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“Tony’s Show” 2020/01/09 by Tony Pantalleresco

2020-01-09 Nowadays There Is Nothing Really Organic

To Read the Transcript click here

Aroy Mak’sNotes

You can get your EMF protection products, Mitochondria Restore, Health Restore and Antinano products from my eshop here

Tony’s Notes & Links

(for videos, look further down the page)

Notes: No Notes today


Tony’s website:  Alternative to the alternatives data site



Tony’s Youtube Videos Visual Alternatives to the alternatives

Tony’s Bitchute Videos. The Tech Side of Health–DIY Independz – Hands On to R & D to Healing and Protection 

Alernatives in the Audio realm:

Bryan 396 data and Research on nano bio nano tech nano poisoning:

Data On Nano from Bryan396


Nano Assembly Photos

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr

 Brian396's Photons atflick.png

Nano Particulate Videos

Screenshot 2019-07-03 14.03.06.png

Aroy Mak an Active activist Exposing and Revealing information

Particle Size of Vaping

Examining vaping particle size and deposition

Credit: American Chemical Society

Chemical Resarch in Toxicology – Investigating E-Cigarette Particle Emissions and Human Airway Depositions under Various E-Cigarette-Use Conditions

Click above to read it

UN Geneva: Lethal Autonomous weapon system

Click above to read it

Sabotaged Honey with glyphosates

Fig 1

AI reading emotions

AI can now read emotions – should it?

Oxidative and Molecular inter actions on MWCNT

Click above to read it

 Millenials have worse health then Gen X


WHO admits Monsanto’s glyphosate ‘probably’ causes cancer; chemical found in 75% of air and rain samples (Glyphosates found in air and rain samples)

Click above to read it


No Videos today

Community service channel, uploading Tony’s podcasts.

Tony’s website and database:
Tony’s catalog and inventory:
Tony’s Youtube channel: HerbsPlusBeadWorks,

Tony’s Bitchute Videos Independz

Tony’s resource directory by S’mo Luv Tru

Nano-poisoning resources:

Bryan396 main site

Bryan396’s the-3-nano-tech-documents on site

Bryan396’s page on minds

Bryan396’s bitChute channel :

Bryan396’s page in Flickr with pics and videos from Nano

Bryany396’s page in Photos Google:

Gag Canada:

Smo luv Tru Channel :

Contact details for consultation:

Phone number for consultation with  Tony:
+1 519 97 75 351

Group discussing about Remedies and Technologies how to handle the current situation and protect mankind can be found here. Please note and respect the rules of the group. Click Here

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