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“The Remedy” 2019/09/02 & 2019/09/05 by Tony Pantalleresco

"The Remedy" 2019/09/02 & 2019/09/05 - Time Bomb, Veggans and more

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Sep-02 & 05):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of Sept 02 & 05, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes


The consumer and laborer going to be taking the fall for the tarrifs – only ones that benefit are the ones in power

Canadians will get socked with a 75% more–corporations play the games and he people pay the price

the things required to sustain life and be healthy you are going to have to pay more

Doctors are useless

utilizing things in alternatives are controlled by the drug industry

reflecting this when you go to a health food store and compare the pharma vitamins and are the same

low quality high price and useless vitamins

the nature of things to happen

-stock piling on things you utilize the most

stock up supplements foods powders etc while they are still in reach before they implement more restraints

avoid flavorings in supplements a lot of them are aborted babies

imaginary friends are a program

imaginary friend growing attached to the one who imagined them into existence—the program attaches it self to you through many channels-all are part of a program–a AI program that can attach itself to you integrated and you stop utilizing or accessing the program

-what happens when the program is no longer is accessed ? nature f tech is to subjugate mankind

tech has required more of our time and focus and are having more difficult rather then ease

lowering our mental capacity and stunting our evolution

the enhanced promises as a result of the program

leads total assimilation—working so hard to have tech

break away from a course and there is opposition like an entanglement and it appears to have life of its own and is not allowing you to be free

and it appears to cause one to fail the force or resistance to keep you in constraint

this is a program–operating system–video games that can cause an access and a program to the person—opening one up to follow through

getting through the force field to progress

control weather modification of the bahamas

weaponized weather

the experimenters do not care about you in any form

the sons of luciifer is who we are dealing with–dealing with the children of satan–so many things are being released all at once —



Time Bomb—word play —ever think it maybe referred to a something else other then a timer and a explosive—what if it is nothing more then a nuclear explosion and could cause a time ripple–thinking in linear rather then objectively—biblical readings and how we read and yet the spirit quickeneth and  and then you see the truth—same principle here if  you see the trueisms and in reality there is an entirely different meaning—Time as a container–and how you could see within time and be able to interject instead of what may happen now control what will happen within that time containment– a ripple in time pushing us forward out of sync within our evolution growth-showing how everything in our lives is being controlled –and possible a push is in a place where we have not been able to be more spiritual or moral high ground is a influence—AI is taken over the planet no one can control it and it runs the planet–the tech is ahead of our evolution making these times precarious—TV shows of star trek Original look at the cell phone and 3 d printers of the day —how is it we are walking in this direction of entertainment-we are being directed and no longer entertained and being the program they are designing


Notes of this show

Bioloical risk of Nano Particles

Robot autonomously flying a plane.

DNA damaged by high blood sugar

Ferromagnetic soft continuum robots

hydrogel healants

Gallstone reduction with coffee

Air pollution under clear skies reduces sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface

Body’s ageing process accelerated by DNA changes

AI learns the language of chemistry to predict how to make medicines

Quercitrin on Mitochondrial and DNA damage


Links Provided by Tony during the show.


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