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“The Remedy” 2019-07-18 by Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco "The Remedy" - 2019/07/18 - "Nothing New Under The Sun"

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-July-18):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of July 18, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Delayed show

Historical evidence of genetic science historically and sciences we have today was here historical

The  truth about Trumps “serial brain 2” in the YT – possible disarming activists

Politics and how I don’t believe any of it

Putin and Russia’s mindset as a result of the environment

Every time they tell us good is coming  they release something more evil with what we currently have

Stealth planes and how they are stealth –showing this in movie hi-tech

The beyond is about how to transfer a brain into a machine

Transhuman is a military wing

Entertainment and how they have these toys in the military and  when watching the movies with the themes you can see the truth in entertainment

Elon musk and hoping for a benign Ai—and expresses the danger—no real talk just chatter and no means of defence

Insertion of tech into the brain and activate the person through a AI tech—giving you things to make a new and improved you —end result you have no control –some machine doing this for you

Defiling Mans image to remove us from Gods image

Thinking in a Godly way

Tech turning us into jello

Offspring are now plug into the phone

Research makes my head spin

Guns and bullets will be a ltd defence against this tech

Zombie access with tech and how little impact this defence is

Nano interaction experiments and it was to see what the breaking point—being–you want to be healed you have to fight

Kids are plugged into the phone

Brain issues as a result of the nano assembling inside the brain shorting out the brain and the proteins are there as a defence mechanism

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
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[2019-07-18 23:59:49] Fiona T: hello folks
[2019-07-19 00:00:02] notdeadyethail, independz!
[2019-07-19 00:00:24] Monkey_Breath: Hello everyone!
[2019-07-19 00:00:43] nancy‹@Monkey_Breath› hiya
[2019-07-19 00:01:39] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-07-19 00:01:46] Monkey_Breath: Hi Nancy
[2019-07-19 00:01:47] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Monkey_Breath› hi
[2019-07-19 00:01:47] Joe McNeilcall in tony
[2019-07-19 00:02:06] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› hi
[2019-07-19 00:02:43] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› hows it going
[2019-07-19 00:02:45] Monkey_Breath: hi Yannis
[2019-07-19 00:03:30] sqirl: hi team
[2019-07-19 00:03:37] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Haggis Muncher› hi there :)
[2019-07-19 00:03:53] Joe McNeilTony, I need you to call me
[2019-07-19 00:04:04] Joe McNeilskype in
[2019-07-19 00:04:24] Haggis Muncher: Dont call me shirley lol
[2019-07-19 00:04:29] Fiona T: Was Tony actually just on a moment ago? Interrupted by music
[2019-07-19 00:04:31] notdeadyetsky king…
[2019-07-19 00:04:32] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@sqirl› hi sqirl
[2019-07-19 00:04:39] sqirl: yes
[2019-07-19 00:04:41] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher› Haha! Love that movie
[2019-07-19 00:04:59] sqirl: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› back at you HELLO
[2019-07-19 00:05:01] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› classic
[2019-07-19 00:05:49] nancymusic
[2019-07-19 00:06:01] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Fiona T› it was a recording I believe
[2019-07-19 00:06:11] Fiona T: ah I see
[2019-07-19 00:06:37] nancy‹@sqirl› hi there
[2019-07-19 00:06:54] sqirl: This is interesting about the oligarchal money laundering…
[2019-07-19 00:06:55] Billy29: Hi everone
[2019-07-19 00:07:10] sqirl: What a mess of frauders
[2019-07-19 00:07:20] Haggis Muncher: how many times will the phone ring tonight Tony i’m saying 2 lol
[2019-07-19 00:07:35] Haggis Muncher: never had any on tuesday
[2019-07-19 00:09:04] Peter: when I think about this shit [nano] I noticed something different in the 1980,s something out of sorts
[2019-07-19 00:09:07] admin: Does anyone know the name of this music? Just wondering, it sounds nice though
[2019-07-19 00:09:17] Rick Bonner: Not Dead Yet! You’re in for a treat! This right here… is a great, unusual, highly orthodox bunch!
[2019-07-19 00:09:31] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› Hey look who’s here
[2019-07-19 00:09:34] Josie: Did I miss the show?
[2019-07-19 00:09:59] nancy‹@Josie› no
[2019-07-19 00:10:18] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› hows Rickster
[2019-07-19 00:10:20] Josie: Oh good. Thanks
[2019-07-19 00:10:36] Rick Bonner: Here’s………… Ricky! (Hey, Addy!) (Hey, Everbuddy else!l
[2019-07-19 00:10:52] nancy‹@Josie› welcome
[2019-07-19 00:10:59] Monkey_Breath: ‹@Rick Bonner› hey Rick!
[2019-07-19 00:11:05] Josie: Thanks
[2019-07-19 00:11:06] admin: ‹@nancy› hi sister did you fixed the fan?
[2019-07-19 00:11:28] Rick Bonner: Got tricks up me sleeve, Haggis! Are you doing Well, Sir?
[2019-07-19 00:11:32] Haggis Muncher: Tony’s on strike
[2019-07-19 00:11:37] nancy‹@admin› i did
[2019-07-19 00:12:13] Peter: ai dust
[2019-07-19 00:12:22] Haggis Muncher: Top of the pops, Rick me old china plate
[2019-07-19 00:12:45] nancy‹@Peter› smart dust
[2019-07-19 00:12:59] Rick Bonner: Tony’s Soit-enny worth waitin’ on….. like (real) money an’ wimenz…..
[2019-07-19 00:13:47] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Rick Bonner› hell yeah
[2019-07-19 00:13:58] Rick Bonner: Nancy! Smart dust! You and Petey are GREAT!
[2019-07-19 00:14:23] admin: I’m seeing new names, not sure though
[2019-07-19 00:14:24] nancy‹@Rick Bonner› lol
[2019-07-19 00:14:51] notdeadyet>Rick Bonner<…if my tor circuit lasts …so far ok..
[2019-07-19 00:14:58] Peter: the devil is the god of this world
[2019-07-19 00:15:29] Rick Bonner: Yes in-deeed! Mary! Are you a new checker outter o’ Tony’s The Remedy Broadcast?
[2019-07-19 00:15:38] Fiona T: This must be the wild ‘n crazy version of Tony’s theme song. woot!
[2019-07-19 00:15:50] notdeadyettor use circuits from other countrys 4 10 min. ..then change 2 other circuits…
[2019-07-19 00:16:06] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@admin› the music is “right on” by Mindi Abair
[2019-07-19 00:16:27] notdeadyetsme countrys blacklisted so i’m cut off…
[2019-07-19 00:16:38] notdeadyeter…some
[2019-07-19 00:16:51] Rick Bonner: As long as we’re not talking artificed dimethyl triptomene magic dust….. I likes MINE home-made in me own pineal.
[2019-07-19 00:17:13] nancyi am getting my new computer tomorrow yippy ki ay!!!
[2019-07-19 00:17:37] nancyanyone recomend a vpn
[2019-07-19 00:17:53] notdeadyetproton vpn…
[2019-07-19 00:17:59] Rick Bonner: There be some countries that have me on the persona punka non-gratta shit list, too, Not Dead Yet.
[2019-07-19 00:18:01] Josie: Congrats Nancy
[2019-07-19 00:18:13] notdeadyetfree or paid…
[2019-07-19 00:18:53] admin: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› thank you Yannis, but I meant the one from the beginning. You know the one that always play in the beginning of the show
[2019-07-19 00:18:54] nancy‹@Josie› lol
[2019-07-19 00:19:09] Peter: tony pulsed himself into another dimension
[2019-07-19 00:19:28] Fiona T: And left us all behind!
[2019-07-19 00:19:28] admin: This one it is
[2019-07-19 00:19:44] Fiona T: smart guy
[2019-07-19 00:19:46] Haggis Muncher: ‹@nancy› are you in the uk i could recommend if so
[2019-07-19 00:20:01] notdeadyet*SMOKE*
[2019-07-19 00:20:19] nancy‹@Haggis Muncher› no usa
[2019-07-19 00:20:29] Rick Bonner: Like Rod Stewart on his Ever Pitcherz Tells a Story Don’ It? record… French poe-lease wouldn’ gives me no peace. And other countrys won’ have me back neither….., unless I SNEAK.
[2019-07-19 00:20:41] Haggis Muncher: ‹@nancy› ok
[2019-07-19 00:21:23] Haggis Muncher: Rod likes a bit o tartan
[2019-07-19 00:22:06] nancysaxaphone grows on ya
[2019-07-19 00:22:57] Haggis Muncher: Tony’s saxaphone mind conditioning experiment lol
[2019-07-19 00:23:49] nancy‹@Haggis Muncher› lol
[2019-07-19 00:23:54] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher› hahaha! U make me laugh
[2019-07-19 00:24:41] knapstersky*boop3*
[2019-07-19 00:25:01] nancy‹@knapstersky› hiy
[2019-07-19 00:25:11] Haggis Muncher: blowing into my thumb thinking im really blowing that sax lol
[2019-07-19 00:25:20] notdeadyetuun!
[2019-07-19 00:25:25] nancyhiya we waiting on the man
[2019-07-19 00:25:58] notdeadyethyuun!…hiii-YAaaa!!!
[2019-07-19 00:26:07] knapstersky: ‹@nancy› hi. he he.
[2019-07-19 00:26:26] nancyi think more than one sax
[2019-07-19 00:26:38] notdeadyethi karate…
[2019-07-19 00:27:02] notdeadyethi times…
[2019-07-19 00:27:17] nancyhey
[2019-07-19 00:27:49] admin: Is this live?
[2019-07-19 00:28:04] robberts: old show
[2019-07-19 00:28:10] independz: hold on everyone
[2019-07-19 00:28:23] Rick Bonner: Alto (high / stoned outta it’s gourd) sax.
[2019-07-19 00:28:29] Cecil: ok
[2019-07-19 00:28:50] admin: ‹@independz› Your organic portals are doing its thing, now do they?
[2019-07-19 00:29:29] notdeadyetthis is your god…
[2019-07-19 00:29:59] Josie: So this is an old show?
[2019-07-19 00:30:14] Rick Bonner: There you go, Tony; we’re shore enough getting set up for the blue beam, hyper-impulsed buying trick. On Wally Whorl’s prison planet, complete whit space-fence……
[2019-07-19 00:30:26] robberts: rodney piper… is he still alive
[2019-07-19 00:31:14] Rick Bonner: As long as I live, Robert, Roddy Piper Lives!
[2019-07-19 00:31:40] robberts: good
[2019-07-19 00:31:51] notdeadyetfull spectrum bulbs…
[2019-07-19 00:31:51] nancyyeaaa
[2019-07-19 00:32:01] Yannis-AroyMak: Woohoo…!!!
[2019-07-19 00:32:04] Rick Bonner: Hey!!!!! You got beamed back up, Scotty!
[2019-07-19 00:32:09] Josie: Yay
[2019-07-19 00:32:10] sheila brown: yeaaa
[2019-07-19 00:32:16] knapstersky: we are still all here.
[2019-07-19 00:32:24] Yannis-AroyMak: Thanks Joe! Hi Tony
[2019-07-19 00:32:50] admin: Organic portals, like you said :)
[2019-07-19 00:33:29] Rick Bonner: Joe McNeil! You’re dee bes’ dang Radio Producin’ man…. on the Plane(t)!
[2019-07-19 00:34:14] knapstersky: i think that’s orgasmically organic portals.
[2019-07-19 00:36:52] Rick Bonner: Genetics….. why do we suppose they calls ‘at first Book Genesis?
[2019-07-19 00:37:51] sqirl: Dr. Martin Pall was just in Canada…
[2019-07-19 00:38:07] Rick Bonner: Once upon a time, a fella name o’ Noe was “perfick in ALL his generations…” now mine’s….. a lil’ wee bit outta kilter.
[2019-07-19 00:38:25] Peter: kabala
[2019-07-19 00:38:29] nancy‹@robberts› says 2015 passed
[2019-07-19 00:39:00] independz: (… )
[2019-07-19 00:39:08] Rick Bonner: (Outa me kilt…. iz that anything like “liking a lil’ tartar, Haggis?)
[2019-07-19 00:39:08] robberts: what
[2019-07-19 00:39:23] sheila brown: supposedly Trump has control of chemtrails now — hummm nothing changed here
[2019-07-19 00:39:34] sqirl: (…)
[2019-07-19 00:39:49] sqirl: Dr. Martin Pall and emf health ^^^^^^
[2019-07-19 00:40:11] notdeadyeti am escape too…
[2019-07-19 00:40:11] admin: Where should we evolve to? How do we deprogram the malware in our dna?
[2019-07-19 00:40:35] Rick Bonner: Them powers should Not be…, Dr Suesse!
[2019-07-19 00:40:40] Yannis-AroyMak: There are many signaling in the intro of this channel. I agree with you Tony. It makes me questioning as you said. It may be to create fog
[2019-07-19 00:42:07] nancyspiderman home coming
[2019-07-19 00:42:29] nancyThe beyond
[2019-07-19 00:42:35] Josie: Creepy
[2019-07-19 00:42:51] Fiona T: Creepy indeed
[2019-07-19 00:42:54] notdeadyetproject 2050…
[2019-07-19 00:43:43] notdeadyetman trying to play god…
[2019-07-19 00:43:43] Rick Bonner: Like Not Dead Yet and I were talking earlier, Addy: Who can save us from these wretched, transfixed, tacked on boiler plate, hybridized people that we are? That would be The Creator of Everything, the Author and Finisher of our very selves.
[2019-07-19 00:44:29] notdeadyetwell spoken, o master wit!
[2019-07-19 00:45:03] Fiona T: This speaker uses horses as an analogy of machines taking over a species (…)
[2019-07-19 00:45:05] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› you refer to the almighty?
[2019-07-19 00:45:23] notdeadyetlike the movie ‘fallen’…
[2019-07-19 00:45:48] Rick Bonner: (I jes’ rivets together whut Wise folk have already spoken, twist it up a lil’ wee bit, and…… Prophesy.)
[2019-07-19 00:46:52] notdeadyetrockefeller paid scientists to attempt brain transplant…he/they failed…so far…
[2019-07-19 00:47:04] admin: ‹@Rick Bonner› ? :)
[2019-07-19 00:47:16] Rick Bonner: To The Only Un-Caused Cause; The Creator of All things seen and, unseen. ‘It’ can…, if we cooperate with The Source / Creator.
[2019-07-19 00:47:35] nancy‹@Fiona T› thank you
[2019-07-19 00:48:33] Rick Bonner: Holy Pegusus, Fee!
[2019-07-19 00:49:48] Josie: Seen Merkel lately?
[2019-07-19 00:49:57] admin: Tony my cat (I think) has difficulties with this nano too. Her head itches like hell, she almost carved her own head out from the itching. You got any remedy for this?
[2019-07-19 00:50:40] Fiona T: ‹@Nancy› u r welcome
[2019-07-19 00:50:56] notdeadyetmurder by injection…eustas mullins…
[2019-07-19 00:51:44] Rick Bonner: I’m grateful that I have re-vived my capacity to feel pity for even former Young Pioneer, commie lucy-fairy-ans like Angie, Josie, you Outlaw, you!
[2019-07-19 00:53:33] Rick Bonner: I really do hope she changes her way of (wicked) thinking, and starts to CARE, instead.
[2019-07-19 00:53:50] notdeadyetklingon ambassador,’we have the right to defend our race!’, sarek,’do you have the right to commit murder?’…
[2019-07-19 00:54:02] sqirl: tony: @15:06 I put a link to something that will change your mind on Putin
[2019-07-19 00:55:19] Rick Bonner: Defense against violence to Creation, and especially to your own Tribe and person, is NOT violence, even when the defensive force is lethal. Deadly even.
[2019-07-19 00:55:25] robberts: lake ontario at hamilton inlet its all brown
[2019-07-19 00:55:49] notdeadyetsilent spring…by rachel carson…
[2019-07-19 00:56:16] admin: Tony did you saw that link I put in here the other time about the french marine testing 5G?
[2019-07-19 00:57:23] Rick Bonner: Murder, by definition, IS violence. Killing a violent, murderous offender, even by blowin’ it’s head clean off, is NOT violence, but a measured response, Authorized by Nature and Nature’s GOD.
[2019-07-19 00:57:45] admin: Tony
[2019-07-19 00:57:49] admin: Check this link
[2019-07-19 00:58:01] admin: ( )
[2019-07-19 00:58:12] independz: (… )
[2019-07-19 00:59:08] admin: Perfect timing, check that video tony
[2019-07-19 00:59:44] Fiona T: ‹@robberts› I recently moved to this area. Where can a person swim in the summer that is not polluted?
[2019-07-19 01:00:01] Josie: So sad about the dolphins
[2019-07-19 01:00:36] sqirl: Tony, Dr Martin Pall just did a Canada tour to inform on the dangers from his research. I just sent him links – . He’s on a roll.
[2019-07-19 01:00:39] Fiona T: hi Cecil
[2019-07-19 01:00:58] Cecil: hi fiona
[2019-07-19 01:01:13] independz: (… )
[2019-07-19 01:01:14] sqirl: He should have a whole show with you discussing. I hope his listened today
[2019-07-19 01:01:35] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:01:36] independz: (… )
[2019-07-19 01:01:43] robberts: fiona you moved to toronto,, good luck with the swimming maybe rivers
[2019-07-19 01:02:01] independz: swimming pool
[2019-07-19 01:02:35] Fiona T: ‹@robberts› Yup
[2019-07-19 01:02:42] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<…#
[2019-07-19 01:02:46] Rick Bonner: Dang, Not Dead Yet; that covers the Entire prison planet, AND their fake space fence, too!
[2019-07-19 01:03:11] Monkey_Breath: Tony, would living in Greenbank, WV be a good place to be…frequency free? They do have that large satellite but citizens can’t have cell phones or microwaves.
[2019-07-19 01:03:31] Rick Bonner: Hail, Cecil, fellow Remedy Tribesman!
[2019-07-19 01:04:36] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:05:14] nancy‹@notdeadyet› oh my
[2019-07-19 01:05:15] notdeadyet*SMOKE*
[2019-07-19 01:05:20] Cecil: hi brother rick
[2019-07-19 01:05:34] notdeadyetlions and tigers and bears…
[2019-07-19 01:05:37] Rick Bonner: I’m getting waaaay too cynical, Monk…. but I quickly suspect ‘they’ set up that smartphone-free zone…, JUST to beta-test a new direct scalar wave frying ‘tool’.
[2019-07-19 01:06:03] Rick Bonner: Hey Brother!
[2019-07-19 01:06:23] Cecil: i removed my 5g and smart meter
[2019-07-19 01:06:35] Cecil: same internet speed with the 2.4ghz
[2019-07-19 01:06:45] notdeadyetlike leadboard drywallor lead sheet rolls…
[2019-07-19 01:07:02] Cecil: thanks for the info
[2019-07-19 01:07:03] notdeadyetdrywall or…
[2019-07-19 01:07:25] Rick Bonner: Entice us un-cooperative sort to wonderfull, West by God Virginee, and start a bunch o’ truck melting forest fires.
[2019-07-19 01:08:11] sqirl: 5g is a crime and finding a lawyer to take it against your local government is easier than hiding from it
[2019-07-19 01:08:49] notdeadyetwater is good against rf (i am escape)too…
[2019-07-19 01:09:32] Rick Bonner: Tony IS an advocate of lead powder based paints, amoung other things here, Not Dead Yet.
[2019-07-19 01:09:47] notdeadyetthe more you know……………………………………
[2019-07-19 01:10:41] robberts: lombardi
[2019-07-19 01:10:42] StarFire: im late haha
[2019-07-19 01:10:43] Rick Bonner: The chlorophyll in the plants and trees shading your pad are Great for blocking artificed emf rays, too.
[2019-07-19 01:10:44] notdeadyetvince lombardi
[2019-07-19 01:10:57] Josie: Yes
[2019-07-19 01:11:47] Monkey_Breath: TY Tony
[2019-07-19 01:11:54] Rick Bonner: Knowledge IS Power, IF… you put a farrady canopy over your bed…. And other stuff, as well.
[2019-07-19 01:12:14] notdeadyeti’d like 2 learn 2 distill water …
[2019-07-19 01:12:47] Rick Bonner: Take a lesson from us mountain dew makers……
[2019-07-19 01:12:47] robberts: buy a distiller
[2019-07-19 01:12:53] Monkey_Breath: i got rid of my microwave too
[2019-07-19 01:13:12] Rick Bonner: Let ‘at water….. SHINE!
[2019-07-19 01:14:14] Cecil: nice
[2019-07-19 01:14:40] sqirl: Full court press to stop this, anything else is suicide,genocide and omnicide. Dr Pall needs some exposure to your audience
[2019-07-19 01:14:56] Fiona T: signing off early, good night folks!
[2019-07-19 01:14:59] robberts: crikets 10$ pound
[2019-07-19 01:15:15] Josie: Good night Fiona
[2019-07-19 01:15:23] admin: ‹@Fiona T› Me too, good night everyone
[2019-07-19 01:15:33] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› nights
[2019-07-19 01:15:48] Josie: Good night
[2019-07-19 01:16:01] nancyaww man no chocolate covered ants??
[2019-07-19 01:16:27] robberts: yummy
[2019-07-19 01:16:56] StarFire: they feed us BS haha
[2019-07-19 01:17:07] nancyi found a hopper in my basement he had one leg..poor thing
[2019-07-19 01:17:25] Haggis Muncher: what NO haggis lol
[2019-07-19 01:17:26] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<…
[2019-07-19 01:17:34] nancy‹@robberts› lol
[2019-07-19 01:17:41] Josie: I sure miss eating sandwiches
[2019-07-19 01:17:56] nancy‹@Josie› me too
[2019-07-19 01:18:18] robberts: you got off bread
[2019-07-19 01:18:42] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:18:52] Josie: Yes. But not chocolate chip cookies
[2019-07-19 01:19:29] notdeadyetlocusts are quite tasty…
[2019-07-19 01:20:46] StarFire: are roaches ok to eat now? haha
[2019-07-19 01:20:51] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:20:52] nancymy farmer does not offer ricotta or cottage cheese
[2019-07-19 01:21:13] nancy‹@notdeadyet› really
[2019-07-19 01:21:23] Josie: I can’t find a dairy farmer
[2019-07-19 01:21:38] robberts: are veggi/fruit juiceing as long as it is oil filter tonys method
[2019-07-19 01:21:39] sqirl: w after three years no grains – rutabaga ribbons dehydrated can be put into beef stroganoff and fool the best
[2019-07-19 01:22:16] sqirl: Parsnip thinnings are a similar texture to pasta eldente
[2019-07-19 01:22:29] nancy‹@Josie› type in raw milk
[2019-07-19 01:22:55] Josie: Good info sqirl
[2019-07-19 01:23:13] sqirl: coconut flakes and sunflower seeds ground up make a pie crust
[2019-07-19 01:23:36] nancy‹@sqirl› thank you
[2019-07-19 01:24:42] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:24:45] nancy‹@sqirl› you have a bio greenhouse dome
[2019-07-19 01:24:56] notdeadyet*SMOKE*
[2019-07-19 01:25:41] notdeadyet>nancy<like chicken…
[2019-07-19 01:26:27] nancy‹@notdeadyet› ohh
[2019-07-19 01:26:49] Josie: Thanks notdeadyet for the forgotten books
[2019-07-19 01:27:09] sqirl: Tony, after Dr. Pall retired from academia he had chronic fatique. When he started reading papers on the 1,000 of studies on emf studies he sarted compiling. I think he’s on board with networking with this crew. Getting as much info out.
[2019-07-19 01:27:47] Haggis Muncher: Im gonna lose the bet i said 2 phone calls, never got 1 lol
[2019-07-19 01:27:49] notdeadyet>nancy< pull legs,wings…gently pull head from carcass…innerds will follow…roast…enjoy…
[2019-07-19 01:28:32] notdeadyetalmost anything for my allies…
[2019-07-19 01:28:35] nancy‹@notdeadyet› help me
[2019-07-19 01:28:48] sqirl: nancy I only have one green house and a polly tunnel for summers
[2019-07-19 01:28:49] knapstersky: thanksTony take’r eazy all.
[2019-07-19 01:29:00] Monkey_Breath: Have a great weekend everyone and TY Tony for what you do!
[2019-07-19 01:29:03] Billy29: Tanks tony great show
[2019-07-19 01:29:11] independz: thanks for sticking around
[2019-07-19 01:29:11] notdeadyet>nancy<with what?
[2019-07-19 01:30:14] nancy‹@notdeadyet› pulling the head off
[2019-07-19 01:30:17] notdeadyet>nancy< cant help u there..i gave up food that violate divine law…
[2019-07-19 01:30:24] independz: book link??
[2019-07-19 01:30:27] Haggis Muncher: Tony did you turn that ringer off lol
[2019-07-19 01:30:49] independz: no
[2019-07-19 01:30:59] independz: I think they forgot to call
[2019-07-19 01:31:05] independz: hahaha
[2019-07-19 01:31:29] nancy‹@notdeadyet› ok lol i do not eat them
[2019-07-19 01:31:40] Haggis Muncher: Tony still struggling with the athletes foot what ya reckon?
[2019-07-19 01:31:51] StarFire: >notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:31:53] independz: walmart
[2019-07-19 01:32:08] notdeadyet>nancy<just gently pull the head from its body…the guts are attached to the head…then roast the locust body…then eat…
[2019-07-19 01:32:10] Haggis Muncherlol
[2019-07-19 01:32:12] Josie: Haha
[2019-07-19 01:32:16] StarFire: >notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:32:26] Haggis Muncher: gunpowder
[2019-07-19 01:32:42] independz: take old feet out
[2019-07-19 01:32:44] independz: get new ones
[2019-07-19 01:32:51] independz: did you soak in vinegar
[2019-07-19 01:32:57] Josie: Bleach?
[2019-07-19 01:32:59] sqirl: We know the oligarchs are condemned to their prospects. and they can’t trust each other, they are without morals or ethics
[2019-07-19 01:33:02] Haggis Muncher: two levfts lol
[2019-07-19 01:33:26] nancylike this Joe
[2019-07-19 01:33:26] Haggis Muncher: walking in circles lol
[2019-07-19 01:34:19] Haggis Muncher: Soaked in vinegar but burnt me bxxxs
[2019-07-19 01:34:38] Haggis Muncher: must try it
[2019-07-19 01:34:55] nancylol
[2019-07-19 01:35:07] nancyso sorry
[2019-07-19 01:35:35] Cecil:)
[2019-07-19 01:35:51] sqirl: They try to fool and deceive more to participate. I do believe any chance to advertise with art or signs could make people think
[2019-07-19 01:35:57] Haggis Muncher: Was an old remedt foot soak in petrol for 10 secs
[2019-07-19 01:36:30] nancy‹@Haggis Muncher› my husband had to take pharma to get rid of it andd its hard on the liver
[2019-07-19 01:36:31] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<
[2019-07-19 01:36:37] Haggis Muncher: Anyways nights all laters
[2019-07-19 01:36:41] independz: they should not hang that low use a bra
[2019-07-19 01:36:50] sqirl: thank you Tony
[2019-07-19 01:36:54] Haggis Muncher: ‹@nancy› ok cheers
[2019-07-19 01:37:05] independz: thanks for tuning in
[2019-07-19 01:37:10] StarFire: haha
[2019-07-19 01:37:43] Haggis Muncher: I walked into that one lol
[2019-07-19 01:37:53] notdeadyet>notdeadyet<…
[2019-07-19 01:38:13] nancy‹@independz› Thanks for the care
[2019-07-19 01:38:25] independz: haggis
[2019-07-19 01:38:26] Josie: Good night all. Thanks Tony.
[2019-07-19 01:38:32] independz: use some copper with the vinegar
[2019-07-19 01:38:39] independz: it will create a copper acetate
[2019-07-19 01:38:44] independz: should take itout
[2019-07-19 01:38:57] independz: godd night josie
[2019-07-19 01:39:03] independz: good
[2019-07-19 01:42:11] nancy*GIVE_HEART*
[2019-07-19 01:43:21] independz*taz* *taz* *taz*
[2019-07-19 01:44:45] independz: see everyone next week
[2019-07-19 01:44:54] independz: same bat time same bat channel
[2019-07-19 01:45:06] StarFire: thanks tony
[2019-07-19 01:45:09] Rick Bonner: Take good CARE, Tony! Love ya!
[2019-07-19 01:45:09] StarFire: nite all
[2019-07-19 01:54:07] nancylol
[2019-07-19 01:55:21] nancyohh no fish
[2019-07-19 01:55:44] nancyno tuna
[2019-07-19 02:03:41] nancyhate those lights
[2019-07-19 02:04:42] Cecil: how have you been nancy?
[2019-07-19 04:10:53] Cecil: bye joe and sheila

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