
[2019-07-12 00:58:43] independz: hanks for tuning in
[2019-07-12 00:58:55] independz: thanks
[2019-07-12 00:58:58] Monkey_Breath: okay, TY
[2019-07-12 00:59:26] Haggis Muncher: Laters all
[2019-07-12 00:59:30] Monkey_Breath: goodnight everyone
[2019-07-12 00:59:31] sheila brown: Tony do you think invisaline braces are okay?
[2019-07-12 00:59:38] Rick Bonner: I hope they can do as Tony suggests, Squirrel, and “keep it together”…. your boyfriends Mum’s Care, that is. God bless(es) her!
[2019-07-12 00:59:53] Rick Bonner: Gud night!
[2019-07-12 01:01:15] sqirl: ‹@Rick Bonner› Thanks rick
[2019-07-12 01:19:12] independz: not sure what they are
[2019-07-12 01:20:09] StarFire: Tony .. is epsom salt and citric acid ok to take together?
[2019-07-12 01:21:47] StarFire: woops he left ahhaha
[2019-07-12 01:21:57] StarFire: nite all

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