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Tony’s Show 2020/03/18 by Tony Pantalleresco – Immune System Booster and more on Viruses and Namo

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on occupational exposure to silica dust —special note

n epidemiological survey was carried out by them to investigate the occurrence of non-occupational pneumoconiosis in central Ladakh, India, where there are no mines or industries. A total of 449 subjects were studied from three villages called Saboo, Shey, and Chushot, the prevalence of pneumoconiosis in these villages was 2.0, 20.1, and 45.3%, respectively.[5] The causative factors were suggested to be dust storms in spring and summer and an indoor air pollution but information regarding the frequency, duration and severity of dust storms, dust concentrations, particle size distributions, and the relation between soot and the pneumoconiosis is clearly lacking.[14] The disease was classified as pneumoconiosis instead of silicosis, probably due to a different interpretation when reading the chest X-ray films or due to lack of environmental data confirming silica dust exposure.

The exposure to silica dust produces lung diseases like silicosis and silico-tuberculosis. It also increases the risk of tuberculosis, nonmalignant renal disease, and autoimmune diseases. Silica has also been classified as a carcinogen 


Alcohol may exert these Beneficial Effects on the Body

Health benefits are derived from Alcohol only when it is consumed in small, non-toxic amounts – up to 40 grams per day.

Cardiovascular System

Alcohol (only in small quantities) may help to prevent abnormal Blood Clotting (by stimulating the production of Tissue Plasminogen Activator which catalyzes the process of fibrinolysis).

Daily consumption of SMALL quantities of Alcohol may help to prevent Cardiovascular Diseases:

Caution:  EXCESSIVE consumption of Alcoholic Beverages can CAUSE Cardiovascular Diseases.

Alcohol (moderate consumption) may help to prevent Atherosclerosis.

Alcohol (only in small non-toxic amounts) may lower Blood Pressure Hypertension patients

Caution:  excessive consumption of Alcohol increases Blood Pressure.

Daily consumption of SMALL quantities of Alcohol may reduce the risk of Ischemic Heart Disease: 

Daily consumption of small quantities of Alcohol may help to prevent Angina.

Daily consumption of small quantities of Alcohol may help to prevent Heart Attack.  

Moderate consumption of Alcohol (1 – 2 drinks per day) may help to prevent Stroke

Caution:  excessive consumption of Alcohol increases the risk of Stroke.

Digestive System

Alcohol (only in small non-excessive amounts) may help to prevent Gallstones

Immune System

(Light-to-moderate consumption of) Alcohol may help to prevent Kidney Cancer.  references


(Light-to-moderate consumption of) Alcohol may help to prevent Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.  Caution:  excessive consumption of Alcohol increases the risk of Insulin Resistance.  references

Alcohol (only in small non-toxic amounts) may increase HDL Cholesterol levels. 

Mild Alcohol consumption may increase the production of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs).

Moderate Alcohol consumption (two alcoholic drinks per day) may help to prevent Insulin Resistance (it increases Insulin sensitivity).  Caution:  excessive consumption of Alcohol increases the risk of Insulin Resistance.  references

Nervous System

(Light-to-moderate consumption of) Alcohol may help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  

Alcohol may (temporarily) reduce Anxiety. (but chronic Alcohol abuse causes Anxiety).  

Alcohol may (temporarily) dull the sense of Pain (by increasing the release of Endorphins and Serotonin).

Alcohol may Enhance the Function of these Substances


Alcohol stimulates the Liver to rapidly convert stored Glycogen into Glucose (this partially explains the additional Energy initially experienced after Alcohol consumption):  references

Caution:  the rapid conversion of Glycogen to Glucose (Blood Sugar) that is stimulated by Alcohol can lead to elevated Blood Sugar levels.


Alcohol (in non-excessive quantities) stimulates the production of Tissue Plasminogen Activator (TPA) – accounting for the ability of small quantities of Alcohol to inhibit abnormal Blood Clotting.


Moderate Alcohol (ethanol) intake may increase Afbclid=IwAR2Jsmm2VvMEkP3iqYHus_jMPars4cQMz8Zdiponectin levels.  references


Alcohol may cause an increase in the synthesis of Serotonin by the Brain (this occurs as a secondary effect from Alcohol increasing the conversion of Glycogen to Glucose which increases Blood Sugar levels). 

Second Messengers

Alcohol initially elevates Cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels (however Alcohol subsequently causes significant lowering of cAMP levels).  references

Topically-Delivered Substances

Alcohol (applied topically) is an ideal Carrier Vehicle for other substances for transdermal delivery (due to its non-polar characteristics and also due to its volatility (i.e. it evaporates over time)).

Alcohol may Counteract these Toxic Substances


Moderate consumption of Alcohol lowers C-Reactive Protein levels. 

Moderate consumption of Alcohol lowers Lipoprotein (a) levels.


***Take drinking clear base alcohol add a copper chloride or zinc chloride or any essential oil or a combination of both— mix well and apply to skin

***Make variations of biofilm buster 1 oz of clear based alcohol or brandy or cognac

add in there orange tangerine and almond extract( make sure it is with alcohol not propylene glycol ) or you can go with cinnamon clove cardamon and ginger e/o

make a Ice Cream dish by mixing orange tangerine nutmeg e/o and brandy in a 1 oz  shot and apply liberally all over the ice cream ( make sure it is just dairy egg and cream and sugar nothing else )

***Utilize as well in the brandy or choice of alcohol ( ever clear ( usa) grappa- spirtyus- vodka rum  brandy or cognac any one of these ) add 1 oz add gse  with iodine

 ***if you wish to increase the effect either use black coffee or add some sugar  with it the impact will be highly accelerated but it also will wear off that much faster through the metabolism

 ***for those with heart issues  use 1 shot 1-3 times a day as needed—if a stroke is coming pour about 3 oz and immediately drink –you will feel a bit relaxed  but it will stop the impact of the stroke

Have a shot a day with coffee for brain and circulation


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Protests in various cities throughout Italy during the past week (June 2017). Image source.


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