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“The Remedy” 2019-08-20 by Tony Pantalleresco

2019/08/20 - Singularity, Teenagers, Vaccines, Survival Food

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Aug-20):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of August 20, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Did the show and we had more tech difficulties hopeful will improve

You will see vidos in here that are showing the nature of singularity access and isolation as a result of not being jacked in or assimilated ~ you are going to see 2 suns one being a solar heater and the concept of being microwave will take on a whole new meaning

Stay out side feel your insides heat up go indoors to a air conditioned place and feel the insides lit up and cooking after you are inside then you know you have been  microwaved perhaps with terahertz freq.

More on as well how you are being hacked attacked simulated assimilated and then controlled


Links Provided by Tony during the show.


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