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“The Remedy” 2019-08-02 by Tony Pantalleresco

"The Remedy" 2019/08/02-Best Detox for Nano and Radiation

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Aug-03):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of August 03, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Re capping the show and talking about some of the events and happenings with regard to being assaulted with nano-biotech

We are in a war and community is how we are going to thrive

Not wasting your financial support on useless distractions

A Toronto caller called and we talked about baths and what you need as a result recap this as well

  • 1/ 4 cup of borax,
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (choose without aluminium. You may need to order pharmaceutical grade to avoid the aluminium),
  • 1/4 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/4 cup  TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) 

Allow your self to be able to soak in this bath solution to eliminate any build up of any daily exposure and  to get the salts into the cells to flush out the particulates. 

As a result you can then lighten the loading and assist in maintaining health and strength.

Remember that the nano particles are a dense metallic load highly concentrated and dense in the loading of cells and tissues and will activate the assembly

Being bamboozled and conditioned from the health food industry and not think about what is really happening.

Macadamia nuts the size of peanuts not normal size indicating shortages.

Do not assume anything of content.

Weaponized form of foods

Making your own bread and thinking it is safe!!

Sci-Fi clues on the rel reality

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


TME Chatroom Comments

There are fantastic comments and support in “the micro effect” chatroom.
Login to get the history,

[2019-08-02 00:01:01] Joe McNeil: call in tony
[2019-08-02 00:01:03] nancy: hello all
[2019-08-02 00:01:50] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› hi Nancy
[2019-08-02 00:02:01] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› hi
[2019-08-02 00:02:03] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Joe McNeil› thanks Joe
[2019-08-02 00:02:29] admin: Looks like this is going to be the fifth technical problem in a row
[2019-08-02 00:02:36] Billy29: Hi everyone
[2019-08-02 00:02:49] Fiona T: hello folks
[2019-08-02 00:02:58] Cecil: hi
[2019-08-02 00:03:17] admin: ‹@Fiona T› Hahaha hello just on time, gotta shine out with the font color like always :)
[2019-08-02 00:03:25] nancy: ‹@Cecil› yoo
[2019-08-02 00:03:44] Cecil: hi nancy
[2019-08-02 00:04:00] Fiona T: yup, just throwing some color in for fun <img src=” />
[2019-08-02 00:04:41] Joe McNeil: DIAL THE NUMBER TONY
[2019-08-02 00:07:13] Haggis Muncher: Hi all
[2019-08-02 00:07:53] nancy: all that JAZZ
[2019-08-02 00:08:26] nancy: ‹@Haggis Muncher› hi there
[2019-08-02 00:08:27] admin: Hi haggis
[2019-08-02 00:08:32] sqirl: In the house!
[2019-08-02 00:08:40] Haggis Muncher: ‹@nancy› hows things
[2019-08-02 00:08:49] admin: Rick where have you been brother
[2019-08-02 00:08:52] admin: been a while
[2019-08-02 00:08:55] StarFire: in the hizzie
[2019-08-02 00:08:56] Haggis Muncher: ‹@admin› hows tricks
[2019-08-02 00:09:19] admin: ‹@Haggis Muncher› same old same
[2019-08-02 00:09:47] nancy: we want Tony
[2019-08-02 00:10:21] Haggis Muncher: Keep on keeping on eh lol
[2019-08-02 00:10:35] admin: Where did rick go again
[2019-08-02 00:10:37] nancy: BACK OFF A I
[2019-08-02 00:10:50] StarFire: someone go to the green room and get tony
[2019-08-02 00:11:23] Haggis Muncher: Had a few drams the night on hols so gonna have sum fun lol
[2019-08-02 00:11:30] admin: Tony has a lot of orgasmically organic portals
[2019-08-02 00:11:51] StarFire: haha
[2019-08-02 00:12:20] Haggis Muncher: Tony’s too busy keeping the caber up to get the show on the road lol
[2019-08-02 00:12:50] Cecil: hi tony
[2019-08-02 00:13:03] Fiona T: woot!
[2019-08-02 00:14:40] StarFire: what do caber mean?
[2019-08-02 00:15:10] Fiona T: the last show you posted on the pod was great, Tony. Lots of dots!
[2019-08-02 00:15:16] independz: (… ) Vitamins A and C Could Erase Epigenetic Marks on DNA (…#Sec14 ) Advances in epigenetics link genetics to the enviro
[2019-08-02 00:16:19] independz: (… ) Sci-Fi Short Film “Nano” presented by DUST (… ) Why Marriage is a Scam – Honest Ads (… ) JAMES & BOBBY PURIFY – I’M YOUR
[2019-08-02 00:16:52] coronagal: Hello everyone.
[2019-08-02 00:16:56] Haggis Muncher: caber is a length of wood, wee toss the caber as a show of strength at the highland games, caber is also slang for the pe**s lol
[2019-08-02 00:16:57] independz: ( ) THE “HOW THEY DO IT” AND TECHNOLOGY SITE (… ) “Upload:U” (… ) Nano Modifications (…
[2019-08-02 00:17:02] StarFire: hi coronagal
[2019-08-02 00:17:09] admin: Tony used a word the other day. Don’t know how to spell it but it was pronounced like atomatom or something – anyone knows?
[2019-08-02 00:17:25] StarFire: hahah ok , thanks haggis
[2019-08-02 00:18:01] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher› haha
[2019-08-02 00:18:16] StarFire: automaton a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being. a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances.
[2019-08-02 00:18:23] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› hows you
[2019-08-02 00:18:39] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher› super, u?
[2019-08-02 00:19:00] admin: ‹@StarFire› Thank you :)
[2019-08-02 00:20:03] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Fiona T› fine thx got the kilt on for ya tonight, wearing ma good one, ma work one is in the wash lol
[2019-08-02 00:22:04] nancy: ‹@Haggis Muncher› REALLY lol i thought the kilt was for ceremony in todays time
[2019-08-02 00:22:50] Fiona T: ‹@Haggis Muncher:happy: funny guy
[2019-08-02 00:23:11] nancy: lots of spraying here in philly
[2019-08-02 00:23:18] Cecil: the temperature in the hand stays relatively constant.
[2019-08-02 00:23:30] Haggis Muncher: ‹@nancy› no nancy i’ve an old one for work i keep my multimeter and screwdrivers in ma sporran!
[2019-08-02 00:24:03] admin: Tony what altitude do we have to fly with airplanes to see the real blue sky?
[2019-08-02 00:24:49] StarFire: haha
[2019-08-02 00:25:02] nancy: ma sporran! means kilt?
[2019-08-02 00:25:31] Monkey_Breath: They are spraying at night where I live
[2019-08-02 00:26:00] Haggis Muncher: Tony if taking healthy fats like butter helps remove nano etc is there a toss up between butter fats clogging arteries ( if thats true) and nano building up in blood ?
[2019-08-02 00:26:00] Cecil: i see
[2019-08-02 00:27:01] Haggis Muncher: Ok hope so
[2019-08-02 00:28:09] sheila brown: found MTC oil in coffee isle – and says to use in coffee – would this work?
[2019-08-02 00:28:39] Haggis Muncher: so its fine to use butters etc
[2019-08-02 00:28:58] StarFire: yes sheila, mtc is good in coffee… just dont do too much… or run to bathroom
[2019-08-02 00:29:01] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@sheila brown› I use it from time to time
[2019-08-02 00:29:04] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-08-02 00:29:09] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-08-02 00:29:13] Yannis-AroyMak: and choco butter
[2019-08-02 00:29:18] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› i buy here in coffee
[2019-08-02 00:29:54] Fiona T: I don’t get hungry as quickly when I have a high fat meal.
[2019-08-02 00:29:55] sheila brown: new item in coffee isle lol
[2019-08-02 00:29:58] Haggis Muncher: lol
[2019-08-02 00:30:00] StarFire: mo butter mo better
[2019-08-02 00:30:20] nancy: ‹@StarFire› lol
[2019-08-02 00:30:29] Fiona T: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› like Nutella? That would be loaded with sugar, I think! Tasty though
[2019-08-02 00:31:11] admin: Tony do you know a good brand to buy Quercitin
[2019-08-02 00:32:12] robberts: admin onions extract
[2019-08-02 00:32:22] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› no, pure choco butter. it is white. actually is the base of the white chocolate.
[2019-08-02 00:32:41] Fiona T: oh! neat-o
[2019-08-02 00:32:51] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› pure choco butter does not have really sugar
[2019-08-02 00:32:56] StarFire: i make my own chocolate with coco oil
[2019-08-02 00:33:25] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@StarFire› awesome!!!
[2019-08-02 00:34:23] Haggis Muncher: There was a homosexual joiner at work he was caught trying to screw the drawers off a tallboy lol
[2019-08-02 00:35:09] StarFire: ‹@Haggis Muncher› in USA tallboy means beer
[2019-08-02 00:35:32] StarFire: so that would hurt
[2019-08-02 00:36:07] Haggis Muncher: ‹@StarFire› over here its a cupboard type thing lol
[2019-08-02 00:36:10] admin: Tony what is the expiration date of your all purpose skin formula? And should we store it in the fridge?
[2019-08-02 00:36:23] StarFire: i wear a cape
[2019-08-02 00:36:49] Cecil: neat
[2019-08-02 00:36:57] Cecil: i wear a labcoat
[2019-08-02 00:37:59] Cecil: like almost everyday
[2019-08-02 00:38:57] Cecil: mad scientist
[2019-08-02 00:39:20] StarFire: you like the scientist on simpsons?
[2019-08-02 00:39:33] Fiona T: bye all! Taking off early <img src=” />
[2019-08-02 00:39:36] Cecil: not really
[2019-08-02 00:39:41] Cecil: bye fiona
[2019-08-02 00:39:50] admin: ‹@Fiona T› What time is it in your country?
[2019-08-02 00:39:50] StarFire: cya fiona
[2019-08-02 00:39:53] Cecil: like okabe from steins gate
[2019-08-02 00:40:05] sheila brown: bye Fiona
[2019-08-02 00:40:07] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@Fiona T› bye Fiona
[2019-08-02 00:40:20] Haggis Muncher: Bona and fida no more
[2019-08-02 00:40:25] admin: She gone
[2019-08-02 00:40:36] nancy: anyone remember the name of the electrilight brand Tony recommended
[2019-08-02 00:40:55] Cecil: not sure nancy
[2019-08-02 00:41:04] nancy: ‹@Fiona T› bye now see you next show
[2019-08-02 00:41:20] admin: ‹@nancy› nutribiotic it was I guess
[2019-08-02 00:41:25] admin: I’m not sure though
[2019-08-02 00:42:23] Cecil: ehehe
[2019-08-02 00:42:33] nancy: ‹@admin› ok it was a certain brand
[2019-08-02 00:43:45] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› yes was nutribiotic
[2019-08-02 00:43:46] Cecil: i still have a huge jar of lugols iodine. thanks to tony, i made it.
[2019-08-02 00:44:21] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› ok thank you
[2019-08-02 00:44:40] nancy: ‹@Cecil› you go guy
[2019-08-02 00:44:58] robberts: cecil you made crystals to
[2019-08-02 00:45:13] Cecil: yes
[2019-08-02 00:45:40] robberts: right on
[2019-08-02 00:46:02] Cecil: be careful to not touch the iodine crystals, they can burn you.
[2019-08-02 00:46:41] robberts: sure, the murritic acid
[2019-08-02 00:48:03] admin: Tony can you read the comments again
[2019-08-02 00:48:32] Cecil: yep
[2019-08-02 00:49:15] Cecil: a hydroponics class?
[2019-08-02 00:49:43] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› a ready made drink??
[2019-08-02 00:49:45] admin: Yeah but where to find the seeds?
[2019-08-02 00:49:54] Haggis Muncher: I got some nascent iodine very easy to take lugols not as nice but reckon the lugols has helped the wife with sweats and sleepless nights !
[2019-08-02 00:49:54] Peter: their advertising nano knee on tv in los angeles
[2019-08-02 00:50:08] sqirl: Tony: Washington state, microsoft home, a high level retired “SOFTER” guy we know uses NO tech because he knows the real intent/ ALL your security lost + the slow kill aspect
[2019-08-02 00:50:20] Cecil: nice!
[2019-08-02 00:50:51] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› not following.. do you mean the nutribiotic electrolytes ?
[2019-08-02 00:50:52] Cecil: love the alkalizer
[2019-08-02 00:51:12] Cecil: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium
[2019-08-02 00:51:47] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› yes
[2019-08-02 00:51:57] robberts: dole makes pneapple juice in a can with vit c
[2019-08-02 00:52:22] Cecil: i grow pineapples
[2019-08-02 00:52:48] Yannis-AroyMak: ‹@nancy› no they are like capsules
[2019-08-02 00:53:55] Cecil: im expensive
[2019-08-02 00:54:00] Haggis Muncher: All the oats and grains in the uk along with cereals were tested and all were found to be full off glyphosates and stuff not good for the body fact.
[2019-08-02 00:54:01] Cecil: lol
[2019-08-02 00:54:03] nancy: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› ok i thought Tony said you could bye in grocery bad
[2019-08-02 00:54:16] Cecil: im a handful
[2019-08-02 00:55:08] Cecil: @tony: lmao
[2019-08-02 00:56:00] Cecil: baby chicks. look up mcd’s or bks pink slkime
[2019-08-02 00:56:08] Cecil: slime
[2019-08-02 00:56:19] Cecil: baby chicks
[2019-08-02 00:56:42] admin: Tony I miss your frequency protection tips, like electrical discharge, jacobs ladder, matching frequency and frequency etc etc
[2019-08-02 00:56:54] Cecil: i saw someone spraying what appeared to be roundup today
[2019-08-02 00:57:08] Peter: flavored horse hockey
[2019-08-02 00:57:12] Cecil: roundup- gllyphosates
[2019-08-02 00:57:20] Cecil: yeah
[2019-08-02 00:57:33] Haggis Muncher: Tony can you help with pointers of what to eat
[2019-08-02 00:58:03] sqirl: Tony: we should use the tech as the necessary tool needed to stop this tech nightmare and then throw it ALL in the trash bin for good
[2019-08-02 00:58:07] nancy: music
[2019-08-02 00:58:27] Cecil: watch his videos on herbsandbeadsplusworks on youtube
[2019-08-02 00:58:37] Cecil: he tells on there
[2019-08-02 00:58:48] Cecil: tysm tony
[2019-08-02 00:58:58] Cecil: you too bro
[2019-08-02 00:59:02] Yannis-AroyMak: thanks Tony
[2019-08-02 00:59:03] sheila brown: ty Tony
[2019-08-02 00:59:11] Yannis-AroyMak: bye everyone
[2019-08-02 00:59:22] independz: thanks fr tuning in
[2019-08-02 00:59:32] independz: despite them crashing my system we got it done
[2019-08-02 00:59:35] nancy: bye bye
[2019-08-02 00:59:39] Cecil: pleasure chatting with yall <3
[2019-08-02 00:59:42] Haggis Muncher: ‹@Yannis-AroyMak› nights
[2019-08-02 00:59:58] sheila brown: has anyone made knox gelatin (warming to disolve) and added to raw milk
[2019-08-02 00:59:59] Cecil: have a blessed weekend everyone
[2019-08-02 01:00:10] Peter: see you wendsday
[2019-08-02 01:00:24] Cecil: not yet sheila. sounds interesting though.
[2019-08-02 01:00:34] independz: you popping by weds peter
[2019-08-02 01:00:37] Cecil: wednesday?
[2019-08-02 01:00:42] Haggis Muncher: Aye totally big T keep it up good on ya !
[2019-08-02 01:01:09] independz: do my best haggis
[2019-08-02 01:01:18] independz: will keep the caber up and tossed hahaha
[2019-08-02 01:01:26] Peter: shit i think its gonna be fri or saturday
[2019-08-02 01:01:28] StarFire: i use knox gelatin to make jello tho
[2019-08-02 01:01:28] independz: mutton power
[2019-08-02 01:01:38] independz: ok
[2019-08-02 01:01:50] independz: call and let me know
[2019-08-02 01:02:10] Peter: ok
[2019-08-02 01:02:56] Peter: ill be at freds Tuesday in montreal
[2019-08-02 01:03:31] Haggis Muncher: Good lol
[2019-08-02 01:03:36] Cecil: psylium husk (mispelled) is high in fiber. wonder if its safe or how to consume it. i got a big bag and forgot why lol.
[2019-08-02 01:04:22] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› ‹@Cecil› pudding
[2019-08-02 01:04:40] Cecil: oh ty nancy
[2019-08-02 01:05:08] sqirl: listen to RBN with Lark in texas (…)
[2019-08-02 01:05:11] nancy: lol
[2019-08-02 01:05:12] sheila brown: cheese cake with know gelatin
[2019-08-02 01:05:20] sqirl: right now with Vicki davis
[2019-08-02 01:05:46] sqirl: here’s the chat for more (nationalintelreport.chata…)
[2019-08-02 01:05:49] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› ohh goog
[2019-08-02 01:05:53] sqirl: Thank you Tony!!!
[2019-08-02 01:05:59] nancy: good
[2019-08-02 01:07:19] sheila brown: reason asked about gelatin is it thickens and I want it to completely go though the digestive system without causing any stopage to cause an issue
[2019-08-02 01:07:33] Cecil: thanks sqirl
[2019-08-02 01:08:05] independz: montreal eh
[2019-08-02 01:08:13] independz: Peter you are going to love Montreal
[2019-08-02 01:08:20] independz: just try and speak some french
[2019-08-02 01:08:31] independz: dont say anything about your caber though
[2019-08-02 01:08:39] independz: hahaha that may get you in touble hahaha
[2019-08-02 01:10:42] Haggis Muncher: Interesting they used to keep the mutton as well cooked thing now its lamb shanks micro waved things have changed
[2019-08-02 01:12:06] Cecil: bone meal shark cartilage. this any good for skeletal?
[2019-08-02 01:12:08] Haggis Muncher: stew mince etc do yous guys still do them
[2019-08-02 01:12:37] independz: I just get the farm lamb
[2019-08-02 01:12:47] independz: ctinto stealks or ground
[2019-08-02 01:13:12] independz: farmer buddy of mine has 12 acres of different grasses so each day he feeds them a different type of grass
[2019-08-02 01:13:26] independz: the lamb s lean has fat around the edges and no marble
[2019-08-02 01:13:54] StarFire: they use to say marble is good for steaks… what gives?
[2019-08-02 01:13:56] independz: so I eat lamb meat mostly not grizzle
[2019-08-02 01:14:07] Haggis Muncher: Oh no they reckon they
[2019-08-02 01:14:43] independz: marble wa whta has all the hormones and antibiotics
[2019-08-02 01:14:48] independz: was a deception
[2019-08-02 01:14:51] independz: to load you up
[2019-08-02 01:15:13] Cecil: if you freeze your meats, then thaw, the dye or excess blood comes out
[2019-08-02 01:15:33] Haggis Muncher: reckon on the good cattle is fat taste streeks ?
[2019-08-02 01:15:33] Cecil: but not as fresh anyways.
[2019-08-02 01:16:17] Haggis Muncher: i think the cattle is bred a pnd fattened different here
[2019-08-02 01:16:33] sqirl: Tony neuro transmitters used to be called hormones like dopamine and serotonin and meletonin which are what the frequencies alter and cause addictive screen time
[2019-08-02 01:17:17] Cecil: oh i see
[2019-08-02 01:19:13] Haggis Muncher: theres lots of ms sufferers about i blame the nano and bad diet
[2019-08-02 01:19:31] Cecil: i wish the nano in my body would leave and migrate away.
[2019-08-02 01:19:58] independz: welll you have to find private because the commercial guys mass market and don’t care what they feed the GP I have friends that do so i support them it cost more but then again I want more so it works out
[2019-08-02 01:20:40] independz: the nano is in the bad and ogood diet as well this is why you have to neutralize with salt sulphur and phosphorus and the use of chlorides
[2019-08-02 01:21:03] Cecil: wheatgerm oil?
[2019-08-02 01:21:11] StarFire: i have a salt shaker with just onion and garlic powder
[2019-08-02 01:21:15] Cecil: for ms
[2019-08-02 01:22:59] Cecil: my dad has a fungus on his thumb. he puts teatree oil on it. dont know if its effective enough. im going to get him on liquid chloryphyl to increase his copper consumption
[2019-08-02 01:23:45] Cecil: or chloroxygen
[2019-08-02 01:24:48] Haggis Muncher: Who knows what were eating but lets find out what were eating !!
[2019-08-02 01:25:27] Cecil: yep
[2019-08-02 01:25:38] Cecil: i just want no crap in what i do
[2019-08-02 01:27:47] StarFire: nite
[2019-08-02 01:27:59] Haggis Muncher: Good night alls may yer god go wi you !
[2019-08-02 01:28:20] Cecil: tony shows how to make a food grade hydrogen peroxide. that stuff you can add a drop or so into a glass of water. it has over 100 health benefits .
[2019-08-02 01:31:00] Cecil: if you get a water ionizer, that puts hydrogen in your water. the thing i had costed about 35bucks and takes 7min to do, shows the state of the water. if its bottled or tap, the water will appear murky and when the process completes after 7min,
[2019-08-02 01:31:13] Cecil: appears clear again.
[2019-08-02 01:31:21] Cecil: i will share next time if i remember
[2019-08-02 01:31:27] Cecil: bye
[2019-08-02 01:31:57] nancy: ‹@Cecil› thx
[2019-08-02 01:32:36] sheila brown: bye all
[2019-08-02 01:33:39] nancy: ( addictive screen time .. everybody talkin at me i cant hear a word they saying only the echos of my mind }
[2019-08-02 01:33:59] nancy: ‹@sheila brown› bye bye
[2019-08-02 01:35:34] nancy: thx Tony
[2019-08-02 01:37:53] nancy: *GIVE_HEART*
[2019-08-02 01:40:25] nancy: notdeadyet 2 hands 2 feet and a
[2019-08-02 01:42:52] nancy: lol

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