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“The Remedy” 2019/09/30 by Tony Pantalleresco

2019/09/30 - "The B0MB" - Neuroweapons - Mind Control and AI-Erotic toys

Original upload by Tony Pantalleresco (2019-Sep-30):
This link will take you always to the latest upload. Scroll the history for older. For the podcast of Sept 30, 2019, click the video above.

Tony's Notes

Get as much data on nano or    and learn as much a you can on nano biotech and synthetic tech because once it assaults you it is going to b a major chore

 The bomb of bomb of a bombs  oral sex and blow jobs and what AI and blow jobs have in common the perfect oral experience and the AI experience

Giving us toys to destroy us and what this is being released

The AI access to the reproductive system is now uploading the data from the DNA that is being collected to the data base

You are now uploaded to a data base

Brothels with DNA collection with AI bots now can be done  in the privacy in there own home-the imperative to collect information as much as possible to be able to understand how to manipulate you

Your access to the DNA is like having access to a CPU with the password now you have control to either input or take out 

Same now can be done with your DNA once it is accessed

Once the DNA is accessed, now the control is with who ever has the access –I can implement a desired response -heart attack auto immune etc.

The bombshell on neuroweapons after 29:53 I was livid—everything that bryan 396 and myself have been saying has been completely validatedALL OF IT

The war for your mind the matrix scenerio–full on control–the explicit control and the reason why the assault is to break you–over a decade being saying he elaborates even further detailing what we have said in the process—filling out applications and what is actually happening this gives them through there analysis on what data is about you in great details better to target you—you are the experiment and they are using even the VK2 tech—the nano will feel like glass cutting through you as they say silica passes through now you know how—More way way way More

Links Provided by Tony during the show.


My AntiNano Bucket & Frequency Control Unit – Based on Tony Pantalleresco Antinano device model (EN)

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Group discussing about Remedies and Technologies how to handle the current situation and protect mankind can be found here. Please note and respect the rules of the group.


In this video I am showing you my antinano bucket and a frequency control unit that I build in order to control the frequency of the pulses.

How to build the bucket, in the most simple way and still be efficient, you can find at the three following  videos from Tony Pantalleresco and also a step buy step guide that he has put together.

In this blog are also included three formulas to use with the bucket


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