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Tony’s Show 2020/04/24 News and Remedies to fortify the immune system

Aroy Mak's Notes

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Tony's Notes & Links


Anti viral:



Eggs may help to prevent viruses from “stealing” the Membrane that they need for their survival, (due to the Phospholipids in Eggs). You can add  

  • garlic and onion with this to further increase the impact, as well as other foods like:
  • bayleaf 
  • pour coconut oil
  • or even make an omelette, with added
  • olive leaf,
  • nettle,
  • siberian ginseng,  as a suggestion,
  • with added salt, (this will produce a chloride which will disinfect the body as well as increase HCL production )
  • and pepper, ( increases piperine to increase the absorption of the foods you are eating.

Or, you can make a broth whip and egg with these components and then just soup it down.


Our Apple Types - Crisp. Juicy. Flavorful | Stadelman Fruit

Apples may possess Anti-Viral effects– Apple Juice fresh-pressed apple juice from a juicer with added cinnamon will also have a potent antiviral effect.

Add a spoon of oil, blend it, and let it stay in the refrigerator, The oil will collect the majority of the nano. Remove the oil and enjoy it. 

Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms may suppress many types of Viruses (due to their Beta 1,6 Glucan content).  use if you can d fraction seems to work the best even for cancers

Shiitake Mushroom

Exploring Mushrooms : King Oyster, Brown Oyster, and ...

Shiitake Mushrooms may suppress various Viruses.— Aloe Vera (juice consumed orally) may inhibit some types of Viruses (due to the Acemannan content of Aloe vera).  references


Astragalus - Wikipedia

Astragalus may inhibit many Viruses (due to the Astragalan B content of Astragalus binding to Cholesterol on the outer membranes of Viruses, destabilizing their defenses and thereby allowing the body’s Immune System to attack the now weakened Virus).  Usually combined with other herbs to increase synergy as well as support


Echinacea may suppress many Viruses.  provided it is wild crafted ( meaning grown in the wilds) if domesticated will have nominal impact if any


11 Amazing Benefits of Stinging Nettle | Organic Facts

The Urtica dioica Agglutinin content of Nettle may inhibit some types of Viruses.  references

Olive Leaf

Olive, Oil, Leaf, Plant, Eat, Food

Olive Leaf may suppress many types of Viruses (primarily due to its Oleoeuropein content). 

Pau D’Arco

Pau d’Arco Herb Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

Pau D’Arco may counteract some types of Viruses (primarily  due to Naphthaquinones such as Lapachol present in Pau D’Arco). 


Saint John’s Wort

Buy Creeping St Johns Wort Hypericum calycinum For Sale Online From Wilson Bros Gardens

Saint John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) may suppress several Viruses (due to the Hypericin content of Saint John’s Wort). 

Cat Claw 

Dolichandra unguis-cati (Cat's claw vine) (Macfadyena unguis-cati)

Cat Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) may exert antiviral activity against some types of Viruses.  references

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng: The Almost Forgotten Secret for All Day Energy

Eleuthero Root (Siberian Ginseng) an underrated Adaptogen

Siberian Ginseng (pre-administration) may increase the Immune System’s ability to resist infection from Viruses.  references

Tea (especially Green Tea)

Tea (especially Green Tea) may inhibit the reproduction of some types of Viruses (including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Influenza Virus) – this property of Tea is attributable to its Tea Polyphenols content). 


Charcoal may reduce the activity of some types of Viruses.  make sure a non nano source

Coconut Milk

Coconut facts and health benefits

Coconut Milk may inactivate some types of Viruses (due to the high Lauric Acid content of Coconut Milk). 


Oils (dietary Oils)

Harvard professor calls coconut oil ‘pure poison’ in viral talk |

Coconut Oil may inactivate some types of Viruses (due to the high Lauric Acid content of Coconut Oil).  due to the lauric and monolauric acids


Oils (topical Oils)

Essential oils in general have respiratory Support and Immune boosting properties some suggestions–garlic –onion–balsaam fir- siberian fir -silver fir-pine- rose wood—frankensense-petit grain—these can be utilized by either making a batch adding 30 drop or a combination percus or shake till fused then apply front and back


Tea Tree Oil

Ringworm in Hair (Scalp) - Reasons, Signs, Treatments & Home Remedies

Tea Tree Oil (applied topically) may kill some types of Viruses. 



30+ Brilliant New Household Uses for Vinegar | Reader's Digest

Vinegar is speculated to dissolve the lipids in the outer envelope of lipid-containing Viruses, causing the viral envelope to disintegrate, thereby exposing the interior of the Virus, permitting it to be destroyed by White Blood Cells of the Immune System (due to the Acetic Acid content of Vinegar).  Use only distilled forms if they are just pressed then the contamination of nano metals will be high —you can now add copper to this and maks a copper acetate—zinc–for zinc acetate—take copper that you have made—copper chloride or even a copper extract add 1 oz to 8 oz of plain vinegar or a distilled fruit vinegar –shake well and use drop amounts –if you are mixing this with copper chloride then you need to add those drops into water—the mixture will increase HCL so this has to be taken in dilution –10 drops in about 5-8 0z of water  same with the zinc mixture same ratios—again use as needed—maintenance 1-2 times a day if ill every 3 hours can be combined with the garlic



How To Grow Your Own Delicious (And Nutritious) Garlic At Home | Vita Gardens

Garlic may help to destroy many types of Viruses.  –formula add a whole bulb of garlic to 1 1/2 cups of vinegar ( plain vinegar do not use apple cider vinegar unless it is distilled ) distilled vinegar in general—blend in blender for 10 minutes when done turn off blender and pour into a glass jar —allow to seperate or you can  filter ( will leave that to you)  when using 1/5 of a tsp 1-2 times a day  unless ill then every 3 hours


you can make the garlic and msm Formula as seen on YT (see below at video Section)


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