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Aroy Mak's Notes

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Tonys show 01022021—No Happy new yearing but am hoping more will waken and those of use who are will survive another demonic existence this year and not be assimilated and that we can have a more perfect union with each other who are awake

Coronna Formula with Garlic extract and Zinc chloride

Watch the youtube channel to make the garlic and MSM formula ( you don need the MSM but it is optional-and watch the zinc oxide remedy as well —once you make them both use 1/2 tsp of garlic and about 2-4 drops of the zinc chloride this should give similar effect as a pharmaceutical



Vitamin A

respiratory system                                                                                                 

 Chronic Obstructory Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients are often found to have lower levels of Vitamin A compared to healthy persons: 

Asthma patients are often found to be deficient in Vitamin A.  

Vitamin A may help to prevent Bronchitis by stimulating the Mucous Membranes of the Respiratory Tract to resist the infections that cause Bronchitis.  

Vitamin A may alleviate and may help to prevent Emphysema.  

Vitamin A may increase resistance to the Common Cold and may exert direct anti-viral effects (at a dosage of 50,000 – 150,000 IU per day for three to five days) against the Viruses that cause the Common Cold.  

Vitamin A may help to prevent Croup. 

Vitamin A may alleviate the Pancreatic insufficiency associated with Cystic Fibrosis.  

Vitamin A may strengthen the Mucous Membranes of Lungs and may protect the Lungs from the toxic effects of Air Pollution (due to its Antioxidant properties).  

Vitamin A may help to prevent Pneumonia. 

Vitamin A may help to prevent Radiation Therapy-induced Pneumonitis (if Vitamin A therapy is commenced prior to Radiation Therapy). 

Vitamin A may help to prevent Respiratory Tract Infections. 

Vitamin A may increase resistance to Rhinitis.  Sinusitis may occur as a result of Vitamin A deficiency and Vitamin A supplementation may enhance the structural integrity of the Mucous Membranes that line the Sinuses. 

Vitamin A deficiency may increase the risk of Tuberculosis. 

Vitamin A deficiency increases the risk of Whooping Cough. 


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Tony’s website: Alternative to the alternatives data site


Tony’s Youtube Videos: Visual Alternatives to the alternatives

Tony’s Bitchute Videos:


Alternatives in the Audio realm:

Tony’s page in wimkin:

Tony’s Contact details:

Phone number for consultation with Tony:
+1 5 1 9 9 7 7 5 3 5 1

Bryan 396 data and Research on nano-bio nanotech nano poisoning:

Data On Nano from Bryan396

Nano Assembly Photos

Brian396’s Nano Photos @ flickr

Nano Particulate Videos

Support Bryan 396 in Patreon:

Blog iYannis: Aroy Mak an Active activist Exposing and Revealing information

Aroy Mak’s Channel and information on health and current events

Yannis’ WimKin Page:

Yannis’ interview with Shay

Shay’s channel

Shay’s website (in Hebrew)

Three Heart Church Youtube Channel

Three Heart Church website

Tony’s Interview with Ty @ Enerchi wellness

Fiona talk interview with Me 



Deanna Spingola  speaks Interview


Biotin may assist mitochondria and Brain

Get your Biotin (Vit 7) 1% here

Get your Biotin (Vit 7) pure here

Biotin, mitochondria, and dementia

Randonnautica -Quantum Randomness–AI leading you by your phone???

Police Commissioner says No to checking on people as they go about there business and has passed this on throughout Ontario

Police do not have power to stop drivers to enforce new stay-at-home order, Ontario tells police chiefs

How bacteria DNA and program language can be made to be utilized for data storage—why I say you have to disengage the program before you can remove the nano out of the system –its an operating system with programming

Escherichia coli bacteria can convert electrical pulses into bits of DNA stored in their genome. SPROETNIEK/ISTOCK


An interview with a Doctor whos telling what’s really going on in CHINADA

Biotin may assist mitochondria and Brain

Brazil is opposing technocracy 

AI enslaving Mankind —a commentary  about AI enslaving–trump in or out will not make a difference




Police brutality on a senior citizen  is this a provocation to turn everyone against the police–is this a means to start a provocation to give chinada the ability to bring in the ccp or other un forces —

Another Vaccine Victom and it appears the nurses in north america seem to either being targetted orr they are not to bright

Blindly adopting AI and tech the warnings of this could not be made more clear with the vaccines all designed by an AI which could as well be made into a weaponizing to destabilize life

AI in RF systems now this gives ai Airwave access to a transceiver and interpret data—access the cloud literally

Ford the Premier having a party after he told everyone to lock down—apparently corona does not affect him or his family or his Job—that needs to change

Covid Test Have Hazardous Materials

Roman Baber MP removed because he told the truth




Warp Speed to reboot Humanity


Reminder PCR test is bogus beyond the 30 cycle threshold so most who have been told are positive are not if the 30 cycle threshold is not maintained


Another verification of mask being useless 


Workers Get sonic dog collars


Another Verification Scientist cannot control AI


IOB will be thee if you take the shot You SEE!!!?? the real reason why they need 6 g–its bandwidth to entrap and enslave the people who will now be jacked in


Nurse sharing more about the game plan



PureBulk  – All that you need for vitamins & more


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