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Tony’s Show 2020/08/09 How to Prepare for food shortage and few can make the difference

If video below is unavailable from YouTube, watch it in  hooktube here. 

Aroy Mak's Notes

You can get your EMF protection products, Health Restore and Antinano products from my eshop here.

Yannis Blog site on Assault of Mankind


Download the pdf version here.

Get your ready made for your, antinano devices (pulse generators, buckets, triangleshere

Get EMF blocking  textiles, clothes, phone cases  here

Get Grounding and Earthing products here

Tony's Notes & Links


Formula for Respiratory assault by Epigenetics or by nano-bio 



2 gr of Vitamin E Powder  or Vitamin E powder (700 IU)

and add to a Jar then add 3 oz (85.24 ml) of either vodka or brandy or grappa or ever clear—-

Put blender blade on jar or container and blend til everything is dissolved—

add 3-5 oz (85.24-142 ml), of MCT oil ( any oil will work do not use any omega 3 based oils) 

add either BHT or rosemary essential oil with this and then blend let blend til fusede

when done pour into a glass container and

use 1 oz (85.24 ml) increments

when using add iodine and some turpentine based essential oils -fir siberian fir balsaam fir pine scotts pine  thuja spruce—any one of these

use 1-3 drops in the 1 oz (85.24 ml) serving with iodine x1-10 drops

do these every 3 hours and 1 before bed—if you can sleep for more then 6-8 hours will increase your ability to recover from cough or take a nap and a sleep


PureBulk Supplements:

Get 10% Discount via Tony’s link https://www.iyannis.eu/1livtp/2020716

Get 10% Discount  via mine link: https://www.iyannis.eu/PureBulk/20200716

In both links, the discount code is applied automatically.

Thank you for using any of the above links for the purchases of your supplements from PureBulk. We appreciate your support.  
Disclaimer: if you decide to buy something from PureBulk, via the above links,  without costing you anything more, either Tony or me, will receive a small commission from PureBulk  and you will profit with 10% discounted price. 



Tony’s website: Alternative to the alternatives data site


Tony’s Youtube Videos: Visual Alternatives to the alternatives

Tony’s Bitchute Videos:  The Tech Side of Health–DIY Independz – Hands On to R & D to Healing and Protection 

Alternatives in the Audio realm: http://independz.podbean.com/

Tony’s Show on simplecast:


Tony’s Contact details:

email: independz@yahoo.com
Phone number for consultation with Tony:
+1 5 1 9 9 7 7 5 3 5 1

Bryan 396 data and Research on nano-bio nanotech nano poisoning: https://www.minds.com/Bryan396/blogs

Data On Nano from Bryan396

Nano Assembly Photos

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr

Nano Particulate Videos

Support Bryan 396 in Patreon:


Blog iYannis: Aroy Mak an Active activist Exposing and Revealing information

Aroy Mak’s Channel and information on health and current events 


Yannis’ interview with Shay 


Shay’s channel 


Shay’s website (in Hebrew)


Three Heart Church Youtube Channel


Three Heart Church website


Other Links


Carbon Dioxide boost the fear factor everyone has—why cognitive dissonance is at an all time high



Co2 inhalation prevents prefrontal executive functions in healthy humans



Another Sabotage nano-wire filters 



In the last couple decades, several viral outbreaks resulting in epidemics and pandemics with thousands of human causalities have been witnessed. The current Covid‐19 outbreak represents an unprecedented crisis. In stopping the virus’ spread, it is fundamental to have personal protective equipment and disinfected surfaces. Here, the development of a TiO2 nanowires (TiO2NWs) based filter is reported, which it is believed will work extremely well for personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as for a new generation of air conditioners and air purifiers. Its efficiency relies on the photocatalytic generation of high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) upon UV illumination, and on a particularly high dielectric constant of TiO2, which is of paramount importance for enhanced wettability by the water droplets carrying the germs. The filter pore sizes can be tuned by processing TiO2NWs into filter paper. The kilogram‐scale production capability of TiO2NWs gives credibility to its massive application potentials.


Michigan Gestapo in place with new edict



New Mandate: Two Weeks Of Self-Lockdown After 15 Minutes With Person Who Has Sore Throat
Applies to any one of ‘principal’ COVID-19 symptoms including severe headache, vomiting and fever




China getting lasered


PureBulk  – All that you need for vitamins & more


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