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Tony’s Show 2020/03/07 by Tony Pantalleresco – Carbon C60 A Killer, THz, AI, Vaccines, How to Remove Carbon C60

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Aroy Mak's Notes

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Yannis Blog site on Assault of Mankind

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Tony's Notes & Links


Minimize intake of foods with high glycemic index.

Use Amylase (enzyme) to break down fibers and carbohydrates

For respiratory issues, use the biofilm buster of The Garlic and MSM formula (see video below see video below) and also

Iodine (see video below, or buy Lugol’s solution 5%)

Copper and zinc chlorides, which are major players in your defense (how to make, see video below)

Ascorbic Acid or as it is commonly known, Vitamin C (how to take, see video below)

Terahertz and microwave emission.—-(acMicrowave (solid line) and THz (dashed line) components of the light-current characteristics of sample B, measured at heat sink temperatures of (a) 10 K, (b) 50 K, and (c) 80 K. Being the responsivity of the pyroelectric detector unknown in the microwave regime, the vertical axis shows the raw voltage signal read by the pyroelectric sensor, which is proportional to the emitted radiation intensity. (d) Microwave emission spectrum of a sample B collected at heat sink temperatures in the range 250–285 K. The sample was biased in pulsed mode (200 ns pulse width and 10 kHz repetition rate), and the displayed microwave power is normalized to the noise floor of the spectrum analyzer.

Interaction with carbon nanotubes with the corona protein  a exerpt on this “We found that protein corona greatly affects the interaction of CNTCOOH with PLT. Bare CNTCOOH induced PLT aggregation and release of platelet membrane microparticles (PMP). HSA and FBG coronas attenuated PLT aggregating activity of CNTCOOH. In contrast, IgG corona caused PLT fragmentation, and H1 corona induced strong PLT aggregation and release of PMP—-

 More Data on Thz and c 60 and brain meltdown terahertz-related links:

DNA shape changed by scientists to create tiny machines and computers 

Federal Vision for Future Computing 

Biological Effects of Terahertz Radiation 

Nano impact 

Video version: @spacedecoy’s comment (27 april 2018): carbon C60 nano brain molecule, healthy it may be ? Fact it has a resonant mode shape in the Terra Hz band that effectively means phase array focused (to an individual or group). Terra hertz antennas can excite these C60 nano molecules at their resonant frequency and cause the cell they are near or in to burst …. taking C60 (nutritional supplement marketed industrial lubricant): consensual experimentation & findings based on Lethal Dose-50% study to determine C60’s efficiency to kill rats, reports @clif high w/@Arcane Bear 24 nov 2017 ( ). 


Spacedecoy’s supplementary comment (30 april 2018): someone mentioned in a pub that secret agents now have to take “smart blood” it identifies them and can control them if need be….apparently it can’t be removed from the body… Hmm…C60 a highly resonant high Q nano molecule that is a carrier and producer of electric current is more like a steel bell that can ring DNA has a broader band response at much lower Q … need to resonate the C60 at the exact frequency of one of its mode shapes its not a broad band Terra hz effect it is specific like all high Q resonant coupling….a match can keep you warm or burn your house down…. it’s still a match…. C60 is still a resonant structure that responds to EM in the Terra (sorry for spelling ) hertz band…. ok if there were no transmissions in that band! or nefarious transmissions, other carbons in the body are not highly resonant High Q nano structures… have not studied the benefits or the use of its potential negative side just pointing out this fact … do your own research on “resonant Mode Shapes of molecules and atoms and what frequencies are resonant with a particular oscillating wiggle with c60 sure you will find the frequencies and then look at what transmitters are being installed and you can see the possibilities…just the same way a microwave oven works resonating the water molecule so voices would be like an FM transmitter using Terra HZ as the carrier frequency coupling to the C60 nerve cell and sound would be the Frequency modulation of this carrier wave … no worries if you wish to dismiss this it is expected all the best…I’m a resonance engineer and patent holder though have done absolutely no research on c60 good or bad just was shocked to see people tacking this stuff when it would be an ideal body control medium coupled with the correct frequency of EM wave


i) avoid consuming nanomaterials: 

ii) disable components–tony’s on track w/EMP triangle: *

iii) remove nanomaterials via detoxing saline baths a) drink 1 tsp Epson salt in distilled water before bathing b) Anti-Nano Bath Solution w/antinano device: : Baking Soda ¼ cup TSP 1 tsp (Optional) DMSO 1 tsp (Optional) 99.9% Borax 1/4 cup Epsom Salt 1/4 cup Sea Salt 1 cup Turpentine ½-1 cap Hydrogen Peroxide (35% food grade) 1-2 caps (optional) Hot Water soak 30+ min

iv) regenerate DNA via stem: 

w/own supply: (Video has been removed)

increase circulation: (Video has been removed) 

More nano info: 

mahalo clif high: 

mahalo nui Arcane Bear: 

mahalo nui loa spacedecoy for providing community service comments & feedback as resonance engineer

mahalo nui loa @HerbsPlusBeadWorks & 

mahalo nui loa @Dave Bachand bath solution comment

mahalo nui loa @Rebel Skum:


Tony’s website: Alternative to the alternatives data site


Tony’s Youtube Videos: Visual Alternatives to the alternatives

Tony’s Bitchute Videos:  The Tech Side of Health–DIY Independz – Hands On to R & D to Healing and Protection 

Alernatives in the Audio realm:

Bryan 396 data and Research on nano bio nano tech nano poisoning:

Data On Nano from Bryan396

Nano Assembly Photos

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr

Nano Particulate Videos

Support Bryan 396 in Patreon:

Blog iYannis: Aroy Mak an Active activist Exposing and Revealing information

Other Links

C-60 Nano crystal formation


Synthetic biologists redesign the way bacteria ‘talk’ to each other

Arianna Miano, a UC San Diego bioengineering PhD student and the first author on the Nature Communications paper. She is posing with a silicon wafer used to make the microfluidic devices used in the study. This project is from the lab of UC San Diego professor Jeff Hasty. Credit: Arianna Miano / UC San Diego

Engeneers Nano Particles (ENP) and the microbials in the earth–bye bye Planet 

Carbon based Thz freq devices 

Carbon-Based Terahertz Devices

Frequency and amplitude modulation of ultra-compact terahertz quantum cascade lasers using an integrated avalanche diode oscillator

Fabrizio Castellano, Lianhe Li, […], and Miriam S. Vitiello


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