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Tony’s Show 2020/02/07 by Tony Pantalleresco

"Tony's Show" 2020/02/07 Nano links & a remedy to fortify health & neutralize the heavy metals.

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Aroy Mak's Notes

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Tony's Notes & Links



In a blender add:
  • 8 cloves of garlic or up to a whole bulb of garlic
  • 4 oz (US)  or 118 ml or 8 Tablespoons of 24 teaspoons of plain white vinegar, (not ACV – apple cider vinegar, unless is distilled)
  • 1 dropper full of copper chloride
  • 1 dropper full of zinc chloride
  •  little black pepper
  • add a little turmeric or 1.2 drops of  turmeric essential oil
  • Optional: 1-2 drops of Rosemary, and/or savory, and/or oregano essential oils, selenium (home made selenium liposome with some sunflower lecithin, add Vitamin A & CQ10)
  • Blend that all up in your blender, till the garlic is nice and smooth one big pile of mush.
  • Put that in a glass container, NOT plastic or any other synthetic container.

When you use that solution it’s gonna be extremely hot.

Use 1/5 of  a teaspoon.
If you’ve got a health condition, use that every three hours & you can combine it with Vitamin C.
There are many variations to this. But keep the basic formula of copper chloride, zinc chloride, white vinegar, garlic and a couple essential oils.
Mode of Action
When the vinegar mixes with the chloride it produces hydrochloric acid, (this kills even cancer).
It can also help boost your immune system.
It’s gonna help break down everything you’re consuming.
The garlic will transfer into NAC as two types of
NAC and then they go directly to to
The copper, from the copper chloride, would
have the absorbability factor.
It’s a biocidal it’s going to protect the body from different types of infections that may hit it biologically.
It’ll help break down biofilm too biologically. 
The zinc chloride the same thing.
Both the copper and the zinc are brain nutrients, that help you study & help your focus.
When consuming  that it’s going to have a boosting effect on
your immune system.
The zinc and the copper, when combined, cause superoxide dismutase which again is a super supporter of glutathione. 
You got everything in there that are actually, either make glutathione or boost glutathione.
Plus the sulfur in the garlic will also act as a chelating agent  to help remove the heavy metals out of the body.
Other Effects
Don’t be surprised if you have a little bit of a
diarrhea effect, or a bit hot sensation during urination.
These effects will pass in a day or so. 
It’s  extremely hot formula.  The garlic will maybe mellow out after a while, but when you make it it’s hotter than blazes.
How to survive the fire effect
If you do take it and it does overwhelm you, do not drink water. Drinking water only accentuate the heat. Instead, take yogurt, or a  piece of cheese, or milk, or  ricotta cottage cheese, or anything like this. It  will neutralize the fire.
Alternatively,  you can take a calcium pill, powder it up and just swirled your mouth with it and then swallow it.  It too
will help neutralize the hot effect. Or a calcium supplement.
That formula, is going to do more for you through this winter than anything else you’ll ever use. 
Variation of usage for kids
If you’ve got children this thing is a Buttkicker but you want your kids to have it, right?  But it could be a little bit on the
overwhelming side.  
Therefore, when you go to cook meat or chicken or even eggs, put a little vinegar in the pan which you’re cooking.
Take a little bit of that mush and spread it on the meat or
the egg, or fish,  or whatever you’re cooking. Spread one coat on the top, let it go put a lid over the pan, let the steam do its magic,  flip the meat over on the side. If want to put another
layer on top you can,  but you don’t have to.
Let it cook well-done and you’ll find that when you go to grab that meat from the pan, its fragmenting, falling apart, because the acid in the in the meat or in the pan, has broken the protein bonds of that meat,  making it very very digestible. 
You may find it when you eat that  meat that you feel pretty good and light.  You feel like you got energy.
Whoever eats whatever you’re cooking with this, they’ll have some measure of protection and neutral neutralizing effect of what it is you are eating. 


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