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Fortify your heart with… 

Hawthorn Leaf and Flower

Research has been conducted on various hawthorn preparations, with the majority using a proprietary preparation from the leaf and flowers (L1 132; WS 1442). Other preparations include leaf and flower combinations with and without the berries, aqueous extracts, methanolic extracts (L1 132; Faros), ethanolic extracts (Esbericard, Crataegutt), dried blossoms, and a flavonoid extract (Crataemon).

The exact mechanisms of action for hawthorn and cardiovascular disease is uncertain, but it is thought that the primary activity is its ability to increase coronary arterial blood flow, perhaps due to dilation of the coronary arteries. The inotropic effects may be due to inhibition of myocardial sodium/potassium ATPase. Hawthorn also appears to slightly increase the strength of the cardiac muscle contractions and decrease blood pressure, resulting in increased exercise tolerance and protection against congestive heart failure. Hawthorn has also been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity in a number of studies, which is likely due to its flavonoid and procyanidin constituents.4,5,6

Numerous randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials report hawthorn’s ability to improve exercise capacity, alleviate symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, and treat mild to moderate congestive heart failure (CHF), the area of the most research.

The largest, recent, and well-known study, The Survival and Prognosis: Investigation of Crataegus Extract WS 1442 in Congestive Heart Failure (SPICE) trial, was designed to assess the safety of a standardized hawthorn extract, WS 1442, and its effects on morbidity and mortality in patients with New York Heart Association (NYHA) class II and III CHF; hawthorn was used in addition to optimal standard care.7 The randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study enrolled 2,681 patients and was performed at 156 centers in 13 European countries. Patients with NYHA class II and III CHF and reduced left ventricular function ≤35%) were randomized to either the study medication (450 mg WS 1442 twice daily) or placebo in addition to conventional treatment for 24 months.

WS 1442 had no impact on the primary endpoint (composite endpoint of cardiac mortality, nonfatal myocardial infarction, and hospitalization due to progression of heart failure), with a rate of 27.9% in the treatment group vs 28.9% in the placebo group. In addition, after 24 months there was no difference in the rates of cardiac mortality or sudden cardiac death between the 2 groups. However, in a subgroup analysis of patients with a left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) ≥25%, sudden cardiac death was significantly lower in the WS 1442 group. These particular findings highlight the potential anti-arrhythmic and/or anti-ischemic mechanisms of hawthorn extract. Although add-on treatment with WS 1442 did not show a significant difference in cardiac death, non-fatal myocardial infarction, or hospitalization due to significant heart failure, it did reduce sudden cardiac death, which is more prominent in patients with LVEF between 25% and 35% (the upper limit for inclusion in the study). The SPICE trial was more rigorous in its primary endpoints related to heart failure when compared to the other studies below, which looked more at symptoms of dyspnea, fatigue, and cardiac performance. The SPICE trial demonstrates to clinicians that perhaps we cannot reduce the sudden death and myocardial infarctions associated with CHF unless the patient has a less compromised left ventricular function. While its effect on morbidity and mortality is not conclusive, strong evidence suggests symptoms and quality of life related to CHF may be improved with the use of hawthorn extracts.

A meta-analysis of studies using hawthorn for chronic cardiac failure provided evidence of its efficacy in chronic heart failure.8 This systematic review of controlled trials revealed that hawthorn extract was significantly more beneficial than placebo for maximal workload. Symptoms of dyspnea and fatigue also decreased significantly with hawthorn compared with placebo.

In 1996, a systematic review was done of 7 controlled trials that met the NYHA class I or II heart failure criteria.9 These studies demonstrated clinical improvement with hawthorn extract with decreases in symptoms and objective evidence of efficacy most often proven by exercise ergometry.

Additional randomized studies have also been positive. In a 1974 study, 10 mg hawthorn berry and 30 mg hawthorn leaf was added to a nitrate.10 In 25% of the patients with severe coronary sclerosis and congestive heart failure, the combination of drug treatment and hawthorn was superior to drug treatment alone. A 1984 trial using 360–1,600 mg/day of hawthorn extract demonstrated improvement in overall cardiac performance in the treatment group (77%) vs placebo (49%).

How to make a Hawthorn Solution with cq10

  • get 1/4 cup of leaf and flower local health shop or online 
  • add to blende and
  • add 1.5 cup of ethanol (any drinking alcohol —brandy would be a good choice here ) and put in blender and
  • blend for 10 minutes
  • when done with blending turn off blender and proceed to filter the solution with a handkerchief
  • then proceed once filtered to add the clean solution to either a hot plate container or a pot 
  • then  proceed to simmer down the solution
  • as it begins add either 1-2 grams of CQ10 powder or open up the equivalent from capsules and then
  • proceed to simmer it down till it gets to a stage or where it begins to thicken as an oil
  • now, in a hot plate utilize a spinner —if you do not have one then use a slow cooker and cook it down to about 1/2 inch from bottom
  • bottle it and store and use
  • label it Hawthorn and CQ10
  • use 1/10 of a tsp straight, several times a day or add to any beverage –brandy -cognac- vodka -rum – coffee and any form of teas.

A Remedy: How to breathe in case of smoke overload because if dews assault and over-saturated trees with nano from the sky  

Use a humidifier

Load with peroxide and allow to run in a room with the doors and windows shut – this will produce a hyperbaric chamber and when you sleep will be able to breathe or run throughout the house

You MUST INCREASE vitamin C AND copper or chlorophyll during the day to offset the oxidative effects of the peroxide.

Formula for Respiratory assault by Epigenetics or by nano-bio 



2 gr of Vitamin E Powder  or Vitamin E powder (700 IU)

and add to a Jar then add 3 oz (85.24 ml) of either vodka or brandy or grappa or ever clear—-

Put blender blade on jar or container and blend till everything is dissolved—

add 3-5 oz (85.24-142 ml), of MCT oil ( any oil will work do not use any omega 3 based oils) 

add either BHT or rosemary essential oil with this and then blend let blend til fused

when done pour into a glass container and

use 1 oz (85.24 ml) increments

when using add iodine and some turpentine based essential oils -fir Siberian fir balsam fir pine Scotts pine  thuja spruce—any one of these

use 1-3 drops in the 1 oz (85.24 ml) serving with iodine x1-10 drops

do these every 3 hours and 1 before bed—if you can sleep for more then 6-8 hours will increase your ability to recover from a cough or take a nap and sleep


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